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Reviewed: 07/19/05

Capcom gets an A for effort with this game!

Enter Killer7, a unique accumulation of shooting, puzzle solving, and storylines, from the mind of Suda 51 of Capcom. Originally one of the Capcom 5, which went down to 4, Killer7 takes a change of pace from traditional shooters and puzzle solving games out there, as it will probably be ignored, and thus become one of the sleeper hits of 2005. Here is why…

They suit the feel of the game greatly with its take on cell shading, as Grasshopper Studios really has that graphic style down pat with other games like Viewtiful Joe and Okami. What differs those games use of cell shading from this is how K7's backgrounds are somewhat bland.

The controls take some getting used to, considering it is a rail driven game, but otherwise simplistic. You hold the “A” button down to run, and releasing the button to stop. You flick the analogue stick in the direction you want to go as the area appears on the screen when you come to a branching path. A press of the “B” button makes you turn around 180 degrees.

While switching between all seven personalities, you solve puzzles and make use of each character's exclusive abilities. From the fallen enemies, you collect blood that filters into a beaker and a test tube. The beaker blood is used as currency to upgrade characters stats as well as get hints on puzzles from a man who holds a mask in his hand. The test tube blood is used to concentrate gunshots to disable certain enemies. It is also used to refill your character’s life, which is represented by an eye.

If the eye is fully open, you have full health, the more it closes the worse you get. Once you die Garcian Smith resurrects dead bodies with a rapid press of the A button.

A band of assassins, the Killer7, led by a wheelchair bound Harman Smith, is called upon by America to battle the terrorist organization called the Heaven Smile.

If you like movies like Saw, Memento, and Fight Club you will greatly appreciate this convoluted tale. With plot twists around every corner, the story will consume and confuse you.

In certain areas of the game, the music either makes you want to get up and dance [Gatekeeper theme], whether or not you personally are playing in a room full of people, or cower in fear and hesitation as the eerie laughter of the Heaven Smile graces your ears. The footstep and gun sounds seem realistic, and there is nothing like some swearing to set the mood, am I right?

Every character swears. Two characters specifically, Coyote Smith and Con Smith lay down the law with phrases that come out of their mouths once you hit an enemy’s weak spot. After tons of times hitting weak spots on the Heaven Smiles, you could either get tired of this quickly, or embrace their enthusiasm every time you hear them swear the way they do.

Dead characters have a hauntingly disheveled way of talking, which is aided by well placed subtitles, which at sometimes aren't proper English, but I guess the Japanese are making fun of themselves by letting the translation team do this.

This game fully deserves the M rating the ESRB gave it. There is aforementioned foul language, a whole lot of stylized violence, the selling of children, organ trafficking, and some sexual innuendo that is clear as day in some of the cut scenes that are oftentimes done in an Anime style. With all that in mind, Capcom's Killer7, is a hate it or love it game. If the 50-dollar price tag is a turn off, definitely rent this. This game cannot be missed, unless you really hate originality. 8/10!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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