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Game Script by SS3 Grown Trunks

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/22/03

       MegaMan Network Transmission Game Script

       MegaMan Network Transmission for the Nintendo GameCube game script. Any
questions you can send them to ss3growntrunks@yahoo.com and I will try to
answer them in the best way possible, but remember that if the answer to your
question is inside this document, then I will simply ignore your e-mail, also
remember to put as a subject to your e-mail "MegaMan Network Transmission" or
something to do with it because if you don't then I won't even read your e-
mail. This is not a FAQ, so I don't expect too many e-mails since I will not
answer e-mails regarding gameplay and stuff.
       I am Trunks Vegita, today is September 22, 2003.

       >>>>>>>Version 1.0<<<<<<<

       NOTE: * = Not Started
             ** = Half Finished
             *** = Almost Finished
                  = Finished

       #1 Introduction
       #2 Version History
       #3 Game Script
       #4 Disclaimer
       #5 Note to Webmasters
       #6 Credits ***

       #1 Introduction

       This document was made for to only purpose of existing, why because I did
not do it to help you in gameplay, I only did it because I wanted to. BEWARE
because it does contain spoilers, obviously since it is the game script (duh!).
You can use it to remember what happened or for whatever, except that you
cannot take credit for doing this since I did it, and you cannot post it in
your site without my permission.

       Also, my other Game Scripts have subtitles, but I am tired of making up
names for them so this won't have any.

       #2 Version History

       Version 1.0
       - First and last version of the Game Script.

       #3 Game Script

       (MegaMan appears fighting against the Life Virus)
       Wily: Har har har! Delete, delete, delete! And now I am going to delete
the world!

       MegaMan: Oh no you won't! BattleChip M-Cannon Slot-in!

       Wily: What?

       MegaMan: Now's the chance! His aura's gone!

       (MegaMan charges)
       MegaMan: Yeah! Go! Aaaaaah!

       (MegaMan deletes the Life Virus)
       Wily: What? No, that's impossible! My, my WWW research! ... All hail the

       Lan (As Game): ... And so, thanks to me and MegaMan, the ambitions of the
WWW were shattered. Life was peaceful again one month later...

       (Lan in his room)
       Lan: AaaAAAaaahhhh...

       MegaMan: Too much time on your hands, Lan? You keep yawning. Maybe you're
suffering from sleep deprivation?

       Lan: Nah, it's not sleep deprivation... I'm just bored lately.

       MegaMan: Yeah, isn't it great! No incidents to worry about... Peace

       Lan: Well, yeah...

       MegaMan: Anyway, Lan, did you to today's homework?

       Lan: Erk...!

       MegaMan: Would "no" be a safe guess?

       Lan: Is it that obvious?

       MegaMan: Obvious? Not at all. Hey, if you're that bored, why don't you do
it now! All right then! Time to launch the homework program!

       Lan: Grrr...

       (Lan gets new mail)
       Lan: Wait! I've got some e-mail!

       MegaMan: Why do you always change the subject when I mention your

       E-mail: Higsby: "It's a sale!"
               The Higsby's Chip Shop is holding a Grand Thank You Sale, huh!
Come check out our amazing selection of Navi BattleChips, huh! We're in the
building with an 'S', right in front of the ACDC School gates, huh!

       E-mail: MailNews: "More virus damage"
               Damage by the new type of virus known as the 'Zero Virus' is
spreading. The Zero Virus infects Navis instead of electronic devices, and
adversely affects their functions. No effective vaccine is available yet, so
the only possible response to an infection is to turn off your PET.

       E-mail: Mayl: "Please find Roll!"
               Lan, have you been to the Net lately? I sent Roll on an errand
this morning, but I guess she got lost somewhere... ? She's really late. If you
see Roll on the Net, tell her to hurry home, please!

       E-mail: Dex: "I am the Undefeated"
               Yo Lan, are you working on your anti-virus strategies? I'm
protected! Today, I'm gonna have GutsMan go buy the latest vaccine I pre-
ordered on the Net! I bet you're impressed!

       Lan: Heh, it's Dex... I wonder where Roll went. Can Navis get lost?

       MegaMan: Not usually... I wonder what happened?

       Lan: Ah well, MegaMan, let's jack in and look for Roll.

       MegaMan: Good idea. I'm kinda worried about her...

       Lan: ... (All right, an excuse to get out of doing homework!)

       MegaMan: What are you grinning about, Lan? Heh, anyway, to jack in, all
you do is press the START/PAUSE to open your PET, and select 'Map.' Then you
select the place you want to jack in to. And remember, Cyberworlds are
dangerous, so don't forget to save your game!

       (Lan jacks in)

       MegaMan: Jack in to the Net, complete!

       Lan: What's it like, MegaMan?

       MegaMan: Hmm, I think there are more viruses than there used to be...

       Lan: Even though the WWW is gone?

       MegaMan: Yeah... We'll have to be careful, Lan. It's been a while since
we busted viruses, so let's review how we did it.

       Lan: OK! MegaMan! I sent you chip data!

       MegaMan: First, you send me the chip data that I use as weapons against
viruses. You select the chip data to use in a stage from this screen, the
Custom screen. If the Custom Gauge at the top of the screen is full, then you
can call up this screen with the Z Button whenever you want. The element and
attack values of the chip with the cursor are on the left of the Custom screen,
and the number owned and MP (MB) used are on the right. All right, let's try
it! After you select all the chips, move the cursor to 'OK' and press the A

       MegaMan: OK! Now I can use the chips! Let's start out by trying the basic
attack chip 'Cannon.' Select the chip with the L/R Button, and use it with the
Use Chip Button. Use the Standby Button to stop the game and safely switch
chips. All right, switch the chip to 'Cannon' and try hitting that Mettaur!

       MegaMan: There are two Mettaurs up ahead. We can just use the 'Cannon'
here, or for an easier fight, use the 'V-Gun!' Shots from the 'V-Gun' explode
in a V-shaped blast wave after hitting. So, if you hit the bottom Mettaur just
right... You might be able to kill the Mettaur above and at an angle - try it!

       MegaMan: Lan, do you understand how to use chips? Don't worry about
running out! The MPs that chips use will gradually come back over time, and the
faster you defeat the viruses, the more chips you'll get! This time you
selected all 5 chips, but you can also leave some behind. When you are at full
HPs, you can hold onto a Recovery as part of your strategy! Those are the
basics! Let's go, Lan!

       MegaMan: Lan, a security cube is blocking the path here.

       Lan: This wasn't here last time we came this way! I wonder what's going

       MegaMan: We'll need a pass code to unlock it... What do you want to do,

       Lan: We're locked in, we'll have to find a pass code!

       MegaMan: You're right. OK, let's go to the left first.

       MegaMan: Analyzing mystery data...

       Game: The mystery data contained a Lvl1Code!

       MegaMan: Lan, this pass code...

       Lan: Ahh, this must be the pass code for that security cube we just
passed! Let's go back and try it!

       MegaMan: All right!

       Lan: MegaMan! Can we use the pass code we just found?

       MegaMan: Hang on, I'll analyze it... Yes! Looks like we can use this pass

       Lan: We did it! Now we can go forward!

       MegaMan: All right, let's open this security cube with the Lvl1Code!

       MegaMan: The corridor is getting more narrow. Best to slide here! Hold
the + Control Pad/Control Stick down and jump to slide.

       Lan: Wait! MegaMan! There are lots of viruses ahead!

       MegaMan: Yeah...we'll take damage. Let's go over by using the cyberbar.
Jump and hold the + Control Pad/Control Stick up to hold. Jump one more time
while holding the cyberbar to drop down again!

       MegaMan: Nice, Lan! Looks like you got your virus busting sense back. But
don't overdo it! Jack out before you lose your last backup! Open the PET with
the START/PAUSE and select 'Jack Out.' You can jack out anytime I am standing
on the floor. All right, it's time for the real thing! Be careful!

       MegaMan: Lan, are you paying attention to the panels on the floor? The
blocks with panels indicate the correct route. Blocks without panels are
incorrect routes from a programming standpoint!

       MegaMan: Lan, there's a spike trap up ahead! If you touch a spike, you'll
take enough damage to be deleted! Be careful to never touch the spikes!

       MegaMan: Lan, look! There's a Backup Chip here! Get Backup Chips to
automatically increase the number of Backups. Each Backup you have lets you get
deleted once without losing the game. You can come back to life! Let's get it

       MegaMan: Analyzing mystery data...

       Game: The mystery data contained a 'Lvl2Code!'

       MegaMan: OK! Unlocking this security cube with a 'Lvl2Code!'

       MegaMan: Roll!

       Roll: Hey there, Mega!

       MegaMan: Where've you been? Mayl was worried about you!

       Roll: I know! I need your help, Mega! There's a fire up ahead!

       Lan: A fire!? In a Cyberworld!?

       Roll: I came here to get away from the fire, but the fire is blocking my
way home. So I've been looking for another place to jack out from.

       MegaMan: The security has us locked up here, But, a fire...?

       Lan: You don't see that every day! MegaMan, let's go check it out a

       MegaMan: Yeah!

       Roll: If you're gonna go in there, I'll give you this HeatArmor. If you
equip it, you'll reduce fire element damage by half.

       MegaMan: Thanks, Roll!

       Lan: Ooo, wow!

       MegaMan: This is horrible... What a huge fire... Huh?

       Lan: What's wrong, MegaMan?

       MegaMan: There! Lan, see that guy over there!

       Lan: ... FireMan!? He was a WWW Navi! He started the fire!

       MegaMan: But the WWW doesn't exist anymore...!?

       Lan: Either way, if its FireMan, we can't just let it slide! Let's go,

       MegaMan: Yeah! Time to stop FireMan! He must be up ahead!

       MegaMan: Yeah... Under there, that's the way to Mayl's PC.

       Lan: It's just like Roll said, there's no way through there.

       MegaMan: We'd better stop FireMan fast, before the damage spreads any

       Lan: MegaMan! I can sense a powerful virus down below! It must be a fire
element virus that was energized by the fire! Be careful!

       MegaMan: OK! Let's equip that HeatArmor Roll gave us! To equip armor,
select 'Armor' from 'MegaMan' in the PET menu... And that's it!

       Lan: MegaMan! The floor up ahead was weakened by the fire! You can run
over it, but if you go too slow, you'll fall into the fire!

       MegaMan: Got it! But even if the floor falls away, if you use a 'Repair'
you can put it back to the way it was before! So be ready to do that!

       MegaMan: Lan, there he is! I can sense him over there!

       Lan: Ah, it's been so long since our last NetBattle! Are you ready,

       FireMan: Hahaha. I'm gonna burn you up! Heheheheeee... Burn, burn!

       MegaMan: Stop! FireMan!

       FireMan: Hmm? Who do you think you area, gettin in my way...!

       Lan: What are you doing!? You working for the WWW again!?

       FireMan: The WWW...? Hehehehe! Nah, this has nothing to do with them! I
like burning things, that's all! Hehehehehehhehee...!

       MegaMan: You...

       Lan: This jerk won't listen to reason!

       FireMan: Hehehe! Now it's your turn to burn!

       Lan: He's coming!? MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Lan: We did it...!

       MegaMan: Yeah, at least that will stop the damage from spreading anymore.
Now all we have to do is leave it to the Center to put out the fire.

       Mr. Match: Aaaahhh! My FireMan!

       Lan: Match! What are you thinking! How could you!

       Mr. Match: I didn't do a thing! FireMan went crazy and did all this

       Lan: I can't believe that!

       Mr. Match: I'm serious! I've been looking for him all this time, check
the records!

       Lan: MegaMan, what do you think?

       MegaMan: Yeah, there is no record of anyone operating FireMan... But what
if he just entered the orders previously for FireMan to carry out...

       Lan: Look at that!

       Mr. Match: If that was true, I wouldn't come strolling around like
this... But I gave him a vaccine before the Zero Virus could get him...

       Lan: ..?

       MegaMan: ... Lan, I think we should tell your dad about this! If he
examines the data from FireMan's remains, he might find something...

       Mr. Match: Yeah, that'll prove my innocence, too.

       Lan: ... Heh. OK, well, there's no point in just arguing here. All right,
get the data and then let's jack out, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: OK! Got it!

       Lan: ... Right.

       Dad: Hmm... That's strange.

       Lan: Dang that Match ! I bet he's hiding something. I can tell!

       Dad: No, it's not Mr.Match...

       Lan: Huh?

       Dad: It's that vaccine Mr.Match installed in FireMan.

       Lan: Why? Isn't a vaccine something like a medicine?

       Dad: Yeah... I don't know if you're ready to learn about this yet, but...
Vaccines, viruses, Navis, and chip data are all programs. So they can all be
used for both good and bad things...

       Lan: So there are good viruses too?

       Dad: Hehe, well, I don't know about that... But a bad vaccine is

       MegaMan: Ah! That's right! Lan, it was in today's Mail News! The Zero
Virus vaccine is still missing!

       Lan: Huh? Oh yeah! So that vaccine Match used was a bad vaccine!

       Dad: Well, we can't be sure yet. We'll investigate this at the SciLab. I
won't be able to go back home for sometime, until this is solved. Stay put,

       Lan: I will! Don't work too hard, Dad!

       Lan: All right! MegaMan, let's go!

       MegaMan: What? I thought you were gonna stay put?

       Lan: Are you kidding!? Do you want my dad to have to work all night!? If
we can find the guy who's spreading the bad vaccine, he'll be happy!

       MegaMan: Yeah, I bet you just don't want your mom to get angry again...

       Lan: (Gulp!)

       MegaMan: Thought so... Ah well, you are right anyway - we gotta do

       Lan: Didn't I just say that! OK, it's settled! With the fire out, we can
explore more!

       MegaMan: Lan ! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: MailNews: "About Default Chips"
               'Special: Default Chips' Do you remember how to set your default
chips? Select your favorite chips in the Folder screen, then press the Z Button
to make these chips your default chips, so that they are available when you
open the Custom screen. You can only set chips that fit inside your Navi's
default capacity. This setting is a very important part of strategy - don't
forget it!

       E-mail: Higsby: "Power-up your Navi!"
               Today at Higsby's we've received a shipment of all types of
elemental armor, huh! Armor is the most standard type of defense program that
you must install, huh! These POWERUP items can be equipped from the PET menu's
'MegaMan' command, huh. If you find one, don't forget to equip, huh!

       E-mail: BattleML: "Simulator set up"
               Hello, Official NetBattlers. This is the Battle Mailing List.
NetBattle simulators have been installed in various locations recently. You can
use them to fight with any Navi that you have fought with in the past. Feel
free to practice your virus busting and NetBattle techniques.

       Lan: Ah, it's been a while since I've gotten mail from the Battle Mailing

       MegaMan: Froid secretly registered us on the list during that last
incident. Maybe we should cancel our subscription before they find out and get

       Lan: Well, yeah, but those NetBattle Simulators sound fun...

       E-mail: Mayl: "Roll came home!"
               Roll just came home! You found her for me, didn't you, Lan!
Thanks! I attached Roll's NaviChip to this e-mail to show my appreciation. Be
sure to move it from your pack to you ChipFolder, or you won't be able to use
it. One more thing... You can use my PC whenever you want. If you want to go
deep into the Net, my house has a convenient jack in.

       Lan: Hey! The fire is completely out, isn't it!

       MegaMan: Yes, the first time we came here, it was all on fire, with no
way down. Now we can use the link to the lower right of this area to go even

       Lan: Ok, let's go, MegaMan! We gotta find the guy with the bad vaccine!

       Lan: Huh? That's Dex's PC up ahead. Since when did he have a security
cube like that there?

       MegaMan: There've been a lot of problems lately, it's probably his

       Lan: Provider?

       MegaMan: It's the company that connects a computer to the Net - like an

       Lan: Ah, OK, in that case, Dex must have the pass code to get past the

       MegaMan: Yeah, but we don't have the pass code now, so let's look
somewhere else.

       Lan: So this is the Outer Net. Kind of a dark area...

       MegaMan: Yeah, it is pretty run-down, but it's not a bad area, really.

       Lan: But that means the Center doesn't watch this area that closely...
That guy who's spreading the bad vaccine might be around here!

       Lan: Hey MegaMan, there's a Navi here! Let's ask him if he knows

       MegaMan: OK! Excuse me, is there a place to buy the Zero Virus vaccine
around here?

       StarMan: Huh? You too? Yeah, that Zero Virus is pretty scary. I know how
you feel. All it does is slow down your processes, but once you're infected,
you can't get rid of it in the usual way. It's a pretty stubborn virus!

       Lan: No kidding!

       MegaMan: Lan, you didn't know anything about the Zero Virus, did you...

       StarMan: Haha, well, unfortunately, I, StarMan, used to sell that
vaccine! I just sold the last batch... I can get some more, though. Want some?

       Lan: ... MegaMan! This is the guy!

       MegaMan: Yeah! You're the one spreading the bad vaccine around!

       StarMan: Huh!?

       Lan: You can't fool us! Not even my dad can analyze the Zero Virus!

       StarMan: Bah... So you figured me out. Ah well, I made a juicy profit
already. I don't want the Center on my back, so I'll see you!

       Lan: Did he jack out!?

       MegaMan: Lan, he didn't jack out! I can still sense him nearby!

       StarMan: Hah! You are one persistent Navi! You can fight this guy! If you
aren't deleted, I'll see you later, maybe! Ah hahahahahhaaaa!

       Lan: He was spreading a virus!? That jerk! All right, let's bust it!

       Lan: MegaMan, what about StarMan!?

       MegaMan: He ran this way! Let's go look!

       Lan: Hey! Isn't that NumberMan down there? Higsby's Navi?

       MegaMan: You're right... He has a Net Shop here, too... That's odd.

       Lan: Well, whatever. It's convenient for us. We can ask if he saw

       NumberMan: Welcome to Higsby's Net Shop! See anything you like?

       MegaMan: NumberMan! There's something I want to ask you...

       NumberMan: Ah, MegaMan! What's up? Why do you look so flustered?

       MegaMan: Did a gold-colored Navi just go through here? He's a real bad

       NumberMan: Gold-colored Navi...? I've been here a while, and I haven't
seen him...

       MegaMan: Hmm... It's no good, Lan. We've lost him.

       Lan: Dang! Next time we find him, he won't get away so easily!

       MegaMan: Ah well. What do you wanna do now? Tell your Dad?

       Lan: Yeah... Good idea.

       MegaMan: Hmm? Lan, you have e-mail!

       E-mail: Dex: "GutsMan's rampage!"
               I've got a serious problem! GutsMan is acting crazy! He's on a
rampage! I can't control him from my PET at all! Good thing he's still in my
PC. I think he's planning to take his rampage to the Net, though! We can't let
that happen! Lan, go through the Net to my PC and stop him! I include a
Lvl3Code with this e-mail! You're the only on who can help me out!

       Game: You got the Key Item Lvl3Code!

       Lan: Really!?

       MegaMan: What about that e-mail Dex sent! He mentioned a vaccine...

       Lan: No doubt about it! He was talking about StarMan's vaccine!

       MegaMan: Let's go, Lan! If we don't hurry, GutsMan'll go crazy like

       Lan: OK, MegaMan! Let's go stop GutsMan inside Dex's PC!

       MegaMan: OK, unlocking this security cube with a Lvl3Code!

       Lan: We can get into Dex's PC from this area!

       MegaMan: That's right! Let's hurry! Or GutsMan might make it out onto the

       Lan: MegaMan! We can get into Dex' PC from this link!

       MegaMan: Got it! ... I wonder if GutsMan's OK...

       GutsMan: Yeaahh! GutsMan is here!! Aaahhhhh!!! Me Guts!!!

       Dex: Cut it out! Stop it, GutsMan!

       MegaMan: GutsMan!

       Dex: Hey! MegaMan, Lan, you showed up!

       Lan: Dex! You gave him a Zero Virus vaccine, right!?

       Dex: Yeah, what about it? What does that have to do with this!?

       Lan: We'll talk later! First, we gotta take care of GutsMan!

       MegaMan: Cut it out, GutsMan!

       GutsMan: Aaaarrrr! This is too much fun to stop!!! If you get in my way,
I'll just smash you too!!! Aaaaaarrrhhhh!

       MegaMan: He's just like FireMan! He won't listen... What should we do,

       Lan: What should we do? All we can do is damage him until he calms down!

       MegaMan: ...OK, I'll try! Ready for operation!

       Lan: Got it! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       GutsMan: Oooooh! What got into me...

       MegaMan: GutsMan! Are you back to normal!?

       GutsMan: Aahhhh... My head hurts...

       Lan: Huh!?

       GutsMan: Ahh... Destroy... Destroy them...

       Dad: Lan! MegaMan!

       Lan: Dad!

       Dad: Dex! You've got to jack GutsMan out immediately and turn off your

       Dex: Y-yes sir! GutsMan! Jack out!

       Dex: Wow...

       Lan: Dad, what are you doing here?

       Dad: I ran a search for MegaMan and found you guys here. Glad I made it
in time!

       Lan: Hey Dad, that vaccine really was a fake!

       Dad: Ah yes, I verified that, too. That vaccine has a nasty Navi-hacking
effect programmed in it... Anyway, Lan, MegaMan, first you'll have to jack out,
then we'll talk.

       Lan: Ok, Dad! MegaMan, jack out!

       MegaMan: Got it!

       Dad: ... If the Navi hacking program in that vaccine activates, it will
take control over Navis, and PET commands will stop working.

       Lan: That means FireMan and GutsMan... Dad! Isn't there anything we can

       Dad: All we can do is damage the Navis, to temporarily disable them...
Then send to Navis back inside the PET to sleep. There's no other way.

       Lan: Darn! Who would make such a nasty program!

       Dad: I... don't know. But the damage is growing at an alarming rate...

       Lan: That's horrible...

       Dad: Lan, listen to me. I have to attend an emergency meeting. It's too
dangerous to go out. Both of you, stay inside today!

       MegaMan: Lan, what are you gonna do next?

       Lan: Hmm... There may be nothing I can do now.

       MegaMan: Yep. But I wonder how you can get infected with the Zero Virus?

       Lan: Aren't you OK if you just avoid opening any suspicious file?

       MegaMan: Yeah, I guess so... Huh? Lan, you just got four e-emails!

       E-mail: Mayl: "Help me!"
               Lan! I need your help! I took the bus to the bank in the next
town over. The bank's security has gone crazy, and I can't get out! I tried to
call the Center, but I just can't get through to them. I jacked Roll in, but
the security is too tough, and the two of us can't do a thing. I was able to
set it up so that can jack in to the bank from outside, however. So please,
come and help me!

       E-mail: Mom: "At the Waterworks"
               Wow, it's been along time since I've sent you e-mail. I wonder if
you got this? I'm in the Waterworks now. Our water stopped for some reason, so
I got on the Metroline to come down here and complain... Apparently the
aterworks computer is running amok, and they can't fix it. You might have to
miss dinner today, so don't be disappointed!

       E-mail: Higsby: "The Shopping Dist."
               The computer that controls the power supply for the Shopping
District is out if control, huh! It's short-circuiting all the machines in the
district... It'll destroy the shipment of merchandise I ordered for my store,
huh! Lan, can you help me, huh!? Go to the Shopping District from the Metroline
and do something about that computer! I'll give you a rare chip for it, huh!

       E-mail: Yai: "Big garden problem"
               This is an emergency! The system that controls my garden has gone
haywire! It's caused my gardening machines to move around randomly. They'll
ruin all my garden's plants and flowerbeds! I tried to contact the Center, but
I can't get through at all. You're the only one who can help me, Lan! Please,
you gotta do something!

       Lan: What's this...!?

       MegaMan: It might be because of the Navi hacking program!

       Lan: All right, that's it! Dad did say not to go out today, but...

       MegaMan: Yeah, we can't just let it get our friends!

       Lan: No way!

       MegaMan: We'll have to go to Yai's garden, Shopping District via ACDC
Station, and the bank in the next town over via the bus stop! Those three

       Lan: Yeah, and Waterworks via ACDC Station, too. Then home in time for

       MegaMan: OK, that's four places. You can decide where to go first.

       Lan: Gotcha!

       Yai: Lan! You're late!

       Lan: Is that the way you greet me! And I came all this way to help you...

       MegaMan: All right, don't worry about it. Yai, what's the situation?

       Yai: I know why the computer is malfunctioning!

       Lan: A Navi!?

       Yai: Huh? How'd you know? That's right, exactly! The Navi of the guy who
came to check my garden's computer, NeedleMan...

       MegaMan: We were right, Lan!

       Lan: Yeah, it's that Navi hacking program! MegaMan! You gotta stop
NeedleMan from ruining this garden!

       MegaMan: No problem!

       NeedleMan: Hehehe! Care for some needles? Heheee Cut, slice, chop! Sharp!
Sharper! Plant machines! Move! Make a sharper design for this garden! Cut and

       MegaMan: Cut it out, NeedleMan!

       NeedleMan: What? You! You gonna try and stop me? Huh? Don't try any funny
business, or I'll have to stab you! Psssshaw!!!

       Lan: Hmm... This guy's a mean one, all right.

       MegaMan: It's because he's gone crazy. But anyway, here he comes!

       Lan: Argh!!! MegaMan! You gotta stop Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       NeedleMan: Ahh... You guys... What's this...? What's going on...?

       Lan: Is he back to normal?

       MegaMan: Maybe...

       Lan: Yai! Is NeedleMan's operator there?

       Yai: He's here, what should he do?

       Lan: He's PET's probably working again! Tell him to jack out right away,
and turn off the power!

       NeedleMan: J-jack out...?

       Yai: You did it! The garden's control computer's back online! Thanks,

       MegaMan: Well, Lan, what a relief to get that over and done with.

       Lan: You got that right. The garden seems OK now. OK! MegaMan, jack out!

       MegaMan: Gotcha!

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Yai: "NeedleMan's garden"
               Thanks to you and MegaMan, my garden management computer is back
to normal. Thanks again! ...But when I relaxed and took a good look at my
garden, I decided that NeedleMan's design isn't all that bad, either. Who
would've thought. I've included a small token of my appreciation.

       E-mail: Dad: "Upgrade your Buster"
               Lan, you aren't forgetting to upgrade MegaMan, are you?
'PowerUPs' are particularly important for upgrading your Mega Buster.
'PowerUPs' can be used to improve the Buster's attacking, repeat firing, and
charging, which lets you release a charged shot by holding the button!

       Lan: So this is the Shopping District Cyberworld Higsby mentioned...

       Higsby: Testing! ...Testing, huh! Lan, can you hear me, huh?

       MegaMan: Higsby?

       Higsby: I'm using an industrial class line from Higsby's to access your
location, huh. Lan! I figured out the cause of the disturbance, huh! A Navi
running amok caused the computers to act up, huh!

       Lan: Thought so! A Navi running amok!

       Higsby: BrightMan, a Navi from one of the Shopping District's stores,
suddenly went crazy and took over the computers to use their power on lighting,

       Lan: Higsby! We'll go into the Cyberworld and find that Navi! Let's go,

       MegaMan: All right!

       Higsby: Please find him, huh!

       BrightMan: Heyyy! Aren't I just shining? Hehehheeee! More light! More!

       Lan: Ahhh! What's up with this guy!

       BrightMan: Well, you're pretty rude, aren't you! Show some manners, I'm
BrightMan! A shining man! The most handsome guy in all of the Cyberworlds! Hah!

       Lan: What a vain fool...! MegaMan!

       MegaMan: BrightMan! Stop messing with those computers!

       BrightMan: Stop!? But this Cyberworld is still too dark! I'm just trying
to lighten up the place a little! Heheheee!!!

       MegaMan: Dang, he's gonna short circuit the entire district! Let's stop
him, Lan!

       Lan: All right! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       BrightMan: Huh!? What was I doing? Oooohhh...

       Lan: Wow, he sure calmed down in a hurry.

       MegaMan: Like a light bulb going out...

       Higsby: Lan, are you OK, huh?

       Lan: Higsby! That Navi's PET should be working again, so tell the
operator... Jack out BrightMan and turn off the PET's power!

       Higsby: OK, huh!

       BrightMan: Jacking out...

       Lan: Whew!

       Higsby: Nice work, huh! The computers are back to normal, huh!

       MegaMan: ... All right, Lan, everything looks fine now.

       Lan: OK, time to jack out! Hehe, I wonder what Higsby is gonna give us,

       MegaMan: Lan, you've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Higsby: "Thank yah" - Lan, thank you for your help. Thanks to
you, the disturbance didn't affect me very much at all, huh. I'm sending you
this on behalf of all inhabitants of the Shopping District, huh. Thank you for
shopping at Higsby's, huh!

       E-mail: MailNews: "Let's collect chips"
               'Special: Chip Collection' Are you trying to collect BattleChips?
If you keep meeting a powerful enemy that you can't defeat, jack out and go
back to places you've been before to collect useful chips! But be careful! You
can only carry a certain amount of each. If you're folder shows a red number
for a chip, you can't carry any more.

       Lan: This is the second time we've been here...

       MegaMan: The last time, the WWW stopped the water supply as part of their
plot. Yeah, they threatened the Waterworks technical consultant, Froid...

       Lan: They made him use his Navi IceMan to stop the water.

       MegaMan: This reminds me of that time somehow...

       Lan: Really? Well, anyway, we'd better find the computer's problem fast.
I don't wanna miss dinner, you know! Let's go, MegaMan!

       Lan: Huh!? IceMan!

       IceMan: ... I'll coat everything in ice!

       MegaMan: Argh! It's no good, we lost him!

       Froid: Hey, you, Navi... You're from the Center?

       Lan: Huh!? Ah, hello Froid!

       Froid: MegaMan? Lan! What are you doing here!?

       Lan: Well, you see... Never mind that, what's going on with IceMan?

       Froid: ...Well, this whole fuss is being caused by IceMan, he's on a

       MegaMan: IceMan too!?

       Lan: Froid, did you give IceMan the Zero Virus vaccine!?

       Froid: Hmm? Well, yes... Why?

       Lan: That vaccine contains a Navi hacking program!

       Froid: What! So that's it... Lan, most of the Waterworks Navis have been
frozen by IceMan. IceMan's a powerful Navi, but you might have a shot at
beating him, MegaMan. I know I have no right to ask you this, but... Lan,
please stop IceMan!

       Lan: Leave it to us! Ain't that right, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: You betcha! Let's go stop IceMan!

       Froid: Thank you, Lan! Please hurry, though! IceMan's in there!

       MegaMan: We need a WtwkCode to get past this security.

       Froid: Lan! The WtwkCode is kept in the area past the link to the left.

       Lan: OK! Thanks, Froid!

       MegaMan: OK, unlocking this security cube with a WtwkCode!

       IceMan: And now, you shall behold IceMan's power! Freeze! Everything must

       MegaMan: There he is! IceMan!

       Lan: MegaMan, damage IceMan to make him stop! OK, Froid?

       Froid: Yes! Please do it!

       Lan: All right, let's go! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       IceMan: Wha'...? What did I do?

       MegaMan: Is he back to normal?

       Lan: Froid! You should have control of your PET back temporarily! Jack
out now and turn off your PET!

       Froid: OK! IceMan, jack out now!

       IceMan: Yes, sir!

       MegaMan: How is it, Froid?

       Froid: I'm verifying the status now... Great! The computer's operating
normally again! The water will flow as it should now! Thank you, Lan!

       Lan: Woohoo! And there's still time to get home for dinner, too!

       MegaMan: It always comes down to the food with you, doesn't it Lan...

       Lan: Well, I am a growing boy, you know! All right, MegaMan, jack out!

       MegaMan: Gotcha!

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Froid: "Mystery source"
               Lan, thank you! With your help, we were able to repair the
Waterworks. This must have been the work of a Navi hacking program, or some
Undernet criminal. That reminds me - I found a mysterious source file in a
'data graveyard' near the entrance to the Undernet. What could that be?

       E-mail: MailNews: "What's in Cyberworld"
               Various data is hidden in Cyberworlds, especially in the Net.
Recently there have been reports of mysterious 8-character codes being found,
but as of now, no one can say what these codes might mean.

       Lan: Mayl! We just jacked into the bank's security system from outside!

       Mayl: Lan! Thanks for coming!

       Lan: OK, we're going in to see if we can find out what's causing the

       Mayl: Thank you so much! Roll's still stuck inside the security system,
so I'm sure she can help you out in some way!

       Lan: OK! Let's go, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: Ready!

       MegaMan: Huh!? Who are you!?

       QuickMan: The name's QuickMan! The fastest Navi in the Cyberworlds!

       Lan: What are you doing here!? Hey, are you the one causing all this...?

       QuickMan: I'm zooming all over this system! You wouldn't believe how fun
this is!

       MegaMan: I see... Lan! This guy's running all over the security system,
and that's what's causing all the errors that have Mayl trapped inside!

       Lan: He's the one out of control this time, MegaMan! We've gotta stop

       QuickMan: Go ahead and try! If you think you can stop me - go for it! But
there's no way you can match my speed! Vrooooom!

       MegaMan: Man, he's fast! My processes can't keep up with him...!

       Lan: Dang! Let's go after him, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: Roll!

       Roll: Ah, Mega! A Navi just went by here really, really fast!

       Lan: It's QuickMan! I gotta catch him!

       Roll: If you're going down, be careful, there are a bunch of security
beams! If you touch one, you'll take a lot of damage!

       Lan: Security beams... This won't be easy. What're you gonna do, MegaMan?

       MegaMan: If I run through faster than the beams that block the path, I
can make it!

       Lan: OK, I'll operate you! Be careful!

       Lan: Wait, MegaMan! There are a bunch of security beams up ahead!

       MegaMan: Yeah, I can feel them! It gets more dangerous up ahead!

       Lan: The differently colored ground is safe. Until you reach the other
side, whatever you do, don't stop!

       MegaMan: OK!

       QuickMan: Think you can keep up with me? I can't believe you followed me
this far!

       MegaMan: Why don't you just give up already!

       QuickMan: No way! I'm still not fast enough! If you're planning on
getting in my way, then I'll get rid of you here!

       Lan: Heh, I've heard that before! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       QuickMan: Aaaahhh... Huh!? What have I been doing?

       MegaMan: QuickMan, you're...

       QuickMan: Jack out command? OK!

       Lan: He jacked out! This one's operator has been monitoring him!?

       MegaMan: Probably... But anyway, the system should be back to normal!

       Mayl: Lan!

       Lan: Mayl! How are things over there!

       Mayl: We're OK! The security system let us go!

       Lan: All right! That as almost too easy!

       MegaMan: Man, you sure are proud of yourself, aren't you, Lan.

       Lan: Well, why not! OK MegaMan, time to jack out!

       MegaMan: Gotcha!

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Mayl: "Thanks"
               Thanks for your awesome help, Lan! You are the greatest! In all
the commotion, I forgot to withdraw my money... I kinda don't want to go near
the bank for a while, if you know what I mean.

       E-mail: ???: "The bank"
               Nice to meet you. I'm QuickMan's operator. Thanks for stopping
QuickMan's rampage. I have to stay hidden, but I'd still like to thank you.
Please accept this small gift in return for your help.

       Lan: Whew... What a relief!

       MegaMan: Now all we gotta do is wait for Dad to make the real vaccine.

       Mom: Lan! Dinner!

       Lan: All right Mom! I wonder what's for dessert today...?

       MegaMan: ...

       Lan: What's wrong? MegaMan?

       MegaMan: Huh? Well, maybe it's cuz I've been active for so long? I
feel... slow.

       Lan: That's all right, you've done enough for one day. I'll see yah

       MegaMan: All right, good night Lan!

       StarMan: Hehehe... Everything's going according to plan, right?

       Mystery Guy: ... Oh, it's you. StarMan...

       StarMan: According to plan, or not, it's none of your business anyway...
Like a human unaware of his own breath, you spread the virus by living.

       Mystery Guy: ... What are you trying to say?

       StarMan: Hmph, just verifying things. Lately you have been searching for
info about the outside Cyberworld without telling me. And to do what? You're
cursed... Have you already forgotten what you were born to do?

       Mystery Guy: ... I haven't forgotten. I am to generate the Zero Virus,
spread the darkness and... the reason I was born is...

       MegaMan: Good mornin', Lan. How'd you sleep?

       Lan: Yo! MegaMan, it sounds like you're feeling much better! Hey, it's a
phone call from Dad! Did you make the vaccine?

       Dad: Lan, you're awake already...?

       Lan: Yeah, of course! Ah, Dad... Have you been working all night again?

       Dad: Ah, yes... It's been rough going. It'll take a bit longer to develop

       Lan: Really!? Is it that tough?

       Dad: Yes, the Navi hacking program is very closely linked to the Zero
Virus. Since we have almost no info about the Zero Virus, there's little we can
do. The officials are even offering a reward for info about the Zero Virus...

       Lan: Wow, a reward! We should go look for clues too!

       Chaud: Forget about it.

       Lan: What the!? Chaud!

       Chaud: Sorry to interrupt, but as an official, I have to state this
clearly. Lan, as an ordinary civilian, and a child no less, your independent
actions are frankly, a nuisance. ProtoMan and I will handle this.

       Lan: What are you talking about!? You're a kid too!

       Chaud: Heh... Don't pretend you're in the same league as me.

       ProtoMan: That's right, Mr. Chaud has prevented a number of national-
level crimes.

       MegaMan: ProtoMan...

       Lan: You're not the only one! We defeated the Life Virus and wiped out
the WWW!

       Chaud: And you're still a little punk! Do you really think you did that
all alone!? And the WWW's plans have simply taken a different form...

       Dad: What!?

       Chaud: Heh. Anyway, just mind your own business. Goodbye, Dr. Hikari.

       Lan: What's up with him! Just because he's an Official NetBattler, he has
to brag!

       Dad: ... Um... maybe...? Huh? Ah, Lan, I have to get back to my research.
I'll contact you again, so stay out of trouble!

       MegaMan: He hung up.

       Lan: ... Dang! Now even Dad is treating us like kids! MegaMan! We can't
give up now!

       MegaMan: Yeah, we need to cure GutsMan and the rest of them fast...

       Lan: OK! Let's look for information about Zero Virus too! Let's get that
reward first, and show Chaud a thing or two!

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Dex: "Strange arcade"
               Yo, Lan. I just heard a really strange rumor. It's about that
arcade in the next town over, that you can get to by bus... Some nasty Navi has
invaded the game chassis Cyberworld. The rumor is that this Navi has something
to do with the WWW! The WWW might be up to something again... Be careful!

       E-mail: ???: "A great secret"
               You know the abandoned power plant where you get on the Metroline
from ACDC St.? Deep inside that plant's Cyberworld is where the Zero Virus data
is, supposedly. The Center is offering a reward, so why don't you check it out?
Good luck! From your biggest fan

       MegaMan: Lan! Look at this Navi!

       ColorMan: All righty, who should I play a joke on today...? Hmm, maybe
I'll just set the difficulty setting on that game way up... Or maybe I'll set
that couple''s game to not count the coins...?

       Lan: ColorMan! What's an ex-WWW Navi doing here!?

       ColorMan: Huh? No! MegaMan! You found me! Time to go!

       Lan: He ran away!

       MegaMan: That must mean he's done something he doesn't want us to know

       Lan: I agree! Chaud was talking about some WWW plot, too... MegaMan,
we've gotta follow ColorMan! There might be a clue!

       MegaMan: Got it!

       ColorMan: Heheee!

       MegaMan: ColorMan! We got you now!

       ColorMan: You!!! I shoulda known I couldn't shake you, MegaMan...

       Lan: Give it up! Come on, out with it - what are you planning!

       ColorMan: ... Heh. Since I can't shake you, I might as well get my
revenge for last time! I've had a few upgrades of my own since we last met!

       Lan: Go ahead and try it! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       MegaMan: Well, ColorMan! How do you like them apples!

       ColorMan: Ooohhh... All right... Sorry for messing around with the arcade
already! Lately, Madd has been totally ignoring me, so I got bored...

       MegaMan: ... Madd? is that your operator?

       ColorMan: Yeah. So give me a break already, OK?

       Lan: So you don't have anything to do with the WWW or the Zero Virus?

       ColorMan: The WWW is gone already, isn't it? And Zero Virus? What's that?
Never heard of it.

       MegaMan: ... Lan. Looks like we're barking up the wrong tree.

       Lan: ... OK, MegaMan. I guess so. Let's jack out.

       MegaMan: Yeah, let's look somewhere else...

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Chaud: "Warning"
               Lan... You ignored all my warnings and stuck your nose in, didn't
you. I won't criticize you, but you really shouldn't involve yourself too
deeply. I think there's a lot going on here... It feels dangerous. If you don't
want to get MegaMan deleted, you should withdraw. Now!

       E-mail: MailNews: "Program advances"
               'Special: The P.A.' 'P.A.' stands for 'Program Advance,' which is
a phenomenon that occurs when a specific chip combination is sent to a Navi all
at once. For example, if you send the Cannon, HiCannon, and M-Cannon, a P.A.
will turn your Navi invincible for a time, and let your Navi fire the 'Z-
Cannon' as much as he wants! There are many other P.A. combinations, so
experiment with them!

       MegaMan: Lan, this is the power plant... Don't you think it looks

       Lan: What looks suspicious?

       MegaMan: That e-mail. It seems like it might be, well, it has to be a

       Lan: Maybe, but it's not like we have any other clues about the Zero
Virus. It said it was from a fan of mine, what's so hard to believe about that?

       MegaMan: That's the hardest part about it to believe, if you ask me.

       Lan: ... Well anyway, let's check this place out a little! Looks

       ElecMan: The power of electricity is the greatest power!

       MegaMan: ElecMan!? What's an ex-WWW Navi doing here!?
       ElecMan: ... You're here sniffing around the Zero Virus... So I'm gonna
delete you!

       Lan: What's that you say! So, the Zero Virus is a WWW plot after all!?

       ElecMan: Heheheeee... Delete... Delete...

       MegaMan: Wait! Lan, there's something odd about this Navi!

       Lan: What the...

       ElecMan: Gonna delete you! Delete you with my lightning!

       MegaMan: He's insane! I think somebody hacked him and took control!

       Lan: Dang! Let's talk about this later! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       ElecMan: Oooohhh... What the heck am I doing? And why am I damaged? This
is too much for me...? Jacking out...

       MegaMan: ElecMan! Wait!

       Lan: ... It's almost as if he's not aware of us.

       MegaMan: Yeah... He must have been hacked. But why?

       Lan: It's like ElecMan was waiting in ambush for us...

       Dad: Lan, MegaMan, can you hear me? I have something urgent to tell you.

       Lan: Dad!? What's up?

       Dad: Somebody is indiscriminately sending e-mail to SciLab personnel and
official NetBattlers. The same e-mail message...

       Lan: What message...?

       Dad: The e-mail provides information about the Zero Virus, but when you
go to the location specified, a powerful, hacked Navi attacks. So Lan, if you
receive any suspicious e-mail like this, ignore it!

       Lan: Heh, too late, Dad!

       MegaMan: You know, this might mean...

       Dad: Yes, it means that the Zero Virus and the hacking program were both
most likely created by the same person, or the same organization.

       MegaMan: You think it's a net crime organization, like the WWW?

       Lan: Yeah, maybe... Well, I don't see anything here, so let's jack out.

       MegaMan: You're right. Time to find another clue!

       Lan: Darn... Not a single clue...

       MegaMan: ...

       Lan: What's wrong?

       MegaMan: Oh, ah, hmm...

       Lan: ...? You know, you haven't been yourself lately...

       MegaMan: Um, Lan... My... processes... are... so... slow...

       Lan: What!? What's wrong, MegaMan!? Hey!

       MegaMan: I'm... sor...

       Lan: Hang tough, I'll call Dad! I'm turning the PET's power off for now!

       Dad: To get right to the point, MegaMan is infected with the Zero Virus.

       Lan: Noooo!!! Can we cure him somehow!?

       Dad: Well, I administered emergency first-aid, so he's OK for now, I
think. But until I know what the Zero Virus really is, I can't cure him fully.

       Lan: Dangit! The Zero Virus... what could it be...

       Dad: The Zero Virus will infect you no matter what armor you wear. Once
you are infected, getting rid of the virus is very difficult. Apparently there
may be clues in a place known as the Zero Account...

       Lan: Zero Account?

       Dad: Yes. Chaud said that the WWW is still plotting, something, right? So
I looked over some old WWW data again, and found... The Zero Virus was created
by Wily in a Cyberworld called Zero Account.

       Lan: Seriously!? So the WWW is connected with this whole thing after all!

       Dad: No, the WWW cancelled development of the Zero Virus for some reason.
Zero Account was left abandoned for some reason.

       Lan: Zero Account, a world discarded by the WWW... Do you know where it

       Dad: I have no idea as to where it is yet. But I plan to continue our

       Lan: Ah, OK... I see. Thanks, Dad!

       MegaMan: Lan?

       Lan: MegaMan! How are you feeling? I had Dad give you first aid, but...

       MegaMan: Uh... yeah, I feel OK.

       Lan: Ah, great... But you should probably avoid virus busting for a bit?

       MegaMan: You know, Lan, I've been thinking...

       Lan: Yes?
       MegaMan: I get the feeling that if the Zero Virus isn't stopped, it'll
ruin the Cyberworld.

       Lan: I guess you're right...

       MegaMan: So I think we should do as much as we can. Also, unless we
figure out what the Zero Virus really is, my processes will slow down again,
and I may cause you some problems, Lan.

       Lan: Hmmm... You're right, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: All right, so let's go look for the Zero Account and find the
main Zero Virus!

       Lan: Uh, yeah, but how do we find where Zero Account is?

       MegaMan: Well, Higsby used to work for the WWW, maybe he knows

       Lan: Right, OK, I'll send Higsby some e-mail and ask him!

       MegaMan: Yeah! ... OK, I sent the e-mail! Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Higsby: "Re: Zero Account"
               Higsby here, huh. I read your e-mail, huh. Zero Account, huh...
I've heard rumors about it, but I really don't know any detailed info, huh.
Well, I do know about a run down old area that was abandoned by the WWW, huh.
It's located past the security of the Global Area connected to Dex's PC. The
link is down, so it's a forgotten area that nobody visits, huh. Here, I've
attached the security pass code to this e-mail, huh. If you run into danger,
jack out right away, huh!

       E-mail: MailNews: "Using chips well"
               Some chips exist that have secret uses other than just attacking.
For instance, the 'DashAtk' can be used to move through the air for a short
distance, and chips such as 'ColdPnch' can push cubes and break through weak
walls. Chips have various other functions as well, so if you use them... You
may be able to obtain mystery data in otherwise unreachable places.

       Lan: This place is...

       MegaMan: It's the deepest part of the Net. The viruses are stronger in
this area... Wanna make a shortcut to this place?

       Lan: Ah yeah, please do.

       MegaMan: All right, from now on, you can jack in to this place right from
your home!

       ProtoMan: Hmph...

       MegaMan: ProtoMan!

       Lan: Chaud, is that you!?

       Chaud: Heh, Lan...

       Lan: All right! If you're here, that must mean Zero Account is up ahead!

       Chaud: ...

       Lan: ... Hey, Chaud. You came all this way, why don't you go with us! I
don't care about that reward anymore. MegaMan is...

       Chaud: You wanna slow me down? Hold me back? Whatever, you'd better go

       Lan: What!? Chaud, you jerk!

       Chaud: ... I'm telling you, just go home... Come on, ProtoMan, time's

       ProtoMan: Yes sir!

       MegaMan: Heh... They're gone.

       Lan: Bah! The snob! MegaMan, let's go too!

       Lan: It's just like Higsby said, This area is really run-down.

       MegaMan: Wow! This place is written in a really ancient language!

       Lan: So this is the Old Area... MegaMan, are you OK? Can you move all

       MegaMan: When the area's this old, usually it affects me in odd ways,
but... It looks like I'm operating normally. Maybe somebody made the place look

       Lan: The guy who's using the Zero Virus? If it's him, then there may be

       MegaMan: Yeah, let's be careful!

       MegaMan: ProtoMan! You're really damaged! What happened!

       ProtoMan: Argh... I really blew it...

       Lan: Chaud! What happened!

       Chaud: I wasn't careful enough, since this is such an old area. But that

       Lan: A Navi!?

       Chaud: Yeah. It's battle capabilities are upgraded to an unusual level,
there... And... during the battle ProtoMan's processes suddenly slowed down!

       MegaMan: Does that mean ProtoMan's been infected by the Zero Virus too!?

       ProtoMan: Argh... It looks that way. Only way I coulda been defeated like

       Lan: Yeah, no doubt. Chaud! You gotta jack out ProtoMan now!

       Chaud: ProtoMan, jack out!

       ProtoMan: ... Yes sir!

       Lan: Chaud...

       Chaud: All right, I'll be back. It's not like ProtoMan was deleted or
anything. Lan, be careful if you go in there! It's not like any other Navi...
It's a strong, customized, automatic Navi! Guarding the Zero Virus' secret...

       Lan: OK, I get the picture! MegaMan! Get psyched up for this one!

       MegaMan: OK! I'm ready!

       SwordMan: Come and see if you can defeat my sword! Heh, more chumps...

       MegaMan: Who are you!? You're the one who beat ProtoMan!?

       SwordMan: They call me SwordMan! I'm here to slice and dice anyone
foolish enough to try and enter here! My sword'll slice you to electronic

       MegaMan: SwordMan! Who's controlling you and the Zero Virus!? Why are
they doing all of this!?

       SwordMan: I don't have time to chat with fools such as yourself! En

       Lan: Dang! MegaMan! Get psyched. Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Lan: Whew! I can't believe we beat him!

       MegaMan: Yeah, he was pretty tough! ... Huh?

       Lan: What is it?

       MegaMan: Look what I found mixed in with the pieces of SwordMan's

       Lan: Is that a pass code for the link? Is that what he was guarding?

       MegaMan: This might be a pass code for the broken link to the Zero

       Lan: Great, OK, let's get out of this area and check out the broken link!

       MegaMan: This area... My processes slow down and speed up depending on
the place!

       Lan: Is it dangerous?

       MegaMan: Well, it's not all that dangerous... but it may affect my

       Lan: How?

       MegaMan: Well, for instance, it may change my vertical facing...

       Lan: So this is an area with abnormal gravity, eh!? Be careful!

       GravityMan: GravityMan activated. Intruder alert. Warning! Warning!

       Lan: What's this? A Navi?

       MegaMan: Looks like it's AI level is really low, but its chassis has
something... Be careful! He may be upgraded, just like SwordMan!

       GravityMan: GravityMan will now exterminate the intruder!

       Lan: Here he comes! MegaMan, Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Lan: That was rough, Megaman.

       MegaMan: Ah... I can't believe it, where did he get that function...?

       Lan: What's wrong, MegaMan!? Are you OK?

       MegaMan: Ah, no, no problem! I'm all right, let's go! If we follow the
broken link that Navi was guarding... I bet it'll take us to the Zero Account!

       Lan: OK! But if it gets really dangerous, we jack out!

       MegaMan: Got it! Let's follow the new link!

       MegaMan: What the...? My processes are really fast here!

       Lan: MegaMan, are you OK?

       MegaMan: The influence of the Zero Virus isn't completely gone, but
still... I can hold out a little longer here!

       Lan: What great luck!

       MegaMan: Lan, with processing this fast... A little jump will take me
really high, probably.

       Lan: In other words, this is a no-gravity area! Be careful when you jump!

       MegaMan: Ah... It's no good... My processes are slowing down again.

       Lan: Dang! This area's no good too! All right, jack out!

       Dad: Lan! MegaMan!

       Lan: Dad! MegaMan is...

       Dad: Relax! I just finished my analysis of the Zero Virus! I'm sending
you a vaccine, so install it!

       Lan: MegaMan!

       MegaMan: All right, will do! Installing the vaccine program!

       Lan: How do you feel!?

       MegaMan: ... Great! I'm back to normal!

       Lan: You did it, Dad! What a relief! That'll take care of the Zero Virus,

       Dad: Well, not really. All I've done is eradicate the 'current Zero

       Lan: 'Current?'

       Dad: I only just figured this out after analyzing the Zero Virus...
Apparently, the Zero Virus is a type of virus that evolves with time. This
means that even with the current vaccine, new versions of the Zero Virus will
still spread from the Zero Account throughout all Cyberworlds!

       MegaMan: That's horrible!

       Dad: Fortunately, that Navi hacking program lacks this evolution
capability. It looks like the Cyberworlds are back to normal for now, but...

       Lan: Unless we defeat the main Zero Virus, we'll be back at square one!

       MegaMan: Let's go, Lan! We've come this far, the Zero Account must be

       StarMan: Haha. And you think you can beat me? Heh, I can't believe a Navi
made it this far... Huh!? Who are you?

       MegaMan: StarMan!

       StarMan: Ah, that Navi again! Heh... You sure are persistent.

       Lan: So you were the criminal all along!

       StarMan: Criminal? What criminal?

       Lan: You're the one who spread the Zero Virus and the Navi hacking
program! Dad said the same guy did both of those things! You... No, the guy
operating you is the criminal!

       StarMan: Operator, you say? Hehe... Whatever. I'll still do the same
thing. No one who approaches Zero can go home again in one piece...!

       Lan: Zero? Is that the source of the Zero Virus!?

       StarMan: That's for me to know! Now, enough talk already!

       Lan: Heh! You don't know who you're messin' with! MegaMan! Battle
routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       StarMan: Ah... so you're the blue Navi who smashed the WWW... No wonder
you beat me... But... I still don't know what that guy is trying to do...

       MegaMan: What did you say? What guy?

       Lan: Poor loser! All right MegaMan, let's keep going! Let's go into the
Zero Account and find the main Zero Virus!

       MegaMan: You got it! (I wonder what StarMan was talking about there, at
the end...?)

       Program: The Undernet is up ahead. ... What? The corridor under here?
Down there is the 'Data Graveyard,' where trash data is processed.

       MegaMan: Huh? What's this? It looks like a source file...

       Lan: Sauce file? What kind of sauce? Tabasco sauce?

       MegaMan: Lan... I said 'source.' It's program data before it starts

       Lan: Ah... I knew that. So, what's this source all about?

       MegaMan: Sorry, it's some kind of specialized program. I can't figure it

       Lan: ... This isn't right. ... I know! I bet my Dad can figure it out!
OK, let's send the data to my Dad.

       MegaMan: Gotcha! ... OK, I sent it!

       Lan: Good. Let's look somewhere else for now!

       Zero: My name --- is Zero.

       Lan: So that's Zero!? But he just looks like...

       MegaMan: A Navi... He seems like just any other Navi, with the same heart
and mind.

       Zero: StarMan, is that you? Oh, it's you... MegaMan... You beat StarMan,
didn't you... Finally, to actually meet you...

       MegaMan: What!? You know who I am!?

       Zero: Oh yes, I know about you MegaMan... and about your operator, Lan

       Lan: Who the heck are you!?

       Zero: My name is Zero, and I am a cursed virus...

       Lan: I've never heard of a talking virus before!

       Zero: All the Zero Viruses spread throughout the Cyberworlds are my eyes
and ears, transmitting info. At first, all I did was spy and gather info.
Somehow... I don't know exactly when, but... I gained a... soul...

       Lan: You evolved!? A virus...!

       MegaMan: A virus with a soul...

       Zero: You are warriors, fighting for peace in the Cyberworlds... I, on
the other hand, spread evil by simply existing... So you must be here to
delete, that is, bust me. Right?

       Lan: ...

       Zero: But I have no plans to disappear just yet. I'm ready to fight you!

       MegaMan: Wait! You're...!

       Lan: We have no choice. MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Zero: Your power is beyond specifications. So this is the force that beat
the WWW! What is it... the power of friendship? Friendship... It's a feeling
I've never experienced before, but I think I understand it... Well, you beat
me. Go ahead, kill me.

       Lan: Zero... you...

       Zero: ... You know, I didn't ask to be born as a virus. But I want to
know one thing. This world where I was born, and its people. And you, the
humans and Navis, you see me as evil incarnate, spreading poison. So there's
nothing to be concerned about, it's just the way it is.

       MegaMan: Lan... I think I understand how Zero feels...

       Lan: Ahh, Zero ain't all bad after all...

       ProtoMan: Don't be a fool, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: ProtoMan! You're all right!?

       Chaud: Lan, think rationally! This is a heinous, evolving virus... If you
don't finish it off, there's no telling how much damage it'll do!

       Lan: B-but!

       Chaud: ... If you won't do it, I will... Get outta the way!

       Lan: ...

       MegaMan: Sorry...! Zero!

       Dad: Wait! Lan, MegaMan!

       Lan: Dad!?

       Dad: I've been listening in... There's no need to delete the Zero Virus!

       Zero: ...?

       Dad: You sent me a MystData, remember that? That was Zero's file, left by
Wily. A blueprint, you see. Now that I've fully analyzed it, I can 'seal in'
the Zero Virus function!

       Lan: So if you do that, Zero will become just another Navi! No deleting!

       MegaMan: All right! Isn't that great, Zero!

       Zero: ... I don't understand. Why do you want to do this for me?

       Chaud: Yeah, I don't get it either, but that's the way the Lan's think...

       Lan: Hehe! You know it! I bet you really do understand, Chaud!

       Chaud: ... Not really, I'm just tired of the whole thing.

       MegaMan: All right, Zero, I'm gonna transmit you to the SciLab's

       Zero: OK...

       ProtoMan: Hmph! Mr. Chaud, sir!

       Chaud: What is it, ProtoMan?

       Lan: What?

       MegaMan: This is... I can sense... Dad!?

       Dad: What the? The entire Cyberworld just shook!

       ???: Aaah hahahahhahaaa! Look, and despair!

       Lan: !? Where is he!?

       Chaud: Look out...! He's the one that controls this entire account!

       MegaMan: Who are you!?

       ???: Hehehhe, I am the one they used to call 'Professor,' of the WWW
leadership! I took over after Wily to revive the Life Virus!

       Chaud: The Life Virus!? You're insane...!

       MegaMan: What the... That means...!

       Professor: That's right! I called Zero forth, after Wily froze him, and
made StarMan distribute a fake vaccine to hack all NetNavis!

       Lan: You're the real criminal!

       Professor: While you were busy fighting the hacked Navis and the Zero
Virus... I took the money from the vaccine sales to revive the Life Virus!

       Dad: What are you trying to do!?

       Professor: Hehehe... I'm about to start hacking into the military
computers around the world. The world's final war is about to begin! I'll blast
human civilization to bits! For Wily's principles!

       Lan: Not if I stop you!

       Professor: Aahhh hahahhahaaa! What do you think a worm like you can do!

       Dad: Oh no! The Cyberworld's shaking is getting worse! This is too

       Chaud: Argh! ProtoMan, jack out!

       Lan: MegaMan, jack out!

       Lan: Dad! We've gotta tell everyone about the Life Virus coming back!
       Dad: ... There's no need. I just verified it. That guy, who calls himself
Professor, just announced his crime to the whole world!

       Lan: He made an announcement!?

       Dad: Yes! He announced that he is going to use the Life Virus to control
all military computers around the world, and fire off missiles everywhere!

       MegaMan: That's horrible! We've got to do something...

       Dad: Leaders from around the world are engaged in frantic negotiations
now. But if he's trying to destroy the current world, just like Wily... Then I
think the negotiations are futile. They can only buy us some time.

       Chaud: Dr. Hikari, this problem is more than the Center can handle
without your help.

       Lan: Chaud!?

       Dad: OK. I'll go to the Center too! ... Lan, I have to go! We don't know
where the Life Virus or Professor are -- gotta hurry!

       Lan: Uh, yeah...

       MegaMan: Lan? What's wrong?

       Lan: ... MegaMan, y'ou know how strong that Life Virus is... The only
reason we beat it last time was because we had Hub.bat... If we didn't have
that, we would have lost...

       MegaMan: Lan...

       Lan: I don't want to seem pessimistic, but... Do you really think we can
win, at our current level?

       MegaMan: ... Hmm? Phone?

       Dex: Hey! Lan! What's wrong with you!?

       Lan: Ah, Dex... Don't ask!

       Dex: Heh, well, anyway, listen up! GutsMan is back to normal, at last! So
I'm gonna go look for the Life Virus too! You're going too, right? If you are,
let's share information!

       Lan: ... Wait, Dex! Even if we find the Life Virus, do you really think
we can beat it with just MegaMan and GutsMan!? ... I kinda don't think so!

       Dex: Don't be stupid! Lan, what are you afraid of!? You're not the only
one scared here, you know! We all are!

       Lan: !

       Dex: I bet even Chaud's scared! But we don't have time to be scared now!

       Lan: Chaud too...

       Dex: All right, so hurry up and get ready! I'm going on ahead! Later!

       MegaMan: ... Dex was trying to encourage you, Lan.

       Lan: ... MegaMan, let's go!

       MegaMan: Lan!

       Lan: Hehe, how frustrating, to have to be encouraged by Dex! Everybody's
doing their best now, and I don't wanna lose to Chaud! We can beat that Life
Virus ourselves!

       MegaMan: You know it! That's the Lan I know!

       Lan: All right, first we gotta find a clue as to where the Life Virus is!

       MegaMan: Lan! You've got e-mail!

       E-mail: Higsby: "The Professor"
               Hmm, we're in a bit of a pickle now, aren't we, huh. I can't
believe that Professor is doing this. I met him a couple times when I was in
the WWW, huh. He really looked up to Professor Wily, and was his assistant for
a long time, huh. After the WWW was destroyed, he's been seen in the Undernet a
few times. Odds are he has been using the Undernet as a base of operations,

       E-mail: Yai: "Undernet gatekeeper"
               I bet that Life Virus is hiding somewhere in the Undernet.
There's only one place where data of that size could hide without being found.
You know the place? That Navi at the entrance to the Undernet won't let anyone
in. He even told Glide the other day, 'no way I'd ever let a fancy Navi like
you in!' So if you see him, be as crude as you can be!

       E-mail: ???: "I'll help you out!"
               Thanks to Dr. Hikari, I'm a real Navi now, not just a virus. So
thanks, you guys. ... I don't know what to say, really. But, the guy who
awakened me and used me, the 'Professor,' his schemes are not over. Lan Hikari,
MegaMan, if you plan to fight this man... I'll lend you my power! This Z-Saber
that I wield, now it belongs to you!

       Program: This is the Undernet! Kids aren't allowed in here! Scram!

       MegaMan: Hey, come on, please, can't you just let us in...

       Lan: Wait, MegaMan! Didn't Yai say this guy hates polite people! We have
to be as crude and rude as possible!

       MegaMan: Really!? Are you sure!?

       Lan: It's the only way! Give it a shot, MegaMan! There's no time to

       MegaMan: ... OK, Lan. I'll try. Umm... Hey, you over there. I mean, hey,
scumbag! Let us through, jerk! ... Something like that?

       Program: Huh? You must be a beginner. You'll have to do better than that!

       Lan: MegaMan! You have to be nastier! You're still too nice!

       MegaMan: Too nice...? Ahh, wait! Meaner, eh... 'What? You! You gonna try
to stop be? Huh? Don't try any funny business or I'll have to stab you! Rawr!!!

       Program: Wow! You're so nasty! You gotta be from the Undernet! In you go!

       MegaMan: Thanks! ... I mean, Thanks, you steenkin' gutter rat! Hehe!

       Lan: Nice work! Your experience fighting NeedleMan really paid off here!

       GutsMan: Yeah, they say you can get into the Undernet from around here...
Problem is, there's no way I can get through these narrow paths...

       MegaMan: ProtoMan!?

       ProtoMan: Hm? MegaMan?

       Lan: This place...

       Chaud: What the! Lan!? This Cyberworld is for use by Center personnel
only! Ordinary people can't get in here easily...!

       Lan: Huh!? We went through the entrance to the Undernet, I thought...

       Chaud: Huh? Ahh... OK, the Professor did this. That guy sure gets

       Lan: What are you talking about?

       Chaud: I think he used an auto-jump trap.

       Lan: Auto-jump?

       MegaMan: It's a link that sends you to a different place from where you
want to go.

       Chaud: When a Navi without authorization tries to access the Undernet...
It sends them to the Center... I think he's trying to taunt us here at the
Center. ... Interesting ploy!

       MegaMan: On the other hand, if he's trapped the place, then that means...

       Lan: That means the Life Virus is in the Undernet, where the link should

       Chaud: That makes sense...

       Lan: MegaMan, is there nothing you can do?

       MegaMan: ... As simple as that trap is, it's very good security. All we
can do is look for the AuthCode...

       Lan: OK... Later, Chaud! MegaMan, I'm gonna jack out for now!

       Higsby: ... Yeppers, huh! So sorry I can't help you out, huh!

       Lan: ... Ah, don't worry about it. Thanks, Higsby. OK, I'm hanging up.

       MegaMan: Even Higsby doesn't know anything about the AuthCode. So what
should we do now? There are no more clues...

       Lan: Yeah... but we can't give up now! ... It's pretty clear that this
'Professor' was one of the WWW bosses. And... he may have used ex-WWW
facilities to create the AuthCode and the Life Virus.

       MegaMan: There's a good possibility that you're right about that.

       Lan: So, we should check the places related to the WWW very carefully,

       MegaMan: Places related to the WWW... Like where that secret Metroline

       Lan: Yes! Where the basement of ACDC School connected with the WWW HQ.

       MegaMan: OK! That might lead us to surviving the WWW Cyberworlds...

       Lan: It's decided then! Let's check out the ex-WWW Cyberworld via the

       MegaMan: Hey, Lan! You've got some e-mail!

       E-mail: Dex: "Legend. WWW area"
               I figured out a lot of things about the Life Virus, so listen up!
The prototype of the Life Virus was created in the Legendary WWW Area!
According to the rumors, the Legendary WWW Area is a mysterious area built by
the WWW... They say it's past the Level 5 security area of Outer Net. Even I
couldn't find this place... I get the feeling it's there, though. Well, anyway,
I've attached a Level 5 pass code to this e-mail. If you go to the Outer Net,
try looking for this area!

       Lan: ... This Legendary WWW Area sounds suspicious.

       MegaMan: Outer Net... That's the first place I ran into StarMan.

       Lan: Yeah, this area is also related to the WWW... Let's check it out

       Lan: So this is the secret Metroline Cyberworld. I've never been in here

       MegaMan: That's right. The Metroline used to go directly to the WWW

       Lan: Since the circuit is still active, that means if we follow it...

       MegaMan: Yeah! We should be able to access areas that the WWW used to

       Lan: All right, lets go!

       ShadowMan: Ha ha ha. ShadowMan is on the scene!

       Lan: Who's there!?

       ShadowMan: ... I am here to carry out my assignment.

       MegaMan: Assignment?

       ShadowMan: To destroy the AuthCode here if someone tries to take it...
That is my assignment. And... I just completed it.

       Lan: So there was an AuthCode here!

       ShadowMan: You were too late, by mere seconds. I've already destroyed it.

       MegaMan: Lan! The Professor is one step ahead of us...

       Lan: No! You...! Then we'll just make you cough up the Professor's info!

       ShadowMan: You think so? You really think you can defeat ShadowMan...

       Lan: MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       ShadowMan: Grrrr... You're stronger than you look... Time to put an end
to this...

       MegaMan: Wait! I won't let you get away!

       ShadowMan: Time to hide in the leaves of these cybertrees!

       Lan: What the!? He's gone...! Did he jack out?

       MegaMan: I don't know...! There's no trace of him jacking out...

       Lan: Bah! ... MegaMan, what about the AuthCode!?

       MegaMan: No luck... All the codes here are destroyed.

       Lan: ... MegaMan, let's at least take the ruined codes for now. Dad might
be able to do something with them!

       MegaMan: OK, Lan... OK, I saved the codes!

       Lan: OK, there's nothing else here... MegaMan, time to jack out!

       MegaMan: OK!

       Lan: So this is the Legendary WWW Area... Yeah, it sure looks that way.

       MegaMan: Yep. And there's a lot of information stored in the area itself,
too... There might be some kind of clue buried here!

       Lan: Right! But be careful, MegaMan! It's a WWW area, so there are
probably tons of traps everywhere!

       MegaMan: OK, Lan, understood. I'm ready for your operation!

       PharaohMan: All those who disturb my sleep --- must pay! ...

       Lan: Who's that!?

       MegaMan: I've never seen that type of Navi before...

       PharaohMan: ... Who dares disturb my sleep...

       MegaMan: Who are you!?

       PharaohMan: My name is PharaohMan, King of the Navis... This is my
sanctuary. Fools, you have despoiled this sanctuary with your unclean

       MegaMan: W-wait! We just need the AuthCode...

       PharaohMan: Be cursed, now...

       Lan: We can't talk with this guy...! MegaMan, Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Lan: ... So? MegaMan, did you find any clues?

       MegaMan: Yes... The information stored in this area is all visible in
this space... but... This data is extremely old data, created a long time ago.
None of this data can be used on modern computers.

       Lan: Darn!! I thought there'd be something useful here...

       MegaMan: Anyway, I'll take this data with us since it looks like some
kind of code. It's pretty old, so we can't use it like this, but it might be
handy later.

       Lan: OK, please grab the data.

       MegaMan: ... OK! I saved the data!

       Lan: All right, let's get outta here! Jacking out!

       Lan: ... Right. So, to get to the Undernet...

       Dad: We'll need the AuthCode that ShadowMan broke. All right. I'll take a
look at the two pieces of data you just sent me.

       Lan: Thanks, Dad!

       Dad: Hmmm... ... This is...

       Lan: Did you find something out?

       Dad: Yeah, I think I can figure this out... All right, got it! The
AuthCode is ready!

       Lan: Wow, Dad, you're amazing! We can use this to get into the Undernet!

       Dad: ... ... Lan...

       Lan: Don't stop me, Dad. We're all facing the same danger together. I
just want to do my part!

       Dad: ... I know, Lan. I won't try and stop you from making your choice.
But don't forget! You are strong because the two of you work together. That
data just now is the same way. I used old data to fix the broken part. And that
completed the AuthCode. You gotta help each other out that way.

       MegaMan: ...

       Dad: And... the same principle applies to you and MegaMan too. You've got
to cover each other's weak points. When you do that, you can be incredibly,
amazingly strong!

       Lan: Dad...

       Dad: Lan! MegaMan! When the two of you work together, you can defeat any
enemy! Your dad believes in you! Now, go!

       Lan: Leave it to us, Dad! There's no way we'll lose to that Life Virus!

       MegaMan: That's right! Come on, Lan, let's go to the Undernet!

       ProtoMan: ProtoMan is on the prowl!

       Chaud: Heh. You think you can challenge me to a NetBattle? Fine. But this
battle will be on a level you've never experienced before. I'll show you what
happens when a mere civilian gets in over his head!

       Lan: Ha! You can talk the talk. But can you walk the walk?

       ProtoMan: MegaMan! I wanted to fight with you again!

       MegaMan: ProtoMan! This is it!

       Chaud: You're ready, I guess... Here I come!

       Lan: OK! MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       Chaud: ProtoMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       ProtoMan: Execute!

       ProtoMan: Wha', what was that...?

       Chaud: Leave it alone, ProtoMan! ... The battle is over.

       ProtoMan: Grr... Yes, sir...

       Lan: Chaud...

       Chaud: Heh... It's frustrating, but I have to admit, your busting sense
is superb. To overwhelm me like this...

       Lan: Hehe... I'm kinda embarrassed...

       Chaud: Don't get cocky... You just got lucky this time. But I won't say
anything more about you chasing after the Life Virus. Do whatever you want...

       MegaMan: Lan, we did it!

       Lan: All right! Let's keep going, at this rate we can beat the Life

       Lan: All right! I entered the AuthCode! Are you ready, MegaMan?

       Lan: We're finally here! The Undernet! Do you sense anything, MegaMan?

       MegaMan: Yes... The Life Virus is definitely in here, no doubt about it!

       Lan: OK! Let's go smash it!

       MegaMan: The Cyberworld is warped up ahead...!?

       Lan: What is it? Is the Life Virus doing it?

       MegaMan: I think so... But this area is so unstable, I can't even jack

       Lan: So if we keep going, we won't be able to go home until we defeat

       Lan: What's this?

       MegaMan: This is a firewall, set up to repulse intruders! But I've never
seen one this strong and aggressive before!

       Lan: I bet the Professor used the power of the Life Virus to make it!
We'll have to smash our way through, MegaMan! Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       MegaMan: Nice work!

       Lan: All right, let's keep going, MegaMan!

       MegaMan: OK!

       Lan: MegaMan, I'm getting a powerful response from just up ahead! This
area seems safe, so why don't you execute a system recovery here!

       MegaMan: Will do!

       MegaMan: What's this place...?

       Professor: Aaaa hahahahaaa! Welcome, MegaMan!

       Lan: Huh!? Professor!

       Professor: I can't believe you busted your way through my firewall... Not

       Lan: Heh! Wait until you see us bust your Life Virus!

       Professor: Hah! You won't even make it as far as the Life Virus!

       Lan: Yeah, why not!?

       Professor: Look and despair! The Life Virus has built an army of upgraded
Navis from the data I had Zero collect!

       Lan: What's the matter!? Is that all you've got!?

       Professor: Noooo! It can't be!!! How can you defeat this many upgraded
Navis, created by me and my Life Virus! It's unthinkable! Absurd!

       MegaMan: Professor! You don't get it! Navis get their power by working
together with their operators! That makes us stronger -- too strong to lose to
imposter Navis!

       Professor: In that case... I'll just have to move forward with my plans
even sooner!

       Lan: Come on, MegaMan! We gotta stop the Life Virus!

       MegaMan: On my way!

       Lan: MegaMan, wait!

       MegaMan: We're surrounded! Viruses came outta nowhere!

       Lan: The Life Virus created them! Can we defeat this many!?

       MegaMan: But there's no time...!

       ProtoMan: ProtoMan's on the job!

       Lan: Huh!?

       MegaMan: ProtoMan!

       GutsMan: Yeah, and don't forget GutsMan either!!!

       Roll: Or me!

       MegaMan: GutsMan! And Roll, too!

       Dex: Sorry we're late, Lan! This place wasn't easy to find, but we did

       Mayl: Are you all right?

       Chaud: Heh, you're having a rough time of it, I see.

       Yai: Pretty sloppy of you, Lan!

       Higsby: But you did come all this way by yourself, huh... Impressive as
always, huh!

       Lan: Everybody came to help out!?

       Dex: Heh, what did you expect!? We're your friends, remember!

       Mayl: That's right! Lan, stop trying to do everything yourself!

       Lan: ... Thanks, everybody!

       Chaud: There's no time to chat! Get outta here, Lan! We'll deal with

       Lan: Chaud! You...

       Chaud: Don't get confused... You're the only one who's fought the Life
Virus before, so I'm sending you ahead. It's only logical. ... Now GO!

       Mayl: Be careful, Lan!

       Lan: ... I will!

       Roll: Wait, Mega! I'll heal you before you go!

       MegaMan: Thanks, Roll!

       Lan: All right! Let's go, MegaMan! This is the last fight!

       MegaMan: Ready!

       Professor: Look closely, for this is LifeVirusR! So, you're here at last,
MegaMan! And Lan Hikari, too! Fools, do you think you can interfere with my
grand experiment!?

       Lan: Experiment!? That's what you call this!?

       Professor: precisely! What is it, if not a grand Experiment!? I'll reset
this Internet-centric world your grandfather created... And reconstruct the
robot civilization Dr. Wily dreamed of! And then! We shall all see which theory
is superior, Dr. Wily's or Dr. Hikari's! And the teaming billions shall see it
too! Dr. Wily's long-cherished dream is my dream as well!

       Lan: ... So how does that justify firing missiles at innocent people!?
You're just another extremist, Professor! Just like Dr. Wily!

       Professor: Ah, just shut up already! I'm going to delete you, then I'm
gonna delete this world! Time to introduce you to my Life Virus -- upgraded
with Zero's data! Now let's see that look of despair on your face!

       Lan: ... We can't afford to lose this one, MegaMan! Get ready to fight!

       MegaMan: I'm good! All right, Lan, start your operation!

       Lan: MegaMan, Battle routine! Set!

       MegaMan: Execute!

       Professor: How can this be!? My glorious... the WWW's glorious Life
Virus! The Life Virus that was going to make the world burn, deleted by a
brat!? But... Don't think this ends it!

       Lan: What!?

       Professor: All you did was destroy one of the programs I created! It does
take time and money to generate a Life Virus... But that doesn't mean it's
impossible! I'll make a stronger one next time!

       MegaMan: Argh...!

       Lan: What should we do...!?

       Professor: Hahahahaaa!!! Is that despair I see!? You're nothing but
maggots! ... Wha'!? Who!? Who are you!? Get outta my house!!!

       Lan: Huh!?

       Official: So, you're the 'Professor!' By the authority of the Center, I
am placing you under arrest! Your computers will be appropriated as evidence!

       Professor: What...! You're arresting... me!? Nooo!!!

       Lan: Center authorities found the Professor's location in the real

       MegaMan: Looks like it!

       Professor: I don't get it... How did you find me!? How did you get past
all the layers of camouflage I had hiding where I was connecting from!? Even
the Mother Computer itself would need a whole month to analyze them! There was
no way to detect me from the outside... Oh, no...!

       Zero: I think you've figured it out...

       Lan: Zero!

       Zero: ... I've been reborn as a Navi, so I can't generate new viruses
anymore. But I can still use viruses that already exist...

       Professor: That's impossible... And you used the viruses to get into my

       Zero: You got it. And you never realized it, either. Your computer has
been infected with the Zero Virus for a very long time. And as you know, the
Zero Virus acts as my eyes and ears... With the Life Virus deleted, finding you
was a piece of cake.

       Professor: Ah... but...

       Zero: What is it you say in a situation like this? Ah yes, 'Is that
despair I see?'

       Professor: Arrrrrggh.. Yoooouuuu... You VIRUS!!!

       Official: Come on, now! No more talking!

       Professor: Aaargggh!!!

       Dad: Heh! Zero, your virus capabilities sure came in handy today!

       Lan: Dad!

       Dad: Nice work, Lan, MegaMan!

       Lan: We got 'em, Dad! It's finally over!

       MegaMan: Thanks, Zero! Now what are you gonna do?

       Zero: I think... I think I'd like to explore this huge Cyberworld. Dr.
Hikari has given his permission... I'll be monitored, of course...

       Lan: ... That's great! I'm happy for you!

       MegaMan: Welcome to our Cyberworld! I hope you enjoy it!

       Lan: So we're all pals now!

       Zero: ... Pals? Friends? How strange... But, I think I can get used to
it. ... Goodbye. Goodbye, my friends! I'll see you around!

       Lan (As Game): The threat of the Life Virus that had attacked the world
was gone and a global catastrophe was averted. The vaccine spread to all the
infected Navis and the Cyberworld was reinvigorated. That Professor is
apparently cooling his heals in prison. As for me and MegaMan...

       Lan: Aaaaaahhh...

       MegaMan: You seem bored, Lan, you keep yawning...

       Lan: I'm enjoying the boredom! The world is finally at peace again, so
why not! Ahh yes, this is the life!

       MegaMan: When things are peaceful, you always start loafing off. What's
this, a comic?

       Lan: Hehe, this magazine has a special PET column written by my Dad.
Let's see here... 'Armor is behind the times?' 'From now on, fighting styles
themselves must be changed to match each situation, or we will not be able to
defeat new types of viruses.' True!

       MegaMan: OK, fine, but isn't it time you started studying for tomorrow's

       Lan: ... Oh yeah.

       MegaMan: You sure are easy-going... All right, time to hit the books!

       Lan: Time for dessert first! ... Mom! Is dessert ready yet!?

       Mom: Huh? Hmm, that's strange...

       Lan: What's wrong?

       Mom: This oven just won't heat up for some reason. How am I gonna bake
the cake? Darn...

       Lan: ... MegaMan! It's a dessert emergency! Quick, to the oven's

       MegaMan: Oh, all right... But afterwards, you'd better study, Lan!

       Lan: Hehe! I know! Let's go, MegaMan! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!

       ShadowMan: Mr. Dark, sir... I'm back...

       Mr. Dark: ... The Professor was a great source of funding. But he's
finished, now.

       ShadowMan: Yes, sir...

       Dark: Ah well... No matter. I've already found our next sponsor.

       ShadowMan: Next sponsor?

       Dark: Yes, it's a net crime organization that has been growing lately.
They call themselves... 'Gospel.' The job is...

       ShadowMan: ... ... As you command, sir!

       Game: To be continued... In "MegaMan Battle Network 2"

       #4 Disclaimer

       This FAQ was written by me, Trunks Vegita (ss3growntrunks@yahoo.com)
Unpublished work of Trunks Vegita 2003, and is for personal use only. This FAQ
may not be republished in any other shape and form, be distributed for profits
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       I, Trunks Vegita, take no responsibility for subsequent damage to
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       #5 Note to Webmasters

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       #6 Credits

       Well, first of all thanks to God for everything.

       Thanks to Capcom for making such a great game.

       Thanks to my parents for buying me the Nintendo GameCube and the game of
MegaMan Network Transmission and also for the computer to write this thing.

       Thanks to me for writing this.

       This document is a copyright (c) 2002 of me Trunks who is SS3 Grown
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