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FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/12/03

===Mega Man Network Transmission Guide===

by Tim, Maverickjin8, and Magnet_Man
: http://megaman.retrofaction.com
: tim@megaman-network.com

 1. Introduction
 2. Gameplay Overview
 3. Virus Busting Techniques
 4. Fire Man's stage
 5. Guts Man's stage
 6. Needle Man's stage
 7. Bright Man's stage
 8. Ice Man's stage
 9. Quick Man's stage
 10. Color Man's stage
 11. Elec Man's stage
 12. Sword Man's stage
 13. Gravity Man's stage
 14. Star Man's stage
 15. The Zero Account
 16. Shadow Man's stage
 17. Pharaoh Man's stage
 18. Hunting the LifeVirus
 19. Optional Material
 20. Battle Chip Data
 21. Virus Data
 22. Item Locations
 23. Program Advances
 24. Secrets and Tips
 25. Legal

1. Introduction:
Welcome to the official Mega Man Network guide for Mega Man Network Transmission, the
first subseries installment in the Battle Network universe. Refer to the index above for
an easy reference guide, and go to http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmbn/guides/ to find
guides for all of the other games in the Battle Network series. Happy gaming.

2. Gameplay Overview:
Despite being a title in the Battle Network series, Mega Man Network Transmission is
nothing like its Game Boy Advance counterparts. Network Transmission hearkens back to the
2D sidescrolling days of the old Mega Man games, with a Battle Network twist. Indeed, it
seems rather fitting that a sidescrolling adventure starring the latest Mega Man debuts
on the latest incarnation of the console the entire legacy began on.
To successfully merge Battle Network with classic sidescrolling action, a lot of changes
had to be made to the gameplay. But fear not, Battle Network fans, at the core of this
game is still the definitive style of Battle Network. As in the handheld games, your most
powerful asset here will be good knowledge of chip swapping and strategy. Here's a brief
rundown on some of the more important alterations:
- The Chip Selection system has been altered; instead of uploading 5 chips with one-time
  uses, MegaMan picks chips at the start that he can use multiple times throughout the
  levels to defeat the onslaught of virus programs. The rule about chip combining (being
  able to only select chips of the same type or letter code) is nonexistent here; to
  require such a thing would make for a nearly impossible gameplay experience.
- The Chip Folder is also revamped a bit. You're only allowed to carry 20 Chips at a time,
  as opposed to the previous 30. When you start a level, the computer randomly picks 5
  chip types from your Folder. Unlike the original system where each chip had one use,
  you can have multiple turns with the same chip (this is probably due to the Custom
  Gauge filling up so slowly). Don't worry if you don't use all your chips before the
  Gauge refills, any unused chips will return to the Chip Folder for selection again.
- Each chip does have a cap on the number of times it can be used (you increase the
  number you have by collecting spare BattleChips from defeated viruses) per level - when
  the number in your Folder/Library highlights in red, you've reached the max for that
- Being a sidescroller, MegaMan obviously moves along the ground. In the other Battle
  Network titles, the main action of the game occurred in an isometric game field, with
  battles being confined to panels. Here, MegaMan can run, jump, and even slide! The slide
  is incredibly useful as you can use it to dodge many attacks that otherwise would take
  you down. Another addition found is the Cyberbars. These suspended bars are similar to
  the ropes and bars in Mega Man X5 and X6; MegaMan can cling to these and navigate the
  bottomless pits, or use them to reach hidden areas.
- Another nifty feature is the fact that MegaMan no longer has a single life. You start
  off with 2 backup copies in reserve, and can collect 6 Backup chips to increase the
  number of chances you have to complete the level when you jack in. If you ever get down
  to your last life, you can always jack out to refresh your lives or save (since you can
  only do so from Lan's room). This ensures you'll never see a "Game Over" screen
- One of the bigger changes gameplay-wise is the lack of any higher-level Navis. You won't
  find any V2, V3 (or as Battle Network 3 recently debuted, V4 and V5) level Navis - there
  is only their V1 level, and you will only ever get a standard NaviChip. Refer to the
  BattleChips Listing if you want to see (this alone contributes to the smaller list of
  Chips in this game's Data Library). The method this game uses of battling Navis for
  their NaviChips is through the use of the Navi NetBatte Simulator, a jack-in point that
  open up after FireMan is defeated. Here you can re-challenge the Navis you've beaten
  as much as you wish to gain higher amounts of their NaviChips and WpnChips.

With the gameplay changes out of the way, this next part will cover the in-game basics
of play; namely currency, battle chips, and item collecting.

As in the other titles, your main object of currency is Zenny. Zenny is found scattered
throughout CyberWorlds, can be obtained from defeating viruses and Navis (the Navi
Simulator only seems to give you BattleChips), and from Green Mystery Data. It's usually
easy to stock up by jacking in and out repeatedly, and just destroying the viruses that
you come across. There are three main types of Zenny you'll find lying around.
- Red coin: 50 Z
- Silver coin: 200 Z
- Gold coin: 400 Z

Battle Chips
There are 137 chips in the Library, and you can obtain these by (a) purchasing them from
NetShops, (b) earning them in battle (against viruses and Navis), (c) being lucky and
having them given to you as presents, and (d) finding them in Mystery Data. In order to
unlock all the secrets, you must obtain the entire Data Library.

In-Game Items
While uncovering the secret of the Zero Virus is your primary goal, you won't get there
without the proper items, many of which can be obtained via Mystery Data. There are four
types of Mystery Data.
- Green: Most common variant; this one only contains Zenny and Chips. What you get is
  randomly chosen, it seems.
- Blue: These all contain a set item; usually upgrades for MegaMan, but can also contain
  BattleChips. These are quite valuable and should never be passed up.
- Locked: Locked mystery data requires the use of an Unlocker SubChip, which you can
  purchase from Higsby. Carry at least three of these with you at all times so as to
  get all of them. This data is easily recognizable by the white color and "LOCKED"
  spiraling around it.
- Yellow: Far rarer than any of the above, yellow Mystery Data contain information on
  your quest. Usually they'll contain access codes or information that can help you
  uncover the game's secrets. Always take time to grab these when you find them.

The use of Armor programs will greatly benefit you in this game. The standard rule for
elements applies here as well: the element that defeats another will deal out double
damage. A quick rundown: Fire sets Wood aflame, Wood cancels out Elec, Elec interferes
with Aqua, and Aqua douses Fire. It's all fairly simple, really. You can buy Armor
upgrades from Higsby at his shop. The armor reduces all damage by half, unless you happen
to be hit by the element that defeats your Armor, in which case you get hit with double
damage. If you're using Heat Armor and you get hit with an Aqua attack, you're in for
some pain. This Battle Network concept is a variant on the Classic and X Series "rock-
paper-scissors" take on defeating bosses.

As mentioned under the Purple Mystery Data section, you can purchase items called Sub-
Chips from various NetMerchants, as well as Higsby. SubChips basically act as ways to
heal yourself, restore MP power, increase speed, and the like. There are seven types of
- MiniEnrg: Recover small amount of HP; proportional to your HP max.
- HalfEnrg: Recover half of your HP.
- FullEnrg: Recover your full amount of HP.
- MPCharge: Restores small amounts of your MP meter.
- Unlocker: Allows MegaMan to access locked Mystery Data.
- FullCust: Keeps your Custom Gauge filled for one turn.
- FstGauge: Speeds up rate at which your Custom Gauge refills.

And that's about it, really. Mega Man Network Transmission doesn't take a whole lot of
getting used to, but it's still important to know all of the intricacies of this new
version of Battle Network.

3. Virus Busting Techniques:
The battle system is also quite a ways different in this title. In previous Battle Network
installments, virus battles occurred randomly during the gameplay (in the Net segments),
and you faced the virus on the standard panel setup. Here, you encounter the viruses as
you would any other enemy set in a sidescroller - they're right in your path. So there is
essentially no "trick" to virus busting; if you think you'll be facing some tough viruses,
be sure to stock your Folder with some heavy chips. If going into an area such as the
Waterworks, take along Elec chips (since it's a given most viruses are aqua-elemental).
The only real "technique" here is to just know your enemy's weaknesses, and to have some
good BattleChips to rack up quick deletes.
For actual boss battles, you enter a warp gate, then square off against the boss in an
arena-type format. Most often, the bosses will advance in your direction, hurling attacks
at you that you'll have to dodge. Some, like QuickMan, dart around. Others, like FireMan,
simply stay in place firing off attacks at you. In any given battle, your SubChips and
your slide will positively save your life - you can slide under many attacks, and in a
lot of instances, slide between the boss' legs! (This tactic works quite well with Guts-
Man). Just be sure MegaMan doesn't stop sliding until he's clear of the boss, otherwise
he's liable to take some heavy collision damage.
Remember that MegaMan's basic powers are weak; his MegaBuster is quite pathetic, so the
use of PowerUPs and Element items will greatly aid you in battle. No matter what, finding
your opponent's elemental affinity is the most crucial point of any encounter. Sometimes
a couple of Invis chips are good to have on hand in case you're in an for an unavoidable
attack; this will keep you from taking damage.
Some notes about Busting Levels: you are ranked on your virus busting techniques, just
like in the GBA titles. While the game doesn't pop up a screen when you defeat a virus
(such a feature would make normal level progression very tedious, like Alia and X5...),
you are still graded according to how long it took you to defeat it and how many times
you took damage during the course of the engagement. Here's a brief tabulation of what
to expect when fighting. Higher rankings mean rarer and higher level chips, or more Zenny.

Delete Time	Busting Lvl		Dmg Rating	Pts Awarded
-----------	-----------		----------	-----------
Under 3 sec.	     S			Hit 0 times	    + 1
3 - 6 sec.	     9			Hit 1 times         + 0
6 - 12 sec.          7			Hit 2 times	    - 1
12 - 24 sec.         6			Hit 3 times         - 2
Over 24 sec.         4			Hit 4+ times        - 3

You are also graded on your NetBattling style and techniques, similar to the above chart.
Here are the stats and grading levels for your performance against other NetNavis when
fighting them in the Simulator. As with normal battles, quicker deletes often yield you
more of the actual NaviChip, rather than the secondary WpnChip.

Delete Time	NetBattle Lvl		Dmg Rating	Pts Awarded
-----------	-------------		----------	-----------
Under 30 sec.         S			Hit 0 times         + 3
30 - 40 sec.          9			Hit 1 times	    + 2
40 - 50 sec.          7 		Hit 2 times	    + 1
50 - 60 sec.          6			Hit 3 times	    - 1
Over 1 min.           4			Hit 4+ times	    - 2

Aside from that, that's about all there is to know on the subject of Virus Busting as it
pertains to the change-up in Network Transmission. As long as you have the know-how to
strategically plan out your chip attacks, you'll be set.

4. The Network Inferno:
(Boss: FireMan.exe)
Your adventure starts off in Lan's room. Lan and MegaMan are just hanging out, with Lan
trying to avoid doing homework (as usual). Mayl will soon send an e-mail requesting your
help. It seems Roll has disappeared, and since Lan can't refuse a lovely girl such as
Mayl (hehe), it's time to jack MegaMan into the Net and begin your adventure.
Go to the PET subscreen and select the "Jack In" option, which will transmit MegaMan into
the DenArea Network. As you move through the area, encountering viruses and whatnot,
MegaMan provides a battle tutorial to help you get started (and thankfully it's not as
dull and annoying as the tutorials in the GBA installments). For a while here, don't try
to make any real progress - just save up enough Zenny so you can go to Higsby's chip shop
(located on the Map section of your PET subscreen) so you can stock up on Bubbler chips
as well as one or two AquaSwrds. It may take a while, but you'll be able to delete Fire-
Man in mere seconds with aqua-based weaponry, so it's well worth it. Anyway, from the
start, make your way through the first couple viruses, and leap over the first pit to
grab some green Mystery Data. Collect its contents and fall down the pit in front of the
nearby Security Cube. MegaMan tells you to find a PassCode, so head to the left past the
Canondumbs to find the yellow Mystery Data holding the "Lvl1Code". Now go back to the
right, taking the lower route. Destroy two more Canodumbs to find another piece of
green Mystery Data. Now backtrack to the Security Cube. With the proper access code, you
can now move on.
Proceed down the next area, destroying the Mettaur virus. Slide through the passage
and defeat the Bunny down below. Climb the ladder, then hop along the moving platforms
to the left and head through the narrow block sections, taking out the Canodumbs to reach
the blue Mystery Data above containing the [HPMemory] upgrade. Move back to the right
and head across the Cyberbar to avoid the conglomeration of Canodumbs below you, then
leap to safe ground. Jump over the teleport to grab the green Mystery Data, then head
into Den Area 2.
Just inside, head to the right and leap the pit and destroy the Canodumb, making note of
the discolored wall. While you could break it now with a couple Wrecker chips, you won't
be able to get further since you don't have any Unlocker SubChips yet. Come back here
later. For now, go back to the left and fall down the pit, holding left and up as you
do. Grab the zenny and green Mystery Data, then fall down the pit again, this time holding
to the right. Take out the Canodumbs around here, sliding across the one-block gaps
so you don't fall through them by jumping, and leap up to grab a LongSwrd and the handy
[MemUp] items from the two packs of blue Mystery Data. There is more stuff further to
the right, but it's a little difficult to make the trip successfully with your limited
ability. Come back here after you have some DoubJump chips (get them in the Waterworks)
as well as some Unlockers to make your trip easier.
Continue to work your way through the level, and you'll eventually run into another
Security Cube. This one requires Level 2 access, so from the cube, head left and up the
ladder sets. Keep heading left and you'll reach a [BckUpChp] as well as the "Lvl2Code" you
need for the Security Cube. Backtrack, unlock the cube, and continue heading right until
you run into Roll. So you've found her, now what? She informs you that there is a raging
inferno ahead, and it's blocking her path back to Mayl's computer. She gives you the
[HeatArmr] to survive in the area. Head into the teleport to reach Den Area 3 (or as it's
called the first time around, 'Net on Fire'.
This area is far different than the previous two. It is a true fire level, with lava and
fire-based viruses all over the place. Equipping your HeatArmr now will prove very
beneficial. MegaMan soon discovers that FireMan, an old WWW Navi, is responsible for the
blazing inferno. Start heading to the right, and avoid the lava at all costs. The first
couple viruses you run into are called Changkeys - just leap over them since they don't
drop any chips or zenny, and even if they did, you'd have to fall down the pits to get
them, so it's not worth it. For now, wind your way around to the upper level, then drop
into the first pit section. Collect the zenny lying around, then slide left and climb
back to the upper level. This time, drop down the second hole, being very, very careful
to avoid the spikes. Make your way down this section, and you'll be able to slide to a
FullCust SubChip at the end. Make your way back out and wind back around the path, this
time staying along the top route. At the ladder, climb down and hang off the bottom rung,
using some wide-range chips like Cannons to take out the large Spikey virus off to your
left. When he's been deleted, drop down and ride the zig-zagging blocks to solid ground.
Drop down to the bottom of this area and you'll find a lot of unsteady footing. Run as
fast as you can (don't slide because you could go off an edge) so you don't lose your
footing and fall into the pits below. Make it safely across and you'll run into a large
HP refill as well as find the teleport leading to FireMan. As you should with every
battle, don't go in until you have the proper Armor on, your chips ready, and a full
Custom Gauge.

FireMan.exe strategy
HP: 400 | Element: Fire | Attacks: Fire Arm (50 dmg), Burn Body (50 dmg), Burning Tower
                          (120 dmg)
Your HeatArmr will cut your damage down by half, but even still, FireMan can deal out
some hefty damage. The only attack that you definitely have to watch out for is the Fire
Arm, which is his trademark flamethrower-style attack. You can dodge this move by sliding
just as the fire wave is about to hit you; this way you'll recover to your feet as the
attack is ending, and you'll still have enough room to slide back or hit FireMan with
a chip attack. If you do get and stay too close, FireMan will activate his Burn Body
move, where he literally sets himself aflame and covers a short distance around it. You
don't want to get caught in this, so stay a reasonable distance away from him. The final
attack, Burning Tower, is a devastating move similar to Burn Body, only its bigger and
does far more lethal damage. FireMan will spend the majority of the fight either using his
Fire Arm or jumping towards you. If he jumps or gets too close, take the liberty of sliding
under him or even right between his legs (!). Now to put the fire out. What else would
a smart blue Navi use but powerful aqua chips? The AquaSwrd alone cuts his HP in half, and
a full stock of Bubbler chips will be more than sufficient to cool this hothead down.
Defeat him and the FireArm chip is your reward.

After FireMan is deleted, Mr. Match logs in and swears he didn't instruct FireMan to
go berserk. Lan has his doubts about the former WWW agent, but Dr. Hikari is able to
confirm Match's story when he learns that FireMan was corrupted by a vaccine for the Zero
Virus... the vaccine being distributed is a placebo! Match shuts FireMan down for the
time being, Dr. Hikari goes back to study the vaccine, and Lan and MegaMan decide to
locate the source of the illicit vaccine.

5. A Bad Vaccine:
(Boss: GutsMan.exe)
Before you jack in, check your e-mail. Mayl has sent you a new one thanking you for your
assistance in locating Roll. Even better, she's sent you a chip to summon Roll! Be sure
to put this in your stock of chips to use in battle, since Roll is a valuable asset to
have. Before taking on the next mission, spend time gathering tons of Zenny to go to
Higsby's shop so you can pick up the [ElecArmr], [WoodArmr], and [AquaArmr] upgrades.
When you're finished, jack in from Mayl's PC to reach Den Area 3 (the area you just
came from, though the fire's out now. If you have the inclination, head up top and take
out a few Spooky viruses to earn some Recov10, Recov30, and Invis1 chips - they come in
handy in a lot of areas. Now head back to where you faced that Spikey virus from earlier.
Drop below where it was and slide through the narrow passage, then run like mad across
the weak blocks. Make short hops over the gaps and you can claim the [RegUp] at the end.
If you miss a jump, you can always come back here with a DoubJump. Just remember this
location. Now head back down to where you jacked in, and proceed along the path. You'll
start running into Ratty viruses here; take them out with some good V-Gun or Crossgun
shots. Keep heading along this path, destroying the Ratty viruses. Before long, you'll
reach a teleport leading to the Global Net area.
This new area is a wide open expanse that contains tougher viruses than you've previously
run into. Stock up on MiniBomb chips from the Beetanks, and continue on into the next
wide open area. You'll run into a few Canodumbs before reaching some seemingly spiked
ledges. They won't hurt you, but you should still use them to reach the top. On the top
ledge, ride it to the left where you can claim a helpful [HPMemory] guarded by more
Canodumbs. Back down, fall down the short pit, and carefully walk or slide through the
moving spikes - these *will* kill you, so be sure not to get impaled. Down in the next
section, you'll find flying Fishy viruses, along with lots of Cyberbars. Ride them
while collecting the Zenny, and keep heading up along the bars where you can grab a
[MemUp] in the upper-right, and a WideSwrd chip in the upper left. Once back on solid
ground, head along the new path, taking out the new Swordy viruses from long range. You'll
reach a path split, but you can't make it very far to the left, so instead go up the
ladder and head out into the Outer Net.
Head to the right from the start, and you'll reach a long chasm. Navigate it using the
Cyberbars while avoiding the Beetank and Fishy viruses, and make it to the other side.
There's quite a few viruses to contend with along this path, and there's a lot of stuff
that you could get, if only you had that darn DoubJump chip. Remember these locations
because you'll be coming back later. Keep heading down and you'll eventually run into
StarMan, the Navi selling the tainted Zero Virus vaccine. Miffed that you've found out
his scam, he dashes off, leaving a Spikey2 in his place. Fire off some Bubblers at it,
then chase after the evil Navi. You won't catch him, but you will run into NumberMan,
who's set up shop in the Outer Net. Sadly, he hasn't seen StarMan, but don't leave.
Stock up on some items, like HPMemory or PowerUPs if you have the Zenny.
After shopping, you'll receive an urgent e-mail from Dex. GutsMan is on a rampage, having
been corrupted by the Zero Vaccine. He attaches a "Lvl3Code" so you can access his
Security Cube. Leave NumberMan and take the ladder up to the next teleport. This one
puts you back at the beginning of the Outer Net, right above a handy [PowerUP]! Collect it
and drop down, heading left to reach the teleport back to Global Area 1. Backtrack down
the ladder and head left this time, using your new code to open the Security Cube and
reach Global Area 2. In here, head to the right along the conveyor belts, taking out the
Bunny and Fishy viruses as you come across them. When you reach the bottom of the area,
you can head left to reach Dex's PC, or do some item-hunting first. Ignore the path
going left for now, and head right instead. Climb up the long ladder at the lower right
section, then navigate a set of Cyberbars to find some Swordy viruses. Defeat them to
claim the HiCannon chip, then slide to the left to locate the [MemUp]. You can't go
any further without a Lvl4Code, so drop back down to the left-hand path from earlier,
and head to the teleport. Collect the HP Refill behind the teleport, and have some sort
of armor on, plus some heavy hitting chips (HiCannons and Cannons are good) at the
ready, because GutsMan isn't a simple pushover this time around.

GutsMan.exe strategy
HP: 600 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: GutsPunch (50 dmg), GutsHammer (40 dmg)
The single worst thing you can do is assume GutsMan will be simple like his GBA versions.
If you don't go in properly equipped, GutsMan will probably kill you in a matter of
seconds. The key to beating him lies in dodging all of his non-attack moves. When GutsMan
throws his arms over his head, jump into the air to avoid the GutsHammer that sends a
shockwave across the floor. This attack is very fast, so you must watch it carefully to
dodge. His next move is the Guts Stomp, which occurs when he leaps high into the air.
Either hit him while he's still in the air (if you're able to time a wide-area chip just
right), or jump immediately before he hits the ground. The GutsPunch move is a simple
punch attack, though it sends MegaMan reeling, and open for more attacks. During the
battle, GutsMan will trudge your way, trying to corner you. The way to avoid this is to
get right up next to him, and quickly slide under him before he (a) unleashes GutsPunch,
and (b) so that he doesn't have the time to whirl around and do a GutsHammer on your head
(he might do this anyway, just hope for the best). Without an elemental weakness, the only
way to beat GutsMan is to just pound away at him. A fully equipped Cannon chip will be
your best bet at this point (I wouldn't recommend a LifeSrd1 advance, since GutsMan can
easily punch you before you get the attack off). Defeating him earns you a handy GutsPnch

With GutsMan down and temporarily back to normal, Dr. Hikari instructs Dex to jack GutsMan
out of the net now before the vaccine turns him berserk again. But for now, jack out and
head home. Lan is probably sleepy.

6. Trouble in the Garden:
(Boss: NeedleMan.exe)
The next day, Lan learns from his father that the Zero Virus vaccine being distributed
by StarMan is really a Navi hacking program that blocks their normal inhibitions and
causes them to override PET and operator commands (disturbingly similar to the Sigma
Virus of the MMX series, but I'm not supposed to endorse that theory in any way...please
don't kill me Reeve...no!. . ...).
Uh...anyway. You are suddenly hit with four e-mails from your friends and family about
disasters being caused by rampaging Navis! Time to get to work. Akin to the Stage Select
method of tackling previous Mega Man games, you can choose from four areas. Take on Yai's
Garden first, and be sure to buy and equip the WoodArmr, as well as stock up on Fire-
based chips (since the Navi Simulator is available now, go practice beating up on FireMan
and getting some FireArm and FireMan chips) before jacking in.
Once in the Garden Comp, you'll find tons of wood-based viruses. For now, just beat them
up with normal chips so you can save Fire ones for the boss fight. The majority of this
level is simple platforming, but beware as the tall grass can obsure viruses like Mushy
and Mettaur. You'll definitely want to practice on the KillPlants here to pick up some
TreeBom1 and TreeBom2 chips for later. Just be careful as you proceed. When you reach
the point where you find two ladders, take the right-most one down to locate a Popper
virus guarding an [HPMemory]. Take out the Popper as it descends and pokes its head out;
any other time it's invulnerable. Return back up and go down the other ladder this time,
where you'll find some blue Mystery data containing an oh-so-helpful FireSwrd chip. Stick
this in your Folder so you can try to have it handy for NeedleMan. The next section is
a Cyberbar segment. Be sure to grab the [HPMemory] from atop one of the connector points,
then run and jump across some suspended logs to reach the gate to Garden Comp 2.
In here, you'll begin encountering the tougher wood viruses like Mushy and KillWeed. Take
them out quickly so you can gain their chips. Hack your way through the first segment
slowly as its chock full of Mushy and Popper viruses. As you keep heading through the
level, you'll run across some Locked Mystery Data. If you have an Unlocker, then the
[PowerUP] is yours for the taking.
Remember the needle segment in Mega Man 3, where you had to slide in between the needles
descending from the ceiling. This section is exactly the same, so watch the patterns
carefully as you proceed. Getting speared by one of them hurts a lot, so try not to get
hit. When you reach the end, there's more needles, this time over some of those lovely
collapsing logs. From solid ground, start moving just as the needle starts to retract,
and you'll make it past. As you reach the end, jump over the teleport and keep heading
right. Drop down to claim the [MemUp], then head back up and start stocking yourself up
for the boss fight. Remember to have full HP/MP and all chips you want to use on hand.

NeedleMan.exe strategy
HP: 600 | Element: Wood | Attacks: Needle Cannon (60 dmg), Needle Attack (60 dmg), Wild
                          Needle Cannon (80 dmg)
Thorny little fellow... NeedleMan's been taken over by the Zero Vaccine, and you need to
stop him from turning Yai's garden into a bed of rose...err, thorns. The optimum chips to
carry into this fight are FireMan, FireArm, and FireSwrd. These chips will deal massive
damage to NeedleMan, thereby making your job simpler. NeedleMan is another boss that you
can slide under, so use that to your advantage; you can also slide (or jump) the forward-
firing Needle Cannon if you need to. His Needle Attack is used at close range. Remember
how the old Needle Man (Mega Man 3) would use the spike array on his head to stab you?
This is a variant of that attack. Only get close if you intend to slide under him, or
else risk being stabbed. His other variation of the Needle Cannon comes when he spins into
the air; just find the wide spaces in between the Needles and you'll be fine. His final
attack is the Wild Needle Cannon; he leaps into the air and spews Needles in all direc-
tions...well, everywhere except underneath him. Take cover here and be sure to just get
out of the way when he starts to drop. The best strategy for tackling NeedleMan is just
to start off with a FireSwrd to knock off 200 HP, then if you have the MP to spare, two
consecutive FireMan attacks, followed up with either Cannons, or if you still have MP
and/or have time to let it regenerate, follow up with a few more FireArm or FireMan
attacks to burn him up. The NdlCanon Chip is yours upon victory.

Like the others, NeedleMan collapses upon defeat, startled at what he's been doing. Lan
instructs his operator to jack him out before the Vaccine takes control again, and
NeedleMan vanishes. Funny thing is, Yai decides she likes the new razored look of her
garden. For your services, you rewards you with a BrnzFist chip. Head back home to
tackle the next disaster mission.

7. Shopping Pains:
(Boss: BrightMan.exe)
This extremely bright (and extremely short), colorful level can get a bit dizzying at
times. Equip the ElecArmr before heading in, and put some good Wood chips (did you get
some TreeBom2's from NeedleMan's stage?) in your Folder. Also try tackling the Navi
Simulator to pick up some NeedleMan and NdlCanon chips as backups.
From the start, you can take one of two paths. The upper path contains an [HPMemory]
along the way, but you can also drop below and grab some other Mystery Data as well as
defeat the resident Gabyoall viruses in hopes of grabbing an IronBody chip or two. The
next threat along this path is the Magneaker viruses. These throw small electric bombs
that can mess up your day if you hit them. Destroy them quickly to pick up their MagBomb
chips, and move on. After you clear the platforming segment, you'll reach the teleport
to Shopping Comp 2.
The second section is more in-depth, and has more enemies than the first one. Move across
the belts while defeating the Bunny viruses, then drop down. Slide to the right into the
narrow passage to collect some Zenny and a [PowerUP]. As you continue to descend, watch
out for more Gabyoalls, Sparkys and Magmackers. They can really put the stun on you if
you're not careful. When you reach the second narrow passage, slide to the left for some
Zenny and the [MemUp], then up and back to the left to reach the Locked Mystery Data
containing the [HPMemory]. Dropping down some more, you reach the final section that
contains a rather simple laser puzzle. Watch the patterns of the lasers and navigate your
way through to reach the safe zone, as well as the boss teleport. Grab the HP Refill
on the other side of the teleport, and don't go in without at least two TreeBom2 chips,
maybe a Roll or other healing chip, and some other attack. (2 TreeBom2's and Roll will
really be all you need.)

BrightMan.exe strategy
HP: 500 | Element: Elec | Attacks: Bright Beam (80 dmg), Energy Ball (60 dmg), Plug
                          Lariat (100 dmg), Energy Drain (120 dmg)
Don't get fooled by his goofy and flashy appearance - BrightMan is one tough Navi. His
primary area of difficulty occurs in both his speed and ability to deflect your attacks.
You must be quick and precise in your timed attacks if you want to defeat him. First off,
his attacks are fairly varied. His Bright Beam is an airborne laser attack which can
turn once in the air to home in on MegaMan; the Energy Ball is a slow-moving, homing
ball of energy that limits the room you have to maneuver, making you an easier target
for BrightMan; the Plug Lariat is only used if you get too close, but it takes off a lot
of HP. His final (and most rarely-used) attack is the Energy Drain, which he only uses
when his HP is critically low and you get too close for comfort.
As with any boss that can deflect your attacks, there is a secret to beating him. First,
do make sure you have the ElecArmr and several Wood attacks handy (TreeBom2s are your
singlemost best bet; NeedleMn and NdlCanon chips also work well). Now fire off a normal
MegaBuster shot at him so he can block it and launch a counterattack. If he launches
something in the air, jump or otherwise dodge it. You want him to (optimally) use the
Bright Beam while staying on the ground, so you can chuck a TreeBom2 at him. Two such
impacts will drain him to roughly 10 HP. Finish him off with another MegaBuster shot and
any other chip attack that can hit him (on the ground, Navi chips are best since they are
guaranteed hits while they freeze the action). Defeating him earns you a RemoPlug chip.

After you take down BrightMan, he recovers from his Zero Vaccine-induced daze and wonders
just what the heck was going on. Higsby contacts you and Lan tells him to find BrightMan's
operator and jack him out. BrightMan jacks out, and the Shopping Network is saved! Head
back home, and Higsby will e-mail you with his thanks. As a token of his appreciation,
he gives you a Barrier chip, a defensive chip that lets you nullify damage from one
attack. Pretty nice. Now head back to tackle the next mission.

8. Deja Vu at the Waterworks:
(Boss: IceMan.exe)
Next up should be the Waterworks. The water has stopped again, and the world would stop
spinning on its axis if Lan were to miss dinner, so you had better hustle. Stop by
Higsby's and stock up on some Electric-element chips like ElecBlde before heading out
though, and going to the Navi Simulator to stock up on BrightMan and RemoPlugs might not
be a bad idea either. When you're done, head to the Waterworks and jack in. From the
start, spend some time using some Cannons or other chips on the Pepes (drop down and run
back and forth to repawn them) to get some DoubJump chips. They'll help immensely in this
level, and they allow you to get a lot of other items as well that you missed previously.
Once you've gotten 10 of them (your max carry limit), proceed on down the following area.
The Shellgeeks down below are a little tough to hit - try throwing MiniBombs or something
you can throw at them to defeat them, pick up their chips if they drop them, then move on.
Grab the green Mystery Data in your path, then drop down and go right some more to meet
a ColdBear. Try to throw some very heavy Elec chips to take this one out quickly; if
you're lucky, you'll nab his IceCube chip, which you can use as a stepping block to boost
yourself to higher areas later on. When you reach the wide chasm, head back to the wall
and take a running leap off the very edge to clear the pit and land on the other side. If
you've got an Unlocker on hand, you can take out the Shrimpy3 and Shellman guarding the
[HPMemory]; otherwise, come back here later. Now go back and drop down the pit this time
to reach the teleport to Waterworks Comp 2.
As you arrive, you run into IceMan, who seems a bit razzed about something. You quickly
identify the source of the problem as the Zero Vaccine (again), and Dr. Froid begs you to
stop IceMan, as you did in your previous adventure. This section is a bit tricky, as most
everything is slippery, there's a couple of the disappearing block segments that no Mega
Man platformer could ever go without, and it's overall pretty tough to get your footing.
You WILL need the DoubJump chip to make it through here. Head through the first part,
taking out the Shrimpy2s and other assorted viruses. When you reach the first disappearing
block section, watch the pattern. This one is fairly easy to get through, but if you want
to "cheat", have a Repair chip handy, and activate it (having two of them helps). This
causes all the blocks to appear at once, and stay there for the duration of the chip
effect. Pretty simple getting through it now (and makes me wonder why the original Mega
Man didn't have a nifty item like that...). Clear the first segment, jump over the pit to
claim some green Mystery Data, and fall down some more to reach the second. Use something
to eliminate the Shellnerd on the lowest area, then either use another Repair chip and
navigate the blocks or watch them and learn the trickier pattern. In this one, the ledge
at the top is too high for a normal jump, so you will need to DoubJump up there. Once up
top, fall down the pit, holding left. Take out the Shellnerd and grab the [HPMemory]
upgrade, then fall down the second section, again holding left. Take out the same virus
and claim the [RegUp], then continue falling down. The teleport is to the left, and
another ColdBear to the right. Head that way if you wish, but you'll be stopped by a
Security Cube. Go back and take the teleport to Waterworks Comp 3.
This section is short, but contains a couple nasty enemies. Have some Elec chips such as
ZapRings, RemoPlugs, or Satelites to take out the Puffy, Shrimpy, and Shellnerds, then
hop over the short ledge and have some MiniBombs and other wide-effect chips on hand.
Some ElecSwrds and ElecBldes aren't bad either.

BigPuffy strategy
HP: 2550 | Element: Aqua | Attacks: N/A
Before you go into seizures over the immense HP of this thing, consider that the number
there is the HPs of all the Puffys combined. This one starts off as the BigPuffy (with
150 HP), then splits into four PuffyBobs (each with 120 HP), then each of those split
into four MiniPuffys (each with 120 HP). So you're not really battling one huge creature
with 2550 HP, you're battling 25 separate viruses whose HPs total up to 2550. That should
make it simpler. Now, the virus itself is actually very tough. Start off just firing
MegaBusters or Cannons to make it divide into four, then start firing off MiniBombs or
any other Bomb attack (Wreckers are good) to hit the four. Fire off a couple until they
divide, then renew your attacks with Bomb or TreeBombs whenever you have a grouping of
them real close together so as to take out as many as possible. Also be sure to have some
good Elec chips here (ElecBldes, ElecSwrds, and ZapRing2s are the best to have) so you
can deal double damage to all of the parts. If you run out of chips, then don't be afraid
to use the MegaBuster once you just have MiniPuffies floating around - they're fairly
easy to jump over and slide under.

Once you've taken out the massive Puffy, head to the right and up the ledges to grab the
yellow Mystery Data that holds the "WtrWkCod" that you need. Either go back to the
previous area, or jack out (recommended, so you can reset all your chips and buy some
more ElecBldes if you need them). Whatever you choose to do, return to Waterworks Comp 2
and take the right-hand path this time, defeating the second ColdBear and unlock the
Security Cube. Take on a few more Shrimpy2 viruses and stop at the entrance to IceMan's
lair. Make sure your HPs are full, MPs are full, turn on your AquaArmr and carry in
five Elec chips (three ElecBldes are really all you need since it takes three swipes to
kill him, but in case you miss, stock up with some Satelites, RemoPlugs, etc.). Then head
on into do battle with IceMan.

IceMan.exe strategy
HP: 500 | Element: Aqua | Attacks: Ice Slasher (100 dmg), Freeze Bomb (160 dmg), Ice-
                          Breath (100 dmg), IceCube (80 dmg)
IceMan's a tiny little Navi. Fortunately this makes him easier to dodge, as long as you're
quick on the draw, because his size makes him a speedy little guy as well. Before you
engage him in battle, know his attacks and how to avoid them. His Ice Slasher is a forward
moving ice projectile with limited range, but it hurts if you get hit (but as you can see,
IceMan has some nasty attacks). The Freeze Bomb is a bit nastier; IceMan hurls a spread
of snowflakes that turn into ice spires which stab upwards out of the ground (a larger,
ice-based version of the TreeBomb). His IceBreath can freeze you temporarily while he
hits you with another attack, and IceCube creates several ice cubes which he hurls at you
(like the ColdBear). For the most part, IceMan spends his time running back and forth,
and you can actually end this fight in under 10 seconds if you just slash him thrice with
the ElecBlde as he runs around. You'll probably take damage at such close range, but
taking him down in three hits is far easier than trying to dodge his other painful moves.
Defeat him to earn an IceSlshr chip.

IceMan temporarily recovers from the vaccine, long enough for Lan to contact Froid and
have him jack IceMan out of the Net. With IceMan no longer terrorizing the Waterworks,
the water turns back on, and dinner is saved! Have MegaMan jack out and return to your
room to take on the next Zero Vaccine-influenced escapade.

9. Bank Lockdown:
(Boss: QuickMan.exe)
Before you head off to the Bank, jack into Roll's PC and head through Den Area 3, deleting
all the Spooky viruses you come across to fill up your stock of Invis1 chips. They help
immensely in QuickMan's level against the Force Beams (yes, groan because those hated
beams of death from Mega Man 2 have returned...).
As you jack in, just run to the right to find QuickMan. He'll introduce himself, then
zip off, leaving MegaMan to gape in awe at his speed. Keep heading right and hop over
the pit to grab some green Mystery Data, then fall down, holding right to land in a
offshoot section. Navigate this section very cautiously - a wrong move could send you to
an unwanted impaling. Reach the top and slide to reach the [HPMemory], then carefully
drop down to reach the [MemUp] down below. Exit this section, have a DoubJump chip ready
to go further down and leap to the ledge off to the right. Head on through here to pick
up a Recov150 chip, then continue heading through here, down and left to find an ElecSwrd.
At this point, you should at least have FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, and ElecSwrd, so try getting
the LifeSrd2 P.A. out of them and added to your books. If you have the elemental Blades,
go for the LifeSrd3 as well! As you continue heading down through the maze, you'll run
into Shielder viruses - reminiscent of those annoying flying shields found in earlier
Mega Man titles. Get around them or delete them however you wish, but don't drop down to
where Roll is yet. On the upper level above her location, eliminate the Shielder, then
time a jump to reach the [RegUp] across the pit. Now drop down to chat with Roll. She'll
inform you of the deadly laser beams that occupy the next sector. And, just like in the
old Mega Man 2, the first section is easy to navigate. For this one, simply drop down,
then head right, leaping over the oncoming beam. Keep heading right and you'll find some
Zenny plus green Mystery Data. Unless you really, really want it, dont' bother going for
it as there's a Force Beam in waiting. To successfully nab it, use an Invis1 chip to
make yourself invincible to the beam. Drop down to meet a SniperJoe virus; delete it in
hopes of nabbing a HiGuard chip. Continue on downwards through the area to reach the
teleport leading to Bank Comp 2.
This section gets really nasty. Start off heading right, dropping down past the Shielder
viruses. Drop down again and slide into the small hole to take on another SniperJoe, then
head up along the Cyberbars, deleting the Swordy2 along the way. Keep heading up and
travel across the spikes to reach the FireBlde chip in the blue Mystery Data, then keep
heading right and down, taking on yet another SniperJoe to claim a [BckUpChp]. Now, this
section is incredibly tough, so have a few Invis1's on hand, preferably 5. Stop when
MegaMan alerts you to more security beams, and activate one chip just as you start to
fall. Hang right for the first couple sets, ignoring the Mystery Data along the way
unless you have some insane desire to try and nab it. However, do stop to get the
[HPMemory] from the Locked Data at the first safe point - it's on a ledge to the left.
Take a breather and activate another Invis1 before falling, and just race through as
fast as you can. Your Invis1 chips last roughly 10 seconds, so be very aware about
counting your seconds to make sure one doesn't wear off as a Force Beam connects. When
you can see some green Mystery Data beneath you, you've survived, so quickly drop past
the final Force Beam and collect whatever you get.
Continue heading down, and a massive BigFlappy will try to pound you into the ground.

BigFlappy strategy
HP: 400 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: HeavyStomp (100 dmg + shockwave)
This massive Flappy (speaking of, where are the normal Flappy viruses?) will try to
crush you flat and make your progress past the Force Beams in vain. Don't try to fight
it here, just book on past to the right until you reach the narrow passage that BigFlappy
can't follow you through. From your new vantage point, assault the mini-boss virus with
attacks to drop its HP; and hopefully earn its FootStmp chip as a reward (if not, just
go a little ways to to the right and the virus will respawn).

Continue on through the remainder of the level, stopping to engage the large Spikey2 that
blocks your path. Fire off some water attacks at it (Bubblers are good), then grab the
yellow Mystery Data behind where the Spikey2 was to collect the mysterious "ExCdHnt1"
data. Continue heading on up to reach the teleport to QuickMan.

QuickMan.exe strategy
HP: 500 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: QuickGuard (30 dmg), Quick Boomerang (40 dmg)
My goodness, this one is tough. If you thought BrightMan was a pain, then you haven't met
QuickMan, the self-proclaimed fastest Navi in existence. QuickMan has no element for you
to exploit, so it's going to be all about precision timing to bring him down. I suggest
bringing in a LifeSrd3 Program Advance to deal 400 HP of damage, a Roll NaviChip, and
possibly something else powerful like a HiCannon, as well as plenty of health SubChips.
QuickMan's attacks are fast and furious; his QuickGuard is a blindingly fast sideswipe
move where he races across the screen trying to hit you, and his Quick Boomerang is just
like the MM2 (and MMBN2) counterpart - he'll will throw the boomerang and it'll arc back
towards him. It doesn't go the length of the screen, so you have a bit of safe room, but
be warned: Quicky retaliates to all of your attacks with a Boomerang toss. Like BrightMan,
you have to attack him while he's counterattacking you to do any damage. First fire off a
MegaBuster shot, have him block, then fire off your retaliatory move as he's throwing his
Boomerang. The best time to use the LifeSrd3 is when he's in mid-jump. Wait for a chance
where he leaps over you and tries to angle his attack downwards, then quickly leap up and
release the punishing shot. If you're not really quick with the Swords, you may want to
substitute other chips for the LifeSrd 3 advance (HiCannons, MagBombs, TreeBombs, etc. are
good choices), but if you can pull it off, you'll wipe him down to a mere 100. Attack
again, follow up with Roll to take more off him and heal you, then finish up the battle
with a HiCannon shot. It's definitely harder than it sounds, and you'll only get good with
practice. If you have a couple Backups in reserve, I'd suggest using one or two just trying
to get his pattern down before doing any real attacking. Upon defeat, QuickMan gives up
the QuikBmrg chip, but...just vanishes. Was he infected with the Vaccine?

After you've beaten him and jacked out, you get some new e-mail. Check them and you'll
receive another Roll chip from Mayl, and QuickMan's operator, who remains nameless here,
sends you an e-mail thanking you for stopping QuickMan, with a FstGauge SubChip as a
present. Well, it looks like he was infected with the vaccine, but the whole incident is
still an enigma to Lan. Oh well, you find out more by playing Battle Network 2. Now it's
time for the next set of missions.

10. Arcade Invasion:
(Boss: ColorMan.exe)
You get news from Dad that he hasn't managed to decrypt the Zero Virus yet, and that the
Official Center is offering a reward for it. Enter Eugene Chaud. The snippy NetBattler
butts in on the conversation, and drops a hint that the WWW might not be eradicated as
previously thought. After that, you receive two new e-mails, one from Dex about a
rumored arcade invasion, and another anonymous one about a power plant. Go ahead and
visit the Arcade first.
Immediately upon jacking in, you'll run into ColorMan, the Navi from the first game that
nearly killed Mayl in the DenTown traffic chaos. After ColorMan bounces off, start off
heading to the right. As you continue heading down, you'll encounter two Security Cubes.
You'll need to find two passcodes, so begin by heading off to the upper right area to
reach the red (fire) section of this level. Put on your HeatArmr, and bring some Aqua
chips to take out the Fishy2's, then drop down and take out the fire-spitting Buffy.
After you defeat it, you can head downwards some more to obtain the "FireCode". Now slide
out through the little hole and begin working your way back up the ledges to reach the
blue (aqua) section. Switch Armors and bring some heavy attacks for the Canodumb2's;
hopefully you can stock up on HiCannons this way. Continue past them, using a DoubJump
chip to reach the [HPMemory] that's out of your jumping range. Continue along, dropping
left into an alcove. Jump past the spikes and climb the ladder, where you'll battle a
Puffy for the "AquaCode". When you start heading back, drop down the ladder, and use either
a DoubJump or DashAtk to reach the upper blocks, then head right some more and use a Doub-
Jump to grab the [RegUp] from across the pit, then fall down and take on the Mettaur2.
Continue heading down to reach the near-beginning of the area. Retrace your steps to the
Security Cubes and open them up. On to Arcade Comp 2.
This next section is a bit tough. Imagine being inside a pinball machine, as the ball.
Yeah. Start off heading right across the bumper platforms. When you reach the ground area
again, wait for the Pierobot to appear before sliding, then attack it as you slide on
through. Do so again for the second part, and have a DoubJump chip ready to leap up to
the ledge above the apparent drop-off after the second sliding section (falling will land
you on a bouncy bumper, but...). Climb the ladder, and start bouncing your way up to the
ledges high up. Grab the two green Mystery Data packs, as well as the [HPMemory] from the
blue Mystery Data on the right, then continue right until you locate the moving yellow
platform. Ride it and locate the teleport to Arcade Comp 3.
In here is a Slot Machine Navi. If you fork down 500 Zenny, you can play the machines for
chances at winning chips. As you exit, slide to the right to grab the [HPMemory] from the
locked Mystery Data. Back out in the large room, I suggest collecting all the Zenny, but
be wary of the spikes in the middle of the room. Even with the HP you have by now (you
should have over 400), you can only take two hits before deletion. There are two more
packs of Mystery Data on the right, stuck on rather high ledges. The first one is just
normal green variety, but the blue one above it holds a valuable [MemUp]; use a well-timed
DoubJump to reach it. Drop back down and engage another Pierobot while you keep heading to
the right. You'll run into a long bouncy section (reminds me of Spring Man's stage...)
that's a bit dizzying to get past. Beware of the Mettaur2 at the end; you have to delete it
before moving on, so aim your shots very carefully to destroy it. Once it's gone, you can
simply keep heading to the right to reach the teleport to ColorMan.

ColorMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Color Ball (60 dmg), Flame Tower (80 dmg)
You'd think with such an increase in HP, he'd be harder. Meh. ColorMan is about up there
with NeedleMan at this point. For starters, bring along a LifeSrd3, and two other chips
that do over 100 dmg to end this fight quickly. ColorMan himself is quite simple, really.
Especially after the nasty fight that was QuickMan, this should be a breath of fresh air.
ColorMan's only two attacks are both simple to dodge; Color Ball is a move that sends his
ball bouncing across the screen. Either jump or slide to dodge it, and Flame Tower is a
blast of fire that shoots up from the floor at certain areas. You can dodge by hiding in
the safe spots, but as a precaution, keep your HeatArmr on for this fight. The key to this
fight is to remember that ColorMan's ball (which makes up the majority of his body),
cannot be harmed. Jump to fire your attacks, indeed, get in close when he fires off that
ball to swipe at him with your LifeSrd P.A., then possibly an IceSlshr and TreeBom2 combo,
followed up by whatever you need to deplete his little-remaining HP. As his HP gets lower,
he will change the angle of his ColorBall, so be warned that it's tougher to dodge. Still,
this fight shouldn't last more than 15 or so seconds. Winning this fight earns you the
ClrBall chip.

Seems ColorMan had nothing to do with this chaos. He was bored from Madd ignoring him and
decided to have some fun. With one option turning up a false lead, it's time to head back
and check out the Power Plant. Do make sure to stock your Folder with Wood-based chips and
equip your ElecArmr for this stage. The Power Plant is a little rough.

11. Fun with Electricity:
(Boss: ElecMan.exe)
If you need to, go visit Yai's Garden again and stock up on some TreeBomb and Spice chips
to use in the upcoming fight, and have a full stock of DoubJump, DashAtk, and Cannon chips.
After you jack in, proceed to the right until you can see ledges leading up and to the
left. Use a DoubJump to reach one, and head left while avoiding the Fishy3 viruses (or
delete them for chips) to claim another [BckUpChp]. The next area of this stage is a long
chasm filled with Cyberbars. Stick on the bars as much as you can, and don't worry so much
about the Fishy3s as you do about staying on the bars. At one point, the bars divide into
an upper and lower; take the upper one for now that leads to some green Mystery Data, then
go back down and take the lower one. Follow it to the next ledge, and either wait for the
MegaBunny to leap off the ledge, or stay on the bar and try to delete it for either a
ZapRing3 or 400 Zenny. Continue working your way to the left along the upper Cyberbar to
reach more ledges - continue to the left for more green Mystery Data, then backtrack again
up and to the right along the gray ledges. Keep going to the right, deleting the MegaBunny
along the way, then slide into the narrow passage. Have a DoubJump ready to make the leap
over to the next ledge so you can claim the [MemUp] from the locked Mystery Data - you do
have an Unlocker, don't you? There are a couple more goodies to get while you're here.
Drop down and proceed until you reach a pit leading down. Either DoubJump or use DashAtk
to fly yourself across to grab the [PowerUP], then drop down while holding left for a
SilvFist chip, then finally, another DoubJump/DashAtk to reach the ledge opposite you to
snag the [HPMemory]. Continue on down to reach the teleport to Power Plant Comp 2.
Immediately following the teleport, a massive BigEye virus will stomp into view. Remember
these terrors from the original Mega Man? Make short work of it with some heavy attacks to
increase your chances of snagging its chip, and make your way up the ladder. Use a Doub-
Jump to reach the [HPMemory] above you, then move on to the left, and follow the winding
path through the level. Equip some MiniBombs to take out the spinning Gabyoall2 viruses,
and make your way up the ladder. The two Blaster viruses fire shots from the wall, so
have a heavy attack on hand to delete them as they open their beaks, then climb the large
ladder in the middle (notice how this stage is eerily resembling the original ElecMan's
stage?). Watch out for the electric bolts shooting out from the walls, and move in between
them during their off periods. At the top is a disappearing block segment that is insanely
easy, so don't waste a Repair trying to bring them out. At the top, have either a Bomb or
charged Buster to take out the Magnoid (try to get a MagBomb3 out of it), then climb the
ladder, again avoiding the electric bolts. If you wish to, eliminate the Fishy3 flying
about; otherwise ignore it. At the top of the ladder, go up and climb down the second one,
and leap off it to the right so you can grab the next one. Climb up, go over and back down,
this time timing a DoubJump chip so you make it onto the ladder when the bolts are turned
off. Climb this last ladder, leap over the pit and head up some more to reach the teleport
leading to ElecMan. Remember, have a complement of Wood-based chips handy (I recommend
Spice1, NeedleMn, NdlCanon, and TreeBom2, along with your 2x Roll chips stuck in the fifth
slot). ElecMan is a bit of a toughie.

ElecMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Elec | Attacks: Direct Current (120 dmg), Lightning Blaze (120 dmg)
Compared to ColorMan, ElecMan is actually fairly tough. His primary difficulty lies in
the fact that like a lot of other bosses, he can only be hit at certain points during the
battle. ElecMan's attacks do heavy, heavy damage, but your ElecArmr should nullify this
by half. Still, it's a hard fight. As with QuickMan, you cannot hurt ElecMan as he glides
back and forth, so slide under him when he does so. His Lightning Blaze attack summons
storm clouds which hurl lightning bolts at you (kind of like ThunderMan's attacks [MMBN2]),
but they're rather easy to avoid. As he does get lower on HP, he does summon more clouds
though, just so you're warned in advance. If you try to attack during one of his floating
phases, he brings up Direct Current by teleporting behind you and delivering a painful
shock. Normally, this is bad...unless of course, you use Spice1. Have a complement of 10
on hand, activate the chip, and start firing your Buster to get ElecMan to teleport to you,
at which point the Spice will take effect and inflict repeated damage on him. If you have
a full stock of chips, you shouldn't need anything else, since 9 consecutive chip attacks
do him in. However, if you miss or ElecMan's being a pest, use NeedleMn and Roll when
ElecMan opens himself up for an attack to bring him down. NdlCanon is a bit harder to work
with, so if you have troubles, try tossing your TreeBom2's. Remember that you can also
inflict damage on him when he's doing something other than floating around, so take that
time to use your NaviChips. Upon defeat, ElecMan coughs up his ThunBeam chip.

Hm. ElecMan didn't have anything to do with the Zero Virus either...just after he's beaten,
your Dad calls you to warn you about the phony e-mails that have been setting people up.
Gee, how ironic. Well, at least you got some hefty upgrades during your trip *shrug*. Now
you have a new set of missions to tackle, so head on home.

12. Slicing and Dicing:
(Boss: SwordMan.exe)
Just a tad bit of a warning, the next three stages get incredibly tough compared to what
you've faced so far. A problem arises here as MegaMan has contracted the Zero Virus, but
that doesn't stop our dynamic duo from investigating this mysterious new area known as
the Zero Account. Read your e-mail from Higsby to get a Lvl4Code, then jack into the Net
via Dex's PC. Head right and take the ladder, heading to the upper left through the network
of cyberbars and Swordy viruses. Use the Code on the Security Cube, and you'll be able to
get to Global Area 3.
In here, MegaMan will make a shortcut from your PC, so it's easier to get here later on.
Start off heading to the right; you'll eventually run into ProtoMan. Seems Chaud is off
investigating the Zero Account as well. Chit-chat with him, then drop down to the left
after Proto races off. Collect all the Zenny you come across, and head into the Data Grave-
yard. Try to get into the Undernet if you wish, but you'll get turned down. Continue going
down until you reach the conveyor belts. These move extremely quick, so be careful and look
where you leap. There's an [HPMemory] at the end. Now head up along the very small roller
platforms until you get to the top. Take out the Mettaur at the top and slide to collect
all the Zenny before finally reaching the yellow Mystery Data. MegaMan can't decode what's
contained in this MystData, so he sends it off to Dr. Hikari. Rest assured that you've
done your end of things; keep it up and you'll earn Zero's NaviChip with this later on.
Return to where you talked to ProtoMan and head his way. You'll run into a Security Cube
that you can't open, so head up the ledges to reach the portal to the Old Area.
Don't you just love how you can completely guess what Navi you'll face just by your
surroundings? This ancient network that resembles a sword museum is SwordMan's home, and
traversing it requires a bit of precision control on your part.
For the most part, this level is simple platforming. Start off heading to the right,
defeating the myriad of Swordys in your path. You'll eventually run across a Candevil1
virus; throw a bomb or fire a charged shot so you hit its candle (to keep it from
regenerating HPs) before moving on. Delete it quickly for a chip. Your primary obstacle
in this level will come in the form of steel sword blades popping out of the floor at
regular intervals. They emerge from the gray blocks, so be sure to time your movements
around them. When you reach the first part where you're jumping up and to the left, be
sure to use a DoubJump to reach the [HPMemory] high on the left wall. Continue ascending
until you reach more diagonal sword blocks. These are a bit trickier since you only have
one block footing, so be sure to be extra careful. On the top level, you'll deal with an
assortment of Swordy2 and Canodum2 viruses; delete the Canodum2s to fill out your HiCannon
chip stock. The last enemy you'll encounter here is a MegalianA - these head-like viruses
are surrounded in an aura. This one's is an Aqua-aura, so you need to blast it with an
electric attack (Satelit3s are beautiful). Make it a one-hit kill for both Aura and virus
so you can pick up the Aura chip. Once it's out of the way, continue on into Old Area 2.
This section is a bit like the first, but without so many swords. As you proceed through
the level, just head right, sliding through the narrow passages while avoiding the spikes.
Be sure to collect all the Zenny here as well. You'll reach some blue Mystery Data on the
upper right that can be reached with DashAtk or a DoubJump. Grab it for the [HPMemory],
then do the same thing a little lower on the left for a [PowerUP]. Continue heading down
until you reach more platforming sections. There are two MegalianAs in here, along with
the other viruses. You can actually let the first one sink into the pit, where its head-
lobbing attack bounces off the walls and can't hit you, but the second one is trickier.
Just have a Satelit2 or 3 chip handy to take it out. When you reach the boss teleport,
jump over it for an energy refill, and use an Unlocker to pick up another [HPMemory].
Now equip your chips for the upcoming battle (HiCannons and a LifeSrd3 recommended).

SwordMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Spiral Sword (80 dmg), Great Sword (50 dmg), Sword
                             Press (100 dmg; 50 dmg for shockwave)
SwordMan is a giant hovering...well, sword, basically. His lower body is invulnerable, so
you must hit the upper part (where the tiny head is) to cause damage. This is easier than
it sounds, actually. While maneuvering around him, know how to dodge his rapid attacks.
His Spiral Sword is an attack where the two swords on his back fly around, alternately
creating shields for SwordMan as well as trying to slice you apart. Slide around to avoid
them. The Great Sword is a airborne shockwave attack that you can slide under, and the
Sword Press occurs when SwordMan goes airborne himself and starts trying to stab you from
above. Slide around rapidly to avoid this. Now, you'll have to jump to cause any damage,
so if you want to start off with the LifeSrd3, make sure you do so when his swords aren't
blocking you up, and you have a clear shot. The rest of the time, simply leap and fire
HiCannons. He'll go down fairly easy. Pick up the SonicBld chip upon his defeat.

Scattered amongst the remains of SwordMan's data (and chips and zenny), MegaMan will pick
up the [LnkCodeX] data. Jack out, save, do what you need to do with your probably enormous
amounts of Zenny, then jack back in Global Area 3 (this time equipping the heaviest attack
chips you have available).

13. Life's Little Ups and Downs:
(Boss: GravityMan.exe)
Make your way to the next door blocking entry to the Zero Account, and use the [LnkCodeX]
to break the next security cube and reach the teleport ot the Zero Gravity area. This
stage is fairly reminiscent of the original Gravity Man stage from Mega Man 5, though more
frustrating. The first major hazard you'll run across is the gravity platforms. These tug
you down, making it difficult to accurately time jumps. Fortunately, you usually have
enough room to clear the other side without too much trouble. There are two types of
platforms: the purple ones cut your jump height in half, and the yellow ones reduce you
down by 75%. Keep this in mind and remember that later on, you'll need to adjust the fight-
ing techniques you've gotten used to thus far. Just ahead you'll start running into some
M-Cannons, so pack heavy chips here to ensure quick deletions, thus earning you their
handy M-Cannon chips. Further along the path you'll run into some Bunny viruses as well as
HammerJoes. Stay back and defeat them from far away so the gravity platforms don't inter-
fere with your battling. Eventually, you'll make it past the hail of viruses to reach the
teleport. Don't take it yet; jump over it and claim the [RegUp] from the Mystery Data
beyond. Now head to Area 2.
Ooh, now it gets fun. You'll start encountering the gravity switch devices in this section
of the stage. Just like in Mega Man 5, these reverse gravity as you cross a pit, so if you
don't time it right, you'll wind up propelling yourself directly into the pits you're
trying to avoid. Remember that every time you switch, the enemies basically do too, so get
used to fighting upside down. As you move on, beware of the Sparky2 virus hovering near
some small ledges. Take it out so you don't get knocked backwards into a pit, and move on. From here you
will start running into the switchers frequently. The best tactic that I can recommend is
to just use light jumps instead of your normal ones. It seems that more often than not,
the small jump seems to carry you over more. A short passage later (remember to use Up and
Jump here to slide), you'll run into a MegalianH virus. Similar to the Aqua-based one you
fought earlier, this one is only vulnerable to a water attack or a chip that does over its
aura HP amount. Hit it with a Bubbler or something to put it out, then attack the virus
itself. Use an ever-so-slight tiny hop to get past the switcher and you'll be free to head
on to the boss teleport.

GravityMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Gravity Hold (100 dmg)
All the Navis you've faced thus far have generally been getting progressively harder.
For some reason, GravityMan breaks that trend and is an extremely easy Navi to take down,
provided you don't mess up and be on the wrong end of things, pardon the pun. His huge
size would normally be a benefit to you, as would be the fact that he never moves, if
it weren't for the fact that his itsy bitsy head is the target here (remember Kaiser
Sigma? Yeah.). GravityMan only has a single attack, his Gravity Hold, which sends out
little spheres of gravity energy that home in on you. As you whittle his HP down, he
creates more of them, so it's tough to dodge. Beating him requires that you employ the
same tactic used in the NES Mega Man 5 - hit Gravity Man as you reverse directions in
the room (only this time, the height of your jumps control the flips). Jump high enough
and you'll pass the gravity switcher and fly to the ceiling/floor depending on where
you are. The absolute best way to take him down is to power your Buster up to its maximum
level with the PowerUPs you've been collecting so far, and then nail him with well-placed
charged shots as you leap from the floor and are heading to the ceiling. Other tactics
are using Bomb attacks (like TreeBombs) to hit him from above, but this is a bit tougher
than the other method. While taking him down, the only thing you really need to watch
out for are the conglomerating Gravity Holds, and make sure you don't crash into his
rotating arms. GravityMan gives up the GrvtyHld upon his defeat.

GravityMan leaves behind the [LnkCodeY] after he's deleted. Pick up all the Zenny and his
chip, then jack out and head back to Global Area 3 with your new item.

14. Spaced Out:
(Boss: StarMan.exe)
The [LnkCodeY] opens the second Security Cube blocking your path. Unlock it, head up the
few platforms, grab the green Mystery Data, and head through the warp to reach the No Grav
area. This area is pretty much what you would have expected - a space setting. Be wary of
the environment around you since your jumping height is nearly tripled, and MegaMan will
often move slower than he normally would. From the beginning of the area, leap over the
warp and head left, where you'll find some green Mystery Data as well as some blue variety
containing a FireBlde chip. Take the time here to practice jumping and settling so you
don't get messed up later on in the level. First things first, set FireMan as your Regular
Chip, but don't use him until much later. I'll tell you when to use him, but for now, just
keep him in reserve. Head to the right until you run into yet another Megalian virus. This
one has a Wood Aura, so use that handy FireBlde you just picked up to waste it and move on.
For the most part, the remainder of the stage looks and feels quite similar to the original
Star Man level, what with all the spiked ceilings and other hazards. Be very careful of
your jumps and always be mindful of what's around you. The Yort viruses you soon run into
don't make things any easier, as their spinning yo-yos can block your attacks. Along the
path, you'll be able to take a side path upwards to grab a helpful [HPMemory]. Grab it and
either dodge or use bomb attacks to destroy the Gabyoalls in the small inlets further
along. You'll also reach a point where you can drop down and thread your way through a
spike-lined pit section. Doing so successfully will net you a [BckUpChp] and a [MemUp].
The final part of this stage involves leaping over some spike sections while riding a
moving platform. Time your jumps with extreme precision to cross. Once you're through here,
cross another section across a long Cyberbar, and you're home free, at least, until you
reach the teleport to Area 2.
Just inside, your temporary Zero Virus vaccine wears off. Awww... but Dad comes in to save
the day with an actual vaccine to fix MegaMan permanently! But Dad warns you that the
virus is mutating, so this vaccine won't last long against newer evolutions. Heed his
advice and start heading through the rest of the stage. Far more Yort and Yart viruses
await you here. Just  past the start, you can cross some narrow ledges and drop down at
the end to deal with another Yart. Defeat it and claim the Zenny you seemingly passed up
as well as the Green Mystery Data it was guarding. The next area splits into two paths:
one upper and one lower. Take the lower Cyberbar to reach a MegalianW virus. Defeat it
with another Fire chip, and start making your way up the ledges to the top of the area.
Defeat the Yart above you and head up and left to reach the [HPMemory], then continue
making your way through the path laid out until you reach a wide open room with a big and
scary BigYart.

BigYart strategy
HP: 300 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Spike Yo-Yo (80 dmg), Homing Missile (30 dmg)
Despite having a large HP amount, this one is quite easy. Remember keeping FireMan in your
Regular Chip slot? Select him now, and use your MegaBuster to wipe out the missiles it
shoots until it settles down to your level. Now simply activate FireMan to send a punish-
ing blast of fire that cuts right through the BigYart's rotating shields. In fact, FireMan
puts out so much pain on the boss that a single use toasts it. With luck, you may earn a
Yo-Yo3 from beating this mini-boss.

After taking out the BigYart, simply head down the path, grabbing the energy refill along
the way to reach the boss teleport. Yay, StarMan.

StarMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Star Arrow (80 dmg), Meteor (120 dmg), Dragon Sprite
                             Gun (120 dmg)
Geez, he can be an annoying pain. StarMan, for as cheesy and wimpy as he looks, is
certainly no pushover. All of his attacks can pummel you to mere cyber dust, and the fact
that he disappears practically every time you try to fire doesn't help. The trick to
beating StarMan lies in hitting him while he's busy setting up an attack - it's the only
time he can't do his teleport move and dodge. His attacks are pretty nasty: the Star
Arrow fires out arrow attacks in eight directions, but you can slip in between the safe
points to dodge. Meteo occurs when he spins in the air and vanishes, in his place creating
a hail of stars that rain down on the battlefield. The best way to avoid this one is to
try to slide under him as he disappears. The Dragon Sprite Gun is an upgraded Meteo that
hurls almost twice as many stars, and dodging this one is purely luck of the draw depend-
ing on where StarMan is when he executes the attack. If you have a DoubJump or Invis
chip, you can use that as well to dodge the attack. Since StarMan disappears whenever you
try to attack, you can actually control his movements to a certain degree. If he comes in
too high, you can normally just leap to get him to teleport and try again. Have your
most powerful chips, like M-Cannon and HiCannon, as well as a couple Navi chips ready to
blast him as he initiates an attack. If your Buster's powered up enough, you can cause
significant damage with that as well. This fight is tough, and I'd seriously recommend
bringing a couple energy SubChips to the fight. When StarMan is finally beaten, you'll
earn his StrArrow chip.

Defeating StarMan also gives you the [LnkCodeZ], the final piece to unlocking the Zero
Account. Despite having beaten the Navi selling the fake vaccine, StarMan still doesn't
yield any clues to your quest. He mutters about not knowing what "that guy" is planning
to do, then teleports out. Oh well, move on with the new code to the final area of the
Zero Account.

15. The Zero Account:
(Boss: Zero.exe)
As before, use the Zenny you've earned to buy some more upgrades and chips, and if you
like, fight StarMan in the simulator for his chip, then jack in once more to Global Area
3. Head all the way through this time, opening up the final Security Cube. Here, you
can slide through the narrow passage and use the Slide-Jump move to get up, or rely on
a DoubJump chip. However you do it, head to the teleport leading to the final area of
the Zero Account.
Once in the network area, start off dropping off the ledge you're on and head to the left.
Have a couple IronBody and MetalBdy chips on hand to traverse the spike sections; doing
so will reward you with a [RegUp], provided you have an Unlocker on hand. Eliminate the
nearby Popper3, collect the "ExCDHnt2" data, then DoubJump up to the second locked Mystery
Data - this one contains an [HPMemory]. Now either backtrack through the spikes (if you
still have chips left), or simply kill yourself off to start over. However you do it,
head right this time, leaping onto the conveyor belt and immediately leaping up and left
before you slam into the spiked wall. You can grab some more random Mystery Data if you
jump over the spike wall, too. On the ledge to the left of the spikes, take out the
Candevil2, then use a DoubJump to fit through the high and narrow passage. In here, take
out the two Blaster viruses on the walls, and carefully make your way to the [HPMemory]
and [PowerUP] located in the two chunks of blue Mystery Data. Now go back down along the
main path, collecting all the Zenny along the way. You'll also start encountering mass
numbers of Megalian viruses, so either use M-Cannons plus Buster fire to kill them, use
elemental attacks, or do what I normally do and use a couple Invis1 or 2 chips to totally
bypass them (unless you want to try for chips; I like saving the M-Cannon for Zero). When
the path divides, use a DoubJump to stay along the upper path, taking out the remaining
Megalians in your path. Also be sure to destroy the Blasters stuck on the walls. Once you
reach the end, you'll have to jump out and around a spike section, then another crafty
jump and slide maneuver to reach the [MemUp] hidden at the top. With these items out of
the way, continue heading down to the remaining conveyor belts. Be extremely careful with
your jumps here so you don't land on the spikes below. Again, when the path divides, use
a DoubJump to take the upper path so you can reach the [HPMemory] and the [BckUpChp].
From here, simply slide off the left edge of where the HPMemory was, and you'll land in
front of the teleport to Zero (bypassing the MegalianE as well). I don't think I still
need to tell you to have all your attacks ready and chips on standby, but... anyway, gear
up for the fight against Zero, because without the right timing, he can be very difficult.

Zero.exe strategy
HP: 800 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Triple Mag Saber (80 dmg), ZetSaber (100 dmg), Holy
                             Thunder Saber (150 dmg), Phantom Zero (300 dmg)
Yipes. It seems Zero knows all too well who you are. As you can see, Zero packs some
heavy-hitting attacks. You do not want to be in the crossfire of any of these, particular-
ly the ones where he teleports around and tries to use his Saber strikes to slash you to
pieces (his Saber has quite a bit of range on it). Your chief advantage in this battle is
both his size and speed. Zero lumbers around a bit, making him easier to hit, but there's
a catch. Yes, just like BrightMan, QuickMan, and ElecMan, Zero will block your attacks if
you simply launch chips. The workaround is also the same: fire your MegaBuster at him to
trigger his guard and teleport move, then slide under him just as he appears to avoid his
three-strike ZetSaber move. Zero is a sitting duck while executing his ZetSaber, so use
your most powerful attacks to wipe out his HP while you can (TreeBombs, LifeSrd Program
Advances, Punches, and M-Cannons are some really nice things to have). However, despite
this easy method to beating him, you'll still have to contend with his other attacks: his
Triple Mag Saber is a simple Saber swipe that he uses if you venture too close for comfort
(stay away from him unless you're going to set up an attack), the Holy Thunder Saber is
preceded by Zero leaping into the air, giving you a small window of time to dodge. The
attack itself is a somersault Saber slash similar to moves Zero performs in the Mega Man X
games, followed up by a downward strike. Slide away from him to avoid the whole attack.
The Phantom Zero, on the other hand, is something quite mean and nasty. Zero flies to one
edge of the screen, glows red, then unleashes two immense Saber waves that have little
trouble wiping out your HP. The only reliable way to avoid this is with the use of Invis,
MetalBdy or IronBdy chips. Even though Zero isn't as tough as a couple other bosses, his
deadly attacks can make short work of you. Defeat him and the powerful Z-Saber chip is

Having been defeated, Zero calmly accepts his fate in a mannerism strangely similar to
that of his X series demeanor. As he acknowledges that his viral state is a danger to
society, Chaud and ProtoMan arrive on scene (seems odd how this kid is the world's best
NetBattler, yet is late for almost every major battle. Hrm...). Here's where the plot can
differ. Remember back in the Graveyard where you got the MystData? I hope you got it,
because otherwise ProtoMan will delete Zero and you won't have the opportunity to gain
his Navi chip. With the MystData, Dr. Hikari breaks into the conversation with the gleeful
news that he's isolated the Zero Virus and can seal it off, freeing Zero to be a normal
Navi! With Zero alive and no longer a threat, you'll gain his NaviChip at the start of the
next level!
...Huh? The next level? Nope, it's not over yet. Even though the Zero Virus has been
eliminated, the threat hasn't been stopped. A strange man calling himself the "Professor"
interrupts the happy gathering with the news that he's completed work on restoring the
LifeVirus! Turns out the Zero Virus was nothing more than a distraction to divert any
attention from the evil plot! (Darn the luck!) Jack out of the net and gear up for the
final few levels (and make sure you've been collecting all your upgrade items, because
these levels get tough).

16. Shadowy Clues:
(Boss: ShadowMan.exe)
Save in Lan's room, and read your new e-mail from Yai. She gives some hints on how to
get into the UnderNet, which is where you're going to be headed if you want to find the
LifeVirus. The next e-mail you get is from Zero, provided you saved his life with the
MystData. If so, he thanks you for saving him and turning him into a real Navi. As proof
of his thanks, he attaches his NaviChip to the e-mail. This chip is immensely powerful -
it allows you to summon Zero to perform his devastating ZetSaber move. Once you're done
checking mail, buying supplies, and all pre-mission work, jack into the Net and head to
Global Area 3, where you found the Undernet entrance. Remember the purple Navi? He
wouldn't let you by before, and MegaMan's gonna have to play nasty to get past here.
Well, it takes him a couple tries, and we all know how bad MegaMan is at this stuff, but
fortunately for you, your little act seems to have convinced the Navi guarding the
entrance, and he lets you in. Head a little ways past here to meet up with GutsMan, who,
sadly enough, is unable to fit through the narrow passages. Slide on under him and take
the portal to wind up at...the Official Center?
Hmm...seems the Professor's rigged the Undernet warp to send unauthorized Navis back to
the Center. After a brief chat with Chaud and ProtoMan, MegaMan will jack out, and you'll
get e-mail from Dex. He helps you pinpoint two locations where you can search for your
needed AuthCode: (1) the old WWW Metroline at ACDC School, or (2) the Legendary Area that
is accessible via the Outer Net. Head towards the school first, and jack into the Metro-
line comp to gain access to Vacant WWW Comp 1.
The Vacant WWW Comp is fairly straightforward, though it has many pitfalls that you'll
have to contend with. The vast majority of the level is simple platform hopping, so it's
rather easy. From the start, head across the platforms until you start reaching the ones
with holes in the middle. You'll find out that these are giant nuts that require bolts
in them in order to complete the platform. But never fear, for the most part you can
simply jump over the pitfalls. Step onto the airborne bolts further along the path to
cause them to drop into the nut sockets below, then continue making your way up to the
upper path. A Candle2 virus awaits here, eliminate it with whatever you have on you,
and continue onwards. Defeat the M-Cannons as necessary and claim the Mystery Data around
you as well. When you're finished here, drop down to a new area with conveyor belts and
use an Unlocker to access an [HPMemory], then continue back to the high area, this time
dropping down and heading left to reach the teleport to area 2.
...This level is loads of fun. As if the Bank Computer mocking you with the Force Beams
didn't bring back enough repressed memories of Mega Man Classic torture, this level
recreates the horrifying railcars that can drop you at a moment's notice (a la Guts Man's
level in the original game). Yes, feel free to cry before attempting this area. The
first part of the area is easy enough. You'll immediately contend with a Snapper; take it
out with a Bomb attack or something similar. Next, watch the turnstiles and go through
them as the arrows indicate, otherwise you'll contend with some extremely fast Spooky3
viruses (and while it's nice to pick up a chip or two off them, having them hound you
through this already insane level isn't much fun at all). The DoubJump is extremely
helpful in the upcoming segments as it can sometimes save your skin if you jump too early
and almost plummet to your death. Aside from telling you where the items are (there's a
[PowerUp] on an upper ledge, a [BckUpChp] after the first set of railcars, as well as an
[HPMemory] about in the same area, to the left), this level is all about timing. There's
no specific way I can write out to guide you across the rail lines other than to have
those DoubJumps on hand, and be extremely attentive to what you do. The last section of
the stage has a very fractured rail line, so be exceedingly careful. Eventually you'll
reach the boss teleport *whew...*.

ShadowMan.exe strategy
HP: 700 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Oboro (140 dmg) | Shuriken Throw (120 dmg), Fuusha
                             (140 dmg), Shadow Slash (140 dmg)
ShadowMan has got to be one of the coolest Navis ever. He's appeared in a total of three
Battle Network games (out of five thus far), though he's quite a bit easier in this one
than in his previous BN1/BN2 incarnations. The Oboro is his most frequent attack, where
he uses two shadow doubles to confuse you. If you watch closely, the real ShadowMan has
the red scarf, so leap up and lash out with an M-Cannon or something else that can do
some heavy damage, and try to get away as quickly as possible to avoid the incoming
Shuriken attack. As his HP is whittled down, ShadowMan will throw more and more Shuriken,
as well as whip out his Fuusha move, which creates a much larger Shuriken that flies in
an arcing pattern. His final move is the Shadow Slash, which is reminiscent of a sliding
slash (sort of like Shadow Man's primary attack in Mega Man 3). However, there's an easy
way to trap him when he attempts the Oboro. Hit him right before he lands, and he'll
immediately attempt the move again about 90 percent of the time. With a complement of
10 M-Cannons on hand, you should be able to toast ShadowMan rather quickly. Defeating
him earns you the Muramasa chip, but ShadowMan vanishes to fight another day.

Despite the AuthCode having been destroyed, Lan remains optimistic and decides to send
the fragment data to Dad to see if he can reconstruct anything. For now, save and jack
back into the net from Dex's PC and head to the Outer Net area.

17. A Very Old Data Source:
(Boss: PharaohMan.exe)
From the Outer Net, make your way through here to reach NumberMan's Kiosk (if he has
anything you haven't bought, go ahead and shop), then head right and up past all the
Swordy and Fishy viruses to reach the security cube. Unlock it with your new code, and
head on to the next area. There are lots of ladders here (remember those ones in the NES
games that were near impossible to reach? Hehe), along with annoying little LaddrPrss
viruses that climb up and down them. With 300 HP each, they're not easy to take down, but
if deleted fast enough, you earn Recov150 chips. To get past the ladders, either use
DoubJumps (although you'll probably want to save them for PharaohMan's actual level), or
climb to the top, hold right (or left, depending on where you need to go), let go and
crank the Stick (or Pad) as far as you can in the direction you're headed while pressing
Up. Done correctly, you'll grab the very bottom rung of each ladder. On your way up to the
portal, you'll barely be able to see some Locked Mystery Data that's probably been
taunting you for a while. Use 2 DoubJumps to reach the Slasher chip held within, then head
through the portal to reach the Legendary WWW area.
Take a moment to enjoy the subtle PharaohMan remix. I know I will. You'll want some Repair
chips for this level as a lot of platforms aren't very stable. It should go without saying
that the series platforms over the spikes may not hold. The Locked Mystery Data above the
vanishing blocks is a Slasher. Grab it if you're fast, but you're probably better off
skipping it. RollDrills will try to ambush you as you enter the narrow paths. They're
durable, so don't be afraid to back up a bit to squeeze a few more hits. You might even
get a few IronBody chips. After that little ordeal, you'll find a few KillFleurs under-
neath you. Delete them for some TreeBom3 chips.  When you reach the platform with some
Ratty3s and Spooky2, take the hole right in the middle. Grab some Zenny and the [HPMemory]
in the blue Mystery Data to the right. The rest of the area is pretty straightforward
until you reach the spiked crusher platforms. Stand on top of the second platform and
it'll take you to a fancy little area above. To the right is a GoldFist in a Locked Data
and to the left is an always-useful [BckUpChp]. Before going up the ladder, stretch your
thumbs and get ready for some speedy work. In the alcove above the ladder is the unusual
virus Mole. It has only 10 HP, but each hit only does 1 HP of damage. The Mole will pop
out of one of the steps on the sides of the room. Hit it before it vanishes, otherwise
it'll leave. If you don't mess up, it'll give you a Recov300 chip. Yay! Head back to the
spiked platforms and take the entrance to Area 2. If you are feeling bold though, head
back to Area 1 and check the Mole's room. There will be another one. However, sometimes
the advanced Mole2 will be in there instead. The rules are the same, except this guy has
200 HP! If you win this test of endurance, you'll get the "Super Invis" chip, PopUp. Once
you're done here, return to Area 2.
In Area 2, get a Repair chip ready and use a DoubJump to grab the ladder against the left
wall. Rush to the left to get a [RegUp] from the blue Mystery Data. To the right is
another BigEye. Delete or dodge and head to the right. You should see a series of plat-
forms above you that are similar to the ones outside the Zero Account.  ump with skill
(or just use a DoubJump) and make your way to the alcove above. A [MemUp] is waiting
inside the Locked Data. A little further past that area, you'll find some blue Mystery Data
containing a TreeBomb3. Just past that you should see a BigFlappy waiting for you. Take
advantage of your position to delete it with bombs or TreeBoms before it can attack you.
Once it's taken care of, descend down the ladder into the open area. There is nothing to
the right except for some bits of Zenny and some green Mystery Data. The level is pretty
straightforward again. Once you work your way around and start descending downward, some
Rattys will be in some awkward positions. There really isn’t any really safe way to handle
them without just dropping below them and attack them from there. You should be able to
spot the Boss portal shortly. Head over to the right for a large energy canister as usual,
but above that is a piece of blue Mystery Data that can’t be reached without a DoubJump.
It’s worth it though, as it contains an extremely valuable [HPMemory] upgrade.  With that
out of the way, get your attacks ready for the upcoming boss battle.

PharaohMan.exe strategy
HP:  1000 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Sarcophagus Laser (120 dmg), Poison Anubis (40
                               dmg), Ratton (10 dmg)
For such an odd Navi, PharaohMan sure does get a lot of attention. PharaohMan himself just
floats around the room and doesn’t attack; he leaves that for his sarcophaguses. He’ll
drop one at random as he floats and drop one after a strong hit. Be sure to not let one
land on you or you’ll be “cursed” for a bit and can‘t attack. Once the sarcophagus hits
the floor, it’ll do one of its two attacks (Laser or launch a Ratton) and then vanish.
Jump or slide to dodge the laser and the Ratton does so little damage that it isn’t much
of a threat. PharaohMan’s more worrysome attack is the Poison Anubis. Once the statue
drops, it’ll launch a shockwave of poison every few seconds. It’ll stun you and is just
distracting as you are trying to fight. It can be destroyed, so do so as soon as possible.
Z-Cannon and M-Cannons are still the best attacks for this situation. PharaohMan is a
pretty slow and large target, and is pretty much a sitting duck, but the massive number of
on-screen projectiles can make this fight somewhat difficult. You may want to use some
bombs or wide-effect chips to delete the Rattons if they get in your way. Again, they do
very little damage so are more annoying than a threat. His large health may prolong the
fight, but with heavy chip attacks, he’ll fall in no time. Once PharaohMan is out of the
way, the Anubis chip and the [OldData] are yours.

After Dad finishes examining the [OldData] and the damaged AuthCode from earlier, he is
able to make a new AuthCode. Now you can enter the Undernet for the rematch with the
dangerous LifeVirus! Um, hooray.

18. Hunting the LifeVirus:
(Bosses: Firewall, CopyNavis, LifeVirus R & Core)

You have a choice here: Battle ProtoMan, or go to the Undernet. For the purposes of this
section, head to the Undernet. The next section covers the ProtoMan and Bass fights.
First, stock up on any chips you think you'll need. I usually bring along some heavy
elementals, ColorMan, Dynawave, M-Cannon and Hi-Cannon, among a few others. Also be sure
to go to Higsby and buy about 4 Unlocker subchips. When you do make it to the depths of
the Undernet, you'll run into the masses of pitfalls, deadly obstacles, and nasty, very
nasty Scutt viruses (you'll encounter all members of the family here). Everything you'd
expect from the last level, eh?
I recommend you pack your Folder with good elemental chips here; you'll probably want to
save your M-Cannons for the last boss fights. Have three of each element that will be
sufficient to break down the various auras, with your remaining six slots filled with some
Navi Chips or other hard-hitting weapons. As you progress, you'll first run into the
Scutzes with their fire auras. Delete it, move on up the ladder and you'll face another
Scutz, then you'll run into the elec-based Scuttlers. Watch their attacks as you ascend
the ladders, where at the top there are a few Scutzers with their wood auras waiting for
you. Make it past these and you'll run into a couple Scuttlest viruses - these have no
elemental weakness, so just blast loose with some heavy attacks and hope you earn a
LifeAur2 or 3 from them. Moving along, you'll find an aqua-based Scuttler tucked away
inside an alcove. Don't delete it yet; rather, use the IceCube it creates (or a DoubJump)
to reach the [HPMemory] and the [MemUp], the latter of which is contained in the locked
Mystery Data (see why I told you to buy Unlockers?). Now ride the IceCube down and hop
off at the first ledge on the right. Proceed a little further until you reach the next
Scuttle - now just repeat what you did with the last one for another [HPMemory] and [Mem-
Up], again the latter which is locked. Leap up and grab the ladder and climb up to find
more locked Mystery Data - this one holds a GoldFist chip. Now head down again, riding
the next IceCube down to the teleport - but DO NOT jump in it yet. Rather, leap over it
and continue heading left. Ride the IceCube down from the first Scuttle (it's still falling
down the shaft, heh) and leap off when you see the next ledge to grab the [MemUp] from
the blue Mystery Data. Continue heading left, using a DoubJump if need be to clear the
tricky jump, and climb the ladder. Up top, you'll gain an "ExCodeHnt3", another [HPMemory],
and both a Hammer and Slasher chip from the individual bits of Mystery Data.
Now that you've collected all the items in the game, you should be at Lvl 100, and as
powered up as you're going to be. If not, take the time now to jack out and collect the
remaining upgrades or buy some more chips to stock up on later. Also buy your max of
FullEnrg and HalfEnrg subchips, as well as some Custom Gauge ones if you wish. Now
simply jack back in and make your way back to the Undernet portal, where you'll face the
first boss of the Undernet.

Firewall strategy
HP: 1000 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Security Laser (120 dmg), Security Shot (70 dmg),
                              Security Missile (80 dmg), Mega Security Beam (150 dmg)
This piece of machinery is a total pain in the rear. It has three pieces that you must
eliminate in order to proceed deeper into the Undernet. The Firewall itself is easy to
hit, but its attacks can make rather short work of you. Also beware of the conveyors on
the floor that continually try to pull you towards the spiked wall at the back. The
Security Laser acts similar to the Bright Beam in that it homes in on MegaMan; this attack
always comes from the top cannon, while the lower one pops off small Security Shots,
making it incredibly difficult to dodge (but Invis chips help a great deal). Watch out
for the Mega Security Laser - this monster comes spewing out of the center eye structure,
and if you're jumping a lot to avoid attacks, chances are you'll likely get slapped right
in the face with this. For this battle, have ColorMan set as your Regular Chip, and let
it fly at the artillery pieces. Try to take out the lower cannon first to stop the upper
one from firing the Security Laser and force it to fire off Security Missiles (you can
take these out just like you did in that BigYart battle back in StarMan's stage). Continue
to use ColorMan to attack the upper cannon. Once both cannons are down, you should have
no problems eliminating the eye in the center. Of course, if you run low on MP, don't
hesitate to use an MPCharge subchip or something similar to make sure you don't get wasted
simply because you couldn't fire off any chips. Defeating the Firewall opens the path
to Undernet 2.

Undernet 2 is quite short. So short, in fact, that it's only a short hallway before the
next portal (admit it, you were wondering when the gated hallways were going to appear in
this game). MegaMan's HP, MP, and ChipFolder completely refresh, which is good, seeing as
you're going up for a nice little survival battle next.

CopyNavi strategies
Much like the first Mega Man game, the first Mega Man X game, and the latest two Battle
Network games, you'll face the copied versions of the first eight NetNavis you fought
earlier in a set pattern. You'll take on FireMan, GutsMan, NeedleMan, BrightMan, IceMan,
QuickMan, ElecMan, and finally, ColorMan.
The Navis moves and HP are the same as they were the first time you faced (startling not
to see any V2 or V3 Navis, eh?), so you needn't worry about powered up versions. The only
key to remember here is that the battles are survival-style: your HP and chips will not
regenerate between battles, so use chips and SubChips conservatively. For most of the
early Navis, you should be fine using your standard MegaBuster (it should be quite powered
up by now), but you may want to pull out some chips for QuickMan or BrightMan just in
case. Also, if you get deleted, any CopyNavi you have already beaten won't come back,
unless you lose all your BackUps.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done when you've conquered this phase, but don't
give yourself too much time to relax; the final two battles are just ahead. As you emerge
from the CopyNavi fights, a whole lotta Scuttlests appear out of nowhere, ambushing Lan
and MegaMan. Just when it seems you're doomed, GutsMan, Roll, and ProtoMan (and where's
Glide?) show up to take out the viruses for you. Hooray! Roll then heals you if you're
not completely at maximum, so now just head forward towards the portal leading to the
final battle with the LifeVirus.

LifeVirus R strategy
HP: 1000 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Ice Tower (150 dmg), Wood Tower (150 dmg), Thunder
                              Blaze (150 dmg), Fire Horn (150 dmg)
This fight is somewhat similar to the battle in the first Battle Network, only you have
a distinct advantage here - during battle, you'll have the supreme power to change your
Armor if you're quick enough to pause before any of the four elemental attacks connect
with you. The Ice Tower sends a succession of ice spikes roaring across the screen, with
occasional safe spots to dodge, the Wood Tower is similar, but it comes in from the left,
so you'll really have to watch for this one. You'll know Thunder Blaze is coming when the
LifeVirus' hands start to glow yellow, so try to find the dodge spots during this attack
(or just attempt to withstand it). Finally, the Fire Horn is sort of like FireMan's Fire
Arm; you'll have to slide and get very close to the LifeVirus to dodge this one. As you
might have expected, the LifeVirus is protected by an aura, but it's not the typical
LifeAura you might expect. Its aura changes by which element its using, so you can try
to use a counter-element, or do what I do and use either ColorMan chips or Dynawaves -
they both do 100 HP of damage (enough to break the aura) and both of them can inflict
successive damage, meaning you can break the aura and damage the LifeVirus at the same
time. Just watch out for the Tower attacks as they can block your Dynawave attacks. Keep
it up and don't let up on your attacks and the LifeVirus should eventually go down for
the count...well, at least...halfway...anyway.

So you took down the LifeVirus again, huh? Oh no you didn't. This time the LifeVirus has
a second form, that of its viral core. Don't get too worked up, this fight is actually
loads easier than the last, provided you have some health subchips or Recovery chips along
with heavy-damage chips.

LifeVirus Core strategy
HP: 800 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Life Bubble (999 dmg*)
The * next to the damage rating means variable, since the first time you're hit, you'll
be reduced to 1 HP. The LifeVirus now becomes this incredibly ugly core-like creature, and
almost emulating the final battle of Mega Man 2, this thing moves in a figure-8 pattern
around the room. The Life Bubbles it drops are what reduce your HP to 1 on the first hit
(thankfully, subsequent impacts do you no harm), so wait to get hit, then heal yourself
with a FullEnrg SubChip, and begin to engage the Core. Provided you have some distance
attacks left, you should optimally use those, as well as any Program Advances you might
be able to throw in. However, your charged Buster works just as well, delivering over 100
HP of damage in of itself. Just stay away from the Core as it moves in its pattern, and
keep nailing it to bring it down for good.

Oh, my. That is quite a problem that the LifeVirus has been brought down, now isn't it.
But don't count the Prof out just yet. Let him ramble on some more about how he'll build
another one, yada yada, until the Official NetBattlers burst in on him and place him
under arrest. How'd they find him? Well, you find out anyway, but seems good ol' Zero
used his Zero Virus for good as well - the virus is his eyes and ears, remember? With
a signature as large as the LifeVirus, Zero comments that pinpointing his location was
hardly any effort, and he alerted the Officials. Game over, Prof. Well, this is, of
course, assuming that you were gracious enough to save the red Navi from deletion. If
you didn't (you should be ashamed of yourself), the Professor gets away to fight another
day, assumably. We think.

19. Optional Material:
Return, for a moment, back to the final level, right before you went LifeVirus hunting,
and it gave you a choice to fight ProtoMan. This section will cover the details on this
optional boss fight, and the last information on how to fill out your Data Library and
unlock the game's final secret Navi, Bass.exe.

ProtoMan.exe strategy
HP: 800 | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Wide Sword (70 dmg), ProtoShield (40 dmg), Step
                             Sword (70 dmg), Life Sword (120 dmg)
ProtoMan may not have powerful attacks, but the fact that he moves so quickly and chains
attacks together can really help in wiping your HP down in no time. For starters, do not
come in here without Invis3 or 2 set as your Regular Chip, along with M-Cannon, DropDown,
PopUp, and the chips for a LifeSrd3 in your Folder and ready to use. Stock up on energy
and FstGauge/FullCust SubChips and don't be afraid to use them if you think you have a
decent shot at winning. ProtoMan is very quick, and never stays out of your face. His
parrying attacks are quick enough to hit you no matter where you try to run, so you should
try to have your Invis chips (or other chips that grant you invincibility) to withstand
his attacks while still having the power to assault him back. One thing I found to work
is to stock your Folder so you can have two LifeSrd3 Program Advances, then use Invis3s
when he attacks, letting loose your LifeSrd3 as he tries to slash at you - instant 400
dmg attack. Zero and Roll NaviChips are also good, as are the aforementioned M-Cannons,
PopUps and DropDowns. Make no mistake about it, ProtoMan is extremely tough. You should
always keep a couple Invis chips in reserve to withstand his deadly Life Sword attack
since it covers nearly the whole screen. Defeating him earns you the VarSwrd chip as a

To learn how to effectively use VarSwrd, check out the listing of attacks under Secrets
and Tips. Now that ProtoMan's out of the way, you should re-battle him in the Simulator
and try your darndest to earn his chip. Not only does this allow you to create the final
Program Advance you need, but it opens the path to the final secret Navi. Now that you
have 136 of the 137 chips, Mayl sends you an e-mail with info about an incredibly powerful
Navi that is rumored to reside in Den Area 3. Head back there and to the top where that
black Security Cube was. The cube opens now that you have all but one chip, and you can
head on through to challenge the black Navi.

Bass.exe strategy
HP: Unknown | Element: Neutral | Attacks: Homing Spark (300 dmg), Delete Tower (300 dmg),
                                 Spark Chaser (300 dmg), Cross Burst (300 dmg)
This fight is very, very tough. Especially since you never actually deplete his HP, it's
extremely hard to gauge whether or not you're even inflicting any damage. For the most
part, this battle is a series of phases you must complete in order to score your hits on
Bass. As you can see from above, Bass' attacks put some major hurt on you. Bass possesses
his trademark LifeAura here, meaning that you can't damage him unless you remove his
aura first. Removing it means hitting it with an attack over 100 HP of damage points, so
if you come into this fight with chips less than that, you're pretty much guaranteed a
loss. You'll first need to hit Bass with a chip that does over 100 dmg to remove his
LifeAura, then hit him with a chip to force him on to the next attack. His battle plan
looks something like this: He starts off with the Homing Spark. Quickly eliminate the
aura and hit Bass, and repeat until the aura regenerates. His new attack will be the
Delete Tower, a move where Bass tosses bombs that explode on the ground, shooting pillars
of destructive energy. Find the safe spots to dodge, and attack him again. The third time
his aura regenerates, he begins to use Spark Chaser. This attack sends sparks beams after
MegaMan, similar to BrightMan's weapon, only these can turn twice in mid-air. Repeat the
damage step, and his aura will regenerate a fourth time. This time, Bass delivers the
Cross Burst. This extremely tough move to dodge sends four sparks into the air which then
erupt into cross patterns. There are tiny safe spots you can try to find in between the
explosions. Once his aura returns for the fifth time, Bass brings out the real pain. He'll
start to randomly generate attacks while his aura goes down and back up. Eventually,
though, his aura stops regenerating, and you can nail him with your attacks. Amazingly,
even though you appear to be doing the equivalent of about 5 HP of damage per hit, Bass'
cloak eventually shreds to pieces, and Bass descends to the ground, wondering just how
in the blazes you withstood his onslaught. For staying alive, you'll earn the final chip
in the Library, the Bass NaviChip.

Upon getting this far in the guide, you should be at Level 100 and have a complete Data
Library of 137 of 137 chips, as well as beaten the game. Congratulations on a job well
done. The rest of this guide deals with the miscellaneous info such as BattleChip stats,
virus stats, secrets and tips, and all that other good stuff. Read on.

20. Battle Chip Data:
There are 137 Chips to be found in the Data Library here. Try maxing them out once you've
acquired them for the best results. Keep in mind that some chips can only be used when
you're on the ground; other than that, you should be set. The chips are divided into a
couple of categories:
- C #: The Chip's Library #
- NAME: The name of the BattleChip
- DMG: Damage rating in HPs (VAR = variable damage; N/A = Non-attack chip)
- E: Elemental Attribute (N=Neutral / F = Fire / A = Aqua / W = Wood / E - Elec)
- MP: Amount of MP it costs to use the Chip.
- RAR: The rarity of the chip; the more stars, the harder it is to get.
- MX: The highest amount of the Chip you can carry.
- DESCRIPTOR: Description of the Chip's function.

C #	NAME	    DMG     E	 MP    RAR     MX    DESCRIPTOR	
---     ----        ---     -    --    ---     --    ----------
001	Cannon 	    040     N	 08    *       30    A cannon with a powerful forward attack
002	HiCannon    080     N	 16    **      20    A cannon with a powerful forward attack
003	M-Cannon    120     N	 32    ***     10    A cannon with a powerful forward attack
004	Shotgun     040     N	 08    *       30    Explosion spreads forward after hitting
005	V-Gun       050     N	 08    *       20    Spreads diagonally in two directions
006	CrossGun    060     N	 16    *       20    Spreads forward, up and down
007	Spreader    070     N	 20    **      10    Explosion spreads widely after hitting
008	Bubbler     050     A	 08    *       30    Explosion spreads forward after hitting
009	Bub-V       060     A	 08    *       20    Spreads diagonally in two directions
010	BubCross    070     A	 16    **      20    Spreads forward, up and down
011	BubSpred    080     A	 20    ***     10    Explosion spreads widely after hitting
012	HeatShot    050     F	 08    *       30    Explosion spreads forward after hitting
013	Heat-V      060     F	 08    *       20    Spreads diagonally in two directions
014	HeatCros    070     F	 16    **      20    Spreads forward, up and down
015	HeatSprd    080     F	 20    ***     10    Explosion spreads widely after hitting
016	MiniBomb    050     N	 08    *       30    Throws bomb forward in a parabola
017	LilBomb     050     N	 16    *       20    Throw bomb forward that explodes sideways
018	CrosBomb    060     N	 20    **      20    Throw bomb that explodes in a cross pattern
019	BigBomb     080     N	 24    ***     10    Throws large bombs forward
020	TreeBom1    100     W	 24    *       20    Throws tree seeds forward!
021	TreeBom2    120     W	 28    **      20    Throws tree seeds forward!
022	TreeBom3    140     W	 32    ***     20    Throws tree seeds forward!
023	Sword       080     N	 08    *       20    Cuts the enemy in front of you!
024	WideSwrd    080     N	 16    *       20    Cuts the enemy in front of you! Vertically wide
025	LongSwrd    080     N	 16    *       20    Throws tree seeds forward! Long to the side
026	FireSwrd    100     F	 24    **      10    A vertically wide flame sword!
027	AquaSwrd    100     A	 24    **      10    A vertically wide water sword!
028	ElecSwrd    100     E	 24    ***     10    A vertically wide electric sword!
029	FireBlde    090     F	 24    ***     10    A horizontally long flame sword!
030	AquaBlde    090     A	 24    ***     10    A horizontally long water sword!
031	ElecBlde    090     E	 24    ***     10    A horizontally long electric sword!
032	SonicBld    080     N	 24    ****    05    A sword attack with a shockwave to left and right
033	Z-Saber     080     N	 48    ****    01    A powerful three-stage sword attack!
034	Kunai1      050     N	 16    *       20    Shoots spinning kunais diagonally up
035	Kunai2      060     N	 16    **      20    Shoots spinning kunais diagonally up and down
036	Kunai3      070     N	 16    ***     20    Shoots spinning kunais in an X pattern
037	CustSwrd    Var     N	 32    ****    10    Attack's power is based on Custom Gauge level
038	Muramasa    VAR     N	 64    *****   05    Cursed sword that gains power as you lose HP
039	VarSwrd     VAR     N	 32    ****    05    A kaleidoscopic, technical sword
040	Slasher     180     N	 32    ****    10    Cut the enemy with perfect stance & timing!
041	ShockWav    040     N	 08    *       30    Smashes blocks with pickax for a shockwave attack!
042	SonicWav    070     N	 16    **      20    Smashes blocks with pickax for a shockwave attack!
043	DynaWav     100     N	 24    ***     10    Smashes blocks with pickax for a shockwave attack!
044	FireArm     030     F	 24    ****    05    Flamethrower attack that pierces obstacles
045	FootStmp    090     N	 24    ***     10    Jumps onto and crushes the enemy
046	DoubJump    N/A     N	 24    ***     10    Use this in the air to jump even higher!
047	GutPunch    100     N	 16    ****    05    Punches what is in front of you to push forward
048	ColdPnch    080     A	 16    **      10    Cold air punch that pushes things forward
049	BrnzFist    080     N	 16    **      15    A mystical fist of power!
050	SilvFist    120     N	 24    ***     10    A mystical fist of power!
051	GoldFist    160     N	 32    ****    05    A mystical fist of power!
052	IceSlshr    100     A	 16    ****    05    Slashes the enemy with a blade of ice!
053	QuikBmrg    060     N	 16    ****    05    A boomerang attack that arcs out and returns
054	ClrBall     080     F	 16    ****    05    Throws small bouncing balls
055	ThunBeam    060     E	 16    ****    05    An electric attack moving in three directions
056	GrvtyHld    020     N	 20    ****    05    A slow gravity bolt that pierces the terrain
057	StrArrow    040     N	 32    ****    05    A shining arrow that you can even ride
058	DashAtk     090     N    16    *       10    A dashing attack in the direction you are facing
059	Wrecker     080     N    16    **      20    An attack that throws wrecking balls
060	CannBall    120     N    24    ***     10    An attack that throws cannon balls
061	Hammer      160     N	 32    ****    05    An attack that throws hammers
062	DoubNdl     050     N	 12    *       30    Fires off two needles!
063	TripNdl     050     N	 16    **      20    Fires off three needles!
064	QuadNdl     050     N	 20    ***     10    Fires off four needles!
065	NdlCanon    020     W	 20    ****    05    Fires off eight needles!
066	Ratton1     070     N	 16    *       10    A rat missile that crawls along the ground
067	Ratton2     080     N	 18    **      10    A rat missile that crawls along the ground
068	Ratton3     090     N	 20    ***     10    A rat missile that crawls along the ground
069	3-Way       060     N	 16    *       20    Fires busters in three directions
070	RemoPlug    080     E    16    ****    05    A remote-control plug attack!
071	Tornado     020     N    16    **      15    Forms a tornado in front of you
072	Twister     020     W    16    **      15    Forms a tornado in front of you
073	Blower      020     F    16    **      15    Forms a tornado in front of you
074	Burner      080     F    32    **      10    Surrounds you in flames!
075	ZapRing1    020     E    12    *       10    Electric ring attack that paralyzes!
076	ZapRing2    040     E    16    **      10    Electric ring attack that paralyzes!
077	ZapRing3    060     E    20    ***     10    Electric ring attack that paralyzes!
078	Satelit1    060     E    20    **      10    Bobbing satellite, spins off obstacles
079	Satelit2    080     E    26    **      10    Bobbing satellite, spins off obstacles
080	Satelit3    100     E    32    ***     10    Bobbing satellite, spins off obstacles
081	Spice1      040     W    16    *       10    Attacks with dangerous powder on body
082	Spice2      060     W    24    **      10    Attacks with dangerous powder on body
083	Spice3      080     W    32    ***     10    Attacks with dangerous powder on body
084	MagBomb1    080     E    16    **      10    Stops the enemy's attack for a moment!
085	MagBomb2    090     E    20    ***     10    Stops the enemy's attack for a moment!
086	MagBomb3    100     E    24    ****    10    Stops the enemy's attack for a moment!
087	Yo-Yo1      040     N    16    *       10    A yo-yo attack that pierces and returns back!
088	Yo-Yo2      050     N    20    **      10    A yo-yo attack that pierces and returns back!
089	Yo-Yo3      060     N    24    ***     10    A yo-yo attack that pierces and returns back!
090	Guard       N/A     N    16    *       10    Can be used to convert attacks into shockwaves
091	ShldGard    N/A     N    16    **      10    Can be used to convert attacks into shockwaves
092	HiGuard     N/A     N    16    ***     10    Can be used to convert attacks into shockwaves
093	Repair      N/A     N    08    *       05    Restores terrain! Can save fading footholds
094	Recov10     N/A     N    08    *       15    Replenishes 10 HPs
095	Recov30     N/A     N    08    *       10    Replenishes 30 HPs
096	Recov80     N/A     N    16    **      05    Replenishes 80 HPs
097	Recov150    N/A     N    20    ***     05    Replenishes 150 HPs
098	Recov300    N/A     N    32    ****    05    Replenishes 300 HPs
099	Candle1     N/A     N    16    **      05    Places a candle that gradually restores HPs
100	Candle2     N/A     N    24    ***     05    Places a candle that gradually restores HPs
101	Candle3     N/A     N    32    ****    05    Places a candle that gradually restores HPs
102	RockCube    N/A     N    24    **      05    Places a stone cube in front of you
103	IceCube     020     A    24    **      05    Places an ice cube in front of you
104	Anubis      020     N    64    *****   05    Places Anubis that steals the enemy's energy
105	Invis1      N/A     N    12    *       05    For a short time, you are invisible and invulnerable
106	Invis2      N/A     N    24    **      05    For a short time, you are invisible and invulnerable
107	Invis3      N/A     N    36    ***     05    For a short time, you are invisible and invulnerable
108	DropDown    N/A     N    64    ****    05    For a set time, you are invisible and invulnerable
109	PopUp       N/A     N    64    *****   05    For a set time, you are invisible and invulnerable
110	StoneBod    N/A     N    08    *       05    For a set time, you can't move or be attacked
111	IronBody    N/A     N    12    **      05    You can't shoot, but the enemy can't hurt you
112	MetalBdy    N/A     N    16    ***     05    You can't shoot, but the enemy can't hurt you
113	Barrier     N/A     N    16    **      05    You take no damage from one attack!
114	AquaAura    N/A     A    32    ****    05    Attacks under 40 have no effect; weak vs. electric
115	FireAura    N/A     F    32    ****    05    Attacks under 40 have no effect; weak vs. water
116	WoodAura    N/A     W    32    ****    05    Attacks under 80 have no effect; weak vs. fire
117	ElecAura    N/A     E    32    ****    05    Attacks under 80 have no effect; weak vs. wood
118	LifeAur1    N/A     N    32    *****   05    Repels attacks less than 80; has no weakness
119	LifeAur2    N/A     N    32    *****   05    Repels attacks less than 100; has no weakness
120	LifeAur3    N/A     N    32    *****   05    Repels attacks less than 150; has no weakness
121	Roll        080     N    24    **      05    Attacks one enemy and replenishes HPs
122	GutsMan     090     N    24    ****    05    Smashes the ground, causing a shockwave!
123	ProtoMan    160     N    48    *****   05    Hunts the enemy down and cuts it!
124	FireMan     040     F    32    ****    05    Emits flames that pierce walls horizontally
125	NeedleMn    080     W    32    ****    05    Fires needle cannon from all over air!
126	BrightMn    020     E    32    ****    05    Emits blinding flash of light to stun enemies!
127	IceMan      090     A    32    ****    05    Grows pillars of ice to attack the enemy!
128	QuickMan    060     N    32    ****    05    Throws a Quick Boomerang that pierces terrain!
129	ColorMan    100     N    32    ****    05    Generates large balls to throw at enemy
130	ElecMan     090     E    32    ****    05    Calls storm clouds to shoot off lightning!
131	SwordMan    060     N    48    ****    05    Unleashes a devastating sword attack!
132	GravtyMn    N/A     N    48    ****    05    Uses gravity to wipe out small Viruses!
133	StarMan     050     N    48    ****    05    Calls a swarm of meteors from outer space!
134	Zero	    100     N    64    *****   01    A three-stage attack using the Z-Saber!
135	PharoMan    030     N    56    *****   05    Calls forth a laser coffing; adjusts angle
136	ShadowMn    090     N    56    *****   05    Appears out of the darkness to throw shurikens!
137	Bass        060     N    64    *****   05    Covers whole screen with an air burst!

21. Virus Data:
Again shortening the list of items, et. al in this game, there are only 91 unique types
of viruses to be encountered. The following descriptions give each Virus' name and HP,
their element, collision dmg (if you run into them), attack dmg (if they hit you), as
well as what chips each one will drop.
N/A means No Attacks, since there are some viruses that never directly attack, but you
can still take damage from (by running into them, etc).

01. Mettaur [40 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 10 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (5 dmg) / Shockwave (10 dmg)
    Chips dropped: ShockWav, Guard

02. Mettaur2 [70 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 30 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (15 dmg) / Shockwave (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: ShockWav, Guard

03. Mettaur3 [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80 HP
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (40 dmg) / Shockwave (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: DynaWave, Guard

04. Canodumb [40 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 10 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Target Shoot (10 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Cannon

05. Canodumb2 [80 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 50 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Target Shoot (50 dmg)
    Chips dropped: HiCannon

06. Canodumb3 [140 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Target Shoot (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: M-Cannon

07. Beetank [60 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 15 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: MiniBomb (15 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LilBomb, MiniBomb

08. Beetank2 [80 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: CrosBomb (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LilBomb, MiniBomb, CrosBomb

09. Beetank3 [120 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: BigBomb (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LilBomb, BigBomb, CrosBomb

10. Fishy [70 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: DashAtk

11. Fishy2 [100 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 40 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Body Burn (50 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Burner

12. Fishy3 [120 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 70 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: DashAtk

13. Spooky [40 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 10 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Recov10, Recov30, Invis1

14. Spooky2 [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Recov80, Invis1, Invis2

15. Spooky3 [140 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 120 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Recov150, Invis2, Invis3

16. Bunny [40 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 10 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: ZapRing (10 dmg)
    Chips dropped: ZapRing1

17. TuffBunny [80 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 40 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: ZapRing (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: ZapRing2

18. MegaBunny [120 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 70 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: ZapRing (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: ZapRing3

19. Puffy [100 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 70 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: BubSprd

20. Buffy [200 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 70 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Blast (70 dmg)
    Chips dropped: HeatSprd

21. BigPuffy [150 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 100 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: None

22. PuffyBob [120 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 50 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: None

23. MiniPuffy [120 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 50 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Bubbler, Bub-V

24. CanDevil [130 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 60 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Blast (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Recov30, Recov80, Candle1

25. CanDevil2 [160 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 100 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Blast (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Recov30, Recov80, Candle2

26. CanDevil3 [300 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 160
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Blast (160)
    Chips dropped: Recov30, Recov80, Candle3

27. Mushy [40 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 40 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Poison Dust (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Spice1

28. Mashy [100 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 60 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Poison Dust (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Spice2

29. Moshy [120 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 80 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Poison Spread (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Spice3

30. Swordy [80 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Slashing (20 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Sword, LongSwrd

31. Swordy2 [120 HP | Fire]
    Collision dmg: 60 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Slashing (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: WideSwrd, LongSwrd, FireSwrd

32. Swordy3 [140 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 60 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Slashing (90 dmg)
    Chips dropped: WideSwrd, LongSwrd, AquaSwrd

33. Ratty [30 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 10 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Mini-Ratton (10 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Ratton1

34. Ratty2 [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Mini-Ratton (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Ratton2

35. Ratty3 [160 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 120 dmg
    Attacks & dmg: Mini-Ratton (120 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Ratton3

36. Popper [40 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 60
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: 3-Way, StoneBod

37. Popper2 [60 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: 3-Way, Barrier

38. Popper3 [80 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: 3-Way (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: 3-Way, DropDown, Barrier

39. Spikey [90 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Shot (20 dmg)
    Chips dropped: HeatShot, Heat-V

40. Spikey2 [120 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Cross (40 dmg) / Heat Spread (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: HeatShot, Heat-V, HeatCros

41. Spikey3 [140 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: Heat Spread (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Heat-V, HeatCros, HeatSprd

42. Shrimpy [70 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 30
    Attacks & dmg: Bubbler (30 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Bubbler, Bub-V

43. Shrimpy2 [90 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Bubble Cross (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Bub-V, BubCross

44. Shrimpy3 [110 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: Bubble Spread (50 dmg)
    Chips dropped: BubCross, BubSpred

45. Sparky [60 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Satelit1

46. Sparky2 [80 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 60
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Satelit2

47. Sparky3 [120 HP | Elec]
    Collision dmg: 120
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Satelit3

48. ShellGeek [40 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 20
    Attacks & dmg: Double Needle (40 dmg [20 x 2])
    Chips dropped: DoubNdl

49. ShellNerd [60 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 30
    Attacks & dmg: Triple Needle (90 dmg [30 x 3])
    Chips dropped: TripNdl

50. ShellMan [80 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Quad Needle (160 dmg [40 x 4])
    Chips dropped: QuadNdl

51. KillPlant [40 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Tree Bomb (40 dmg) / Wood Tower (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: TreeBom1

52. KillWeed [60 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: Tree Bomb (50 dmg) / Wood Tower (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: TreeBom2

53. KillFleur [120 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 60
    Attacks & dmg: Tree Bomb (470 dmg) / Wood Tower (140 dmg)
    Chips dropped: TreeBom3

54. Magneaker [50 HP | Electric]
    Collision dmg: 30
    Attacks & dmg: Mag Bomb (40 dmg), Tackle (30 dmg)
    Chips dropped: MagBomb1

55. Magmacker [70 HP | Electric]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Mag Bomb (40 dmg), Tackle (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: MagBomb2

56. Magnoid  [110 HP | Electric]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: Mag Bomb (80 dmg), Tackle (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: MagBomb3

57. Mole [10 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Recov300
    ***NOTE:  This virus only takes 1 HP of dmg from any type of attack***

58. Mole2 [200 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: PopUp
    ***NOTE:  This virus only takes 1 HP of dmg from any type of attack***

59. Snapper [120 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 60
    Attacks & dmg: Shuriken (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Kunai1

60. Snapper2 [160 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: Shuriken (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Kunai2

61. Snapper3 [200 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: Shuriken (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Kunai3

62. Gabyoall [60 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 30
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: StoneBod

63. Gabyoall2 [90 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: IronBody

64. Gabyoall3 [80 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: MetalBody

65. Yort [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: Yo-Yo (50 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Yo-Yo1

66. Yurt [120 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 70
    Attacks & dmg: Yo-Yo (70 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Yo-Yo2

67. Yart [140 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 90
    Attacks & dmg: Yo-Yo (90 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Yo-Yo3

68. BigYart [300 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: Yo-Yo Shields (80 dmg), Missiles (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Yo-Yo1, Yo-Yo2, Yo-Yo3

69. MegalianA [100 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Barrier, AquaAura

70. MegalianH [150 HP | Heat]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Barrier, HeatAura

71. MegalianW [200 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Barrier, WoodAura

72. MegalianE [250 HP | Electric]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Barrier, ElecAura

73. SniperJoe [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Shot (20 dmg), Charge Shot (40)
    Chips dropped: HiGuard, Recov80

74. HammerJoe [150 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: Hammer Throw (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: CannBall, Hammer

75. Scutz [200 HP | Heat]
    Collision dmg: 140
    Attacks & dmg: Flame Tower (140 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LifeAur1

76. Scuttzer [200 HP | Wood]
    Collision dmg: 140
    Attacks & dmg: Wood Tower (140 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LifeAur1

77. Scuttle [200 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 140
    Attacks & dmg: Ice Cube (140 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LifeAur1

78. Scutter [200 HP | Electric]
    Collision dmg: 140
    Attacks & dmg: Thunder (140 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LifeAur1

79. Scuttlest [300 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 160
    Attacks & dmg: Laser ( 160 dmg)
    Chips dropped: LifeAur2, LifeAur3

80. Pierobot [100 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 60
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped:  Repair, Recov80

81. Shielder [60 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 50
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: ShldGard

82. ColdBear [300 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: Ice Cube (60 dmg)
    Chips dropped: IceCube

83. BigFlappy [400 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: FootStmp, Recov80

84. CrazyRazy [80 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Shot (40 dmg), Punch (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: DoubJump

85. Changkey [40 HP | Heat]
    Collision dmg: 10
    Attacks & dmg: Burn (10 dmg)
    Chips dropped: N/A

86. BigEye [400 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: Stomp (100 dmg)
    Chips dropped: FootStomp, Recov150

87. Scworm [60 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 20
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: Recov80, Recov150

88. LaddrPrss [140 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 80
    Attacks & dmg: Press (80 dmg)
    Chips dropped: Recov150

89. RollDrill [200 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 100
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: IronBody

90. Pepe [60 HP | Aqua]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: N/A
    Chips dropped: DoubJump

91. Blaster [60 HP | Neutral]
    Collision dmg: 40
    Attacks & dmg: Bullet (40 dmg)
    Chips dropped: 3-Way

22. Item Locations:
Mega Man Network Transmission is full of upgrades and items necessary to MegaMan's
survival. Here's a rundown of the items to acquire and their locations. In fact, much
like the Metroid titles, Network Transmission has a percentage counter of exactly 100
items that you must obtain in order to reach Lvl 100 (100%, basically). The item break-
down is as follows:

46 HPMemory Items
22 MemUp Items
12 PowerUP Items
7 RegUp Items
6 BckUpChp Items
4 Armor Enhancements (Heat, Aqua, Elec, Wood)
3 Unique Data pieces (LnkCodeX, LnkCodeY, LnkCodeZ)

100 items, and one percentage (or level) point for each. When you've reached Lvl 100,
then you've made MegaMan as powerful as he's going to be, at least, provided you also
have all 137 BattleChips and the max number of each. You can check MegaMan's current
level from the Armor/Upgrades screen on your PET. What follows are brief descriptions of
the items to acquire in the game, and their basic locations (the actual guide segments
detail getting these upgrades).

These increase MegaMan's overall HP level up to the maximum of 1000 HP. These items are
critical to MegaMan's success. These upgrades are located in:

- Den Area 1
- Den Area 2 (need Unlocker)
- Net on Fire / Den Area 3
- Global Area 1
- Global Area 3
- Garden Comp 1 (x2)
- Shopping Area 1
- Shopping Area 2 (x2; need Unlocker for one)
- Waterworks Comp 1 (x2; need Unlocker for one)
- Waterworks Comp 2
- Bank Comp 1
- Bank Comp 2 (need Unlocker)
- Arcade Comp 1
- Arcade Comp 2 (x2; need Unlocker for one)
- Power Plant Comp 1
- Power Plant Comp 2
- Old Area 1 (x2)
- Old Area 2 (x2; need Unlocker for one)
- High Gravity Area 1 (x2; need Unlocker for one)
- High Gravity Area 2
- Zero Grav Area 1
- Zero Grav Area 2
- Zero Account (x3; need Unlocker for one)
- Vacant WWW Lot 1 (need Unlocker)
- Vacant WWW Lot 2
- Legendary WWW Area 1
- Legendary WWW Area 2
- Undernet 1 (x3)
- NumberMan's Kiosk (x7; varying prices - see below for the descriptions)

BackUp Chips
Another nifty feature added to Network Transmission is extra lives. Since it'd be pretty
tough making it through the game on only a single life, you can collect chips to "back
your data up". This not only gives you extra lives, but at the same time mirroring the
effect of MMX's EX Tank in that it increases the number of lives you start out with at
the beginning of each level. Here are locations of these items:

- Den Area 2
- Outer Net
- Power Plant Comp 1
- Zero Account
- Vacant WWW Lot 2
- Legendary WWW Area 1

PowerUP items are always used to enhance MegaMan's abilities (at least, in this one and
the first two GBA titles. The third uses some contraption called a Navi Customizer). You
can add stat points to his Attack (how much power the MegaBuster dishes out), Rapid (how
quickly you can fire consecutive shots), or Charge (charging up your Buster does even
more damage). Here are their locations:

- Den Area 2 (need Unlocker)
- Outer Net
- Garden Comp 2 (need Unlocker)
- Shopping Comp 2 (need Unlocker)
- Power Plant Comp 1 (need Unlocker)
- Power Plant Comp 2 (need Unlocker)
- Old Area 2 (need Unlocker)
- Zero Account (need Unlocker)
- Vacant WWW Lot 2 (need Unlocker)
- NumberMan's Kiosk (x3)

When MegaMan uses BattleChips, they deplete his MP Meter (the green one to the right of
his HP Bar). Using the higher level chips requires more MP, and sometimes these chips
take huge chunks out of your bar. Acquiring these MemUp items increases the length of
this bar, and allows you more turns with high-level chips, up to a maximum level of 256
MP points.

- Den Area 2
- Global Area 1
- Global Area 2
- Garden Comp 2
- Shopping Comp 2
- Arcade Comp 2
- Power Plant Comp 1 (need Unlocker)
- Old Area 2
- High Grav Area 2
- Zero Grav Area 2
- Zero Account
- Vacant WWW Lot 2 (need Unlocker)
- Legendary WWW Lot 2 (need Unlocker)
- Undernet 1 (need Unlocker)
- Undernet 2 (x2; need Unlocker for both)
- NumberMan's Kiosk (x5)

These items increase MegaMan's regular memory, enabling him to set higher-level chips as
his Regular chips. These items make it possible to always carry an extremely powerful or
useful chip into a battle, every time.

- Den Area 3
- Waterworks Comp 2
- Bank Comp 1
- Arcade Comp 1
- High Grav Area 1
- Zero Account (need Unlocker)
- Legendary WWW Area 2

Data Pieces
These three items constitute the final three percent of the item totals. LnkCodeX is
earned by defeating SwordMan.exe, LnkCodeY is earned from defeating GravityMan.exe, and
the MystData is found in the Data Graveyard - collecting this is imperative to a full
Data Library, for without it, you cannot earn Zero's NaviChip. SwordMan's stage walkt-
hrough covers how to acquire this data object.

Higsby's Chip Shop
Mr. Higsby constantly stocks his shop with the latest and rarest BattleChips. Make it a
regular habit to go check out his wares every now and then, because he's a good place to
stock up on SubChips. Here's a list of items that he sells, as well as when they become
available for purchase.

[These items are available at the beginning.]
MiniEnrg:   500 Z
Bubbler:    300 Z
MiniBomb:   150 Z
AquaSwrd:   1000 Z
StoneBod:   150 Z

[These items become available once FireMan has been defeated.]
HalfEnrg:   1000 Z
AquaArmr:   2500 Z
WoodArmr:   2500 Z
ElecArmr:   2500 Z

[These items become available once GutsMan has been defeated.]
Unlocker:   1500 Z
Spice1:     500 Z
ElecBlde:   1000 Z
Heat-V:     700 Z

[These items become available once the first four infected Navis have been defeated.]
FullEnrg:   5000 Z
MPCharge:   5000 Z
ColdPnch:   500 Z
Barrier:    500 Z

[These items become available once Zero has been defeated.]
FstGauge:   500 Z
FullCust:   3000 Z
CustSwrd:   2500 Z

NumberMan's NetShop
Higsby's NetNavi has set up shop on the Net in the Outer Net Area, near the Global Area.
Visit him anytime to purchase various other upgrades. As with Higsby, he acquires new
items as you advance through the game, though he gets fewer of them and tends to stock
items you could get elsewhere. It's better to use NumberMan to buy the 7x HPMemory, 5x
MemUp, and 3x PowerUP items. Here's a listing of his merchandise as well as when it
becomes available to you.

[These Items are available when you first encounter him.]
HPMemory:   500 Z, 1000 Z, 2000 Z, 4000 Z, 8000 Z, 16000 Z, 32000 Z
MemUp:	    1000 Z, 2000 Z, 4000 Z, 8000 Z, 16000 Z
PowerUP:    2000 Z, 4000 Z, 8000 Z
Recov80:    500 Z
BrnzFist:   500 Z

[These items become available once GutsMan has been defeated.]
Tornado:    500 Z
Twister:    500 Z
Blower:     500 Z
Wrecker:    500 Z
Repair:     500 Z

[These items become available once the first four infected Navis have been defeated.]
SilvFist:   1250 Z

[These items become available once Zero has been defeated.]
RockCube:   2500 Z

23. Program Advances:
As in all other Battle Network titles, Program Advances are created when you combine
certain chips in certain orders and then upload them to MegaMan. Like the chips, there
are a very small amount of them compared with other installments, but in this title, the
combo attacks are more deadly - and they only cost 8 MP to use! Remember that with an
Advance, you cannot use any other chips (unless you fill up the remaining two slots)
until your Custom Gauge refills, so send and use them wisely.
In explaining the Advances, the guide will list the Advance and the chip combination
beside it. Underneath that, there will be three categories: one for Effect - this will
describe the effect of the Advance (using the in-game terminology). Stance describes what
position MegaMan has to be in for the Advance to work (a few of them require that you
be on the ground), and Damage tells how much HP you hack off by using it.

1. Z-Canon [Cannon/HiCannon/M-Cannon]
   - Effect: Lets you turn invisible and fire canons.
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 120 dmg per hit.

2. Z-Raton [Ratton1/Ratton2/Ratton3]
   - Effect: Lets you turn invisible and fire Rattons.
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 90 dmg per hit.

3. GigaDeth [Spreader/BubSpred/HeatSprd]
   - Effect: A devastating shot; explodes on impact.
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 300 dmg.

4. Arrows [DoubNdl/TripNdl/QuadNdl]
   - Effect: A devastating arrow attack! Shoots ten arrows.
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 100 dmg per hit.

5. UltraBmb [LilBomb/CrosBomb/BigBomb]
   - Effect: Most powerful bomb with a huge explosion
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 200 dmg.

6. LifeSrd1 [Sword, WideSwrd, LongSwrd]
   - Effect: A giant sword with a powerful attack!
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 200 dmg.

7. LifeSrd2 [FireSwrd/AquaSwrd/ElecSwrd]
   - Effect: A giant sword with a powerful attack!
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 300 dmg.

8. LifeSrd3 [FireBlde/AquaBlde/ElecBlde]
   - Effect: A giant sword with a powerful attack!
   - Stance: Any position.
   - Damage: 400 dmg.

9. Punch [GutPunch/ColdPnch/DashAtk]
   - Effect: Three punches forward, like a machinegun!
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 100 dmg. per hit; 3 hits = 300 dmg maximum.

10. Meteors [SonicBld/GrvtyHld/StrArrow]
   - Effect: Zillions of meteors from above!
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 80 dmg per impact.

11. BigHeart [Repair/Recov300/Roll]
   - Effect: Roll attacks, then heals you to maximum!
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 200 dmg.

12. GtsShoot [Guard/DashAtk/GutsMan]
   - Effect: GutsMan throws MegaMan at the enemy!
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 300 dmg.

13. 2xHero [CustSwrd/VarSwrd/ProtoMan]
   - Effect: A wide attack by ProtoMan and MegaMan.
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 70 dmg per Buster/Sword strike.

14. ZerCntr [HiGuard/Z-Saber/Zero]
   - Effect: Double counterattack by Zero and MegaMan.
   - Stance: Running/Standing.
   - Damage: 300 dmg.

24. Secrets and Tips:
1. There's actually a useful little trick that MegaMan possesses that he can use in the
   place of a lot of DoubJump chips. His Sliding Jump technique is used to jump out of
   a slide even while in mid-air. The best places for this are when the area you need
   to reach is a little ways above you and you're coming out of a slide. Slide through
   whatever passage, letting go of the buttons. As soon as MegaMan emerges, hit the
   Jump button and MegaMan will leap up, allowing you to reach a couple places without
   using DoubJumps.
2. Easy Zenny: Once you've unlocked the WWW areas, head there and rack up all the Zenny
   you like (the Legendary WWW area is the best place, period). Also make a habit of just
   heading through the entire level and jacking out at the end. A full excursion through
   the Legendary WWW, for instance, can net you over 3000-4000 Zenny. Backtracking through
   the Vacant WWW Comp does the same as well.
3. Don't rush. It's actually better to "scout" an area first. Explore it high and low,
   searching for all the available Mystery Data and upgrades, then jack out and use your
   spoils to buy or equip more items. Jack back in and make a speedy run through the area
   to the boss portal, this time saving your most powerful attacks for use in combat.
4. When equipping PowerUPs, it's best to upgrade the MegaBuster's Attack and Charge
   attributes first. It's far more effective to fire a single powerful shot than to use
   your pathetic pea shooter to fire a lot of tiny shots.
5. Don't get in the habit of sticking with "a folder that works". What works in one area
   may cause you to fail miserably in another. Get in the mindset of constantly trying
   new experiments with your Chips to achieve the best results.
6. The Variable Sword: This chip has always been a fairly useful sword in that, once you
   acquire it, you can use different attacks via different button sequences. Here are
   the variable attacks and their required sequencing:
   (DDR = Diagonal Down Right; DDL = Diagonal Down Left; Fwd = Forward)
         | Name:	   Damage:	      Button Sequence:			|
         | -----	   -------	      ----------------			|
         | LongSwrd     (80 dmg)	      Down-DDR-Fwd + Y			|
         | WideSwrd     (80 dmg)   	      Up-Fwd-Down + Y			|
         | SonicBld     (80 dmg)	      Back-Fwd-DDR-Down-DDL-Back	|
         | SonicBoom    (80 dmg [blade])      Back-Fwd-Back-Fwd-Back-Fwd + Y	|
         |              (100 dmg [wave])      ------------------------------	|
         | LifeSwrd     (300 dmg)	      Down-Back-Up-Fwd-Down + Y		|
7. Never approach a boss fight without being completely ready. If it's an elemental
   boss, be sure to have the proper armor equipped. In fights where the upper hand can be
   lost in a mere second, it's best to have every possible thing going for you. It also
   helps to know the enemy's elemental affinity, so you can equip chips that will inflict
   double (and heavy) damage on the boss. Also make sure you have your attacks you want to
   use initially set up and at the ready, and any Program Advances already ready to use.
   The final thing to do is make sure your CustomGauge is refilled - if your first barrage
   of chips doesn't bring the Navi down, it helps A LOT to be able to immediately call
   some more chips into play.
8. Manage your chips and SubChips wisely. It's a good idea to stock up on Zenny and buy
   your maximum of Unlockers so you can always count on being able to pick up the goodies
   from the locked Mystery Data packs. Having a couple FullEnrg and HalfEnrg chips aren't
   too bad either. One of the most important keys to success in this game is to make good
   use of your chips. Remember: what works in one situation may be a fatal flaw in the
   next. Don't get in the habit of relying on any set tactic - it could be your deletion.
9. This isn't a tip or anything, but by completing certain areas of the game, you'll view
   the Japanese artwork for stuff from the first Battle Network titles. From FireMan on
   through QuickMan, you'll get the EXE 2 cover art, ColorMan and ElecMan net you the
   official artwork for the Style Change system from EXE 2, and all other battles from
   SwordMan until PharaohMan net you the EXE 1 cover artwork.

25. Legal:
This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, and a link
and credit must be given to Mega Man Network (http://megaman.retrofaction.com/). All
associated characters and games are copyright to Capcom.

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