Review by SomaCruz

Reviewed: 07/15/05

The most original game in years, and also one of the most engaging.

Killer 7 is the brain child of Suda 51 of Grasshopper Manufactures. Slammed by many for being one of the most radical and original games in the last 20 years, Killer 7 is a masterpiece that slipped underneath everyone's fingers.

Graphics: 10/10

The first thing you will notice about Killer 7 is the amazing presentation and cel-shaded graphics. A lot of work obviously went into these graphics, and they came out looking as amazing as you could've hoped. Amazing use of contrasting colors and hues, and a great amount of polish.

Sound/Music: 10/10

Everything in Killer 7 sounds great. The voice acting is arguably the best voice acting ever done for a video game. Every character's voice fits, and they are all done excellently. The music in the game is so awesome to listen to and sets a mood that most games wish they could do with their music. Every tune in Killer 7 fits the location in which it is played. I couldn't ask for better, because it couldn't be done.

Gameplay: 10/10

Although compared to some games this isn't the most deep gameplay you'll find, but for the situation at hand, the gameplay fits the game like a glove. You press A to move along a set path in levels. B makes you turn 180 degrees, and when you reach branching paths, just use the analog stick to pick a path and press A. Very simple. But that's not all. While running around, you will here laughter. Pressing R makes you take out your gun and go into first person view, where you must kill your enemies, the Heaven Smile.

The Heaven Smile are inherently invisible, so you will have to use L in order to scan the area to find them. It gives a certain feel of stealth to your enemies. When you kill the enemy, you recieve blood. You use the blood to upgrade your stats and also to use special abilities. Blood is divided into two types. Thick blood and thin blood. Thick blood can be made into serum at certain rooms and you can upgrade your characters with it. Thin lets you use special abilities and also you can heal yourself with it.

Here's the big thing about Killer 7. You can use 7 characters, although one of them is only used in special cases. Otherwise, you have 6 characters to choose from.

Dan, KAEDE, Kevin, Coyote, Con, and Mask. Each has a different type of weapon and different special abilities. I consider the abilities spoilers, so you'll have to figure them out yourself.

Garcian, the one character who you cannot use as you please, is a special case. He is used to revive other characters when they die. Game over only occurs when Garcian dies.

Well, that basically concludes my review. Make sure to check this game out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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