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Reviewed: 08/11/05 | Updated: 08/16/05

Killer 7 just killed my wallet!

Killer 7 has been in development for a couple of years. Killer 7 is a game about 7 assassins that each plays a role in this weird game. This game combines a weird storyline like in the Metal Gear Solid series with seedy characters that could be found in the Grand Theft Auto series.
Story: 7/10
The story is about a terrorist group called the Heaven Smile. The five missions that you do all revolve around them. The first mission is extremely confusing because you have to destroy their headquarters. So, you’re just being thrown into a game without any background information at all. Finally, you learn that there is a major conflict with the United States and Japan. So, your squad of assassins must sort this mess out.
Game play: 6/10
When I bought Killer 7 and read that you would have to fight a terrorist organization, I thought that would be cool killing crazy radicals that were shooting at you with AK-47's. But, this so called terrorist organization is a bunch of creatures that attack you just by exploding if they get to close to you. You can heal yourself by using the blood of creatures you killed and save the blood to create serums to upgrade things such as weapon skill, how fast you reload, and how strong the gun is. One major fault here is that the 7 assassins you play as stick with the standard weapon the entire time you play the game. The developer team could have made the game play so much more interesting, but they make the game play so vague and repetitive.

Sound: 8/10
Most of the stuff in the game sounds good except for the idiotic laughs of your enemies and the unknown language of some of your allies. But, the gunshots and explosions sound great and crisp. There is also a ton of cursing, so if you don’t like hearing foul language, the first mistake that your making is going near this game.

Graphics: 10/10
This is the game shines, the graphics are cell shaded like in Zelda: the Wind waker except in a much more darker mind set. All, the characters and models are highly detailed except for the so-called "terrorists”. The terrorists are just an outline of a human body with some random color put into them and when you shoot them you see blood squirt out. I also believe, that the environment could have used more detail to make it stand out instead of making every room look so vague and dull.
Control: 6/10
Controls don’t really bother me in games because most of them are made to comfort the gamer while playing. Most of the things you will use a lot like switching personalities, items and serums are all in the start menu. So during tough spots, you will get caught up pressing start to do something which usually gets annoying because you may lose focus on what you are doing. They could have added all those options to the d-pad, which has absolutely no use in this game. Again, it also shows how lazy the programmers are.

Overall: 7/10
The game is like a roller coaster; it has it ups and downs. This game had tons of hype for it and great potential, but I guess the developers thought they could take the easy way out and not make it as good as it should have been and just making it a very vague and shallow game with a cool title. Is it worth a buy? No, it's not, its only worth a rental.

Final comments:
This game is over hyped and does not compare to the quality of today’s game, its game play is outdated and story too quirky for it's own good. Anybody who tells you this game is a classic is just trying to make they feel as if the game was worth their money, which it isn’t. Because your hearing it from a person that actually made that mistake.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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