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Reviewed: 03/13/04

His style is like his head, smooth.

Stealth Action finally hits the Gamecube with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin; and the price that it's being sold at is an absolute bargain for such a good game, or does the low price reflect on the quality of the game? Lets find out:

The main story is about a retired assassin who is forced back into action when his friend is kidnapped. In order to pay for the ransom demand he must go back to doing what he does best, KILLING. There are also a lot of little stories in the missions you do. As your being briefed, you are given a quick story on your victim and some other little tid bits, which will keep you trapped in the wondrous criminal world that the game is set in.

I give this a 9 mainly because the old save the dude who got kidnapped by the bad dude thing is getting a bit stale.

This game looks complicated, but in reality it's simpler than eating with your fingers. There’s a button to switch weapons a button to open doors a button to crouch a button to fire your weapon and it kind of stops there. There are not a lot of actions you can do, but every weapon has a different style of being used, such as the fibre wire which is used to quickly and quietly strangle victims to death, whereas the AK can be used to charge in and shoot everything that moves. The game also allows you to do every mission in several different ways. You can either be a silent assassin by silently sneaking in, eliminating your target, and slipping out un-noticed. Sounds boring to some of you? Well then grab your machine gun and kill the target at all costs, or die trying. The many different styles of play really gives a lot of replay value to the game. The AI isn't a little pansy either. If you act suspicious they just might think it's about time you met their ''little friend'', so be careful if you want to be a silent assassin. Another shining point of this game is the mass amount of weapons you can wield, and the fun doesn't stop there; this game is loaded with 20 levels that will take you around the world and pitting you face to face with some of the most evil villains to ever grace the video game world.

I give this a 10 because I've never had a problem with the controls and it’s challenging but not to the point that it frustrates you.

The stunning music that plays through the game is amazing. The orchestrated tracks are done by famed musician; Jesper Kyd (the same guy who did the music for Freedom Fighters). The audio also plays a big part in the game, sounds attract enemy AI, so listen for any abnormalities when you’re doing something. Every thing in the game seems to have a sound, from the blazing sound of gunfire to the footsteps of your next victim.

Audio gets a 10 cause it’s just plain out good and it’s set perfectly into the game.

The graphics are stunning. Similar to those of Freedom Fighters , everything is well detailed including the faces, the background, the snow falling from the sky and the amazing cinematic scenes in between each mission. I do have a serious problem with the lighting though. Maybe I’m just stupid but I found myself in a really dark area and I was running around in circles for quite a while until I figured out where I was.

Graphics gets a 8 they were good but the lighting really peeved me. It peeved me so much I stood up and shouted I AM SO PEEVED!!

Overall: 10+10+9+8 divided by 2 carry the 1 = 9.25 or to round it up 9

My recommendation:
There’s no harm to try before you buy, just rent it for like 2 or 3 days to get the feel of the game and see if you like it, but if your looking for a good mature game on the GC your search ends here.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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