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Guide and Walkthrough by nucleargamer12

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/01/2004

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FAQ/Walkthrough by nucleargamer12: A comprehensive guide

This page is best viewed in Courier font, size 10.

***0: Contents***

0) Contents
 0.1) Notes on the FAQ

1) Introduction--About Me

2) Version History

3) Legal Information

4) About the Game
 4.1) About the Guide

5) Characters

6) Weapons
 6.1) Blades
 6.2) Maces
 6.3) Polearms
 6.4) Crossbows
 6.5) Rods/Staves
 6.6) Iari Arms
 6.7) Iari Gems

7) Armor
 7.1) Shields
 7.2) Boots
 7.3) Body Armor
 7.4) Leggings
 7.5) Gloves

8) Items
 8.1) Potions
 8.2) Scrolls
 8.3) Necklaces
 8.4) Rings

9) Walkthrough
 9.1) Quest Walkthrough
 9.2) Status Effects

10) FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions
 10.1) Tips and Tricks

11) Credits

12) End

0.1: Notes on the FAQ

~ Printing:

I advise you to print only important parts, as this FAQ is 1705 lines long.

~ Contacting the author:

Suggestions, questions, or comments should be sent to nucleargamer12@gmail.com.

~ Finding an item/weapon: 

Type the full name of the item you are looking for into the Find Bar. 

~ Finding a section: 

Type the Section Number, colon, and Section name. (Example - 7.1: Armor) 

~ About the game:

Summoner: A Goddess Reborn is copyrighted by Nintendo, Volition, and THQ.

~ Section breaks:

=== section break, --- subsection break, *** Small break.

***1: Introduction--About Me***

This is nucleargamer12, creator and editor of this guide for the Nintendo
Gamecube. I couldn't find any guides for this solid Action/RPG game on the 
internet, so I am writing this FAQ/Walkthrough to help anyone in need of it.
This game is not written for the Playstation 2 version, and because the two
ports are a bit different, please read this only if you have the Gamecube game.
I haven't played the Playstation port, so I cannot tell anything for sure.

In case you need to contact me on additional help, suggestions, etc., please
send an Email to nucleargamer12@gmail.com. Thank you.

***2: Version History***

V. 1.5 10/28/04 Updates: Changed my Email address and added a URL to my 
website onto the page.

V. 1.2 8/19/04 Updates: Changed Legal Information.

V. 1.1 6/22/04 Small Changes: Spell-Checked document. Added things I forgot in 
the initial version.

V. 1.0 6/21/04 Initial Release: Walkthrough and other important sections 
finished. Planning to start new sections if necessary.

***3: Legal Information***

The text you're reading is my own work. Therefore, it is copyrighted 2004-2005
by nucleargamer12. It may not be reproduced in any way without my permission.
This FAQ is designed for personal use only. However...

The FAQ may appear on the following sites, because permission was granted:

~ www.gamefaqs.com
~ www.cheatcc.com
~ www.freewebs.com/gameguidegalaxy
~ www.g-cubed.co.nr

If, for some reason, you'd like to put my FAQ on your site, please send an
Email to me regarding the use of this document. Please include the URL of your
site so that I can view it. Consent will be given at my leisure. If permission
is given, do not make any changes to my FAQ; paste it onto your site as it is,
WITH the legal information included. Failure to use any of the above procedures
may result in legal action. If you wish to print these pages, please do so, but
only for your private enjoyment and leisure.

Please note that I should not be held responsible to any problems of your own
resulting in the reading, following, or downloading of this guide. Thank you in

Now that the Legal stuff is taken care of, it's time for the FUN!!!

***4: About the Game***

Summoner: A Goddess Reborn is a Gamecube port of Summoner 2, a game for the
Playstation 2. It has been modified from the PS2 counterpart, as it is no 
longer a sequel, but a stand-alone game. The main character of the game is 
Maia, a queen who prophets believe is a Goddess Reborn.

During gameplay, you'll get to alternate between up to three characters at a
time. Using the directional pad on the controller, you can switch between 
characters. The characters you're not controlling will act along with you, 
being controlled by the AI. You can set your allies to have certain mindsets,
such as healing, supporting, or attacking.

Please read the Summoner: A Goddess Reborn instruction manual for more 
information on game basics and controls.

4.1: About the Guide

This guide is a beginning-to-end walkthrough of all the main missions you're
set to do throughout the game. Strategies and tips will all be included. The
walkthrough is located in section 9.

Additionally, the guide has a listing of all the different items obtainable in
the game. Armor, weapons, and useable items are all explained. Those sections
are 6, 7, and 8.

Other features of the guide include a short description of all the playable 
characters in section 5, and some miscelaneous tidbits and tricks in section 
10. There will be a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer any questions
you might have about the game, also in section 10. Enjoy the document!

***5: Characters***

You can only control one character in the game at a time. That means the other
two (or however many you have minus the one you're controlling) will be
controlled by the computer. You must give your allies scripts for them to
follow while aiding you:

~ Melee: Characters will attack often and sometimes use special abilities. 
The computer has a tendency to run right into a swarm, and will not use spells.
It's useful on Taurgis or another brute-type.
 -Recommended on: Taurgis

~ Healer: The computer will take healing into account before fighting. This
can be good, but don't use it when you need to attack full-force. When healing
is not necessary, the Healer will start attacking Melee.
 -Recommended on: Neru

~ Caster: This will make characters cast both helpful spells on you and your
allies, and damaging ones one your foes. This is good for certain spellcasters,
but remember that the Caster will not use melee attacks.
 -Recommended on: Morbazan

~ Healer/Caster: Your character will behave just like a regular Healer, but
instead of Melee attacking, he/she will start casting spells on your foes. It's
good for characters with good magic power.
 -Recommended on: Krobelus

~ Support: These characters will help other characters in need by having the
tendency to attack enemies that others are attacking. Otherwise, they usually
go melee on enemies.
 -Recommended on: Sangaril


Here is a listing of all playable characters in the game.

- Good at summoning skills
- Powerful fire attacks
- Mediocre at melee (except with Warrior)

- Nimble and versitale, good at stealing
- Backstab skill very powerful
- Not much health

- Good fighter and Melee attacker
- Bad at spells
- Powerful with good weapons

- Good healer, defensive
- Powerful holy magic
- Bad at fighting, low Magic

- Adaptable, long-range attacks
- Can equip gems
- Fair job as spellcaster

- Powerful spellcaster
- Even better with Disipline: Blood
- Not too good with Melee

- Fire specialist
- Potent elemental spellcaster
- Looks old and ugly

***6: Weapons***

This section is a listing of all known weapons in the game that characters can 
equip. Weapons modify strength and may modify other attributes. Below is a key 
of abbreviations with regards to the attributes:

MP-Magic Power
MD-Magic Defense

Each weapon also has a price listed if it can be bought in shops, a list of
who can use each weapon, and other special effects the weapon provides. Also, 
note that when equipping swords, Sangaril must have 2 swords equipped at all 
times, and they must be different swords (you can't equip 2 of the same sword).

Weapons with no cost cannot be purchased at any shops. They are either found at 
various points throughout the game or dropped by enemies. Some weapons provide 
Fire, Ice, or Energy elements. These are indicated by Fire, Ice, or Energy and 
damage done is modified by resistances.

6.1: Blades

Halassar Sword-STR +10. Can be equipped by Maia. You begin the game with this

Flaming Cutlass-STR +8, SPD +5. 30% chance of casting Fire Arrow on hit. Can be
equipped by Maia.

Wakazashi-STR +8, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Jutte-STR +7. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Khanda-MP +3, STA +5, STR +8, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Taurgis. Cost: 175

Katana-STR +7, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Sangaril. Cost: 155 Gold.

Jihana's Katana-STR +9, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Ice Dagger-STR +8, SPD +10, Ice. Can be equipped by Maia, Sangaril.

Teomuran Dagger-STR +8, SPD +10, MP +3. Can be equipped by Maia, Sangaril.

Ptas' Sword-STR +20. Can be equipped by Maia.

Crusader Sword-STR +11. Can be equipped by Maia.

Short Sword-STR +12. Can be equipped by Maia.

Vellum Sword-STR +15, MP +15, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Maia.

Nammu Claymore-STR +90, SPD -8. 30% chance of casting Energy Bolt on hit. Can 
be equipped by Taurgis.

Twilight Claymore-STR +50, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Taurgis. Cost: 6300 Gold.

Twilight Dagger-STR +20, SPD +5, MP +8. Can be equipped by Maia, Sangaril.

Twilight Katana-STR +30, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Sangaril. Cost: 4500 Gold.

Twilight Khanda-STR +10, MP +15, STA +25, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Taurgis.
Cost: 6300 Gold.

Twilight Scimitar-STR +33, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 4905 Gold.

Twilight Sword-STR +35, MP +17. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 5500 Gold.

Khargath Sword-STR +35. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 4725 Gold.

Munari Claymore-STR +30, SPD -8. Can be equipped by Taurgis. Cost: 1600 Gold.

Munari Broadsword-STR +20, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 1200 Gold.

Munari Katana-STR +18, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Sangaril. Cost: 1280 Gold.

Munari Khanda-STR +20, STA +15, MP +8, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Taurgis. 
Cost: 1600 Gold.

Munari Scimitar-STR +18, SPD +5. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 1280 Gold.

Dagger Of Death-STR +30, MP +10, SPD +10. 20% chance of casting Death on hit.
Can be equipped by Maia, Sangaril.

Curseblade-STR +55, SPD +5. 20% chance of casting Curse on hit. Can be equipped
by Maia. Cost: 35000 Gold.

Dagger Of Pain-STR +10, MP +10, SPD +5. 30% chance of casting Dart on hit. Can 
be equipped by Maia, Sangaril. Cost: 20000 Gold.

Ilgerd's Katana-STR +50, SPD +5. 30% chance of casting Icicle on hit. Cna be
equipped by Sangaril. Cost: 32000 Gold.

Haradi Katana-STR +70. Hastened. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Ilgerd's Claymore-STR +100. Gives Enchant Cold element and Ice Shield. Can be
equipped by Taurgis.

Mind Spike Khanda-STR +50, STA +30, MP +25, SPD -5. 10% chance of casting Mind
Spike on hit. Can be equipped by Taurgis. Cost: 46000 Gold.

Prophet Sword-STR +60. Can be equipped by Maia. Cost: 36000 Gold.

Githiran's Sword-STR +95. Can be equipped by Maia.

Blade Of Wisdom-STR +90, MP +10, INT +5, Nimble Attack Skill +1. Cna be 
equipped by Maia.

6.2: Maces

Only Maia can equip these weapons:

Mace-STR +8.

Teomuran Mace-STR +10.

Twilight Mace-STR +35, MP +17. Cost: 4725 Gold.

Fire Mace-STR +10, MP +5, Fire. Cost: 1000 Gold.

Munari Mace-STR +20, MP +10. Cost: 1200 Gold.

Fire Arrow Mace-STR +60, MP +30. 30% chance of casting Fire Arrow on hit. 
Cost: 36000 Gold.

Githiran's Mace-STR +90, MP +45, Protected, Empowered.

6.3: Polearms

Only Taurgis can equip these weapons:

Battleaxe-STR +15, SPD -5. Cost: 175 Gold.

Halberd-STR +15, SPD -5. Cost: 175 Gold.

Twilight Battleaxe-STR +50, SPD -5. Cost: 6300 Gold.

Twilight Halberd-STR +50, SPD -5. Cost: 6300 Gold.

Ushan Warhammer-STR +50, SPD -5. Cost: 6300 Gold.

Energy Warhammer-STR +15, SPD -5, Energy. Cost: 1000 Gold.

Ice Warhammer-STR +15, SPD -5, Ice. Cost: 1000 Gold.

Munari Battleaxe-STR +30, SPD -5. Cost: 1600 Gold.

Munari Halberd-STR +30, SPD -5. Cost: 1600 Gold.

Munari Warhammer-STR +30, SPD -5. Cost: 1600 Gold.

Halberd Of Pain-STR +80, SPD -5. 30% chance of casting Dart on hit. Cost: 46000

Ilgerd's Warhammer-STR +80, SPD -5. 30% chance of casting Icicle on hit. Cost:
36000 Gold.

Haradi Battleaxe-STR +100. Adds Enchant Fire element and Fire Shield.

Ubenna's Halberd-STR +100. Ads Enchant Energy element and Energy Shield.

Tagan Warhammer-STR +100, Protected, Regenerating.


Only Morbazan can equip these weapons:

Heavy Hammer-STR +10, MP +10, SPD -5.

Twilight Hammer-STR +35, MP +35, SPD -5.

Energy Hammer-STR +60, MP +60, SPD -5, Energy Shield. Cost: 34000 Gold.

Soul Hammer: STR +75, MP +75, Mastery Soul Con, Protected. Morbazan
automatically consumes souls of all enemies killed with this weapon.

6.4: Crossbows

Only Sangaril can equip these weapons (they are 2-handed, so they cannot be 
used in conjunction with other weapons):

Crossbow-STR +21, SPD -5. Cannot be sold.

Munari Crossbow-STR +33, SPD -5. Cost: 880 Gold.

Twilight Crossbow-STR +49, SPD -5.

Ilgerd's Crossbow-STR +75, MP +25, SPD -5. 20% chance of casting Freeze on hit.

Haradi Crossbow-STR +100, MP +10, MD +25. 10% chance of casting Frostbite on

6.5: Rods/Staves

Wooden Staff-STR +10, MP +10, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Krobelus, Yago.

Metal Rod-STR +8, MP +10, Energy Skill +1. Can be equipped by Krobelus, Yago.


Only Yago can equip these weapons:

Twilight Rod-STR +28, MP +35. Cost: 3780 Gold.

Twilight Staff-STR +30, MP +30, SPD -5. Cost: 3600 Gold.

Munari Rod-STR +18, MP +22. Cost: 1080 Gold.

Vortex Rod-STR +45, MP +55, SPD -5. 20% chance of casting Drain on hit.

Staff Of Faith-STR +65, MP +65, INT +5, MD +10, SPD -5, AP Regen x150%.

Bacite Shaman Staff-STR +60, MP +60, STA +10, Staff Weapons Skill +1, Parry 
Skill +1, Energy Skill +1.

Enchantress Staff-STR +70, MP +70.

6.6: Iari Arms

Only Iari can equip these weapons:

Energy Arm-STR +34, SPD -5, Energy.

Fire Arm-STR +34, SPD -5, Fire.

Ice Arm-STR +34, SPD -5, Ice.

Supreme Arm-STR +100, SPD -5, Mastery Power Sources. If this weapon is 
equipped, Iari can equip 2 Gems instead of 1.

* The Supreme Arm makes Iari unbelieveably powerful, especially if you have a 
set of good gems to equip.

6.7: Iari Gems

Gems are Power Sources for Iari. Only Iari can equip these weapons. Also, in
order to equip a Gem, Iari's D: Power Sources skill must be equal to or higher 
than the Gem Level. A Gem with no Level number is considered a Level 1 Gem. 
When equipping 2 Gems with Supreme Arm, Gems' effects are cumulative. 

Additionally, you may have the chance to create new Gems. For that, I refer
you to ThresholdRPG's Crafting/Harvesting FAQ, also on gamefaqs.com.

Iari Black Gem-STR +3, DEF +3, SPD +3, STA +3, MP +3, MD +3, INT +2.

Iari Blue Gem-STA +25. Iari starts with this Gem.

Iari Cyan Gem-DEF +10, MD +10.

Iari Green Gem-INT +5, MP +10, MD +10, STR -2, STA -2, DEF -2.

Iari Yellow Gem-SPD +30, AP Regen x95%.

Iari Green Gem L2-INT +10, MP +20, MD +20, STR -4, STA -4, DEF -4.

Iari White Gem L2-STR -2, MD -2, AP Regen x120%.

Iari Blue Gem L5-STA +125, Death Ward.

Iari Cyan Gem L5-DEF +50, MD +50, Magic Ward.

Iari Green Gem L5-INT +25, MP +50, MD +50, STR -10, DEF -10, STA -10, Sense

Iari Purple Gem L5-MP +50, STR +50, DEF +50, MD +50, STA -15, INT -8, Mind 

Iari Yellow Gem L5-SPD +150, AP Regen x75%, Time Ward.

Iari Red Gem L10-STR +150, DEF +150, AP Regen x50%, Strength Ward,

***7: Armor***

This is a listing of all the known character armor in the game. Armor increases
a character's defense and sometimes other attributes. The downside is how the
character's speed sometimes suffers decrease. There are 5 primary types of
armor, all of which are listed below.

MP-Magic Power
MD-Magic Defense

Also listed is Cost in Gold if an item can be purchased from shops, and other
special effects if applicable. A list of characters who can equip the armor is
also listed.

7.1: Shields

Only Maia can equip Shields.

Halassar Shield: DEF +5, SPD -3. Maia begins the game with this shield.

Teomuran Shield: DEF +7, SPD -3, Fire Resistance +20.

Galdyran Shield: DEF +10, SPD -3.

Munari Shield: DEF +7, SPD -1, Cold Resistance +20. Cost-570 Gold.

Unseen Shield: DEF +12, SPD -5, Energy Resistance +20.

Invincible Shield: DEF +20, SPD -5.

7.2: Boots

Indubal Boots: DEF +5, STA +10, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Maia and Taurgis.

Battle Boots: DEF +5, MD +2, STA +3, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Sangaril, Neru,
Morbazan. Cost-270 Gold.

Galdyr Boots: DEF +5, STA +7, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-
270 Gold.

Munari Boots: DEF +3, MD +2, STA +3, INT +2, SPD -1. Can be equipped by Maia,
Taurgis. Cost-210 Gold.

Twilight Boots: DEF +7, MD +7, STA +5, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Maia, 
Taurgis, Yago, Sangaril, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-8250 Gold.

Supreme Boots: DEF +15, MD +2, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -6. Cna be equipped by
Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-58000 Gold.

Prophet Boots: DEF +15, MD +2, STA +25, INT +3, SPD -6, Sword Weapons Skill +1,
Halassar Combat Skill +1, Nimble Attack Skill +1. Can be equipped by Maia.

Regen Boots: DEF +15, MD +2, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Regenerating. Can be
equipped by Maia.

7.3: Body Armor

Battle Cuirass: DEF +10, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Sangaril, Neru, Morbazan. 
Cost-600 Gold.

Vellum Cuirass: DEF +10, SPD -5, Resist Piercing +10. Can be equipped by Maia,

Galdyr Cuirass: DEF +10, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-600 

Munari Cuirass: DEF +8, MD +3, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-
540 Gold.

Twilight Cuirass: DEF +15, MD +15, SPD -7. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis,
Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-32350 Gold.

Supreme Cuirass: DEF +25, MD +3, SPD -10. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis,
Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-110000 Gold.

Anima Cuirass: DEF +25, MD +3, STA +10, SPD -10, Necromancy Skill +1, 10%
chance of casting heal when hit. Can be equipped by Maia.

Avenger Cuirass: DEF +30, MD +10, STA +10, SPD -10, 5% chance of casting 
Protect when hit. Can be equipped by Taurgis.

Spirit Cuirass: DEF +20, MD +10, INT +5, SPD -10, MP +10. Can be equipped by

Prophet Cuirass: DEF +20, MD +3, INT +10, SPD -10, MP +10. Can be equipped by

7.4: Leggings

Battle Leggings: DEF +8, SPD -4. Can be equipped by Sangaril, Neru, Morbazan.
Cost-480 Gold.

Galdyr Leggings: DEF +8, SPD -4. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-480 

Munari Leggings: DEF +6, MD +2, SPD -2. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-
420 Gold.

Twilight Leggings: DEF +10, MD +10, SPD -6. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis,
Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-13500 Gold.

Supreme Leggings: DEF +20, MD +2, SPD -9. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis,
Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-84000 Gold.

Speed Leggings: DEF +20, MD +2, Hastened (SPD +20). Can be equipped by Maia,
Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan.

7.5: Gloves

Battle Gloves: DEF +5, STA +3, INT +2, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Sangairl, 
Neru, Morbazan. Cost-270 Gold.

Galdyr Gloves: DEF +5, STA +7, SPD -3. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis. Cost-
270 Gold.

Munari Gloves: DEF +3, MD +1, STA +3, INT +2, SPD -1. Can be equipped by Maia,
Taurgis. Cost-210 Gold.

Twilight Gloves: DEF +7, MD +7, INT +8, SPD -5. Can be equipped by Maia, 
Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-8250 Gold.

Supreme Golves: DEF +15, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8. Can be equipped by
Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan. Cost-58000 Gold.

Fire Gauntlets: DEF +7, MD +7, INT +8, SPD -5, Ench Fire. Can be equipped by 
Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan.

Ice Gauntlets: DEF +7, MD +7, INT +8, SPD -5, Ench Cold. Can be equipped by 
Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan.

Energy Gauntlets: DEF +7, MD +7, INT +8, SPD -5, Ench Energy. Can be equipped 
by Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril, Yago, Neru, Morbazan.

Fury Gauntlets: DEF +15, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Strength Ward. Can be
equipped by Maia.

Dragon Gauntlets: DEF +15, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Resist Fire +50. Can
be equipped by Sangaril.

Titan Gauntlets: DEF +20, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Empowered. Can be
equipped by Taurgis.

Celestial Gauntlets: DEF +15, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Death Ward. Can 
be equipped by Neru.

Fortitude Gloves: DEF +15, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Protected. Can be
equipped by Yago.

Disciple Gauntlets: DEF +10, MD +1, STA +15, INT +3, SPD -8, Mind Ward. Can be
equipped by Morbazan.

***8: Items***

This is a listing of various magic items that characters can use and equip. 
These items can be used to restore lost HP and AP, attack enemies, or increase 
various character attributes. These items are either purchased from shops or 
acquired through various methods. 

MP-Magic Power
MD-Magic Defense

Potions and Scrolls can be used by all characters. Although Scrolls cast magic 
spells, a character does not need to know the spell or have AP to use the 
Scroll. Necklaces can be equipped by everyone, and Rings can be used by most 

8.1: Potions

Health Potion: Restores 50-200 HP. Actual amount restored is determined by 
user's Magic Power.

Health Tonic: Restores 80-200 HP. Actual amount restored is determined by 
user's Magic Power.

Health Elixir: Restores full HP.

Action Potion: Restores 50 AP. Ineffective if character is affected by Time 

Action Tonic: Restores 100 AP. Ineffective if character is affected by Time 

Action Elixir: Restores 150 AP. Inefective if character is affected by Time 

Cure Potion: Removes 1 harmful status effect.

8.2: Scrolls

Cure: Removes 1 harmful status effect.

Dispel: Removes 1 beneficial status effect.

Revive: Revives a fallen ally. A revived character will only have 1 HP.

Resurrect: Revives a fallen ally with full HP.

Vitalize: Restores HP to using character and allies nearby.

Drain: Removes AP from enemy.

Sleep: May put target to sleep.

Poison: May poison target. A poisined character gradually loses HP until it 
reaches 0.

Death: Kills target.

Destroy Undead: Kills target. Only works on Undead enemies.

Control Undead: Makes Undead target friendly.

Death Pact: Automatically revives an ally when killed. A revived character will
have 10% HP.

Protect Minor: Reduces physical damage taken by target.

Protect Major: Reduces physical damage taken by target. More effective than 
Protect Minor.

Protect Supreme: Reduces physical damage taken by target. More effective than
Protect Major.

Curse: Increases physical damage taken by target.

Curse Major: Increase physical damage taken by target. More effective than 

Omen: Casts Curse on all nearby enemies.

Dart Minor: Does damage to one enemy.

Dart Major: Does damage to one enemy. Stronger than Dart Minor.

Dart Supreme: Does damage to target. Stronger than Dart Major.

Fire Minor: Does fire damage to target.

Fire Major: Does fire damage to target. Stronger than Fire Minor.

Fire Supreme: Does fire damage to target. Stronger than Fire Major.

Fire Circle: Does persistent fire damage to target and any nearby characters.

Icicle Minor: Does cold damage to target.

Icicle Major: Does cold damage to target. Stronger than Icicle Minor.

Icicle Supreme: Does cold damage to target. Stronger than Icicle Major.

Energy Minor: Does energy damage to target.

Energy Major: Does energy damage to target. Stronger than Energy Minor.

Energy Supreme: Does enrgy damage to target. Stronger than Energy Major.

Explosion: Does Explosion damage to target.

Glyph: Creates exploding magic trap-you choose trap's location.

Empower: Increases damage done by character's attacks.

Scan: Shows stats (HP, AP, Attack, Defense, Magic Power, Magic Deense, Status
Effects if any, Resistances) of target.

8.3: Necklaces

All characters (including Iari) may equip Necklaces unless otherwise noted.

Blue Amulet: Protects against Magic Circle Traps.

Red Amulet: Protects against Magic Circle Traps.

Yellow Amulet: Protects against Magic Circle Traps.

Frog Talismans-Nothing until cleaned.

Silver Frog Amulet: Mind Ward.

Gold Frog Amulet: Death Ward.

Time Ward: Time Ward (Immune to Haste, Freeze, Paralyze, Slow).

Mind Ward: Mind Ward (immune to Charm, Confuse, Berzerk).

Magic Ward: Magic Ward (immune to Drain).

Strength Ward: Strength Ward (immune to Weakness, Cripple, Empower).

Sense Ward: Sense Ward.

Strength Chain: STR +5.

Strength Pendant: STR +10.

Strength Amulet: STR +20.

Strength Talisman: STR +50.

Control Collar: DEF +10.

Defense Talisman: DEF +50.

Mastery Chain: INT +3.

Mastery Pendant: INT +5.

Mastery Amulet: INT +10.

Mastery Talisman: INT +25.

Tattered Noose: MP +5.

Magic Pendant: MP +10.

Alomdir Necklace: MP +50.

Rune Chain: MD +5.

Rune Amulet: MD +10.

Rune Talisman: MD +30.

Speed Chain: SPD +5.

Speed Amulet; SPD +10.

Slashing Chain: Resist Slashing +10.

Piercing Pendant: Resist Piercing +10.

Vellum Necklace: Resist Blunt +10.

Necklace Of Weal: Boosted (increases all attributes).

D: Energy Chain: D: Energy Skill +2. Can only be equipped by Iari.

8.4: Rings

All characters except Iari may equip Rings unless otherwise noted. A character 
may equpip up to 2 Rings at once, and equipping 2 of the same Ring is allowed.

Pirate Insignia Ring: DEF +3.

Ice Ring: Resist Cold +10.

Ice Band: Resist Cold +50.

Fire Ring: Resist Fire +10.

Fire Band: Resist Fire +50.

Energy Ring: Resist Energy +10.

Energy Band: Resist Energy +50.

Ench Ice Ring: Ench Cold.

Ench Fire Ring; Ench Fire.

Ench Energy Ring: Ench Energy.

Ice Shield Ring: Ice Shield (does Cold damage to attacking enemies).

Fire Shield Ring: Fire Shield (does Fire damage to attacking enemies).

Absorb Ring: Energy Shield (does Energy damage to attacking enemies).

Regeneration Ring: Regenerating (restores HP every few seconds).

Regeneration Band: Regenerating (resotres HP every few seconds). Stronger than
Regeneration Ring.

Ibarnibi's Ice Ring: Resist Cold +10. If equipped by Yago or Morbazan, Cold 
Skill +2.

Ibarnibi's Fire Ring: Resist Fire +10. If equipped by Maia or Yago, Fire Skill 

Xaoset's Ring: Assassination Skill +2. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Summoner Ring: Summon Skill +1. Can be equipped by Maia.

Summoner Mastery: Mastery Summoning (allows Maia to remain in Summon form
indefinitely-either until HP reaches 0 or Summon is banished). Can be equipped
by Maia.

Willpower Mastery: Willpower Skill +3. Can be equipped by Neru, Yago.

Halassar Ring: Halassar Combat Skill +2. Can be equipped by Maia.

Galdyr Ring: Galdyr Combat Skill +2. Can be equipped by Taurgis.

Sword Ring: Sword Weapons Skill +2. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis, Sangaril.

Blunt Ring: Blunt Weapons Skill +2. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis, Morbazan.

Soul Ring: Soul Consumption Skill +2. Can be equipped by Morbazan.

Twilight Ring: Twilight Combat Skill +2. Can be equipped by Morbazan.

Staff Ring: Staff Weapons Skill +2. Can be equipped by Krobelus, Yago.

Steelskin Ring: Steelskin Skill +2. Can be equipped by Neru.

Stealth Ring: Stealth Skill +2. Can be equipped by Sangaril.

Focus Ring: Concentration Skill +2.

Savior Ring: STA +10, Regenerating. If equipped by Maia or Morbazan, Necromancy
Skill +1. If equipped by Yago or Neru, Heal Skill +1.

C: Holy Ring: Holy Skill +2. Can be equipped by Krobelus, Neru.

C: Fire Ring: Fire Skill +2. Cna be equipped by Maia, Yago.

C: Necro Ring: Necromancy Skill +2. Can be equipped by Maia, Morbazan.

D: Fists Ring: D: Fists Skill +2. Can be equipped by Neru.

D: Fire Ring: D: Fire Skill +2. Can be equipped by Maia, Taurgis.

D: Cold Ring: D: Cold Skill +2. Cna be equipped by Sangaril.

***9: Walkthrough***

This is a detailed walkthrough on completing the entire game, focusing 
primarily on the main quests that make up the majority of the game. These 
quests are required to be completed to progress through the game, also known as
Main Quests in your Quest Journal. This includes boss battles at various 

9.1: Quest Walkthrough

The Pirate Ship

When you start a new game, the beginning is a cutscene similar to a 
movie preview trailer (it also plays if you sit on the main menu for about a 
minute). It details events leading up to the game, focusing on how Laharah 
planted the seed that became the Tree of Eleh, up through a violent storm that 
shattered the tree. Soon after, the game shifts to The Tempest, and the real 
game begins. The first battle is more a tutorial than anything, since as you 
control Maia for the first time, the game explains how to do almost everything.
Learn how to attack enemies, block attacks, and restore HP when necessary. Help
your fellow soldiers out as they fight attacking pirates. Eventually you'll 
fight the pirate captain. 

He has 2 swords, one of which is a fire sword. Block his hits when you can. He
also has an attack that knocks you down; if that happens, rapidly press A to 
get up. Best strategy is use a hit-and-run until he drops, healing by use of 
Health Potions or the Heal spell as necessary. When you kill the Captain, 
another cut scene starts showing Maia seemingly in trouble before being bailed 
out by her friend Sangaril, a Munari assassin. You'll also get a Flaming 
Cutlass; hold on to it for now. 


The Isle of Teomura

When you arrive, the tutorial explains Level-ups, as both Maia and Sangaril 
(who you now control-press Left on Control Pad to switch characters) have 
gained levels. This is indicated by a blue flame around the character's 
picture. Skill points can be divided however you like, with some limits, 
though, namely a skill cannot be raised above the characters' Experience Level 
(example: a Level 5 Maia cannot have Summon Skill of 7). Characters gain new 
skills as levels increase. As you make your way around, you'll come across 
something buried not too well. It's a Rune Stone, fragments of the Tree of 
Eleh and invaluable to you.

When Maia comes across a rune stone, she becomes a monster. This one allows 
Maia to become the Blood Summon. Summons give Maia abilities she normally won't
have, and each Summon has a special attribute too. The Blood Summon normally 
doesn't flinch during physical attacks (and can cast spells often without 
interruption), and when it's physical attacks hit, they cast Heal, restoring 
some HP. The Summon lasts until 1 of 3 things happen: you Banish it (at a cost 
of 1 AP), it's HP reaches 0 (Maia will be knocked down after transformation), 
or the timer (in status bar) runs out. 

To transform into a Summon, you must have 50 AP available and have enough room 
to do so. Summoning takes 10-15 seconds. As you explore you may find a lost 
Shipwreck. Explore and you may find some gold. Watch out for traps! These will 
do damage to any character in range. There's a room near the Wyrmlords' shrines 
with switches that will disable the traps, allowing you to get the items. One 
electric trap can't be disabled-you'll possibly use it later. You may also come 
across a Beacon. 

Here's where you use the Flaming Cutlass. If you've sold it, you're pretty much
screwed. You need to use it to light the Beacon. You may be back later on. 
Eventually you should find the Wyrmlords' Palace. This is Neru's Lair. Enter,
fighting off pirates until you find Neru. He'll tell you to find a Gem in his 
guest quarters. Also be on the lookout for Dama Sivora-she took something from 
your palace. When you find Neru's Gem, take it to Neru. Don't leave until 
you've thoroughly explored the entire Palace. When you're ready to go, talk to 
Neru and answer yes. 


The Palace Of Halassar
Your home. After you arrive, you'll be greeted by Dama Bashra. She asks you to 
talk to Surdama Kir. When you take control, leave to the right, go to the room 
with the pedestal, and talk to her. A cutscene follows. Then go around and talk
to everyone, making sure to find Taurgis. When you do, a rather funny cutscene 
follows, and Taurgis agrees to join you. 

Explore around the palace. When you talk to some people, they may ask for gold.
If you have it, GIVE IT TO THEM! You'll get XP every time, and later on you may
get even better rewards. When you're ready to leave, go to the Palace Gate and 
talk to Captain Talma, who will escort you to General Kosi. 


The Imperial Sepulchre

Talk to General Kosi here, then do some fighting on your way down the hallway. 
Soon Captain Talma will meet up with you and ask you to work your way to the 
Sepulchre Cannon. Somewhere along the way you'll come across another Rune Stone
and gain the Tree Summon. When you get there Sangaril must eliminate the guards
alone. When clear, go fire the cannon, making sure to get the chest nearby. 

Once the cannon is fired, you get an XP bonus. Sangaril also gets a 100 XP 
bonus for clearing out the area. Keep working your way around until you collect
the 3 Tomb Keys-watch out for those ugly monsters! They can knock you down,
then pound you mercilessly. Once you have all the keys, you can enter 
Githiran's Tomb and face Krobelus. After the cutscene, you'll find yourself 
surrounded by monsters. Transform into the Blood Summon and take out the 
spheres that generate the monsters-when done, a quick cutscene zooms in on 
Krobelus. Attack Krobelus cautiously until he goes down-he sometimes uses 


Miridan's Pass

Yes, you can go right to the Prison of Indubal from here, but if any character 
of yours is below Level 6 or if you have problems in the Prison. So go to the 
pass and build up levels. You'll likely come across a young creature. Here's a 
place where what you do now helps shape what happens later. If you take good 
care of the pet, it may help you later. If you neglect it, the pet may turn 
against you. Play with it, carry it back and forth, and feed it nuts (which 
you'll find here and in the Ruins of Hopiris later on). Note that the growing 
process does take a while. You'll also see a White Lady Statue. Try to find the 
way across, because there's a special item and 15000 XP in it for you. When 
you're done, head to either the Halassar or Galdyr Gate to exit the pass and
into the prison.


Prison Of Indubal

Poor Krobelus. He's been put in quite the predicament - the Indubal riddle. 
Guess who gets to solve it? It's a 3-part deal: if just one part was done on 
it's own, Krobelus is no more because he'll suffer a most painful demise. 
You'll use Taurgis, Maia, and Sangaril all separately as they each activate 1 
switch. We'll start with Taurgis... 

Have a supply of Health Potions. If you have a necklace that increases Magic 
Power, equip that for Taurgis too. Your primary adversaries will be Indubal 
Terrors, ugly looking things that hit hard; their attacks often do one of 3 
things-Blind, which won't affect you much, Snare/Slow, which forces you to 
walk-you can't run or Knockdown, which lets them pound you at will until you 
get up (press A rapidly to recover faster). This is where you need those Health 
Potions. Use a hit-and run attack to take them down. Sometimes, including near 
halfway, they may fight each other. Let them do this as long as possible. 
Additionally, thoroughly explore carts and hideaways because a few useful items 
are hidden in the area. When you reach the end, it's time to move on. 
Now, on to Maia. Maia starts by eavesdropping in on Imarbeth IX, a looney-tunes 
king, supposedly, who thinks Maia is his cousin. Eventually you'll be asked a 
yes or no question. Answer no-he'll give you a Revive first, plus a Blue 
Amulet. Explore his area thoroughly for another quest item. Your main foes will 
be warriors & mages. Mages have round staffs. Get them quickly so they can't 
use Protect & Curse on Warriors. With the Warriors, watch out for their jumping 
attack-it can do big damage and is unblockable. Also try using Fire Arrows from 
a distance. 

Each group of cells has a prisoner highlighted on the map. The Prisoner asks
for Spirit Vellum, which you don't have. You'll get some later. The Madwoman
drops the Crown of Isaris. You'll use that later on. Along the way, you'll meet 
prisoners Abos Of Idor & Ptas. You'll need a cell key to open their doors. Abos
will give you his journals with a request to give them to Baru in Munari City. 
Ptas wants to fight-kill him and equip his sword. When you get to locked gates,
use the Gate Key that you should've gotten earlier. At the very end, you'll be 
locked in and need to kill a group of enemies to get the last key and reach the
switch. That's it!

Sangaril is the final part. Sangaril's got the toughest path of the 3. She 
must reach the area in the top level that's filled with Sentries. Try to have 
Stealth up to Level 5 so you can get some extra goodies by picking locks. If 
you don't, that's OK-you'll likely be back here later. The trick is try to 
avoid detection-stay in Sneak mode and move slowly. If you do get spotted, 
forget stealth-just take the sentries down. There are bonuses you can get here:
if you avoid detection you get a 500 XP bonus. If you defeat all the ground 
sentries, you'll get another 500 XP. If you defeat all the platform sentries, 
that's another 300 XP. The bonuses are cumulative. 

Once all 3 reach their switches, a cutscene airs showing Krobelus freed and a 
lengthy talk. Sounds like your next stop is Munari City. 


Munari City Harbor/Market

Munari City is run by 4 oligarchs, each controlling a different quarter. A 
cutscene shows Neru going to spread some rumors as Mas Raldo awaits Maia's 
arrival. Once you're done chatting with Raldo, leave and explore the harbor. 
Some notes: Captain Nwabir's items he sells are used by Sangaril for optional 
quests. Captain Heoma triggers an optional quest. Go back to Isle Of Teomura 
later and seek the beacon you hopefully lit. Check the mouth nearby for 3000 

If you look everywhere you'll find some smuggled stuff-the captain of the 
ship's somewhere in the city. When you meet Mugolo, give him 3000 Gold then 
talk to Mas Ubrai. You can get the license a little later on when you visit 
other places. Keep an eye out for Baru as well. When you're done looking, find 
a Pod to head over to the next stage. 


Munari City University & Arena

As Mas Raldo mentioned earlier, you're looking for Mas Ora. When you're done 
talking to her, head down the ramp to her arena for the show. Also look for Mas
Zalur. He'll give you a hard time but you have to put up with it. 


Mas Ora's Arena

A scene shows a battle featuring Morbazan, the person you're looking for. Soon 
you'll find yourself fighting in the Battle Of Halassar. You'll take Maia & 
Taurgis through a few waves of soldiers. If you made it through Indubal OK, 
you'll do fine. At the end, killing the archer immediately ends the battle. 

Afterwards, talk to the other gladiators for some mini-quests. Talking to 
Varaleth increases your Sword Weapons skill 2 points. You'll also get several 
optional mini-quests. Don't bother with Areon until you've got either Morbazan 
or Yago in your party. Also watch for the person who mentions Hawkwood's 
arrival-he'll be in the Harbor. If you have 7000 Gold on hand, hire Hawkwood 
now-he'll help you later on. Return to University and Arena-Morbazan says he'll
join you when you bring him Iari. After the talk, return to Mas Raldo & talk to
him to get an Iris Door Gem. This opens a door nearby that leads you into 
another area of Munari City. 


Ruins Of Hopiris

Exploring this area is, for the most part, optional, but I'll include it here.
They'll return if you leave he area & come right back, making for easy Gold, 
XP, & items. Anytime you get Nuts, give them to the Miridan's Pass creature. 
After you talk to the bird, get on the boat. It's not a joyride though-those 
ghosts are tough! Here's what I suggest-first, forget about using Taurgis and 
take Krobelus instead. Set Maia's AI to Heal/Cast, and control Sangaril, 
equipping a crossbow first. Kill the green ghosts first, as they use Icicle. 

When you clear the segment you have a choice: explore the ruins or keep going 
downstream. If it's first time, explore the ruins. If you find the Arrowheads, 
give them to Marlak in Mas Ora's arena. Make sure Sangaril's with you. At 
various points you'll fight assassins. When you get to the steps, watch your 
back! They'll jump you from behind, but they're not too tough. When you get to 
the next section, heed Sangaril's advice-these assassins can poison, which 
constantly drains HP until cured. Have Cure scrolls & Potions ready. If you go 
left at the intersection and down the stairs, you'll find a laboratory. Explore 
everything to find useful quest items. As for that window, have Sangaril use 
any Paper Circles you have here. Sangaril does most of the work here. If you go 
straight ahead at the intersection, you'll soon arrive at Xaoset's lair. 

Xaoset is an optional boss who Sangaril must fight alone. These are strategies:
Use swords and hit-and-run; Use a crossbow and keep firing from a distance; The
easiest way is to make sure you have at least 2 Energy Major Scrolls-each does 
almost 50% damage-2 Scrolls plus a Crossbow shot or two should do it. Killing 
Xaoset awards 1000 XP, Xaoset's Ring, and a Wooden Case. You'll need the case
to get the last Summon. Now go back to the top-you can head back to the boat or
make another left to go to the World map. 


Grotto of Hopir 

You'll encounter and fight more ghosts, then arrive at a rest area. 3 people 
are around a fire-if you've talked to Varaleth already, speak to the guy with 
the sword. The Provost will join you if you speak to him-he'll wait at the 
Palace Of Halassar. The other guy you can't help until you get the Lost Realms 
Atlas later on. Continue on afterwards to the end where you'll fight a
formidable mud golem. 

This guy's tough, but he has a weakness-Energy. His regular attacks may 
cause Ice Coffin. To break it, try attacking it repeatedly. If a frozen 
character is the last one in your party left or everyone gets frozen, it'll 
soon thaw someone out. You can keep fighting him for Ench Ice Rings. Once he's 
down, explore the obelisks until you find the one about the Ubrai family. Now 
you can turn the tables on Mas Ubrai! The nearby hidden lever & door take you 
back to the World map. 


The Adytum Of The Unseen Part 1

You get to use Neru, so at the start, pause to distribute skill points however 
you like. At the beginning you see 3 switches operating 3 barriers. As you shut 
them off & on, move a character through so they can get to a master switch on 
the other side that disables all the barriers (toggle Solo Mode on for this). 
Go left first at the end of the hall. Unseen Guards can hit at all ranges-their 
far range shots can be blocked. Don't rush forward or you'll be outnumbered. It 
helps to use Neru to cast Protect on everyone. One room holds a series of 
chambers. Some hold enemies, a couple hold Gems you'll use later, and the rest 
hold people associated with optional quests. Another room has a room full of 

Explore until you get a rough crystal. Keep it; you'll use it later. In one 
room you'll see what appears to be a Rune Stone machine...watch out! A Blood 
Summon attacks! It's weak though-a couple of Fire Arrows does the trick. The 
other door's locked-come back later with Morbazan for the real Rune Stone. When 
you find the Gem Cutter, use the rough crystal to get the Blue Gem. In the room 
with 4 switches, place each color gem in it's corresponding switch, then 
activate the master switch. You're now controlling a Golem-guide it to the 
switch in the middle and activate it to create a Purple Gem. When you're done 
with the Golem, return it to where it started and activate the switch. Claim 
the Purple Gem and go to the Circle Of Light. Place the Gem in the switch and 
enter the circle to continue on. 


Adytum Of The Unseen Part 2

You'll arrive in a room full of masks and one hard hat out of place. Don't go 
on until you open the treasure chest. You want that Time Ward item in the chest
for later on. When you reach the pool and activate it, a cutscene plays. Maia 
then goes on alone. The next segment is crawling with Unseen Guards. After you 
clear them out, you'll find a Rune Stone and gain the Eye Summon. When enemies 
attack, kill the snake-like one in front of you to clear them all out. 

When in the next segment, stay in Eye Summon form as long as possible. The 
Unseen Guards' physical attacks cause the Eye Summon to gain lost HP back! Use 
Energy Bolts to take the Guards out-watch out for the Sentries! These sentries, 
unlike ones you meet later, are quite tough to kill. At the end, a cutscene 
plays as activating a switch makes floating machine parts come together to form 
Iari. Iari will join you after you leave the Adytum-go through the door in the 
back. You'll choose your party members, then return to the University & Arena. 
Time to talk to Morbazan. You'll now be able to go to Eleh Caverns and soon 
enter the Tree Of Eleh. 


Eleh Caverns

Tusk Wolves and Rock Spiders are your main enemies here. Rock Spiders look like 
upside-down Icicles. Fire spells work well here, but be careful with Rock 
Spiders; they can Silence you briefly, disabling your spells. When you reach 
the crevasse, take a peek. If you have the Crown of Isaris, send it flying. If 
not, remember this spot. As you work through, you'll likely come across what's 
left of Morbazan's ship, a mock gravesite (explore for items), and a makeshift 
campsite. This camp is where you'll meet Yago. He'll lead you to the portal 
into the Tree of Eleh-enter when you're ready. Yago the old chap will join your
party as well. 


Eleh Fragments 

You'll take turns guiding party members through different fragments of the Tree 
of Eleh. First off, you'll take Maia & Krobelus. Each fragment is inhabited 
by 2 kinds of Eleh Parasites: those ugly round things you met in the Sepulchre, 
and two-headed dragons. Take out the 2-heads first, because they use a lot of 
magic. Some enemies are weak against physical attacks, some are weak to spells.
How to tell is look at their color, as they're colored different. Use the Blood 
Summon if you have trouble. Also watch for items in each stage, as well as 
golden orbs. They restore HP, AP, and revive fallen allies with full HP. You'll 
also find another Rune Stone along the way-this should be your 5th Stone, so 
choose the Summon you want to Level Up (I recommend Blood). At the end, you'll 
reach a portal. Krobelus stays behind, so Maia goes on alone. You no longer can
use Krobelus. Nothing you can do about it, so un-equip any items he has or 
they are lost! 

The next segment has you controlling Taurgis, Sangaril, & Morbazan. At the end 
of this section, only 2 can go through the portal, meaning you must leave one 
character behind-I suggest leaving Sangaril. After their next segment only 1 of 
the 2 goes on-I take Taurgis. Neru, Yago, and Iari are next up. Their path 
plays out the same as the last in terms of who you leave behind-dump Neru 
first, then Yago. They'll be back later, though. When you reach the final 
segment, a cutscene shows the next boss - a form of The Tempest, guarded by 2 
nasty beasts. Have your 2 partners keep them busy, but be aware that they keep 
coming back! Use Maia to get close to the sphere in the middle, transform into 
the Eye Summon and use it until time expires, moving around as necessary. It 
will say Immune, but keep attacking nonetheless! When you revert to Maia's 
form, use Fire Arrows until it goes down.


The Wheel Of The Perduellion

You'll find Maia with some masked people. You must wear the Perduellion mask 
(it will automatically be equipped) to speak to them. There are 4 streams of 
light-follow each one to find an ally trapped. Once all 4 are done, talk to a 
Perduellion, then it's time to go to work. Although you normally can do the 4 
in any order you like, certain places must be visited at certain times to 
finish all quests. 


Bibliopolis Of Lost Tomes

The green portal takes you here. When you exit the entry area, you'll find a 
Rune Stone (6th-recommend Eye Summon Level Up). Each room is infested by 
different enemies-I suggest the Blood Summon if you have trouble. Explore each 
room thoroughly because many quest items are hidden well. When it's time to go, 
return to the portal. 


Temple Of The Archons

A maze if there ever was. Notice first that everyone wears different masks. 
Come back and talk to everyone with different masks, because if you match up 
colors (NOT mask types), the person will give you a quest item or good armor, 
and Maia gets 100 XP. Near the beginning you'll find Taurgis holding a giant 
bowl. Find the Archons and speak to one of them (the dialogue is kinda silly-
they're like "What is a Taurgis?" and "If you want The Taurgis"...) They'll 
exchange The Taurgis for a Vandal's mask. Before leaving the area, be sure to 
talk to the Chrysopomp-buy the mask he offers to you, then you can buy good 
weapons or armor. 


Vandal's Ruins

This is a maze-like area. At the end you'll find Vandal, but you can't get 
his mask yet--you've got another dilemma! Nepenthes, Vandal's daughter, appears 
wearing Iari's face...and they've made Iari into a bomb! They'll make you play 
a game where you can win clues to the whereabout of Iari's pieces. The first 
one's a freebie, then you must win in a time limit. 

Go over the limit and you must pay 1000 Gold per second over to buy the clue. 
Here's where the pieces will be (must play the game and get the corresponding 
clues first): Bibliopolis-in a coffer-need key from Vandal, Temple-buy from 
Chrysopomp, River's Source-talk to a Perduellion, Tribunal-speak to Justiciar. 
Once you have all 4, return to Vandal. Win the final round, get the last clue 
(between "Madness and Despair"-examine each statue in the Temple-they surround 
the portal), then beat both Nepenthes & Vandal to get the mask. Take out 
Nepenthes first so she can't Heal-1 good Fire Arrow should do it. Vandal's not 
too tough either despite effects of Protect. Once you have the mask, return to 
the Archons and give them the mask for the Taurgis. Now to put Iari back 

If you have all the parts, rebuild Iari now, then return to the Tribunal. Once 
this is done, you'll learn a trial by combat can save Morbazan. Back to the 
Bibliopolis-speak to the curator when you arrive. Follow his directions to the 
book, read the law and return to the tribunal and prepare to fight (if you 
don't have Taurgis and Iari yet, you must get them back first). At the start,
become the Blood Summon and attack each head until all 3 go down. Prepare to 
possibly lose Taurgis during the fight. Once they're down, Morbazan will be 
freed. When you go back to the wheel, you should get the Red Mask-time to meet 
this Ushandul, God Of Desire. 


Ushandul's Lair 

After a cutscene, you'll fight Ushandul and his servants. Become the Blood 
Summon and attack the servants first, then take down Ushandul. Ushandul and the
servants teleport randomly around the room. Victory results in Neru, Sangaril, 
and Yago being freed. Move on to Paludal's bridge. 


Crossing Paludal's Bridge

I recommend taking Taurgis and Iari along here just for the boss. At the start,
talk to Bazig, get his hammer, and explore in order to get some items. Then use 
the hammer on the gong. Next room over, you find unfriendly mud golems. The 
projectiles they shoot can cause Blind and/or Silence. Just keep moving around 
to avoid them. Explore the room carefully, making sure to get the Blue Swamp 
Flute-you'll need it soon. When you continue, watch out for the Rococros...
they're fast! 

Maia should use spells to attack because their size makes them hard to hit. 
As you continue on, you soon reach a bridge you can't cross without the flute. 
When you reach the room where Maia talks about dangerous mud, don't touch it-it 
may cause Charm, which makes your allies fight you! Soon, though, you'll find a 
broken energy tube-it fully heals everyone. When you reach the Lemur Cage, you 
have to fix the broken energy tube-that comes later on. At one point, you may 
come across a Gem Foundry-if you come back later with Morbazan, you can use 
souls he's consumed and weapon molds to make weapons and even Gems for Iari. A
room near the end has several tubes. One fixes the Lemur cage, and another 
flows into Paludal's Lair. Soon you should reach it.


Paludal's Lair

You'll fight Paldual first in his original form. Then he assumes Maia's form 
with all her abilities except Summons, and usually has a chance of casting Fire
Arrow when attacking. Then he'll take on the form of your second member, 
followed by the third, then his original form one last time. Once he's down, he
stays down for now (if you return later, you fight him again). Explore the room
to find a secret door that leads to a Rune Stone (#7-Recommend Tree). When 
you're done, take the other door to continue on. 


The Wasteland

Iari, Neru, and Yago do the work here. They'll have to fight off tough enemies 
(have lots of Cure Potions and Scrolls ready) to reach 2 energy nodes which 
must be realigned. Iari must hit the nodes to realign them-there's no time 
limit, so take your time. Once this is done, you're finished here. 


The Tower Of The Ancient Ones 

At the start of the stage, you must find a way in-that's Sangaril's job. She 
must scale the wall and find a way in before her HP runs out. Once in, there 
are 2 consoles she must enable. Kill the sentries to get the gems, insert them, 
and she's finished for now. When you're done, it's time to track down 
Sharangir. That job falls to Maia, Taurgis, and Morbazan. Now, you'll see 
Sentries all over the place. Each has a different element and weaknesses, as 
evident by their color. Maia should only use her weapons on the red ones. 

Watch out! Some have the Death Spell! Maia should use spells and Blood Summon 
to attack. If Taurgis has the Nammu Claymore, equip it. It's a long stage, but 
you'll find some items as well as another Rune Stone along the way (#8-your 
only L1 Summon remaining becomes L2). At the very end, you'll see a cutscene 
before you fight Sharangir. 

Now, Morbazan provides an important hint on beating the boss. The eye is the 
key; while it's open, Sharangir is invulnerable. There's no easy way to beat 
Sharangir, so if you keep losing, don't get frustrated. His attack strategy is 
like this-he usually casts Curse, then Empower on himself and goes around 
slashing away. His attacks can't be blocked. Use one character (either Taurgis 
or Maia) to attack the eye. When the eye closes, Sharangir is vulnerable for a 
few seconds. Use weapons and magic-Maia should use Summons (preferably Tree at 
the beginning, then Blood after the first time). When the shield reappears, go 
back to attacking the eye. When your partners go down, if you have Resurrect 
you can bring them back-just put some distance between Maia and Sharangir so 
you have the 3+ seconds you need to cast the spell. Repeat until Sharangir 
eventually drops. 


Crossing The Valley Of Khargathalan

In this stage, Iari is controlling a Siege Tower. Your task in here is to 
maneuver the tower across 3 chasms. at each chasm, Iari inserts a team to 
stabilize the bridge. Each team consists of 2 characters. If you use the 
defaults, first pair is Maia and Sangaril, then Taurgis and Yago, and finally
Neru and Morbazan. You'll face 3 different enemies-Kharg Warriors (with swords
and shields), Rangers (throw projectiles at you), and Mages (with magic). 

Always take out Mages first or you'll have a hard fight. The Warriors and Mages 
are weak against Cold. Try not to get surrounded and keep your HP up. At the 
end, when all foes are down, activate the switch to stabilize the bridge so 
Iari can continue. Repeat at each bridge. At the end with the tower, focus on 
the giant tower coming towards you. When its HP is depleted, Iari will exit the 


Fortress Of Khargathalan

Iari must destroy Khargathalan's 4 faces. Although this looks quite daunting, 
it's actually quite easy. First, shoot the cannon firing at you to briefly 
disable it. When a face appears (with life bar), lock on and fire until it's 
taken damage. Once you score a damaging hit, run around to the next opening and 
repeat. 4 or 5 hits will destroy it and you'll get the Supreme Arm. A cutscene
then begins. 


The Dream Of Eleh

Explore the room, being sure to open the treasure chest. Soon you'll meet 
Rosalind, Yago's daughter, and the god Urath. Talk to them. When you're done 
exploring, talk to the Laharah statue-time to wake up... When you return to the
Palace and talk to Dama Bashra and Taurgis, you have some new options-go to 
Miridan's Pass or you can do some optional stuff. At this point I assume you 
found the Nhuvasarim Page, so we'll sidetrack for now and pick up at the Pass 
later. Also, you should return to the Adytum of the Unseen as well, and visit 
everywhere else to get caught up on your quests and anything else you might 
have missed. This is important if you're trying to find all the Rune Stones. 


Tome Of The Nhuvasarim

When you're at the book in the Library next to Dama Koru (eye icon), select the 
Page from your inventory and press Y. When it asks if you wish to enter, say 
yes. Choose your party (I recommend Maia, Yago or Morbazan, and Iari) and 
enter the book when you are ready. If you step on the circles on the floor, you
will trigger some nearby monsters. Kill them all to open up a path. There are 
tons of foes along the way, so be prepared. At one point you'll see circles on 
the floor. 

The first one drains your AP as you cross. Wear a Blue Amulet while walking to 
disable it and get a stat boost. Remember to get the items in the chests! The 
second one briefly curses everyone-can't be cured by Cure. Wear the Yellow 
Amulet here. The third one is interesting...the first time you cross, the 
character gets kicked out unless they are wearing the Red Amulet. Otherwise, 
everyone gets kicked out, and you'll return to the Palace. In the next room, 
there's a weird circle in the middle-if you have Magic Circles, use them. Each 
gives the user a bonus, except for #4, which gives your party 25000 XP. 

When you finally reach the end, you'll see a head in front of another circle.
The first character to touch the circle gets fire resistance increased 
permanently. One Nhuvasar that is very tough to kill will drop some powerful 
items. At the end of the stage, back to the Palace. In the future, you can now 
go as you please without the trap problem if you disabled them. Be sure to get 
the Iari Red Gem L10! 


The Labyrinth Of The Guardians

Speak to the Laharah head to gain entrance. The first thing you see is a Rune 
Stone under a crystal-you can't do anything about it unless you've found the 
first 12 stones. To enter a labyrinth stand in front of its portal and press A. 
You may do the labyrinths in any order. There are some things to keep in mind: 
1-You cannot use the Summon of the labyrinth you're in (no Blood Summon in 
Blood labyrinth, no Tree Summon in Tree labyrinth, etc.); 2-You cannot do a 
level 3 Labyrinth if you don't have that Level 3 Summon; 3-If you can do a 
Level 3, you can't use any items (Potions/Scrolls). Enemies you face are as 
follows: Level 1-Ghosts, Level 2-Sentries, Level 3-Living Armors. 

Each enemy has a weakness. You will face waves of cumulatively increasing 
enemies: starting with 1, then 2, then 3, finally 4 at a time. When all waves 
are beaten, you face the Guardian-a Summon equal to the level, with abilities 
the same as Maia's Summon. This includes bonuses: Blood Summon heals when 
attacking with weapon, Tree Summon has ultra-high HP on Level 3 and a shield 
which causes a character using a physical attack to also take damage, Sand 
Summon is immune to magic (including Iari's Golem skills), Eye Summon's 
physical attack also drains AP. Defeating a Guardian always yields an ultra-
powerful weapon or armor that only one character can use-equip it ASAP! 

When you've done all 4 labyrinths (only possible after finding 12 Rune Stones) 
the crystal disappears for the final Guardian... The 13th Summon-Maia faces 
this guardian alone. The way I recommend fighting it is to become the Blood 
Summon and use magic (Dart will do the most damage) along with an occasional 
physical attack to regain HP. The guardian's physical attacks can do a lot of 
damage. Defeat the Guardian to gain the ability to become the 13th Summon. To 
use it, you must have Summon skill at Level 10 (build it up early!) and it 
costs 100 AP instead of 50. 


Return to Miridan's Pass

Now, Krobelus' minions are advancing toward Halassar and it's up to you to 
stop them. At the beginning, you'll meet with General Kosi and The Vizier. When
you talk to Kosi again, the battle begins. Note that if you hired Hawkwood, 
he'll be at the gate too. Strategically positioned around the pass are Halassar 
soldiers and Priestesses-they'll obey your commands. Spread them out so every 
flag has someone there. Be sure to also return to where you first met the young 
creature. The tunnel may be open and if it is...you might be reunited with a 
huge creature! If you took good care of it, it will give you an item AND join 

You can enter the cave as you please. When the battle begins bear these in 
mind. If you lose a flag you lose some advantage. General Kosi MUST SURVIVE. If 
he falls, you've failed. There are 3 total waves of monsters. Use the token The 
Vizier gives you to send Maia to hotspots. Clear all 3 waves and that ends the 
battle. Use the Blood Summon to take the monsters down. 


The Tamirath Citadel

Supposedly your old friend Krobelus now assumes the throne, and is giving some 
power to that looney bin Imarbeth 9. Time to crash the party. When you pick 
your party I recommend making Iari your third member (you must have Maia and 
Taurgis). In the first part, your main adversaries are Living Armor. They're 
not only tough, but their attacks often cast spells, including, Paralyze, 
Sleep, and worst of all, Death. They tend to attack in groups of 3. When you 
reach the outdoor section, avoid the green circles on the ground if possible-
they're traps that can do MAJOR damage. When you find the Frog Talismans, you 
need to find a basin of clean water to clean them. Now, equip them.

One of them is a Death Ward, and you'll need it, and when you reach the end, 
you'll find Azraman trapped in a huge chunk of ice, barely alive. Here you must 
make a tough choice as to Taurgis' next move: Do you let him stay behind and 
try to save his brother, or do you order him to leave his brother to maybe die? 
It's up to you, but I say be a good girl and leave Taurgis behind. You will be 
rewarded. Time to take Imarbeth down... 



In his first form, Imarbeth mixes physical attacks with magic, mostly Curse 
and Death, so have Death Ward-giving items and magic ready (Maia should equip 
Gold Frog Talisman, Iari should equip an Iari Blue Gem L5 if you have one). 
Sometimes he uses Death a lot, so part of it is luck. He'll go through a few 
transformations before he's down. When he's a flying creature, use Fire spells 
and the Blood Summon to clip his wings (when airborne Iari's attacks are 
ineffective). When he's down for good you'll get the Crown of Githiran-you'll 
need it later. If you let Taurgis save Azraman, he'll meet up with you. Azraman
will also give Taurgis the mighty Tagan Warhammer. 


Into the Eye Of The Storm

Before you head here, be aware that once you go in, there's no going back-this 
is the end of the line. So don't go in until you're good and ready to end the 
game. This is a long stage, and since the map's about the same as the Imperial 
Sepulchre, I'll skip right to basics and bosses: You'll engage the bosses in 
several groups-Neru and Morbazan go after Krobelus, and Taurgis and Sangaril 
engage Surdama Kir. We'll start with Krobelus... 



Krobelus casts his spells until his AP is gone, then teleports around with the 
occasional physical attack. Set Neru's AI to Melee, then take control of 
Morbazan. There are 2 ways to do it-one is to stay close to Neru for physical 
attacks; Neru will lead you toward Krobelus. The other is to use spells-even if 
you start casting a spell when Krobelus teleports, the spell still goes 
through. When you deplete Krobelus' HP completely, a cutscene shows the duo 
disposing of the Hierophant, finishing their work. 


Surdama Kir

Early on, one section collapses, dropping both Taurgis and Sangaril down. It's 
unavoidable and takes all your Potions! But if you have plenty of Resurrect and 
Vitalize scrolls, you'll be fine, plus the Priestesses often drop scrolls and 
potions when killed. When Surdama Kir's around, ignore the Priestesses and hit 
Surdama Kir a few times, otherwise she'll make it way too tough. This also 
keeps the story going properly. At one point, you'll be both blinded and the 
screen looks very weird-this is a normal part of the storyline here, and the 
Blind can't be cured. When you reach the very end, it seems you can't cross a 
gap to use weapons...use Sangaril's Bow weapons and attacks scrolls to wear her

When she falls for good, a cutscene shows our heroes' narrow escape, and 
Taurgis pulling Sangaril very close to save her....afterwards, Sangaril gives 
Taurgis "the look" and Taurgis just shrugs like "it's not what you think it 
is!" Nice little bit of humor. Their work is done. 


The Celestial Sphere

The final battle with Maia, Yago, and Iari. The sphere has apparently taken on 
the form of Rosalind of Iona, Yago's missing daughter. You'll then fight her 
while a series of cutscenes appear too. Fight her like you did Imarbeth 9. 
Towards the end the fight, which you seem to be winning, turns tragic as Maia 
is killed and Yago banished from the area, leaving only Iari, seemingly unable 
to revive the fallen Maia, but there may still be a way...after all, Iari's 
body is "a vessel for her soul"...so Iari can combine with Maia to form an 
awesome fighting creation! 


Defeating The Tempest

Make sure to choose Health Elixer as your item. The Tempest casts Curse, and 
attacks at close range with occasional invulnerability. Just keep attacking, 
using Health Elixirs when your HP gets down to about 400. You can't see the 
boss' HP bar up close-you may have to move back. When it is defeated, the final
cutscenes tell what happened afterwards-basically everyone returned to where 
they came, Taurgis and Sangaril kinda made up, Neru and Morbazan go their own 
ways, and Maia apparently died... But the Tree of Eleh was restored and peace 
returned to Halassar. "Aosi Is The Wind That Blows Through Its Branches". 

But as the last scene suggests, perhaps there will be another Goddess Reborn...
After the last battle, you can save your game one last time before the credits.
This save puts you right after you beat the final boss when it's loaded. You
can't go back to do other quests-so start a New Game and try to do even better 
next time!

9.2: Status Effects

Your characters might be the victims of status effects while in battle. These
abnormalties alter your character's abilities and may be the cause of your
demise. Therefore, it is important to often have a healer in your party and
Cure often.

You can also inflict an enemy with any status effect. Doing so can raise your
chance of success. However, status effects have more severe consequences when
you're the one affected.

Here is a list of the status effects, along with what it does to an affected
party member.


Poison: The inflicted character will suffer periodic Health loss. Frequency
and seriousness of Poison depends on the cause of the poison. This is one of
the worst alignments since the character will die in a matter of time (even
quicker if he/she gets hit while poisoned). The good thing is that the victim
can perform normal actions and can heal him/herself. Poisoning your enemy is
a good idea to make it easier to kill.

Blindness: Your whole screen will turn very foggy and darkened. None of your
abilities are hindered, though, and if you turn up the contrast of your TV, it
usually negates the problem somewhat. Switching characters rids you of the 
darkened screen, and that is what you should do in case of blindness. Also,
you'll have trouble seeing items in rooms when afflicted. Don't bother
inflicting enemies with blindness; their attacks won't change at all.

Ice Coffin: An afflicted member will not be able to move or attack at all.
This lasts for a rather long time, and you'd better have a healer on the scene
because enemies can be attacking the immobile victim. Magical attacks, like
Fire Arrow, shorten the amount of time it takes for the ice to melt. You can
immobilize enemies using this alignment, and it is useful on tough enemies.

Paralysis: Similar to Ice Coffin, the paralyzed character will not be able to
move or attack. Paralysis lasts about as long as Ice Coffin, but the duration
cannot be shortened. Always have a Cure Potion ready so you can remedy the
effect. It is favorable to use Paralysis on an enemy; you can get some crucial
free hits on the foe by doing so.

Sleep: This will cause the affected character to become drowsy and effectively
disable him/her. However, many enemies will leave a sleeping character alone, 
and that can be an opportunity to heal him/her before curing. Similarly, if
you afflict an enemy with Sleep, your computer-controlled characters will stop
attacking the enemy altogether, so Paralysis and Ice Coffin are usually more
favorable against enemies.

***10: FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions***

This is a section that will answer any questions you may have about the game.
You can email me a question at nucleargamer12@gmail.com. I will respond as soon
as possible. Please check to make sure it's not in the guide before submitting.
Thank you.

Q: How do I defeat a particular boss?
A. For now, boss strategies are embedded into the walkthrough, so search for
the area you are facing the boss in. If the need arises, I may include a Boss
section in later revisions.

Q: Why did Krobelus just disappear? Is he playable anymore?
A. No. Once Krobelus is gone, he is gone forever. If you equipped any items on
Krobelus, they are lost.

More to come...

10.1: Tips and Tricks

This is just a miscellaneous collection of various tricks in the game. Some 
might be useful to you.

~ Soul consumption will get you gems for Iari. The type of gem depends on the
type of soul. Follow this list:

Redemption = white
Soul Search = green           When gems are at level 1, you can see its
Vitalize = red                effects throughout its progression and the
Haste = yellow                way it enhances statistics.
Soul Transfer = black
Inferno = orange              When gems are at level 5, a new ward will
Omen = cyan                   be added, and when they're at level 8, a new
Urath Prayer = blue           feat will be added.
Beguile = purple 

~ Learn which scripts to use on your AI-controlled partners. Using the right
script on the right character may save you lots of harm.

~ There are a couple of Magic Circles throughout the game, and these grant the
first person to touch it some benefits.

- Halassar Palace Library       +2 Skill Points
- Yago’s Home in Eleh Caverns   Permanently Raise HP/AP 
- Temple of Archons             Permanently Raises Magic Defense 
- Tome of Nhuvasarim            Permanently Raise Concentration 
- Battle With King Imarbeth IX  Party Gains 25,000 XP 

***11: Credits***

Contributors to this guide will be listed here.

~ Nucleargamer12--that'd be me; I created the guide. 

~ www.gamefaqs.com--for creating a great gaming site and posting this FAQ. 

~ Nintendo, Volition, etc.--for making Summoner: A Goddess Reborn possible.

~ Upright8infinitY--for his informational guide on the Playstation 2 version.

***12: End***

Thanks for reading this document, and have a nice day.
  ~~nucleargamer12~~          Video games make the world go 'round...

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