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Reviewed: 07/15/05

This game deserves a 7... but it earns a 10!

My reviews have the tendency to not only bore, but also run on too long so I'll just come out and say it: 10/10. There, it's done. Now on to my reasons.

Gameplay: 9.5/10.

It's simple. It's basic. It's... fun? I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I really did. In all honesty, I thought it would suck in terms of gameplay, but at least the story would be good. I like upgrading my personalities' stats, firing at every 'golden opportunity' from a first-person perspective, and as much as people might complain, even the repetitive catch-phrases are great to hear when you do a move the first few times [but that's another section]. All-in-all, I only take off half a point, because at times, an "arrow" showing where your character is on the map would make a world of difference [although part of the fun is figuring it out for yourself].

Sound: 10/10. Guaranteed.

This, along with the overall package of graphics, gameplay, story... all of it combined makes the world of Killer 7 go 'round. The chilling laughter as a Heaven's Smile is near... You turn, seeing only the slight blur of their existence. Closer. Closer. [Scanning] BAM! A shot escapes the gun, a razor-sharp dagger leaves the hand, a grenade explodes... "Son of a *****!", says the voice of Garcian [in his case, when hitting their weak-point] and it disintegrates, leaving behind blood for you to save. The tone of the music, the speed, really gave me the feeling of intensity during a tough battle. The unique, but ultimately strange sound of a lot of the supporting cast members, who give you hints and information, adds to the experience, and reality of what they are...

Graphics: 9.5/10. Why?!?

There's not much detail, it looks bland... Why a 9.5? Because it's artistic. It's "beautiful" in a strange way. It fits, with the world that has been created for the game. Also, it looks smooth, for the most part, even on a basic television. It fits with the overall package, it makes the experience seem more... well, different than other games out there. It's used along with Anime cutscenes as well as in-game scenes, which progress the missions and storyline. Story, huh? Guess I should cover that in another category. Need more of an explanation? Look no further than here: It creates a world in which these professional killers can live and exist without feeling... out of place. It just fits, perfectly with the dark mood, and subject matter, of the game as a whole.

Storyline: 10/10. Yes, a 10.

Some of you will get to "THE END" without fully understanding what just happened, others will be like "Wow." And some of you, will not even make it that far. Let's face it, it's not a game for everyone. ["Intense Violence" sound familiar? What about "Strong Language" among others?] From the first scenario, once you're past the large amount of basic information and tutorial content, it shows that a lot of work went into the game, especially in terms of story. I can't give spoilers, it would take away from the experience. This is more than just a game, it's something you'll want to experience for yourself. Okay, fine, maybe one little tiny SPOILER. [There's a guy named Garcian Smith that you start the game as! Shocking, isn't it?] Okay, that's not much of a spoiler, but every character has their place, and an important role, and they fill that role very well. Play it, and try to make as much sense of the story as I did, then you'll see why it scores a 10. Now... where was I? Oh, next thing, Replay Value.

Replay Value: 9.5/10.

I suppose you want to know... So I'll tell you. I'm slow, and I try to be thorough [without strategy guides], when playing a game. It took me maybe 20-25 hours to complete it. But in that length of time, I experienced a LOT of great things. Not to mention details of the story, but Wow, what a story... I'd love to have spent longer, say... 30 hours [with a minimum 25 for everyone], but hey, there's plenty to do in my opinion. Why play again? For the story? The music? Extra modes? Because it's something that when you experience it, and you like it as much as I did, you want to go through it multiple times. Imagine... your favorite movie, your favorite song, your favorite anything. You'd want to hear it/see it/try it more than once, right? Well, maybe that's just me. Still, not my all-time favorite, but if I had to say... it's maybe in my top 5, minimum top 10 of all-time [out of literally 1000+ games I've played in some form or another].

Cash Value: $50 [US Currency; Current Price: $50] = 10/10.

As of my writing this long [and am I boring you? ZzzZzz...] review, the current price is $50. So why am I telling you that? Because it's worth every penny, to me. I spent months [yes months!] saving back for this game, what with bills, unexpected events and necessary purchases [Gas for the car, Food, Clothing to wear... things like that], it's tough in today's world to decide: Do I get Killer 7 or "Game B"? Obviously, if it's worth buying for $50, why not rent it? Well... yeah, you could do that, and I'd highly recommend you try. If you're of a reasonable age and financially stable enough to play this game, and you have even a slight interest [bearing in mind the Mature content and subjects of the game] in playing, Yes, go out now and play. And when you're done, come back and give us YOUR point-of-view on this game.

OVERALL: 10/10.

This game is a masterpiece when looked at from an artistic point-of-view, a shining, "golden" light, among games. It stands out. It makes you think. It makes you smile [and not in the creepy Heaven's Smile kinda way if you know what I mean]. It makes you laugh [again, not in THAT kinda way]. What can I say, I like this game quite a lot. It's up there with other great achievements on GameCube. Professional reviews may say otherwise, or they might agree, but to me, this stands as one of the games the should be talked about for years to come. If not for the shockingly violent, but simple gameplay, then the complex, mysterious storyline, and the risks they took by choosing a cel-shaded graphic style in a world where "realistic" graphics seem to rule all. Go out, and if you're 18+ [yes 18+, it's that "Mature"], and you aren't bothered by the content, and you have the money, and the system to play it on, and time: Rent it, Buy it, just PLAY it, and experience one of gaming's most recent greats, and I assure you, if you stick with it, you're bound to find at least something to make it worth your time and effort. "THE END?" [Yes, you can go back to what you were doing now, which I hope is leaving to rent/buy this "killer" game!]

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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