Review by Zapher_40

Reviewed: 07/31/06

A great idea by Capcom.

I have looked at this game many times and have wondered if I should rent it. Well it’s a fun game. It is a love it or hate it kind of game but I can’t say I loved it so much to give it a ten. It is a nice break from the dumb games that are not creative at all.

The story isn’t really explained until after the first level. I found the game gets a bit more fun after you play into it a bit. Most games try to give you a good impression at the start, not this game. The first room you walk into there is a bunch of enemies that keep appearing. They are easy but it takes a few minutes to kill them all. So I ran around shooting them while wondering where to go and thought, “Well this is stupid!” but then I killed them all and went on and gave the game a chance. If you get this game I would at least play till the end of the second level and then decide if you like it.

The game play is like this; progress through the level and search for someone or something. You will find a door or something in the way of that objective and you have to find an item to get by it while killing anything that gets in your way. When you aim you go into a first person perspective but when you walk its third person. You cannot walk when you shoot. The walking is on a rail. You still have to choose which way to turn. I didn’t think I would like this rail system but I do.

When you kill an enemy you will collect its blood. There are two kinds of blood; thick and thin. Thin blood can be used to restore you personality’s health and to use special powers. Thick blood can be used to upgrade your weapons and powers. There is a guy that will tell you what to do if you give him thick blood. You will only do this if you can’t figure out what to do next.

Each enemy has a weak spot. If you shoot it there it will die instantly. The instant kills will appear in different places each time. There would not have been enough to fighting so this was a good addition

The game has a big plot. In the game the world is all in peace but then multiple terrorist attacks occur. The only way for the government to stop these attacks is to hire the assassin Killer 7. Killer 7 is an assassin with split personalities.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, weapons, and special powers and together is the ultimate assassin. One is a thief that can pick locks and get into places the others cannot, another is an ex wrestler than can break through some things. You have to use their different powers to get past obstacles.

The bad guy is a man that can change people into these freaks called the heaven smile. They are crazy things that attack you. Using the heaven smile he is trying to take over the world. The Heaven Smile move towards you and if they get to close they damage you.

The graphics (as you have probably heard) are cell shaded. You may not know what this means, I don’t really know either but it is a different style of graphics. It is one of the few games that have used it. I like the graphics. It is a nice change.

The sound is pretty good. The heaven smile laugh manically when they are near and then you have to aim and scan the area. Then you will be able to see them and you can blow them away. Whenever you hit a weak spot your character will say something. It depends on the character. Some will swear badly. It is an M rated game so if you don’t like the swearing then you shouldn’t play it.

Killer 7 is a very long game and I have only started it. But the game play hasn’t dulled.

I have only played the Gamecube version but I have heard many places that it is the best.
I would rent Killer 7 because you will love it or hate it. I liked it but not everyone will. Then if you love it you can buy it. If you liked resident evil 4 then you should definitely try this game. It is similar and made buy the same company. In a few ways it is better than Resident Evil 4 but overall not.

Overall: 9.0

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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