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Reviewed: 08/22/07

"Its Friday night, lets dance."

"Its Friday Night, Lets Dance."

So Killer7 is a strange masterpiece of a game, that is also available on the PS2. So you are the Killer7, a band of professional assassins out to kill the strange monsters called Heaven Smiles. Now, the Killer7 isn't a normal group, its all one person with 6 other personalities, that change your entire appearance, special moves, and different weapons. Now the main guy is Garcian Smith, who can bring dead personalities back to life. Pretty much, the only way you can get a Game Over is if Garcian dies. Then there is the 6 other freaks. First of is Dan Smith, he is a crazy killer with a large revolver as a weapon, and his special attack is using a charge up super shot using the Devils Bullets. Next is Kaede Smith, she is probably the weirdest character. She uses a handgun with a built in scope, which she can use to hit certain spots and her special is...cutting her wrists? She produces a Blood Shower to summon some weird spirit to have them break barriers. Next is Coyote Smith, he is a rag tag convict who specializes in picking locks. Then we got Con Smith, he is a speedy little bugger with two handguns, he can already run really fast but his special gives him Superspeed. Then we got Kevin Smith, (No, not the director of Clerks..) who uses Knives as his weapon, and can turn invisible to get past lasers and stuff. Last we have the mysterious Mask de Smith. His weapon is 2 grenade launchers that can make big holes in walls.

So, you think this story is pretty straight forward right? WRONG WRONG WRONG. This story is so confusing your head will be hurting after the constant plot twists after every level. Besides, the characters are just weird. When you first start though, you would want to know, "Why can't I move?!?" Well thats because you press the A button to move in a rail in 3rd Person view. You can only turn when a corner comes around and you can not avoid the enemies, at all. The enemies are a little different though, they're invisible. The only way you know they are around is the twisted laugh they have. When you do hear one, press R to go into First Person mode and press L to scan to make the invisible Heaven Smiles visible. Then when you see one, you should see a little area on there body where you see these little parasite things, shoot them for a one hit kill. Remember, these things are like the Regenerators in Resident Evil 4, hitting them anywhere else won't really affect them. Also, there is many different breeds of Heaven Smiles, and they give you a little introduction for each one. Also, the Smiles can't really attack you. They can't attack you? Then why do you fight them? Well, they do a kamikaze on you. They explode on you and do massive damage. So always get a chance to kill every single one you see, so they don't sneak up on you.

The graphics are a unique cell-shaded style, that looks awesome. The sound and and music is also wonderful. They set the mood in a way that makes the game somewhat creepy yet action packed at the same time. Probably one of the best soundtracks I've heard. The game also features a upgrade system. You can shoot the weak spots on enemies or shoot of body parts to get blood. You can go to any Harmans Room in the game to use the television and access the Blood Channel and use the Exp to upgrade your personalities Power, Speed, Stamina, etc. Another thing I want to mention is that you have infinite ammo. Well if you have infinite ammo, the game should be easy right? WRONG. The reason it is easy to die is reloading times. The game is based around split second decisions and reloading can actually kill you. Killer7 is actually a pretty short game if you constantly play it. Should take you about 2 weeks to fininsh, but there is also two other modes other then the regular game. Professional mode and Killer8 Mode (Aka Impossible Mode.) Both modes are very fun to play and give you a new experience everytime you play. There is many other things in the game I did not mention because of how they are really difficult to explain without visuals.


Story: A very confusing story takes some serious plot twists but still remains very interesting and suspenseful.
Gameplay: A very different style of a FPS and 3rd Person shooter combine to make lots of fun new ways to play.
Graphics: The cell-shaded graphics are perfected and look clean.
Sound: Great sound effects and music add a sense of thrill and action.
Replay Value: Unlockable modes add hours and hours of more fun to the mix.

Overall: 9.8/10 (Rounded to 10)
This game is near perfect, the only flaw is sometimes the game can get annoying and the story can be a little too odd for some. This is a game where you either love it or hate it, and this has to be one of my favorite games of all time.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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