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    V-Film Locations Guide by Hridjad

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|     V I E W T I F U L   J O E     |////////////////////|
    |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|                                   |////////////////////|
    |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|      V-Film Locations Guide       |////////////////////|
    |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////////// Created by: Hridjad |
              |                                                          |
              |                      ~ GAME INFO ~                       |
              |                                                          |
              |                   Title: Viewtiful Joe                   |
              |                    Platform: GameCube                    |
              |                    Developer: Capcom                     |
              |                   Publisher: Nintendo                    |
              |                      Released: 2003                      |
              |                                                          |
              |                                                          |
              |                    ~ DOCUMENT INFO ~                     |
              |                                                          |
              |                       Version: 0.98                      |
              |               First Created on: 08-Dec-2004              |
              |                Last Updated on: 09-Sep-2005              |
              |                  Created By: Richard Kerr                |
              |               Email: hridjad(at)hotmail.com              |
              |                                                          |
                  I. Introduction.................................. INTD
                 II. Current Version............................... UPDT
                III. About VFX and V-Film.......................... ABUT
                 IV. Enemies....................................... ENMY
                  V. V-Film Locations.............................. VFLM
                      Episode 1: Joe The Hero...................... EP01
                      Episode 2: Some Like It Red Hot.............. EP02
                      Episode 3: 2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea... EP03
                      Episode 4: The Viewtiful Escape.............. EP04
                      Episode 5: The Midnight Thunder Boy.......... EP05
                      Episode 6: The Magnificent 5................. EP06
                      Episode 7: Joe & Silvia...................... EP07
                 VI. Credits....................................... CRDT
                VII. Copyright Info................................ CPRT
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  I. INTRODUCTION  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INTD~|
    Hello, I'm Hridjad and well, you're probably reading this guide because like 
    me, you never seem to have that last damn unit filled in your VFX bar, and you 
    lie awake each night with that last unit edged in your mind, tormenting you. 
    Eventually it comes to life in your mind and follows you around each day, 
    poking you constantly singing the Banana Phone song, making you accidentally 
    drink coffee that's too hot and your eyeballs are shrivelling up because it's 
    holding your eyelids open. Eventually you jump out your window one night and go 
    on a killing spree followed by a running riot and also get some killtacular's. 
    And now you want to take back control of your mind by getting that last unit of 
    your VFX bar, hence this guide. If that's not exactly why you're reading it, I 
    suppose that doesn't matter, read it anyway.
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  II. CURRENT VERSION  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDT~|
    Version 1.00
    Well it's been a while, but it's pretty much complete. Thanks to Geork for 
    finding the 35 V-Film I was missing in Episode 4.
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  III. ABOUT VFX AND V-FILM  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABUT~|
    If your reading this guide, you probably already know all this stuff, but for 
    the sake of consistency I thought I should still go over it. This part isn't 
    too in depth and if you don't understand it or want to know more, check out 
    some of the other guides on GameFAQs.com, which you should have got this from.
    VFX Gauge - This gauge shows how much VFX you currently have. When you start to 
                use VFX power (such as slow), the level of VFX decreases and when 
                it empties your character returns to their normal, human form. When 
                not using VFX power the VFX level slowly replenishes itself.
    V-Film - Collect 50 of these to earn 1 extra unit (extension) of your VFX 
             Guage. There are 5 extra units that you can earn. The gauge resets to 
             its initial level at the start of every episode, too bad.
             There are three kinds of V-Film that you will come across: small Blue 
             Reels (one V-Film), medium Yellow Reels (contain 5 V-Film) and large 
             Red Reels (contain 10 V-Film).
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  IV. ENEMIES  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENMY~|
    Here's a quick list of the enemies in the game, encase you don't know who the 
    hell I'm talking about. I'm not going to tell you how to beat them, you'll have 
    to check out some other FAQ's for that info.
    Bianckys:       Basic grunts, they may be dressed differently depending on the 
    Verdys:         The flying green guys (with helicopters or jetpacks)
    Biankys-Prima:  Bianckys dressed as ballerinas
    Bats & Fish:    I think they're self explanatory
    Bianco Billys:  Look like cowboys
    Rosettas:       Pink girl robots
    Biancky Boxers: Upgraded Bianckys that wear little biker helmets and spiked 
    Leaders:        Come in red or black and have swords
    Cromartys:      Little annoying ninjas
    Gelbys:         Those big meat-head yellow guys
    Metal Leos:     Like Fire Leo except, (you guessed it) they're metal!
    Guards:         I'm not sure if these are classified as enemies, they're really 
                    just security devices, but I thought I should mention them. 
                    They are round and yellow and have "Guard" written on them. 
                    They periodically surround themselves with electricity.
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  V. V-FILM LOCATIONS  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VFLM~|
    This guide should mainly be used to make sure your on the right track for 
    getting a full VFX Guage, as most of the V-Film you find will be right in front 
    of you and easy to find. What you should really be looking out for through this 
    guide is the yellow and red reels which are usually hidden.
    Before you start reading, there's a few things I should note so you don't get 
    confused. All the locations I mention are in order they appear from start to 
    finish, so there should be no backtracking. The headings for each task are 
    really only there to section up the guide and make it as easy as possible to 
    follow. So I will list all the V-Film found between the beginning of a task 
    (indicated when the words "Just Go For It" which pop up on the screen) and the 
    beginning of the next task, so to read this guide, just ignore when you finish 
    a task (when "Finished" pops onto the screen). I also will note where you 
    should be (i.e. the next room), or heading towards, (usually within {} 
    brackets) if the V-Film listed isn't where you start or where you last were. 
    Also, depending on the difficulty level, some enemies holding a reel will be 
    different to those I mention (for example a Gelby might be replaced with a 
    Metal Leo). The difficulty level I was usually using was Adults or V-Rated (I 
    Also, in case you don't understand how I've put together the actual 
    information; the number stands for how many V-Films are in the group and this 
    followed by an explanation of where to find them and sometimes how to get them. 
    After the V-Film locations are listed for that section, I will give the total 
    V-Film found for that section and then on the right is the current amount of V-
    Film found so far in that episode; the first number is the number of units the 
    VFX bar has been extended (a maximum of 5) and the second number after the dot 
    is the total V-Film found so far for the next unit.
    >------------------------<  EPISODE 1: JOE THE HERO  >-------------------< EP01
    5 - Right in front of you
    Total: 5                                                Accumulated Total: 0.05
    ---- Task 1: Defeat Three Enemies ----
     5 - Along the first platform
     4 - Above the pink box past the thorns
     9 - Below the same pink box
    Total: 18                                               Accumulated Total: 0.23
    ---- Task 2: Defeat Four Enemies ----
     3 - Where you drop down at the start
     3 - Right before the area where you fight Captain Blue
    Total: 6                                                Accumulated Total: 0.30
    ---- Task 3: Defeat Captain Blue ----
     3 - Along the ground after your fight with Captain Blue
     7 - Up along where the bats are
    10 - In a vertical line after the bats
    Total: 20                                               Accumulated Total: 1.00
    ---- Task 4: Defeat the Joker ----
     4 - On top of the slot machine
     5 - Up near the roof of the building your about to enter
     9 - {inside the building} 3 Along the ground, 3 up between the chandeliers, 
         3 along the ground again and 3 next to one of axe dropping statues
    Total: 18                                               Accumulated Total: 1.21
    ---- Task 5: Defeat Bianco Billy (and co.) ----
     5 - Above chandelier
     4 - Above bookcase above the exit door
    Total: 9                                                Accumulated Total: 1.30
    ---- Task 6: Get to the top of the Banquet Room ----
     4 - On thorns in front of the switch
     8 - Between the chandeliers
     6 - Along the balcony
    Total: 18                                               Accumulated Total: 1.48
    ---- Task 7: Get the Key ----
     5 - Right above you when you enter the next room
    12 - Above the stairs going down
    Total: 12                                               Accumulated Total: 2.15
    ---- Task 8: Defeat Black Thunder ----
    12 - On the right side of the room
    Total: 12                                               Accumulated Total: 2.27
     *** Save ***
    ---- Task 9: Get Through the Gate ----
    17 - All along where the bats are perched
     5 - In the next room, above where the first troops appear
     5 - Next to the last five, grouped in the same pattern
    Total: 27                                               Accumulated Total: 3.04
    ---- Task 10: Defeat Captain Blue ----
     5 - {past Blue and the big barrel} Right in front of you
    12 - In shape of a big arch
    Total: 17                                               Accumulated Total: 3.21
    ---- Task 11: Beat the Barrel ----
    15 - Up and down in rows of three
    12 - {in the next room} Lined vertically high above you right at the beginning. 
         To get them you'll have to dizzy an enemy and slow uppercut them into the 
    10 - Vertically lined, high in the air, again knock and opponent into them
    10 - Again in the shape of an arch
    Total: 47                                               Accumulated Total: 4.18
    ---- Task 12: Beat the Spiked Barrel ----
    12 - {next room} Between the things you've gotta light up
    Total: 12                                               Accumulated Total: 4.30
    ---- Task 13: Defeat Charles the 3rd (Dark Fiend) ----
     5 - Right above you at the start
     3 - Down the first ledge
     5 - Above the second gap
     7 - Above the third last platform
    Total: 20                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    >--------------------<  EPISODE 2: SOME LIKE IT RED HOT  >---------------< EP02
    Head Left from the start for the optional task (task 0), but you'll have to do 
    it if you want all the V-Film.
    ---- Task 0: Defeat the Enemies ----
    10 - (red reel) On one of the Verdy's
     5 - On the way to water that's spewing from the sewer
    Total: 15                                               Accumulated Total: 0.15
    ---- Task 1: Defeat the Bianco Billy's ----
    12 - In groups of four along the wooden platforms
     9 - In a horizontal line going down from the top platform to the traffic 
     5 - Over the sewer entrance
     5 - To the right of the sewer entrance
    Total: 31                                               Accumulated Total: 0.46
    ---- Task 2: Defeat Captain Blue ----
     9 - In the sewer, above the posts you have to hit 5 times
    Total: 9                                                Accumulated Total: 1.05
    ---- Task 3: Get to the Flag ----
     8 - In lines of four as you jump further down in the sewer
     3 - On the thorns down the bottom of the part where you have to make the 
         water rise to get past
     8 - Four above each box when you mach speed the water up
     3 - On the water
    12 - In groups of four along the roof after you pass each laser
     8 - Again in groups of four as you pass each laser when your going up on the 
    Total: 42                                               Accumulated Total: 1.47
    ---- Task 4: Leave the Sewer ----
    5 - (yellow reel) When you defeat all the enemies in the room with the 
    Total: 28                                               Accumulated Total: 2.02
    ---- Task 5: Defeat the Enemies ----
    ---- Task 6: Defeat the Enemies Between the Busses --
    ---- Task 7: Get Across the Gorge ----
     5 - (yellow reel) After you cross the gorge, go left as far as you can and 
         you'll come across a box under the landing platform
    Total: 5                                                Accumulated Total: 2.07
    ---- Task 8: Defeat the Two Black Thunders -----
     5 - (yellow reel) Mach speed in front of the cat sign
    Total: 5                                                Accumulated Total: 2.12
     *** Save ***
    ---- Task 9: Use the Two Jewels to Access Elevator----
     6 - Under the first chandelier
     4 - Between the first and second chandelier
     9 - Above the second (middle) chandelier
     4 - Between the second and third chandelier
     6 - Under the third chandelier 
    Total: 36                                               Accumulated Total: 2.48
    ---- Task 10: Get the Silver Key ----
     3 - Up the top where the key is
     5 - On the left side of the next room
    11 - Along the ceiling of the next room (above)
     5 - On the bed of the next room (below)
     3 - Just above you in the hallway with the spiked barrel
    10 - (red reel) Knock an enemy into the pink box at the top of the spiked 
         barrel hallway
    Total: 37                                               Accumulated Total: 3.28
    ---- Task 11: Get Another Silver Key ----
     5 - Along the ceiling of the small room where you find the Rosetta with the 
     5 - On the left side of the room with the lasers and the big bomb
     6 - In groups of three on the ceiling between the lasers
     9 - On the ceiling of the hallway that you get into with the big bomb, (make 
         sure you jump to them straight from the hole you blew or you wont be able 
         to reach them again)
    Total: 23                                               Accumulated Total: 4.03
    ---- Task 12: And Yet Another Silver Key ----
    10 - (red reel) in the second hallway with a spiked barrel, again knock an 
         enemy into the pink box on the ceiling
     7 - At the top of the ladder into the room with the Joker
     5 - On the right wall
     6 - Along the ceiling
     8 - Down the middle of the hallway when you drop down
    10 - {room on the right in the hallway} Above the bathtub in the shape of an 
    Total: 46                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    ---- Defeat Hulk Davidson (Iron Ogre) ----
    >--------------<  EPISODE 3: 2,000,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA  >----------< EP03
    Its pretty hard getting all the V-Film for the first task, you will most 
    probably need a few lives to go over the area more than once if you miss 
    something. You basically just shoot everything you can here, there's not much 
    that wont give you V-Film in this part. You will see many lines / groups of 
    bats, dive bombers and fish flying past and you have to kill every one in a 
    group to earn one V-Film.
    ---- Task 1: Defeat the Harrier ----
     8 - 3 groups of bats, 1 group of fish, 4 groups of bats
    38 - {after you meet your first Verdy} Yellow reel from 1st Verdy, 2 groups of 
         jellyfish, 2 groups of bats, 1 group of fish, 3 groups of bats, you should 
         also get 5 yellow reels from the Verdy's you meet along the way
     7 - {when you meet first Cromarty} 1 group of dive bombers (the blue fish), 5 
         groups of bats, 1 group of fish
    19 - {when you meet group of 2 Cromarty's} The 2nd 3rd 6th and 7th groups of 
         dive bombers*, yellow reels from both Cromarty's, yellow reel from Verdy
    10 - {when you meet group of 3 Cromarty's} 2 yellow reels from the top and 
         bottom Cromarty's, a yellow reel from the Verdy
    25 - {when you meet group of 4 Cromarty's} Yellow reel from 2nd Cromarty from 
         the bottom, 4 yellow reels from Verdy's
    25 - {when falling after defeating the Harrier} 5 in the middle, 5 on the left, 
         5 in the middle and then 10 on the right
    Total: 137                                              Accumulated Total: 2.37
    * 8 groups of dive bombers appear on the following screen positions in order of 
      appearance: Middle, Bottom, Top, Bottom, Middle, Bottom, Middle, Bottom. But 
      I suppose you could just zoom kick to get the V-Film piss easy (not in slow).
     *** Save ***
    38 - As you fall, hit the yellow boxes you pass for V-Film. When you come up to 
         the line of boxes on the left (after the circle of boxes), the next line 
         will appear quickly on the right, so unless your Captain Blue the only way 
         you can get the first few of that line is by throwing Voomerangs at them, 
         and make sure you do it straight after you get the last box on the left, I 
         found I missed the top 2 quite often.
    Total: 40                                               Accumulated Total: 3.27
    ---- Task 2: Open Right Door ----
     5 - At the beginning of the task
     5 - Above the button to open the door
    Total: 10                                               Accumulated Total: 3.37
    ---- Task 3: Defeat the Enemies ----
     3 - At the start
     3 - Between the first set of "Hit 5 times" poles
     5 - Above the last floating platform
    Total: 11                                               Accumulated Total: 3.48
    ---- Task 4: Destroy the Guards ----
     5 - To the right of the first Guard (round electricity spitting thing)
     5 - Above the pink box in the background
     5 - Above the second Guard
    Total: 15                                               Accumulated Total: 4.13
    ---- Task 5: Destroy the Guards ----
     5 - Above the first Guard
     5 - Above the second Guard
     7 - {next room) On the first platform
     5 - Leading down to the second platform
     5 - Under the second platform
    Total: 27                                               Accumulated Total: 4.40
    ---- Task 6: Get to Gran Bruce ----
     5 - {next room} (yellow reel) Destroy the mine placer
     5 - {next room} (yellow reel) Destroy the mine placer
    Total: 10                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    ---- Task 7: Defeat Gran Bruce (Aquatic Terror) ----
    >--------------------<  EPISODE 4: THE VIEWTIFUL ESCAPE  >---------------< EP04
    ---- Task 1: Get to the Flag ----
     7 - Just after the first gap
     6 - In the gap under the cracked floor
     7 - Above you as you jump into the next gap
     6 - In the gap, through the cracked ceiling
    10 - In the next gap in the ceiling
    10 - In another gap in the ceiling
    10 - As you head up to the flag with the platform, in the shape of an arrow
     7 - As you head up on the second platform
    Total: 63                                               Accumulated Total: 1.13
    ---- Task 2: Get the Steering Wheel ----
    11 - In groups, above the stairs that the Gelby will come from
     8 - As you come to the place to insert the steering wheel
     5 - Behind the steering wheel
    Total: 24                                               Accumulated Total: 1.37
     *** Save ***
    ---- Task 3: Get the Key ----
     5 - (yellow reel) From the Guard past the gate
     5 - {at the top, first heading left; toward the sub entrance} (yellow reel)
         From the second guard along, in a gap under a small danger sign
     5 - (yellow reel) From one of the Cromarty's at the sub entrance (far left)
    12 - {heading back to the right} In a group, to the right of where you first
         came from (next to the map sign)
     8 - Continue running right, over the missile
     3 - On a ledge after you get across the missile
     8 - Between the next two missiles down
     3 - Again on a ledge after you ran across the missile
     8 - Run across the bottom missile
     6 - In groups of two between the rotating gears
    Total: 63                                               Accumulated Total: 3.00
    ---- Task 4: Hit the Three Switches ----
     5 - {after hitting the switches, back up the top where the missiles are}
         (yellow reel) From one of the enemies you meet to the left of the missile 
         stopped in mid air, before the map sign
         Note: The following 35 V-Film were found by Geork
     5 - {heading toward the entrance} (yellow reel) From one of the Rosetta's
    10 - (red reel) From one of the Gelby's at the entrance
    10 - {after the sub has been turned over, back at the entrance}(red reel) From 
         the second Metal Leo
    10 - {still at the entrance} (red reel) From the pink box in the pipe in the 
         Background (where the Sailor Biancky came out of at the start of the 
    10 - (red reel) From the Gelby that appears on the top missile as your heading
         toward the engine room
    Total: 50                                               Accumulated Total: 4.00
    ---- Task 5: Defeat Another Joe ----
    50 - All around the room
    Total: 50                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    ---- Task 6: Escape ----
    >------------------<  EPISODE 5: THE MIDNIGHT THUNDER BOY  >-------------< EP05
     5 - {going right} Along the ground
    Total: 5                                                Accumulated Total: 0.05
    ---- Task 1: Destroy the Tank ----
     5 - High above you at the start, jump off the tank to reach them
     5 - Above the sewer entrance
    Total: 10                                               Accumulated Total: 0.15
    ---- Task 2: Destroy the Harrier ----
    7 - High above you near the right wall of fire, jump off the harrier to reach 
    3 - {in the sewer} Above the small stream of lava
    Total: 10                                               Accumulated Total: 0.25
    ---- Task 3: Get to the Flag ----
    10 - Two rows of five as you drop down off the first ledge
     5 - In a row as you drop down the second ledge (above the pink box)
    10 - Two rows of 5 as you pass the lava to get to the door
     5 - {past the door} Along the lava below the first floating platform
     5 - As you jump over to the second floating platform
     5 - As you jump over to the third floating platform
     5 - As you jump over to the last floating platform
     8 - In a group of three and five as you make your way up, past the fire coming 
         from the cracks in the wall
     5 - Along the lava, just before you get to the flag
     5 - (yellow reel) Get it from one of the Rosettas when you get to the flag
    10 - To the right of the flag, in the shape of a downward pointing arrow above 
         the lava, (to help you reach them and avoid getting hurt, mach speed 
         something so your on fire and the lava wont hurt you)
    20 - {jump onto the floating platform above the last group of V-Film and mach 
         speed up to the secret room} (two red reels) Break open the pink boxes
     6 - two groups of three along the lava while heading right
     8 - as you head down
     9 - {down from the floating platform} Three groups of three on the lava
    Total: 103                                              Accumulated Total: 2.41
    ---- Task 4: Defeat the Joker ----
    10 - (red reel) Above the slot machine in a pink box
    10 - (red reel) Get three V's on the slot machine to win it
    Total: 20                                               Accumulated Total: 3.11
    ---- Task 5: Defeat the Harrier ----
    ---- Task 6: Destroy the Tank and Harrier ----
     *** Save ***
    ---- Task 7: Activate Emergency Brakes ----
     5 - Next to the entrance hatch for first carriage
     5 - As you drop down from the entrance for the first carriage
    17 - Around the carriage
     5 - On the roof, on the right of the exit hatch of the first carriage
     5 - Next to the entrance hatch for the second carriage
     6 - {second carriage} In the cage around the first safe
     3 - Between the two sets of cages
     3 - In the cage underneath the second safe
     5 - On the roof, on the right of the exit hatch of the second carriage
     5 - Next to the entrance hatch for the third carriage
     3 - (third carriage} Behind the safe
     5 - On the roof, on the right of the exit hatch of the second carriage
    22 - All over the last carriage
    Total: 89                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    ---- Task 8: Defeat Alastor (Blade Master) ----
    >---------------------<  EPISODE 6: THE MAGNIFICENT 5  >-----------------< EP06
    ---- Task 1: Defeat Charles the 3rd (Dark Fiend) ----
     5 - Right above you at the start
     3 - Below the edge at the start
     4 - On the first platform
     7 - Between the first and second platform
     3 - Between the second and third platform
     9 - Between the fourth and last platform
    10 - (red reel) Mach speed Charles to get the pink box in the background on the 
         last platform
     5 - Above the last platform, close to the left wall
     7 - Very high above the third platform, in a vertical line. When Charles 
         knocks stalactites down from the ceiling, knock one up into the V-Film, 
         holding down slow as long as you can to bring them all down.
     7 - Very high above the second platform, do exactly you did on the third 
    Total: 60                                               Accumulated Total: 1.10
    ---- Task 2: Defeat Hulk Davidson (Iron Ogre) ----
     5 - On the left platform
     4 - In the top left corner of the room
     8 - On the middle platform
     4 - Above the middle platform
     5 - On the right platform
     4 - In the top right corner of the room
    10 - (red reel) Somewhere
    Total: 40                                               Accumulated Total: 2.00 
    ---- Task 3: Defeat Gran Bruce (Aquatic Terror) ----
     7 - On the platform on the right side of the room
    10 - Under the bottom platform in the middle of the room
    10 - Under the platform in the middle of the room
     8 - Leading down from the top middle platform to the left platform
     5 - On the top platform on the left side of the room
    10 - On the small ledge in the top left corner of the room
    10 - (red reel) On the same ledge, mach speed Bruce to get the red reel from 
         the block above you
    Total: 60                                               Accumulated Total: 3.10
    ---- Task 4: Defeat Another Joe ----
    70 - All around the room
    10 - (red reel) on the opposite side of the room from were you start is another 
         one of those blocks (with Leo's face on I think) on the ground in the 
         centre, either mach speed something next to it or I usually just zoom kick 
         against it to get the reel out
    10 - (2 yellow reels) Mach speed Another Joe in front of the big bunch of 
         yellow boxes to break them all open
    Total: 90                                               Accumulated Total: 5.00
    ---- Task 5: Defeat Fire Leo (Inferno Lord) ----
    >------------------------<  EPISODE 7: JOE & SILVIA  >-------------------< EP07
    ---- Task 1: Press the Three Switches ----
    10 - (red reel) Mach speed an enemy at right at the beginning
     3 - On the first small platform you come across
     3 - On another small platform, up and to the right of the last one
     5 - On the top left platform (above the last one)
     8 - To the right of the last platform, high above the first switch
     3 - On the bottom platform between the first and second switch
     8 - High above the second switch
     8 - High above the third switch
    Total: 48                                               Accumulated Total: 0.48
    ---- Task 2: Destroy the Tanks ----
     5 - High above you where you meet the first tank, you'll have to dizzy one of 
         the Cromarty's and slow uppercut them into the V-Film
     5 - {past the first tank} A little further along at the same height, but this 
         time you can jump up to them off the computer thing on the ground
     3 - On the small platform past the computer thingy with the yellow box above
     9 - In a vertical line, past the small platform
     9 - Three on each platform above the second tank
    Total: 31                                               Accumulated Total: 1.29
    ---- Task 3: Defeat the Metal Leo's ----
     6 - Three on two platforms before you get to the centre
     5 - On big the centre platform
     6 - Again, three on two platforms on the right
    10 - (red reel) Right up the top of the room in one of the pink boxes, above 
         where you fight the Metal Leo
    12 - In groups of four between the blue flames as you travel to or from the 
         Metal Leo down the bottom
    Total: 39                                               Accumulated Total: 2.18
     *** Save ****
    ---- Task 4: Defeat the Joker ----
     5 - On the moving platform at the start
     5 - On the ceiling after the first laser
     5 - On the platform as you approach the second laser
     5 - In line with the second laser
    20 - In five groups of four, consecutively up and down, around all the flame 
     5 - On the ceiling around the first laser after the flame throwers
     6 - Against the door at the end
    Total: 51                                               Accumulated Total: 3.19
    ---- Task 5: Destroy the Spaceships ----
     4 - On the first missile launcher
     5 - Between the first and second missile launcher
     4 - On the second missile launcher
     5 - High between the second and third missile launcher
     4 - On the third missile launcher
    10 - (red reel) Kill everything in the room
    Total: 32                                               Accumulated Total: 4.01
    ---- Task 6: Get the Key ----
     5 - Between the first and second blue flame throwers
     5 - (yellow reel) Mach speed the first Metal Leo in front of the crowd of 
         Metal Leo's in the background at the start
    Total: 10                                               Accumulated Total: 4.11
    ---- Task 7: Defeat All Enemies in 1st Level of Gas Tower ----
     5 - Outside the gas tower high above entrance door. Knock a dizzied enemy into 
         them using slow uppercut
     9 - Around the room
    Total: 14                                               Accumulated Total: 4.25
    ---- Task 8: Defeat All Enemies in 2nd Level of Gas Tower ----
     6 - In front of the gas vents
    Total: 6                                                Accumulated Total: 4.31
    ---- Task 9: Defeat Gelby's in 3rd Level of Gas Tower ----
    12 - Around the room
    Total: 12                                               Accumulated Total: 4.43
    ---- Task 10: Defeat Metal Leo's in 4th Level of Gas Tower ----
     6 - Around the room
    Total: 7                                                Accumulated Total: 5.50
    ---- Task 11: Defeat King Blue ----
    ---- Task 12: Defeat Captain Blue ----
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  VI. CREDITS >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CRDT~|
    Credit goes to Geork for finding the 35 V-Film I was missing in Episode 4, 
    Thanks to Capcom and Team Viewtiful for making this damn awesome and fun, 
    viewtiful game.
    Thanks to Nintendo for the GameCube and bringing Viewtiful Joe to our screens.
    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<  VII. COPYRIGHT INFO  >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CPRT~|
    This document or any part of it may only be reproduced for private and personal 
    use. If you want to put this guide on your site, ask me first via my email. 
    Otherwise, the only sites with permission to use this document are GameFAQs.com 
    and Neoseeker.com.
    In short: don't steal from me, or I will cry.
                      |\    Copyright (c) Richard Kerr 2004/5    
                      | \    __ _____  __ ____   __   __    ____
                      |  |__|  |     \|  |    \ |  | /  \  |    \
                      |   __   |     /|  |     ||  |/    \ |     |
                      |__|  |__|__|__\|__|____//  //__/\  \|____/
                                            \____/      \ /

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