Review by Anthraxx

Reviewed: 08/26/05

Save your money; rent it first.

"...huh. That's it?"

Killer7's getting all kinds of crazy reviews from all over the place, but everyone seems to agree - dripping with style, holding a combination of action and puzzles, and hosting a complex storyline with a cast of unforgettable characters, Killer7 is a game you either love, or hate.

...yeah, well, I disagree with all of it.

Dripping with style? Hardly. Yes, there are a few especially cool moments, and the art direction is pretty unique, but I never found myself exactly blown away. "Huh. Neat." is about all that registered on my interest level for about 90% of the game.

Action and puzzles? Don't make me laugh. It takes about the brainpower of a goldfish to figure out what you've got to do to solve just about any of the game's puzzles. Action is actually pretty neat, until you upgrade a character to the level where you automatically lock-on to the enemy's weak points. Then "action" becomes a repetitive exercise of pressing the "lock on" button rapidly followed by the "shoot" button. Once upgraded, 90% of the game's enemies can be defeated in this manner.

The characters, as well, are pretty neat, but not many really stand out. Dan, the cocky badass, is cool, but really a stereotype. Mask is sorta neat, I enjoy the contrast of his kind nature and his vicious looks. Garcian is the most unique character by far, although you only really see that in the end.

The story... jeez. Everyone's telling me it's complex and crazy. Yes, it sure as hell is crazy. I don't even pretend to understand what's happened by the game's end. Not being a very political person at all, maybe some things that happen in the story are major political bombshells? I wouldn't know. To little uninformed me, most of the story is just... accepting the craziness presented to me, because I don't have much of a choice otherwise. As far as character development and the like, it's basically nonexistant. I wasn't really compelled to care about any of the characters, except maybe Garcian and Mask.

From what I heard about Killer7, it was going to blow my socks off. The HandsomeMen battle is not to be missed, I heard! It was going to be memorable! All it turns out to be is some tough talk and a pre-determined standing-shooting-at-eachother contest.

Much like most of the boss fights. Really. With the limited control scheme, it'd be hard to make them much more dynamic.

Much like most of the GAME. You begin to feel like a rat scurrying around a maze, instead of cheese the prize is the story developing. The problem is that the story isn't actually INTERESTING until the ending, and by then it's too confusing to actually understand.

To me, Killer7 is basically about the final level. Without giving anything away, everything preceding the final level builds up expectations of how the game is played, ingraining a sort of routine and familiarity into your head. The final level takes advantage of all your expectations and turns things a bit upside-down, in a pretty darn well-done and creepy fashion. The final level was definately the highlight, but ultimately unsatisfying; just sort of neat and weird. Not enough to validate the price tag of the game.

Despite all these complaints, there's tons of people who claim the story and action and "style" are out of this world. I say, rent it and see what you think before you buy it, there is NO way I can reccomend just going out and purchasing Killer7. Just because everything about a game -- from it's limited control scheme to it's strange characters and lame puzzles -- can be JUSTIFIED symbolically and metaphoically within the story, does not necessarily make it FUN.

In this case, definately not.

Fun for a while, good at the end. Worth a rent, not worth a buy.

That's Killer7.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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