Review by jsauson

Reviewed: 05/19/08

Killer7 is a killer

Story - 9/10

This is extremely hard to write about without creating major spoilers. The world unites and comes together to create world wide peace. All forms of public transportation around the world is banned to reduce the chance of terrorism. All countries start to to get rid of any weapons that could create mass destruction. You play as Harman Smith a old assassin in a wheelchair armed with a rifle only comparable to the Barrett and it's up to him to fight and destroy his old friend and rival Kun Lan and his demon terrorist group "Heaven Smile".

Don't worry though Harman has some tricks up his sleeve. He has 7 deadly personalities each with their own special abilities - Dan Smith has the ability to shoot the demon bullet, Kaede Smith can absorb blood or use blood to remove barriers, Con Smith has super speed and get get into space others can't, Mask de Smith can blow through cracked walls and smash obstructions in the way, Coyote Smith can pick padlocks, Kevin Smith can go invisible and sneak by enemies and security, and finally Garcian Smith who can resurrect fallen comrades.

Doesn't sound confusing? Well just you wait this is only the tip of the iceberg. The only real way to get the full grasp of this story is to play through the entire game. Even then it's still hard to get a grasp on it.

Characters - 10/10

Iwazaru: The bound and gagged sage who follows the Smith Syndicate and offers what little advice he can to help you progress.

Samantha: The housemaid like character who pleasures (pain for pleasure style) Harman when ever she has the chance. Oh and she also helps you save your game.

Travis: He was an old target of Harman's and he now follows the Smith Syndicate due to his obsession with Harman Smith. He usually wears shirts with funny sayings on it.

Susie: A severed head who talks about killing her family her family just for the fun of it. She's always found in tight spaces with a ring in her mouth.

If none of those tickled your fancy there are characters introduced every chapter, each one more memorable the the last.

Graphics - 9/10

This is going to be made the simplest. No the graphics aren't the way the are because of the GameCube. The graphics you see is called "Cell Shading" and yes the character design is meant to be blocky. But there are the downsides to cell shading like muddy textures and washed out coloring leaving all the good I mentioned down the drain. Also loading screens are ever where in this game! The blue fuzzy loading screen will haunt you, believe me.

Sound - 10/10

Plain and simple the sound effects are awesome, the music like the rave music before the bosses are amazing, and the voice acting isn't terrible! That's right a game that was originally Japanese has good English voice acting! Amazing!

Control - 8/10

You're probably thinking "Woah that's the lowest rating so far, what's up?" the thing is there isn't much to rate when it comes to control. The game is on rails so you hold A to move and when a break in the road I guess I can call it comes up push the direction you want to go press A again then you're on your way. As for battles you hold R press L to scan so you can see the Heaven Smile then press A to shoot or B to lock on. Also Y is for special ability and X for map. See not much to go on.

The Good And The Bad

The Good:
-Amazing story
-Awesome characters
-Unique enemies and boss fights

The bad:
-Repetitive game play
-Uninteresting level design
-If the enemies are close, you're good as dead!

Final Words

Starting off the game is odd and deeply confusing but once you get use to it and really start going the game itself really is amazing. This game is rooted around deep story line and cinematics that will not leave you disappointed. If you can find this game, buy it! You won't regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Killer7 (US, 07/07/05)

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