Review by Def Freak7

Reviewed: 07/11/05

I can't figure this game out!

Capcom has always been known for giving us some great titles like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 4, and of course, the Street Fighter series. Now we get a completely different game called Killer 7. This game is a surreal experience that may be tough to figure out, but pretty fun to play.

The cel-shaded art style works wonders for this type of game. It may not look absolutely the best, but it does work with the ideas in this game. The enemies you fight are very creepy looking, but then again, they're supposed to. All of the blood particle effects make this game look more like a stoner trip than a real shooter. Which is good, considering how many "real" shooters they've made that have sucked. The characters in this game all have their own look and feel to them that makes them look great in my opinion. You have an old guy in a wheelchair, a hitman in a Hawaii shirt, and a smooth black guy. It's so ranged it's great! All in all, the graphics may not be the best out there, but they get the job done extremely well.

SOUND: 7/10
The soundtrack isn't bad, but it isn't great either. The voice-overs are well done, but after a while of hearing the same old catchphrase when you hit a critical shot, you get tired of them. I'm not sure if Clint Eastwood lends his voice or not, but one of the characters sound like a dead-on impersonation of him! If it weren't for the fact they had to recycle some of the script, this would have been better. The music unfortunately doesn't help. So this really isn't that great of a sound department.

STORY: 3/10
My head hurt after trying to figure out this story. You play as one guy who apparently has 7 split personalities and they're all hitmen. You've been assigned to destroy a terrorist group that looks way freaky. Ouch. I need to lie down. Believe me, when you're playing this game and trying to figure everything out, you probably won't. I hate confusing stories. That's why this area is so bad.

Thank God this area is so good! This whole concept of a surreal shooter is one of those "hit-or-miss" dealies. This one hits a bullseye. It is basically like a first person shooter, but every enemy you meet has one particular different weak spot. Even though you could shoot all of them in the head and that would work. The fact that you can play as 7 different people helps to add a little variety in the constant shooting. You've even got a guy who can revive personas if they die! That means it's hard to get a game over! Or is it? The difficulty is much too high for my standards. The only other thing I don't like is that there can be a ton of backtracking. I hate backtracking. Other than that, this otherwise standard shooter takes this 7 personality concept and makes it work big time.

The graphics work wonders and the gameplay's pretty good. The sound ain't much to hear, and the story is the equivalent of a Japanese "Memento". And I didn't like Memento. If you don't pay attention much to stories in games, this one's for you.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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