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Reviewed: 06/21/03 | Updated: 06/21/03

Look, I'm a bald guy...Now i'm a ninja!

I have wanted to play Hitman 2 for a long time now. Since it launched last year in October for PS2, XBox, and PC, I've always wanted a piece, but alas, the Cube was again shafted, but then came an announcement that it would come to my console of choice, and now, here it is...

Graphics - 8/10
As usual, the Cube version of a multi-console game is in the middle area graphics-wise. Its slightly better than the PS2 version, but slightly worse than the XBox version. However, I was disappointed with the graphics. It feels more like it belongs on the PC because of the graphical feel of the game. I do like the environments in the game, and its not like the graphics are horrible, but compared to other stealth games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid 2, this just don't cut it. But hey, graphics aren't everything, and Hitman 2 is yet another example of this...

Gameplay - 10/10
Hitman 2 is money right here. The game is really fun to play. There are actually 2 ways to play Hitman 2. Either you can become a great stealth master like Sam Fisher, or you can become a killing machine like Duke Nukem. The right way to play is to play stealthily, sneaking around levels, not attracting attention, staying away from contact with others, except for the target, and doing it all quietly. There are weapons that aren't guns, like fiber wire or a kitchen knife, for even more sneakiness. Getting a Silent Assassin rank is a great feeling of satisfaction, and can even unlock some additional guns, too. However, I do recommend playing through the game by going to all-out war, and blasting everybody, just to get a feel of the levels. The game is quite addictive, and challenging, but not to the extent of a Contra.

Sound - 9/10
I love the orchestrated music in the game, as it really makes it feel like you're a hitman. I believe the soundtrack is composed by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir. There is sometimes silence, too, and it gives off a feeling that something is about to happen, kinda like how Resident Evil does it. As for the Sound F/X, they are pretty standard gun fare, and a couple guns don't sound like they could cause the damage they actually do, but its not bad.

Control - 9/10
Indeed, the controls will take a couple minutes to get used to, but they are just right for this type of game. You can aim with the C-Stick, and you move around (or strafe) with the control stick. It feels like a FPS stick in a Third-Person's body (There is a first-person mode, too, you can play in.) Other than getting used to actual movement of Agent 47, the controls are fine, and not as bad as places like IGN say they are.

Replay Value - 9/10
You will want to play this game over, trying to get Silent Assassin ranks. There is also 3 difficulty levels, for additional playtime, and really, the game is quite fun to play. You could even go out on a rampage on a level you've already done so in several times and not really get sick of it, because the game is not overly easy or hard, and you don't know if you'll complete the mission or not. There are also a ton of different ways to complete a mission, and the game is open ended.

Rent/Buy - Buy
If you only have a GameCube, or have never played this game, I highly suggest a purchase. It is worth the 40 bucks I payed for it, although if you have a top-notch PC, I would probably recommend the PC version, and a rental of the 'Cube version, if its the only console you have. Better than Splinter Cell, but nowhere near the godliness of Metal Gear Solid.

OVERALL: ''9''.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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