Review by JesusSuperStar

Reviewed: 10/18/05

My first review hope you like it

Killer 7, is it pretentious art? Is it fun? Is it hard as hell?
The answer to all of these questions is in fact, yes. This game is a very odd one to review, oh well, lets get started.

Story- 2/5 and 4/5
The story is based around seven assassins; all who inhabit the main character, Harman Smith, who has multiple personalities. Each personality has a different form, ability, and unique trait. An example could be KAEDE, a sniper, who cuts herself creating a fountain of blood, which can dissolve any barrier. Another example is Kevin, a knife thrower, who can go invisible, thus pass through Heaven Smile and its security systems.

The point of the game is to destroy the Heaven Smile. Heaven Smile is a organization led by Kun Lan who has a mystic ability called "God Hand" which enables him to transform anyone he touches into a zombie like creature. That sounds pretty badass for a story huh? However, the story lacks content with little back story, and the lack of understanding the situation on the players part. This is where the 2/5 rating comes

-Very inventive story

-Story needs to be expanded

Gameplay- 3/5

The game is easy to play, and yet it isn’t. You move along a rail by pressing one button and go backwards with another. You can change paths by selecting from multiple choice options. The Puzzles are pretty easy, and you only need to look at you map to see where you need to go, just in case you get stuck.

Now that’s it for the easy part of the game, the hard part is the fighting itself. All of Heaven Smile enemies have a “one hit kill” area. Sounds like it is easy as you only need one hit right? Wrong! This game requires sniper-like accuracy. Even with KAEDE, the sniper, it’s as hard as hell to hit that spot. Well why not just kill them with a barrage of bullets? You can but if you are in a crowded area of Heaven Smile they swamp you, thus your current persona dies. It’s not that bad though, as Garcian can revive any persona, though if Garcian over

-Easy game controls

-The required sniper like accuracy thus may be too difficult for many players
-The rail system for movement can get repetitive

Graphics - 5/5
The graphics in this game are amazing. Many would say they are horrible. However, the detail is very high and looks like it came straight out of a comic book. If played at night you begin to feel very paranoid, due to the dark lighting and creepy environments. This is also probably the first game I have seen with so much attention to detail. It really pushes the Gamecube’s graphic powers to max, and is what you expect from a game delayed so many times. The graphics are practically art.

-Amazing graphics
-High attention to detail

-Graphics might be the only thing going for this game

Sound - 3/5
The sound in Killer 7 is both terrible and at the same time remarkable. The in-game characters have no voices; they are replaced with a static sound that adds to the creepy premise of the game. Though I would like to hear what Travis sounds like. The background sound has a very ambient, creepy sound that complements the gameplay. The only thing I don’t like about the sound is the repetitive, "*** You," or "Hurts doesn't it". This really does no match the static sound effects, and can become annoying after time.

-The sound adds a very creepy vibe to the game.

-Can be annoying at times.

Replay Value? Moderate
This game has a few bonuses, though none of which are that exciting. Such as the Killer 8 Mode which adds a new playable persona.

Buy or Rent - Rent
Killer 7 was a unique game to play. It was challenging, interesting, and fun most of the time. I would recommend renting this game because it is not for everyone.

Overall rating: 3/5 and a 4/5
It really depends on how you feel overall package of the game. The story has to be its weakest point for, though others may not agree.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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