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Reviewed: 09/23/05

An Amazing Game, with some drawbacks.

Killer 7 comes from Capcom, who has just been major popularized by Resident Evil 4, easily the best Gamecube game in 2005. Killer 7 takes a big step away from kidnapped people and giant freaks to step into a alternate universe, simiallar to Earth, yet different. You assume the role of Harold Smith, and using his unique ability to transform himself, you must conquer target after target, slowly getting closer to the truth behind the mystery.

Graphics 8/10

The art direction, and production in this game is stellar. Top of the line art and seemless backgrounds fuel one of the most beautiful games to ever grace a Console. The characters themselves look dazzling, and at times, jawdropping. The action can be broken down from the Third Person view, into a nifty First Person view. This allows for bodyshots, limbshots, and headshots.

Oh, did I mention this game is bloody? Yeap. Your enemie, the Heaven Smile are also very artistic, and as you shoot these bloody freaks out of your path, you'll collect blood from them. The blood shooting artwork and animation is breathtaking.

Controls 7/10

The controls take 15 minutes to learn, a day to master. The shifting between characters and accessing menu screens is a breeze, and moving along the path is simple. The game is on rails you see, you cant explore the vibrant and beautifuly rederned backgrounds, which is a major major letdown. That aside, this game is quite easily the most beautiful to manuer through that I've played in a long time. The easy to use aiming system, with simple fire and reload commands, is a players best friend when the game sends the waves of foes at you!

Sound 5/10

The sound is a mixed bag. Some parts of it are wonderful, others the voices are drown out by the sounds around it, making it frustrating to understand what is being said. That aside, the story is out of the way anyway, making to boggle the mind before blowing your headoff like a shotgun. The voice acting is good, no major hollywood talents but good all around music and sound blendings mixed into this weird grab bag shooter.

Story 10/10

I rarely ever rate a story this highly, but a single playthrough, and you paying halfass attention, equals to one the best and most riviating storys I've ever seen unfold in a videogame. Capcom spared no penny on this one. The ending alone is enough to make you requestion if Resident Evil's plot twists even exist. Capcom should learn from this, and use something more along the lines of story tellnig with Killer 7 for later games.

Gameplay 7/10

The Gameplay itself is timid, yet fully funcitional. The controls are tight, and feel proper for a shooter. A moves you. B turns you around, etc. It's very simple, and to the point, making the action on screen that much more enjoyable. For those of you searching for Multi-Play, I think not, but with a Killer 8 mode, allowing you to play as an extra form. Overall this boosts the total gameplay considerably higher then normal, as it offers a sum of replayability. Although the story is only good once, the darker humor normally seen in Resi is present here, and in high supply.

Overall, the game is rental for casual, buy for fans of soild shooters, or who like a damn good story, with limited input. With RPGable elements to boost your characters abilitys, and give them new ones, it offers a sense of easy to beat for anyone of age to play it.

Overall score 6/10

Final Recomendation.

If your in the market for a cheaper, soild shooter, Killer 7 is it. This is no MGS, or FF game, but the story ranks on par with either games series, and it's only the first in what I hope, is a long line to come from Capcom.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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