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Reviewed: 08/04/05 | Updated: 08/08/05

What's weird is that I can't decide whether I like it or not

Killer7… Now that is one strange game. Capcom has a thing for making crazy games, and it seems that they’ve continued the trend with Killer7. Killer7 is like no other game I’ve ever played, and it is a real hard game to review, on account of its… uniqueness.

Gameplay- 7/10
I have never played any game like Killer7 before. It is truly a strange game. First, it’s an action/shooter type deal. Basically in this game, you run around killing enemies and collecting a couple of items to open paths and the like to get to the boss at the end of the level. There are these junction things, where you have to choose which direction you want to go in, but you can come back and go to the other paths later. These junctions can really get in the way though. A lot of the time, enemies will be hanging around them or chase you to them, and then you have to stop and pick a path while they continue after you. It can really be a pain and get you into trouble. There are 7 characters to play as, each one with their own unique weapon and ability necessary to proceed. So you’ll often find yourself switching between characters.

The controls are so weird. They work I guess, but they are kind of strange, and I don’t think it’d be a game that you could pick up after a couple weeks and still know the controls right away. The path that you go on is set. There is no “exploration” other than the path junctions that you pretty much have to go on anyway. There are 2 main directions you go in: forward or back. You press B to turn around, which is kinda weird. You hold down the A button to run, occasionally flick the control stick to choose a path, hold R to switch to weapon stance, L to scan for enemies (yes, you have to scan for the invisible enemies, another unnecessary hassle), aim and shoot.

It’s not that hard of a game. Occasionally, the puzzles can get way hard, only like one that really is… You can only get Game Over if the character that revives people dies, and you won’t be using him that much. He’s really weak though so if you do get another character dead then it could get a little hairy… Some of the enemies are kind of too strong, able to kill the weaker characters in very few hits and especially on the harder difficulties where the weakest enemies can get you with one.

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but it takes forever to load. There are a lot of times where the game has to load, like when you go through doors, change characters, and talk to the NPCs. Oh and those NPCs, you can usually avoid them, but sometimes you can’t or it’s necessary to proceed, they are so freakin’ long winded. They talk forever and it’s not like you can press A to read on or anything, they just keep talking in very small phrases, and it takes forever for the next line to come up. The game can get repetitive at times. Run, shoot, extremely easy puzzle, run, shoot, more running…

It has its good points though. It’s an innovative game, I guess, and the boss fights are too easy but really unique.

Story- 6/10
The story is crazy. Crazy plot twists, and just plain crazy and hard to follow. The main little thing is that the world is almost at peace except for a group of terrorists called the Heaven Smile. So the Killer7, the world’s best assassins have been called to get rid of them. That’s the basic story, there are all these other little branches and stuff, even one involving Power Rangers… I think they tried to make the story really deep and involved, but they just ended up making it confusing. Some of it is good, and I’m sure if you gave it enough time then you’d get it and it’d be a good story. That’d only take like 100 play-throughs, talking to every long-winded character and everything. I’m sure you’d even figure out what is the Matrix or the plot of Vanilla Sky before you figured out the full story of Killer7. It is way too confusing so it really loses points there.

Graphics- 10/10
The graphics are cel shaded. They’re not crazy, next-generation beautiful, but they’re not a horrendous eyesore. They’re good. Good enough to get a 10, but not a game that you’d say have the best graphics ever. Lots of detail and the blood particles are kind of cool though. Very bloody game… There are some anime-style cutscenes, too. Those are pretty well done. But the actual in-game graphics are nothing special.

Sound- 7/10
I didn’t really pay attention to the sound, which means it’s nothing to get excited about. They’re about average. Good voice acting, I’ll give it that. And the laughing that each enemy does sounds pretty good. Very repetitive catchphrases for each character though. They say it every time you kill an enemy with a critical hit, which will be pretty often. And it’s got a lot of swearing, so if you or anyone around you has virgin ears then you’d want to turn the volume down. That would really take away from the game though, because you’re only real way of knowing an enemy is near is from its laughing, unless you want to scan every inch of every room all the time. Sometimes the sound does feel out of place though. That random techno music in the Viniculum Gate hallways? What was up with that? There’s hardly any music in any other places, at least not any that I noticed, but they stick a techno beat in a hall with no enemies that takes like 3 seconds to get from point A to point B.

Play Time/Replayability- 7/10
This game only has 8 or so levels. They each take about 45 minutes to an hour and a half maybe, on the first time through. It took me around 7 hours probably to finish this game the first time. There are some extra modes and a character that you unlock, but I don’t know if that’s enough incentive to play again. Maybe so you can decipher the story…

Killer7 is a strange game. At times, I feel that I do like it, but at other times I don’t. It’s worth checking out, but I must advise you to rent it first. It is definitely not worth the current MSRP, $50, so if you do want to own the game, then wait for a major price drop. Also, it is given a Mature rating for a good reason. It is very violent and has few but strong sexual references, so it may not be for everyone. Overall, I guess it ranges from a sub par to okay game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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