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Walkthrough by cathairetic

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 12/17/2008


Version: 1.9
Date:  September 28, 2008
Author:  Laurel Glasco (cathairetic@cox.net)
Copyright 2008 by Laurel Glasco, all rights reserved.
You may not take this document in whole or in part and claim it as your own.
You may not
alter it in any way. Please do not post this on your site unless you have
permission from me.

Sites allowed to post this walkthrough:

I would like to thank my grandson, Kory, who is an experienced and advanced
game player,
for playing the game on Reptar Tough when I came to challenges I couldn’t get
myself.  With his help, I was able to get information I needed to complete this


Stu Pickles has invented a fantastic multi-level play set for children, the
Play Palace 3000. He
sets it up in his back yard for the babies to try out. Angelica steals the
babies' favorite toys
and holds them for ransom in the highest level of the castle on top of the play
set. The babies
complete the game challenges to get to the top of the play set and get their
toys back from

ANGELICA is heard in the background whenever you are in the central area of the
play set and
when you are on the ground. She makes obnoxious and nasty comments all the
time. My
favorite Angelica-isms are when a baby fails a challenge and is sent back down
to the ground:
"Watch out for falling babies!" and "See you next fall!"

The characters you can choose to play with are TOMMY, CHUCKIE, PHIL, LIL, and
favorite of all is LIL. She has the smartest mouth of all of them and makes me
especially in the Cheesy Chase challenge in Moon World. Each character has his
or her
comments on what is going on.

SUSIE is the voice you hear telling you what you need to know before you begin
each game
challenge. If you miss or forget what Susie said press the start button and
then select Susie’s
Rules.  She will repeat the whole set of directions for the challenge you are
in. You will find
small batteries in each game challenge area and these are needed to open
further challenges.

You must win two or three game challenges in each world on each tier of the
play set. Winning
a game challenge gives you a big battery to put into the battery array in the
central area of
each tier. When the battery array is full the next tier of the play set deploys
and becomes
available. When you have filled the battery arrays on the three lower tiers you
will be able to
go up and challenge Angelica. As soon as Tier 3 deploys go down to the ATM on
Tier 1 and
purchase Hidden Funny Money.

Don't worry about getting all the Reptar Funny Money the first time through the
challenges. Just win them. After you purchase Hidden Funny Money you can go
back later and
get the all the money and any small batteries you may have missed.

If, after re-entering a challenge, you need a band-aid and can't get to one or
if you are being
heavily attacked by enemies, press Start and then select 'Yes' to QUIT LEVEL?
Susie will say
"Surrender challenge." You can then re-enter the game challenge with full
health and finish
getting the money.

You begin the game with 500 gold coins (tokens). You pay 100 coins to get up on
the play set.
If you should fail a challenge, or quit it before winning it, your baby will be
sent back down to
the back yard and you will have to pay 100 gold coins to get back up on the
play set.
Therefore you should collect all the gold coins you see in the game challenges.

You can save your game before you enter a game challenge so that, if you fail,
you can quit
the game and then start over with the same amount of gold coins.  If you run
out of gold coins
needed to get back up on the play set the game will be over. Save your game
every time you
win a game challenge just as a matter of course.  You must be in the area
outside the game
challenges to save your game.  If at first the save option does not come up,
move to another
spot until it does.


There are three difficulty levels:  Baby Easy, Rugrat Medium and Reptar Tough.
I am an adult
and have difficulty with Rugrat Medium, let alone Reptar Tough. I am sure these
levels are not
for younger children. Experienced gamers should have a good time with them.

Differences in the difficulty levels are that on the medium and tough levels
there are
Angelicas-in-a-Box all over the place and they will explode if you touch them,
there are fewer
band-aids available and fewer gold coins to collect should you need them to get
back up on
the play set. There are also many more enemies to harass you and they are
harder to destroy.
It also takes more big batteries to fill the battery arrays. On a cheerier
note, there is more
Funny Money in the harder levels of play.


A button - walk; move the boat;  move underwater; move the moon buggy; jump,
press twice
in a row to double jump

A button and then X button - Diapy Bounce (bum bash)

B button - select your baby; use, shoot or throw; jump the moon buggy

Control stick - forward; change directions; up or down when under water or in
the air; target

C stick - changes the camera view

X button - crawl, if running your baby will roll; reverse direction; put away
bow and arrows

Z button - first person view, press again to return to third person view

Start button - You can see how many small batteries you have, how many coins
you have
collected and how much Funny Money you have. This will also show you the
"Continue, Quit,
Save, Susie’s Rules, Options" menu. While this menu is displayed the game is


Small Batteries - These are used to open new challenges.

Big Batteries - Your reward for winning a game challenge.

Coins - Found throughout the game challenge areas. You need 100 coins to get up
onto the
play set.

Reptar Funny Money - Found throughout the game challenge areas.  Use this to
purchase the
Bonus Games at the ATM. After you have purchased Hidden Funny Money return to
all the
finished levels and find the additional Funny Money. Funny Money comes in three
Blue=$10, Purple=$50 and Red=$250.

Magic Helper Ball - Touch it and follow it as it leads you closer to where you
want to go.

Radar Screen - This helps you locate what items you need to find.

Energy Meter - This tells you how much health you have.

Band-Aid - Look for one of these if your health is low.

Angelica-in-a-Box - A booby-trap. If you touch one of these it will explode.

Green bomb - Found in Moon World. When you go near it, it will click to arm
itself.  If you
touch it - BOOM!

Big Blue Crates - Found in Circus World - Cone Caper. These contain Pink Snow

Large Tan Crates - Found in Jungle World. These contain gold coins or bananas.

Jars and Baskets - Found in Arabian World. These contain gold coins, jewels, or
purple scarab



You must choose which baby you will use to play the game. They are lined up to
the right of
the house. Press B to activate your choice. Each one will move a little to show
that it is
activated. Just keep pressing B until you get to the baby you want to use. You
can change
babies when you are outside the challenges at any time.  If the baby you want
to use is still in
the backyard you will have to pay 100 coins to get him/her up to the play set.
The baby you
were using will still be on the play set in the place where you pressed the B

Go into the house and collect the gold coins in the two rooms. These coins and
those in the
back yard will reappear every time you go back down to the back yard. Walk
around the
perimeter of the yard and gather the gold coins. Then do a double jump to get
the coin by the
"Hover-vator." Step onto the Hover-vator and you will be prompted to pay 100
gold coins to
purchase an 'up' to the first floor of the play set. Click on "yes."

*TIER 1*


Ready, Set, SNOW
Small Batteries Available: 3

In this game challenge you must race your sled against two snowmen, Chilly and
Slush. Avoid
the ice crags and snow patches, and jump the logs with A. Try not to hit
anything because it
slows you down.  First you race the small snowman, then the large snowman, then
both for a
total of three races. You must win all three races.

On the harder levels of difficulty you must find shortcuts over the banks to
have any chance at
all of winning a race.  When you re-enter the game challenge to try to get the
Funny Money
and batteries, keep an eye on the race graph at the bottom of the screen and
exit the
challenge before the snowman gets to the finish line or your baby will be sent
back down to
the back yard.

* * *

Mr. Snowtato Head
Small Batteries Available: 3

Find all of Noodle the Snowman's missing parts by following the white helper
balls next to
signs with pictures of his parts. Just touch a helper ball to get it to deploy.
Then follow it and
touch it again if you need to. You must jump up onto a roof to get his scarf.
Use the two
barrels at the side of the house to jump up to the roof. On the more difficult
levels there are
Angelicas-in-a-Box all over and you may find it tricky to maneuver around them
since you
have nothing to shoot at them and set them off. On Reptar Tough difficulty
there are no white
helper balls.

There are no enemies to bother you and Funny Money is lying around everywhere.
Explore to
find it. Take the sky-ride up the mountain to see where the money is.  Then you
can run down
the mountain and get it. There is a side path down the mountain through a fence
near the top
of the sky-ride.  You must jump down from ledge to ledge.  One of the small
batteries is on
the first ledge.  There is a tunnel to the right of the house. At the end of
the tunnel there is a
rope you can climb and at its top you will find yourself halfway up the
mountain. After you
have purchased Hidden Funny Money, go back to this game challenge and find more

* * *

Snowplace To Hide
Small Batteries Available: 3

You must get the key to unlock the mountain passages. Take the sky-ride to the
top of the
mountain to find it. Use B to throw snowballs at the taunting snowmen to smack
them and get
gold coins. You can also throw snowballs at the ice cubes to get gold coins.

Explore the area to find all the Funny Money. There is a tunnel to the right of
the house (but
no rope up to the mountain) that is blocked by ice cubes that has Funny Money
and a band-
aid in it.  After you have purchased Hidden Funny Money go back to this
challenge and find
more Funny Money.

The more difficult levels are infested with Angelicas-in-a Box and there are
many more
snowmen throwing snowballs at you. The snowmen move around much more also.


River Fun Run
Small Batteries Available: 2

You must race in three boat races against three alligators: Junior, Mama and
Big Daddy. Try
not to hit anything because it slows you down and reduces your health.  You
will hear a beep-
beep as the alligator passes you. Use the Control stick to go forward and to
direct your boat.
Press X to reverse. Press A to jump. White boxes in the water are First Aid

If you are playing on one of the more difficult levels you absolutely must use
the ramps you
see as shortcuts because the alligators are much, much faster. There will also
be Angelicas-in-
a-Box in the water along with First Aid boxes if you lose health from running
into things. In
Race Two I think that Mama Alligator can somehow get a head start on you. If
this happens
you cannot catch her. The alligators are so fast on Reptar Tough level that
when they pass you
a steam train whistle sounds!

When you return to the game challenge to find Funny Money and batteries keep an
eye on the
race graph at the bottom of the screen. Exit the challenge before the alligator
gets to the
finish line or your baby will be sent back down to the back yard.

* * *

Punting Papayas
Small Batteries Available: 3

This challenge made me wonder if this game was really for little children at

You must take a papaya from the base of the papaya tree and bring it to a
papaya crate. Just
walk into the papaya.  Follow the white helper ball to the crate. Walk into the
open crate with
the papaya. There are also plain tan crates here and there and these are full
of coins.  When
you are not holding a papaya use your Diapy Bounce to break them open.

You cannot double jump when you are holding a papaya.

On Baby Easy level you must crate 3 papayas.  On Rugrat Medium level you must
crate 4
papayas and on Reptar Tough level you must crate 5 papayas.

The paths are very tricky with many jumps and pitfalls. For example on Baby
Easy difficulty:
The first path has you jumping four water lily pads to a shore (edge down into
the water
before you make the first jump). You turn around on the shore and then jump
onto more
water lily pads leading to a stone pillar lying on its side.  You jump up onto
the pillar, walk
along it and then jump up to a stone portico. Your path winds around on the
portico and from
there you must navigate the tops of stone pillars. Some pillars will lean if
you stay on them
too long, these are a muddier gray color, so stand on the edge in the direction
you need to
jump) Follow the pillars down to another shore, the papaya crate and a new
papaya tree. You
will probably fall in the water a lot and drop many papayas before you get the
hang of it.

Some paths have you jumping across partially submerged pink hippopotami that
sink if you
stay on them too long. The big jumps are on big pink mushrooms.  Hold A and
bounce really

If you fall in the water you lose little or no health but landing on the ground
will damage you:
the longer the fall, the greater the damage.

This game challenge is loaded with Funny Money and there is quite a bit inside
the temple
near where you begin. To get to the inside top of the temple you must travel
all the way
through the challenge to the river section. You then must jump up into the
treetops (use a
pink mushroom) to get to the temple roof. The stone projections on the temple
have money
on them but will tilt down and you will slide off unless you jump along them
quickly. Jump
inside the temple and fall down on a line of Funny Money and gold coins. You
will find yourself
back at the beginning of the challenge area.

Each difficulty level increases the number of papayas you must crate. On the
more difficult
levels of play you will pass 'check-point' trees on your way to the crate.
They will sparkle to
show they are activated. Susie will call out "check-point" when you pass one.
These trees will
give you a papaya if you accidentally drop the one you are carrying.  That way
you do not
have to go all the way back to the first tree of that particular path.

On Reptar Tough difficulty level, on the last papaya path, I do not follow the
helper ball over
the hippopotami and lily pads to the stone ‘bridge’ in the middle of the river.
When I arrive at
the river I turn right and stay on the river bank and run up the slope to go
into the cave
behind the waterfalls.  It saves a lot of trouble to do that. When you exit the
cave, follow the
path to the tree with the pink mushroom under it and jump up into the treetops.
If, after you
get to the very last check-point tree, you should fall and not lose your
papaya, you will be put
back at the pink mushroom where you jumped up into the trees. You can jump into
the water
with your papaya and you will be returned to that last tree closest to the
temple. This is the
most difficult papaya to crate because you must land on the pink mushrooms as
you bounce
from islet to islet.  If you land on the grass you will lose health. Then you
jump to the tilting
stone projections on the temple. Stay close to the temple wall and you can make
it across the
projections to the crate.

You must be very careful of your health on the difficult levels because
band-aids are few and
far between.

* * *

Monkey Business
Small Batteries Available: 3

You need to catch the monkeys that are stealing the bananas. Use the B button
to throw
bananas to stun monkeys and put them into monkey cages. It is basically the
same area as
the Punting Papayas game challenge with minor differences. Here you are
starting in the
middle of Jungle World.  On the Baby Easy level you must get four monkeys into
cages, on
Rugrat Medium you must get eight monkeys and on Reptar Tough you must get twelve

Don’t throw bananas around indiscriminately on the harder levels of play
because on Reptar
Tough level there are no crates of bananas to be found. However, the few single
bananas you
pick up as you make your way through the challenge area do reappear after a
while. You
cannot double jump when you are holding a monkey.

If you make a misstep bringing a monkey to a cage you will drop the monkey and
have to
catch it again. On the more difficult levels of play throw bananas at the
Angelicas-in-a-Box to
set them off instead of trying to edge by them.

On the two more difficult levels of play the rope and plank bridges have planks
missing. When
you start to cross the second bridge the viewpoint is often not good enough for
you to see the
holes in the planks.  If you run back up to the big tree trunk at the beginning
of this bridge
then when beginning your transit, the view will be adjusted so you can clearly
see the floor of
the bridge and can avoid the gaps in the planking.

First, Diapy Bounce on all the crates in the immediate area to get bananas
(Baby Easy level)
and gold coins. Otherwise the monkeys use these to dodge behind and avoid you,
and you find
yourself running in circles. Many monkeys you can chase and catch but most of
them you
must throw a banana at to stun them.  When I played this on Reptar Tough I
rarely had to
bean a monkey but maybe that was because I had improved my chase skills.

Once you have picked up the monkey by walking into it, carry it to a monkey
cage and walk
into the cage to drop it in.  You can climb up to the temple here by going
through the trees
but the stone projections here are solid and do not tilt. You cannot jump down
inside the
temple in this challenge. You can jump down a series of pillars to the base of
the temple and
finish the rest of Jungle World.

On Reptar Tough difficulty the first rope and plank bridge is blocked off by
Box. After you detonate these with bananas you will find the climb up to the
second bridge
also littered with Angelicas-in-a-Box.

On both harder levels I avoid more of them on the way up to the third bridge
this way: Jump
across the second bridge until you are next to the ledge with the pink mushroom
on it. Instead
of going around this stone pile and jumping up from ledge to ledge, jump to the
left over the
bridge railing onto the mushroom and bounce up to the top of the stone pile.
You will have
avoided one large and one small box. The small one is virtually impossible to
get by without
touching it so you will have saved yourself a lot of health by taking the
shortcut. You can also
use this shortcut in the Punting Papayas challenge.

When you have nine monkeys in cages you must climb up to the temple top and
then down to
its base to finish with the last three monkeys.  The last cages are (10) and
(11) up on stone
'bridges' reached by pillars and (12) at the end of the rolling rocks canyon.

This challenge is also loaded with Funny Money. Be sure to get the Funny Money
over the
stone entrance door to the bridge area. You will have to jump down to it from
the cliff above.
Also on the cliff above is a stone gazebo of sorts. In order to get the red
Funny Money on a
wall near the edge of the cliff, you must climb up the wall behind the stone
gazebo and then
jump to the gazebo roof edge. Make your way around to the front and then jump
down onto
the red money. Whenever you have a clear view of a large area try to look all
around you to
see where the Funny Money is waiting.

* * *


This is where you stand, and are pulled up the Wind Pipe, to go to the ATM to
purchase the
bonus games with Reptar Funny Money.

*TIER 2*


Stand under the Wind Pipe and press A to be pulled up into Undersea World.  How
did Stu
Pickles manage to put islands and a sea in the play set? His water bill must be

Sub a Dub Dub
Small Batteries Available: 3

This game challenge requires a lot of exploration if you are to find all of the
money and
batteries. Completing the main mission is simple: Find four treasure chests and
drop them into
the big nets. The green dots on the radar highlight the treasure chests. Find a
chest and lower
the submarine down to it. When you have a treasure chest on your sub's magnet,
take it to
the giant net. You need only lower the sub over the net and the treasure chest
automatically drop onto it. Press A to go forward, press X to reverse and use
the Control stick
to go up or down.

Watch out for the giant electric eels. They are a silvery blue and have arcs of
sparking about them.  Use the B button to fire a "torspeedo" at them. It takes
three hits to
dispatch them. If they get near you they will shock you until your health is
gone so shoot from
a distance. There are also annoying yellow fish that will blow up when you get
near them. If
you get too near they will explode and you will loose health. Unfortunately
your torspeedoes
are of no use against them. There are many more of these two enemies on the
harder levels
of difficulty. If your submarine bumps into anything you will lose health.
There are band-aids
floating in bubbles and there is one in the middle of the first net you see in
case you need it.

On Reptar Tough level of difficulty there are lots of giant electric eels and
yellow blow fish.
You must still find four treasure chests. The sunken boats seem to have
multiplied and
sprouted extra masts and spars so that there is a veritable obstacle course for
you to
navigate.  Of course the electric eels and yellow blowfish all hang around
where there is a
treasure chest. If you are not careful you will sustain a lot of damage to your
sub from the
boat rigging and from those yellow fish.  Torspeedo the electric eels and find
the chest. When
you have a treasure chest, rise almost to the surface and speed to the net.
That way the
yellow fish don’t have time to blow up because you are already past them.

Coins in this game challenge can be hidden under piles of black rocks. Use the
B button to
blow up the rocks. Other large black rocks can also be blown up to reveal coins
or a tunnel
opening. Although there is a lot of money in this area, especially after you
purchase Hidden
Funny Money, it is very difficult to see. You have to be nearly on top of it
before it really
becomes visible.

* * *

Hot Cod Racer
Small Batteries Available: 2

Herman and his hermit crabs challenge you to a race. You are racing against
other hermit crab
'chariots.' Follow the red arrows to stay on course. Press A to go forward and
use the Control
stick to control your direction. You cannot reverse. You must complete three
laps and stay
ahead of the others to win. Halfway through the lap there is a short-cut where
you can go
down into a tunnel and come out ahead of the other crab chariots.

As you have no weapons, the electric eels and yellow blow fish don't go after
you in this
challenge but if you do run into an electric eel, you will be zapped. You will
not lose health but
it will slow you down. It's easy to win on Baby Easy, but very difficult on the
harder levels. On
Reptar Tough the other chariots are really fast and difficult to pass.

As in Sub A Dub Dub there is a lot of Funny Money to be found but it is
difficult to see and

When you re-enter the challenge to find Funny Money and batteries you must keep
an eye on
the race graph at the bottom of the screen.  It tells you the position of all
the racers.  Since
you are taking your time to hunt for items you will be last.  Do not let a
racer reach the finish
line or your baby will be sent down to the back yard.  When a racer is almost
to the end of lap
three, exit the game challenge and then return again to finish your hunt for


Meanie Genie
Small Batteries Available: 4

The Nice Genie’s big brother, Meanie Genie, has escaped from his lamp.  This
game challenge
is broken up into two sections. In the first part you ride a camel and use the
B button to make
it spit at Meanie Genie’s purple scarab beetles. If you are not fast enough the
beetles will get
to you and bite you until your health is gone.  You must do this three times.
The first time the
beetles are on the ground. The second time they are flying in the air and the
third time they
are both in the air and on the ground. This is easy on the Baby Easy level but
not easy on the
harder levels because the beetles are much faster. On the easier levels there
are 50 scarab
beetles in each wave. On Reptar Tough level there are 100 beetles in each wave
and they are
super fast. The third wave is absolutely the worst.  Your health can go down so
fast that you
are tossed out of the challenge before you know it.

The second section is in the genie's cavern. After you get off the camel at the
entrance to the
cavern you can return to the challenge start on foot and collect any Funny
Then return to where you got off the camel. Once you enter the cavern avoid the
green mist.
It will knock you out. On the more difficult levels the green mist sprays out
four ways at a

You can quickly need a band-aid but fortunately band-aids are usually around
and they
reappear after a minute so you can go back and get more health if you need it.
Most of the
rocks you must jump across will sink into the lava if you stand on them so move
quickly. Run
up the path and you will see Meanie Genie. Avoid the rocks Meanie Genie throws
at you and
touch his lamp. Then he will go back in the lamp for a "time-out."

When you re-enter this challenge to get all the Funny Money go past the genie
and you will
find yourself climbing spiral paths that end in nothing and will have to jump
onto flying carpets
to continue your hunt.

Warning: On Baby Easy difficulty do not go over to the place where a cliff
looks like a face.
That is where the lamp is on the Rugrat Medium level. If you do, you will not
be able to exit
this area and will have to surrender the challenge and begin your hunt for
Funny Money and
batteries again. This means facing the nasty bugs again.

* * *

Rugrat Rug Race
Small Batteries Available: 3

You are riding a flying carpet and must collect 100 of the jewels that you see
as you fly three
laps around the course. Use the Control stick to direct the carpet left, right,
up and down.
Press A to jump your carpet up to reach items just above you and to get to
higher places or
paths. You cannot reverse.

If you get all the jewels required in less than three laps, the game challenge
will end with a
win anyway. There is no time limit so you can try to snatch the Funny Money and
batteries as
you fly by (but concentrate on the jewels). If you don't get it all the first
time you can return
to the challenge later and pick it up. Just remember to exit the challenge
before the third lap
is over so your baby is not sent back down to the back yard.

On the more difficult levels of play there are fewer jewels but a lot more
money.  I am not
very good at this on the harder levels so I find that, if I bang the carpet
into a wall many
times (A button) in the different areas, jewels will often just fly into me and
increase my count
that way.  You must be a champion rug driver on Reptar Tough to win this one.

* * *

Temple of the Lamp
Small Batteries Available: 3

The Nice Genie has locked himself out of his house. His lamp is in the Temple.
You must
collect a certain number of jewels, depending on the difficulty level, to open
the gates to the
Temple. Baby Easy requires 40 jewels, Rugrat Medium requires 55 jewels and
Reptar Tough
requires 70 jewels. Gems are all over the place, on the ground, in jars, on
roofs, by stone
piles. To open the jars use the Diapy Bounce. The jars can contain coins,
jewels... or purple
scarab beetles! Ouch! The jars up on the roofs are all safe to open.

There are blue trampolines to help you jump up to roofs. Most of the buildings
have awnings
on the doors and windows so you can use them to jump from one awning to another
or to
different buildings or tall rock piles. Just hold down the A button to jump
very high. There are
also magic ropes that will extend up from a coil to help you reach a building
roof or a floating
jewel. There are several flying carpets about in the second area and if you
stand in the right
place you can jump on them to hitch a ride to higher places.

If you fall in the river you can get out on a path up to the first area.  There
are coins and
Funny Money in the river but the money is underwater and really hard to get.
Jump from the
highest point on the bridge and make sure you land right on top of it.

In the two harder challenges there are large purple scarab beetles that will
attack you. Avoid
them if you can. If they bite you, you will lose health. You can hear them
coming. Get on
something a level above them (a blue trampoline is not high enough and a jar is
not safe
enough) and watch them run into the wall and explode.

After you have gathered the required number of gems the gates to the Temple
will open and
you can get the Genie's lamp. All the jars here are full of gold coins. Be sure
to go around the
outside and collect all the money and gold coins before you enter. There are
money and coins
floating in the water so look for them.

Funny Money may be suspended in the air, especially in front of tall rock
piles, requiring you
to jump from one place to another or to fall on it to collect it.


Cone Caper
Small Batteries Available: 4

You must navigate a circus side show to get to the end of the game challenge.
There are
clowns everywhere throwing pink snow cones at you. "Har-de-har-har-har!" Smack
them with
your pink snow cones (B button) to knock them down and get gold coins. Diapy
Bounce on the
big blue crates to get more cones. You can carry up to ninety-nine cones at a
time. The crates
reappear after a time so you can return to them if you are in the same area.
There are lots of
band-aids in case you need them.

The fountain in the rear of the side show area has lots of money on it. There
are two semi-
hidden areas where you can get money also: the airplane ride and the Ferris
wheel. If you see
an alley bounded by wooden fences, investigate it.

Follow the white helper ball to the final area. There is a large trampoline.
Hold down the A
button to jump farther and higher. This area is full of stacked crates and
boxes. Climb up the
tallest pile of crates to get a small battery.  From up there you can see where
everything is.

Jump into the rocket gun to be shot into the fenced enclosure where you will
have to beat a
"boss." There are three rounds to this. Each time hit the three clowns with
cones and then hit
a target on the big revolving clown head. Each time there is one less target to
hit, ending with
one only on round three. If you don’t hit the target fast enough in any round,
the clown head
will lower and you will have to repeat that round.

On Baby Easy the clown head just revolves. On Rugrat Medium, the revolving
clown head will
shoot out cotton candy vapor at you along with pink snow cones. On Reptar Tough
revolving clown head shoots pink snow cones in round one.  If you stand in line
with a small
clown, the clown head will shoot him as it tries to get to you!  In round two
it shoots pink
snow cones and pink cotton candy vapor.  In round three it shoots pink snow
cones, pink
cotton candy vapor and cotton candy bombs.

* * *

Acrobatty Dash
Small Batteries Available: 3

This game challenge is timed so do not stop to get the Funny Money or the
batteries the first
time in. Just win the challenge and return to collect these items. Baby Easy
level gives you 7
minutes to start. Rugrat Medium gives you 3 minutes 30 seconds and Reptar Tough
gives you
only 2 minutes to finish. However, every time you touch the white helper ball
you have
seconds added to the time remaining. If you don’t fall off anything you can end
the challenge
with the same time left as when you began.

Make your way from one end of the tent to the other. Jump into the rocket guns
to be shot
across the tent after the helper ball. DO NOT LOSE YOUR WHITE HELPER BALL or
the STAR on
the last platform will not appear. Touch the star to finish. You must touch the
helper ball every
time you come up to it. If you do get ahead of it and fall down to the floor
the game will put
you back to where the helper ball is. Hold the A button to bounce higher on the
big drums and
make it to the next one. If you fall you will lose health and time.  You must
also swing on
trapezes and hang-ride down zip lines. If you time it right you can jump from
trapeze to
trapeze and save time.

When returning to the challenge watch the time clock and surrender the
challenge before it
runs out or your baby will be sent back down to the back yard.

* * *

Cream Pie Flyer
Small Batteries Available: 4

You are flying a plane in the Big Top circus tent. To win the game challenge
shoot cream pies
at the trucks circling below and then at the clowns that fall out. If you keep
shooting pies at
the empty trucks you can destroy them, and the clowns will be left to run
around on the floor.
The trucks shoot cotton candy bombs.  On Reptar Tough level the trucks’ aim is
improved so
you can lose health quickly if you don’t keep your distance.

A number on each side of a truck indicates how many clowns are inside so you
will know how
many there are left that you must hit. More cream pies are available at the top
of the tent,
attached to balloons. There is a lot of Funny Money up there and on the ground.
The red and
white boxes are First Aid kits and will restore you to full health if your
plane has bumped into
anything or you are hit by any cones or bombs.

On the more difficult levels there are clowns on the top rafters who throw snow
cones at you
so it is harder to get the refills you need from the balloons. There are only
four First Aid kits
on Reptar Tough and they do not reappear.  Your strategy here is to eliminate
the clowns on
the rafters first so that you can get to the refill balloons when you need
them.  Do not use a
First Aid kit until your health is almost gone since a First Aid kit restores
you to full health.

There is red Funny Money near the top of the center tent pole and over the red
banners at
either end of the tent. There is purple Funny Money on a rafter and hiding
behind the red
banners also.  Blue Funny Money is all over the floor.

*TIER 3*

As Lil says, "This is funner than dirt!" Now Stu Pickles has managed to squeeze
an entire
prehistoric world, including volcanoes, onto the play set. How does he heat up
the lava?

Rex Riding
Small Batteries Available: 4

This is the easiest game challenge in the entire game. You must collect bones
and drop them
on the bone pile. Sneak up on the dinosaurs slowly and from behind because if
one sees you it
runs away. Walk into it and you will then be riding it. Run over the bones to
pick them up.
Run over the bone pile to drop the bone.  A "ding" will sound indicating your
success. You can
also press B to throw the bones on the pile but I find it is much easier just
to run over it. On
Baby Easy difficulty you will find enough bones in the general area right
around the bone pile.

The dinosaurs jump extremely far and high so use them to jump over the lava to
get more
bones on the harder levels of difficulty. They can easily over-jump a target so
you will learn by
doing when and where to jump them. They also cannot make tight turns because
they run so
fast.  They do not stop. If you want to get off you will have to run the
dinosaur into

There are three main areas in this challenge. The first is where the challenge
begins, a large
grassy field.  The second area is a volcanic island in the lake and the third
is across the lake
where there is a giant rib cage lying on the ground.  Actually this third area
is on the other
side of the big volcano from the first area. When you go through the tunnel
path looking for
bones or money, etc. you will see it below.

It is much easier to find all the small batteries and Funny Money on foot. Your
baby can make
the jumps that the dinosaurs do to get to islands in the lava. Some of the
money is on the
edge of an island and the dinosaurs cannot get to it without falling in the
lava. Look for places
where you can climb up higher.

Be sure to look for rocks hidden in the lava smoke where red money is waiting.
There are two
of these places: One is in the volcano on the island in the lake and there is
also red money on
a ledge behind this volcano. The other smoke hidden rock is on the upper slope
of the main
volcano, above the large grassy field.  Follow giant rock "steps" up to this

If your dinosaur runs into a wall or falls into the lava you will be set down
on land closest to
where it fell. If it falls in the shallow lake you will be left in the lake.
The dinosaur will be
returned to where you found it.

* * *

Fly High Egg Hunt
Small Batteries Available: 4

Follow the white helper balls to the colored eggs and to a "scary-dactyl" that
will fly you up to
the nest where the egg belongs. Walk into it to get on its back. The nests are
in the tops of
tall trees and already have a colored egg in them so you can tell into which
nest to drop the
egg. You do this by flying closely over the nest. Do not let the scary-dactyl
bump into anything
because you will lose health rapidly. Green creatures scuttle between the rocks
on the ground
and if one hits you while you are walking you can lose health. There are
band-aids on the
ground, in the tops of trees and on top of tall rocks for you to collect if you
need them.

Baby Easy level is just that, but at the harder levels of difficulty this
challenge is really very
hard to win. The paths you must take to get to the eggs and the scary-dactyls
are peppered
with Angelicas-in-a-Box or are down in the lava.

There is Funny Money all over the area and down just above the surface of the
lava lake. If
you look at the lava lake from the sky, it resembles a large dinosaur
footprint. Look in the top
of the volcano and fly through the mountain tunnel for some large amounts of
Funny Money.
Unfortunately you cannot go on foot all around this challenge area because the
lake is lava,
not water as in Rex Riding, and is a barrier between the areas. Therefore you
must use a
scary-dactyl to collect most of the items. You must have an egg for the
scary-dactyl to carry


Stand under the Wind Pipe and Press A to be pulled up to Moon World. Jumping is
easy "on
the moon" because you weigh less and can float to higher levels than usual.  I
wonder how
Stu Pickles managed this?

Rise of the Anjellyuns
Small Batteries Available: 5

Your spaceship has crashed on the moon and needs to be repaired. Follow the
helper balls
around the cheese factory to easily find the engine parts. Press B to throw
your glow bombs to
blow up the Anjellyuns. Watch out for the "moon booms" they toss at you! If you
fall from a
platform while over the 'abyss,' you will be returned to the edge where you

This challenge is much, much harder on the difficult levels of play. There are
Anjellyuns and teeny, tiny Anjellyuns and they are all out to get you. However,
just one of
your glow bombs can take out a group of the teeny, tiny ones at one blow. The
little ones will
also follow you to run into the crates you stand on and into the edge of the
Cheese Factory
platform. They make a satisfying splat. Thank goodness the band-aids reappear
after a short
time. Be sure to check out both sides of the first upper airlock (above the
room with the
plants). There should be $500 there. Just get rid of that mega-giant Anjellyun
first. The
challenge area is large and you must explore it to find all the Funny Money and

* * *

Moon Buggy Madness
Small Batteries Available: 4

You must collect fifty pieces of cheese to win this game challenge. Your fuel
runs out quickly
so you must run into the fuel cells that you see floating about the area to
refill your tank. After
you have won the challenge, return to collect the money and batteries.

There is Funny Money all over the challenge area but the overhead tracks seem
to have most
of it.  The problem is staying on the track as you zoom around trying to pick
up the money.
You also need to be up on these tracks to jump down onto some of the bigger
piles of money
on the main floor because they are on top of rock piles. To get up onto the
Radio Telescope
you can back off to a distance and use one of the small hills as a ramp along
with jumping (B

At the harder levels the fuel cells are fewer and do not reappear after they
are used. If you
drive too fast the moon buggy will likely turn upside down. Use the B button to
jump it and try
to get right side up.

* * *

Cheesy Chase
Small Batteries Available: 4

This game challenge is easy but it takes some time to finish. You are inside
the cheese factory
and there is a big problem with mice stealing the cheese. The number of mice
you must catch
depends on your level of difficulty.

Look for a round of yellow cheese and there will probably be mice around it.
These mice are
fairly easy to catch with your vacuum (press and hold the B button) but most of
them do have
little jet packs to help them fly away. Catch five to fill your vacuum then go
to a "Mouse
House" and shoot them in with the B button.

There are many areas to explore in this challenge and you will need to go to
all of them in the
more difficult levels of play. On the higher floors (through the upper
air-locks) of the Baby
Easy level and everywhere on the harder levels, besides the awful and
irritating Angelicas-in-
a-Box, there are round green bombs lying everywhere. They click when you get
near, arming
themselves. If you actually touch one it will blow up, costing you health. Look
down before
you jump down between crates or cases to make sure you don't land on a bomb

* * *


Holy Pail
Small Batteries Available: 4

YOU MUST NOT LOSE THE WHITE HELPER BALL because it alone can lead you to the
Holy Pail
(along the Holy Pail Trail). You cannot find it by yourself. The Holy Pail will
not appear, even if
you know where it is found.

There are pink potion bottles to take that will enable you to shoot back at the
magical hollow
armors that shoot at you. Press the B button to shoot. It takes two hits to
destroy a magical
armor. A knocking sound will warn you when one is nearby. There are also
shields to protect
you from the magical armor's green missiles. These items are temporary and when
the colors
dull at the bottom of the screen you must go and get another potion and shield.
Green boots
are found where you must make a long or tall jump. The power of the boots is
very short-lived
so you need to know what or where to jump at or to quickly. You sometimes need
the boots to
jump up to the white helper ball.

At the more difficult levels of play it is better to eliminate all the magical
armors first before
you try to get anywhere. Some areas are absolutely infested with them but they
can be
destroyed with patience on your part. On these levels the helper ball will
actually dive into the
river and you must jump off the highest point of a bridge directly onto it to
deploy it to the
next stop. So, if all of a sudden you lose sight of the helper ball, look in
the river first before
wandering all over Medieval World trying to find it again.

There are also two magical places up on the bluffs each with a central teleport
that will send
you to the opposite side of Medieval World.  One is full of band-aids.

* * *

Let's Play Bow and Apples
Small Batteries Available: 4

As Susie says, "You finally get to play with food!" Shoot the barrels, or
targets to open a tower
or the castle, and get the amount of apples required. Press B to take out your
bow and arrow.
Press X to put it away. You can't run quickly with it out. Press B and hold it
to shoot farther.
Use the Control stick to aim up or down, left or right. You never run out of

There are magical hollow armors that will attack you but you can eliminate them
by shooting
them. They give four apples in the Baby Easy level, less in the harder levels.
There are not
many band-aids available on the more difficult levels of play so be very
careful when you hear
the knocking sound that indicates a magical armor is nearby. There are many,
many magical
armors in the harder levels and they are all over, even up on the roofs in the
castle keep. The
magical armors, together with the Angelicas-in-the Box sitting on places you
need to be, will
give you a lot of shooting to do.

Funny Money is in odd places in Medieval World, on the roofs of the houses in
the castle keep
for instance. In the keep there are platforms here and there to help you get
up.  If you are
playing on the easiest level you can also jump onto a barrel to the left of the
church and then
up to a walkway. Just don't shoot the barrel first! Look behind the houses
also. Money can
sometimes be found floating in the water. You can wander all over the challenge
area and not
find any money and then you may find $250 just sitting in the middle of an
intersection of
paths. Climb up to each of the windmills and see what is there. It takes a lot
of searching to
find it all.



You are driving your very own kittypult. Press B to pull back the scoop and lob
a rock. Watch
the strength meter as you hold down B. The higher it is, the farther your rock
will go. Lob
rocks at everything you see. You will be surprised at what you can break up.
Sometimes there
are things you need under structures or haystacks. If you find yourself and
your kittypult
upside down press B to flip yourself over by using the catapult as a lever.
Press X to reverse.

Angelica will try to hit you with big bubbles.  If one touches you your health
will go down. Find
a band-aid to restore your health. Even though Angelica is obnoxious with her
remarks you
cannot hit her with a rock.

There are colored shields on the ground areas and on overhead tracks. These you
must roll
onto. They will lift the grates over the door to the next area so you can pelt
it with your rocks.

In the last area drive onto the green path that meanders through all the areas,
go to the end
and lob a rock at the barred window. Drive through the opening at high speed
and get a key,
money and a First Aid kit as you fall. You will land in the first castle area
you opened.

Return to the final area and go up the ramp. The door to a secret room is now
open. This
room is carpeted with gold coins and full of overhead ramps hanging from the
ceiling. The
ramps are difficult to get up to and to stay on but they are full of lots and
lots of money. Take
your kittypult to a high corner of the room closest to the ramp access and race
down to it to
get up to the ramps.  It may take you many tries but you can do it. You may
also fall off many
times but if you want to buy all the bonus games you will need that Funny Money
lying about
up there.

Once you open the door to Angelica, you have beaten the game. Save your game.

On the harder levels of play there are Angelicas-in-the Box scattered around
and magical
hollow armors will attack you.  Fortunately you have an unlimited supply of


To get these you must go to the ATM on Tier 1. Stand on the $ sign and press A.
You will be
pulled up to where you can buy the games with Funny Money. All the original
characters used
in the game are available to use here. To use the other characters listed below
you must pay
extra.  These games require a memory card.  After you purchase one or more,
save your
game. To play the games choose Play Silly Stuff from the opening menu.

These games are a lot of fun and I have them on one of my memory cards for
friends and
family to try when they don’t want to spend a lot of time playing a game. These
are great for
short-term entertainment.

Carrot Catchin'	 				  $500
1 player. Grab carrots as you sled down the hill. See who can get the most.
	Play as Susie 		$200

Ring Roller Coaster 				  $600
1 player. Fly through as many rings as possible before time runs out. Throw
pies at the solid
rings for extra time. (Available after you complete Circus World)
	Play as Stu		$250
	Play as Angelica	$250

Target Bash 					  $600
1 player. Use your kittypult to smash targets.  See how many you can get before
time runs
	Play as Dil 		$250

Snow K Corral 					  $900
2 players. It’s a snowball fight! The last player standing wins. (Available
after you complete
Snow World)
	Play as Angelica 	$400
	Play as Susie 		$400

River Race					  $900
2 players.  It’s a boat race. (Available after you complete Jungle World)
	Play as Grandpa 	$350

Double Subble Trouble				$1200
2 players. Submarine Tag.  Hit the other player more times with a torspeedo
than they hit
you. (Available after you complete Undersea World)
	Play as Grandpa	$300
	Play as Dil		$300

Loopy Hoop Race				$1500
2 players. Race your airplanes through the rings in three laps.  Make sure you
only fly through
your rings. (Available after you complete Circus World)
	Play as Dil 		$350
	Play as Stu 		$350

Loopy Hoop Race 2 			  	$1500
2 players. The rings are closer together so you can use cream pies to slow each
other down.

Lunar 500 					$1500
2 players.  It’s a moon buggy race. (Available after you complete Moon World)
	Play as Susie		$400
	Play as Dil		$400
	Play as Angelica	$400

Target Time 					$2000
2 players. Hit the targets on the barrels and collect as many apples as you can
before time
runs out. (Available after you complete Medieval World)
	Play as Angelica	$300
	Play as Susie		$300

Chuck and Duck 				$2500
2 players. Use your kittypult to splat the other player with water balloons.
Whoever gets the
most hits wins.  There are lots of band-aids around to keep you healthy.
(Available after you
defeat Angelica)
	Play as Dil 		$600
	Play as Angelica 	$600

Get the Sled Out				$1500
2 players.  It’s a sled race. (Available after you complete Snow World)
	Play as Dil 		$200
	Play as Angelica 	$200

Double Scoop Cone Zone			$1000
2 players. It’s a Snow Cone fight! Whoever gets splatted the least wins.
(Available after you
complete Circus World)
	Play as Susie		$400
	Play as Angelica	$400

*Game descriptions adapted from the instruction booklet.

Secret funny money 				  $500
YOU MUST BUY THIS to have enough money to purchase the games and extra
Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Funny Money become visible in all
the challenges
on every floor. This is not available until Tier 3 is deployed.

Silly sounds 					    $25
Tootie horns, "tockety-tock," "te-whee-wheeee," "wa-gah-dah wah-gah-dah" and
toilet flushes
will sound when you jump, shoot, fall or land on something. Young children will
find these
sounds hilarious, especially the toilet flushes. This is not available until
Tier 3 is deployed.


1. The first glitch I found in this game is that when you are jumping from
place to place you
can inadvertently end up ‘inside’ a rock or a structure, or in a niche or
crevasse. Sometimes
you can get out by repeatedly pressing A and using the Control Stick, but you
may have to
exit the challenge.

If you do not manage to get out of your rock or structure, etc. the game will
often put you
back at the beginning of the challenge. This has happened to me in challenges
and I would
just return to where I was before. However, in Fly High Egg Hunt I already had
six of the
seven eggs gathered. I had to exit this challenge because there is no way to
get to the second
area on foot and I had gathered all the eggs in the first area. You cannot use
a scarey-dactyl
unless you have an egg and there were none.

*However, igorseabra@gmail.com wrote me to say: I have found that it is
possible to get from
the first area to the second on foot…To do it, you must have full health. From
the start, go
back and left until you get to the lava lake, near the wall. From here, jump as
far as you can
and then keep jumping on the lava until you're at the other side.  I've tested
by myself and it
works, trust me.*

2. The second glitch is in the Temple of the Lamp challenge. On the more
difficult levels of
play Susie continues to tell you that you need to collect 40 jewels to open the
gates to the
Temple. In fact, on Rugrat Medium you need 55 jewels and on Reptar Tough you
need 70
jewels. The number showing on the bottom of the screen is correct, however.

3. When I was playing in Medieval World, there was purple Funny Money over the
castle gate.
You could see it from both sides of the gate but it is impossible to get
anything there because
the game does not allow you to jump there.


I have found no cheat codes whatsoever for this game.  If they exist, please
send them to me
at cathairetic@cox.net  and I will be happy to give you credit.


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