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Nothing Beats A Classic. 02/15/03 antHraxz
Great fun, but same ol' flaws 02/17/03 Bender1616
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Need I Say More 02/16/03 bleigh05
One of the best N64 games on the GCN, but it still has flaws 06/26/03 CAHowell
A Legend on the N64 Returns to the GCN 02/11/03 cooldude345
How can a game break ground twice? 02/11/03 DarthVader87
Five years later and it's still the best! 02/15/03 Falion
The great thing - the dungeons are different and a bit more challenging. The always great thing - this game is still just as good as the 1998 one. 05/19/10 FoxMulder1961
Something to keep you busy you till Wind Waker! 02/12/03 GameFreak903
Good game, just a little outdated... 02/14/03 GreggyPoo
Wow 02/12/03 j10jep
One of the most spectacular games ever. 02/19/03 JPeeples
Ocarina of Time back again! Woot I say! 02/11/03 Junkie
A game that can only be described as perfect. And it still deserves more. 01/09/08 kingdodongo1
Revisiting a treasured classic... 02/11/03 livetnediser
Incredible since 1998 02/09/03 MegaPerfectCell
A Legend Is Reborn 02/11/03 Metroidman
A great game In the Legend of Zelda series 02/11/09 Naked Snake
Link Is Revived - In This GCN Classic 02/13/03 NeoNess
One of the best Gamecube games 07/23/08 PentiumMMX
One of the most Epic games has made its return. 02/11/03 quezacotl68
Miyamoto's Legend Will Never Die 02/10/03 SephirothYuyX
A timeless masterpiece, no pun intended, but not perfect. 02/11/03 snarfoogle
After beating it 36 times on the N64, I am STILL ready for more! 02/10/03 steelix55
How could you not play it a 11th time? 02/13/03 T03 NEMESIS
Ocarina of Time. Reborn and taking over your GCN ;) 02/12/03 teen spirit
The game still amazes me... 02/08/03 The SSJ Son Goku
Nintendo makes another masterpiece...again! 02/15/03 Waspinator9063
Great game, I played the collectors edition. 10/22/07 Xz75

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