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Reviewed: 09/09/05

A great unique game with an amazing story.

Capcom has done it again with the release of Killer 7, an amazing psychological thriller full of everything you would like to see in an extremely unique type of game. The game features an amazing story with tons of plot twists leading up to the ending where the entire game puts you through a loop. The game play is much different from what you would expect and depending on how open you are to new things you may not enjoy this game. The game features a sleek cell-shading style and an all star cast feature voices from such people as Cam Clarke who has worked with many games including Metal Gear Solid (Liquid Snake) and Tales of Symphonia (Kratos Aurion). The game features an eerie feel and it is an over all great experience from the start until the end.

Story The game takes place in the not so distant future, 2010, where after a major war the world has decided to lock down and become peaceful. T.V is abolished, planes are destroyed, UMD’s/most missiles are disabled and bridges are built to join all the continents. The world is at peace until an unknown organization calling themselves the heaven smile have appeared threatening to destroy the entire world. Kun Lan can infect people with “The gods hand” and they become the psycho mad suicide bombing Smiles. The smiles essentially kill themselves trying to suicide bomb other people or things and there is only one thing in the world that can destroy them. You are Killer 7, an elite military weapon used to eliminate the terrorist organization, the heaven smile. The Killer 7 is a group of dead souls, confined into one man, Harman Smith. Harman Smith has a multiple personality disorder in which he can transform himself into seven other people who all play differently and have different weapons.
Garcian is the only person who can talk to Harmon Smith, and he is also the one who gets briefed on new missions to stop the Smiles. The man who briefs you with the missions is Christopher Mills a secret government agent who is informing you on where the smiles are attacking and who is helping them. I can’t say much more about the story without spoiling it but I can say this, if you are confused throughout the game and cant really understand the plot except for a few bits and pieces you are not alone but it is safe to say that the plot all comes together in the end.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Killer 7 is original to say the least. To move in the game you hold A and you move foreword, or B and you move backwards along a set path. When you get to a junction you must select which way to go with the analog stick. This is how the movement works in the game and you are always on a set path. Some people do not like this but I found it very easy to get used to and you forget about it after a while. The heaven smile are initially invisible and to see them you must press the R button to pull up first person view and then the L button to scan the area, the enemies will then appear and you can attack them but to attack you must stay in first person mode. To kill the enemy you must shoot it enough times or hit it in a yellow glowing spot before they run into you and explode. Every character should be able to hit this spot if the enemy has it except for Mask De Smith who always burns his enemies with his granade launcher. When the enemy dies it gives you blood depending on how you killed it. You get the max amount of blood if you shoot it in the yellow glowing spot. You get two types of blood, thick blood can be brought back to the blood room where you can use it to level up characters and thin blood is stored in vials that you can use to heal your characters while on the run or use certain special moves. Each character has a distinct special move, whether it is Kevin’s ability to turn invisible, Con’s ability to run fast or something simple like Mask’s ability to use large objects. Each of these is used to solve puzzles. If you are not into puzzles Killer 7 is not the game for you as it relies as much on action as it does puzzle solving. The puzzles in the game can be extremely easy as using the fire ring to light a torch to being extremely difficult. This may either be a huge con or a pro in some cases as some people may be able to solve difficult puzzles while others may not fare so well. The easy way around this is to play the game in easy mode on the first play through rather then hard as in easy mode it gives you tons of hints on what to do. The best thing about the puzzles is you can switch characters on the run, unlike most games where you can usually only switch specific characters at specific points. The bosses in this game seem like puzzles themselves, some of the bosses are actually very stupid and not fun because of this. The bosses in this game are usually severely lacking or a great experience depending on the way you fight them. They may be a chore to fight at times but the levels before them are such a great experience, one tedious boss fight is your least concern. In my opinion the gameplay is very refreshing but others may find it to simple and boring, depending on their tastes.

Graphics: The graphics in Killer 7 are very sleek and a very distinct style of cel-shading. These cel-shaded graphics are nothing like I have seen before, they lack the comic book feel nor the cartoony Wind Waker feel and they give a good sense of realism but with a classy style. The games landscape varies from industrial buildings, to small towns to canyons. The graphics are great but sometimes they lack the detail that would make the area look as great as it could. The game features full-blown anime cutscenes that look insanely good, and for the first half of the game they are drawn in a very creepy style. The chapter which stars the villain Ulmeyda (Cam Clarke) has some of the best anime cutscenes I have ever seen in a game. Near the end of the game there is a mission which features more of a comic bookie feel and the anime cutscenes actually change from the creepy feeling to more of a classic anime style, which I felt was very neat. Overall the graphics in Killer 7 are great, but they have their faults and the style may turn some gamers off.

Sound: Killer 7 features an all star cast of tons of great video game voice actors. The voices in the game seem to fit every character they have been given to and even characters that don’t speak very often have amazing voices. The only problem is that the characters have a catch phrase every time you kill a smile which most people have said got on there nerves after a while but I didn’t mind it. The music in this game is not very memorable, maybe due to the fact that you are often on your feet wondering when that heaven smile is going to come around the corner, or the ear splitting laugh of the Heaven Smile has got your attention more then the music in the background. One great track in the game though is in at the end of each level, you must go through a gate and it plays a very well done techno song which gets you pumped up for the boss fight that may come. Overall the sound in this game is great, but like I said before the music for the most part isn’t very memorable.

Lasting Appeal: Killer 7 has pretty decent replay value, once you beat the game you unlock a secret difficulty level and a new unlockable character. There is an incentive for beating this mode also, you unlock a new mode, which is more of an easter egg, and it only lasts for one level. I will not spoil what it is but I do not believe it is worth it getting through the game on the harder difficulty just to unlock it. Since this game relies heavily on puzzles beating the game for the second time will be much faster then the first.

Overall Killer 7 is a great game, it has a great story, unique gameplay and above par sound. This being said this game should be a great if you like trying new unique games. The game was a great experience just for the story alone but the gameplay was just a great feature added on. A final warning for this game is that it is rated M for a reason, the game features intense violence, blood, gore, strong language and a very minor sex scene. If you can get past these then the game is a blast.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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