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FAQ by MegaBoy

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/01/03


By Mega Boy
Version 0.9 - July 1st 2003


Be sure you have the latest version of this file and to read everything before
e-mailing me, otherwise I will ignore you. I may have missed some secret
places, if so, contact me and explain me in detail. I will update my maps and
give credit to the first one.


What do you get when you mix MegaMan Battle Network elements with the old
MegaMan NES games: A winner! This guide goes with the maps for this game.
I did not thought I would be doing maps for a 2D side-scroller, but since there
are many hidden areas and sprites were easy to see, I chose to do them anyway.
You will find all Internet areas with their items, obstacles, etc.


Scenario 1:  Den 1 (Lan's house), Den 2, Net on Fire -> FireMan
Scenario 2:  Den 3 (Mayl's house), Global 1, OuterNet, Global 2 -> GutsMan
Scenario 3:  Garden (Yai's house) / Water Works (Subway) /
             Shopping (Subway) / Bank (Bus Stop)
Scenario 4:  Arcade (Bus Stop) / Power Plant (Subway)
Scenario 5:  Global 2 (Dex's house), Global 3, Old area
Scenario 6:  Global 3 (Lan's house), Strange Grav area
Scenario 7:  Global 3 (Lan's house), No Grav area
Scenario 8:  Global 3 (Lan's house), Zero Account
Scenario 9:  Global 3 (Lan's house), Dark Navi -> ProtoMan
Scenario 10: Global 2 (Dex's house), OuterNet, Legendary WWW / Vacant WWW (School)
Scenario 11: Global 3 (Lan's house), Undernet


In this game, you have 20 chips in your folder, no more letters, but some have
restrictions. Some names are temporary.

#   Name       Dmg   Type   Limit   Restr.   Description
001 Cannon      40   None      30   None     Hi-powered shot
002 HiCannon    80   None      20   None     Hi-powered shot
003 M-Cannon   120   None      10   None     Hi-powered shot
004 ShotGun     40   None      20   None     Hi-powered shot that affects also
                                             behind the hit
005 V-Gun       50   None      20   None     Like ShotGun, but the blast effect
                                             is larger
006 CrossGun    60   None      20   None     Like V-Gun, with greater effect
007 Spreader    70   None      10   None     Even greater effect than CrossGun
008 Bubbler     50   Aqua      30   None     Like Shotgun
009 Bub-V       60   Aqua      20   None     Like V-Gun
010 BubCross    70   Aqua      20   None     Like CrossGun
011 BubSprd     80   Aqua      10   None     Like Spreader
012 HeatShot    50   Heat      30   None     Like Shotgun
013 Heat-V      60   Heat      20   None     Like V-Gun
014 HeatCros    70   Heat      20   None     Like CrossGun
015 HeatSprd    80   Heat      10   None     Like Spreader
016 MiniBomb    50   None      30   None     Throws a bomb
017 LilBomb     50   None      20   None     Like MiniBomb, larger explosion
018 CrosBomb    60   None      20   None     Like LilBomb, larger explosion
019 BigBomb     80   None      10   None     Like CrosBomb, larger explosion
020 TreeBom1   100   Wood      20   None     Throws a wooden spike
021 TreeBom2   120   Wood      20   None     Throws a wooden spike
022 TreeBom3   140   Wood      20   None     Throws a wooden spike
023 Sword       80   None      20   None     Short horizontal sword attack
024 WideSwrd    80   None      20   None     Short vertical sword attack
025 LongSwrd    80   None      20   None     Long horizontal sword attack
026 FireSwrd   100   Heat      10   None     Like WideSwrd
027 AquaSwrd   100   Aqua      10   None     Like WideSwrd
028 ElecSwrd   100   Elec      10   None     Like WideSwrd
029 FireBlde    90   Heat      10   None     Like LongSwrd
030 AquaBlde    90   Aqua      10   None     Like LongSwrd
031 ElecBlde    90   Elec      10   None     Like LongSwrd
032 SonicBld    80   None       5   Ground   Shockwave attack, both sides
033 Z-Saber     80   None       1   Ground   Multiple slash attack
034 Kunai1      50   None      20   None     Short range shuriken attack
035 Kunai2      60   None      20   None     Short range shurikens attack
036 Kunai3           None      20   None     Short range shurikens attack
037 CustSwrd     X   None      10   None     Sword with damage depending on
                                             Custom Gauge
038 Muramasa     X   None       5   None     Sword with damage depending on
                                             damage you received
039 VarSwrd      X   None       5   Ground   Sword with buttons combo
040 Slasher    180   None      10   Ground   Counter-attack sword
041 ShockWav    40   None      30   Ground   Wave attack
042 SonicWav    70   None      20   Ground   Faster wave attack
043 DynaWave   100   None      10   Ground   Fastest wave attack
044 FireArm     30   Heat       5   Ground   Flame thrower attack
045 FootStmp    90   None      10   Ground   Stomping attack
046 DoubJump         None      10   Jump     Double jump, use when your are at
                                             your maximum jumping height
047 GutPunch   100   None       5   Ground   Punch attack, piercing attack
048 ColdPnch    80   Aqua      10   Ground   Punch attack, piercing attack
049 BrnzFist    80   None      15   Ground   Punch attack, piercing attack
050 SilvFist   120   None      10   Ground   Punch attack, piercing attack
051 GoldFist   160   None       5   Ground   Punch attack, piercing attack
052 IceSlshr   100   Aqua       5   None     Straight icicle attack
053 QuikBmrg    60   None       5   None     Throws multiple boomerangs
054 ClrBall     80   None       5   None     Bouncing ball attack
055 ThunBeam    60   Elec       5   None     Like 3-Way
056 GrvtyHld    20   None       5   None     Gravity ball attack
057 StrArrow    40   None       5   None     Arrow attack, can be ridden
058 DashAtk     80   None      10   None     Dashing attack, can be use for
                                             accessing far away places.
059 Wrecker     80   None      20   None     Like MiniBomb, piercing attack
060 CannBall   120   None      10   None     Like Wrecker
061 Hammer     160   None       5   None     Like CannBall
062 DoubNdl     50   None      30   None     2 needle shot
063 TripNdl     50   None      20   None     3 needle shot
064 QuadNdl     50   None      10   None     4 needle shot
065 NdlCanon    20   Wood       5   None     Multiple needle shot
066 Ratton1     70   None      10   Ground   Ground moving mine
067 Ratton2     80   None      10   Ground   Ground moving mine
068 Ratton3     90   None      10   Ground   Ground moving mine
069 3-Way       60   None      20   None     Three-way shot
070 RemoPlug    80   Elec       1   None     Shots a remote-controlled outlet
071 Tornado     20   None      15   None     Slow moving tornado
072 Twister     20   Wood      15   None     Immobile tornado
073 Blower      20   Heat      15   None     Like Twister
074 Burner      80   Heat      10   Ground   Fire surrounds you for a second
075 ZapRing1    20   Elec      10   None     Stunning ring attack
076 ZapRing2    30   Elec      10   None     Stunning ring attack
077 ZapRing3    40   Elec      10   None     Stunning ring attack
078 Satelit1    60   Elec      10   None     Waving drone attack
079 Satelit2    80   Elec      10   None     Waving drone attack
080 Satelit3   100   Elec      10   None     Waving drone attack
081 Spice1      40   Wood      10   None     Temporary shield
082 Spice2      60   Wood      10   None     Temporary shield
083 Spice3      80   Wood      10   None     Temporary shield
084 MagBomb1    80   Elec      10   None     Stunning bomb
085 MagBomb2    90   Elec      10   None     Stunning bomb
086 MagBomb3   100   Elec      10   None     Stunning bomb
087 Yo-Yo1      40   None      10   None     Yoyo attack
088 Yo-Yo2      50   None      10   None     Yoyo attack
089 Yo-Yo3      60   None      10   None     Yoyo attack
090 Guard            None      10   Ground   Shield that reflects attacks
091 ShldGard         None      10   Ground   Shield that reflects attacks
092 HiGuard                    10            Shield that reflects attacks
093 Repair           None       5   None     Replaces all falling platforms
                                             that have already fallen
094 Recov10          None      15   None     Recovers 10 HP
095 Recov30          None      10   None     Recovers 30 HP
096 Recov80          None       5   None     Recovers 80 HP
097 Recov150         None       5   None     Recovers 150 HP
098 Recov300         None       5   None     Recovers 300 HP
099 Candle1          Fire       5   Ground   Recovers 2 HP per second
100 Candle2          Fire       5   Ground   Recovers 2 HP per second
101 Candle3          Fire       5   Ground   Recovers 2 HP per second
102 RockCube    20   None       5   Ground   Drops a rock stone
103 IceCube     20   Aqua       5   Ground   Drops an ice block
104 Anubis           None       5   Ground   Statue inflicts general damage
105 Invis1           None       5   None     Be invincible for a few seconds
106 Invis2           None       5   None     Like Invis1, but longer
107 Invis3           None       5   None     Like Invis2, but longer
108 DropDown         None       5   None     Like Invis3, but longer
109 PopUp            None       5   None     Like Invis3, but longer
110 StoneBod         None       5   Ground   Makes you immobile and protects
                                             you for a few seconds
111 IronBody         None       5   Ground   Like StoneBod, but can move
112 MetalBod         None       5   Ground   Like StoneBod, but can move
113 Barrier          None       5   None     Protects you from one hit
114 AquaAura         Aqua       5   None     Water shield
115 FireAura         Heat       5   None     Fire shield
116 WoodAura         Wood       5   None     Wooden shield
117 ElecAura         Elec       5   None     Electric shield
118 LifeAur1         None       5   None     Temporary shield that nullifies
                                             damage lower than 80
119 LifeAur2         None       5   None     Temporary shield that nullifies
                                             damage lower than 100
120 LifeAur3         None       5   None     Temporary shield that nullifies
                                             damage lower than 150
121 Roll        80   None       5   Ground   Attack closest enemy and recovers
                                             half your health
122 GutsMan     90   None       5   Ground   Shockwave attack
123 ProtoMan   160   None       5   Ground   Sword attack
124 FireMan     40   Heat       5   Ground   Flame thrower attack
125 NeedleMan   80   Wood       5   Ground   Wide area needle attack
126 BrightMan   20   Elec       5   Ground   Stunning attack
127 IceMan      90   Aqua       5   Ground   Wide area ice attack
128 QuickMan    60   None       5   Ground   Boomerang attack
129 ColorMan   100   None       5   Ground   Bouncing ball attack
130 ElecMan     90   Elec       5   Ground   Multiple lightning attack
131 SwordMan    80   None       5   Ground   Sword throwing attack
132 GravityMan   0   None       5   Ground   Dark Hole attack, vanishes enemies
133 StarMan     50   None       5   Ground   Star shower attack
134 Zero       100   None       1   Ground   Multiple long range sword attack
135 PharoahMan  30   None       5   Ground   Laser attack
136 ShadowMan   80   None       5   Ground   Multiple shurikens forward
137 Bass        60   None       1   Ground   Giant bombing attack


Program Advances are combos of Battle Chips that will create a new effect.

01. Z-Canon:  Cannon + HiCannon + M-Cannon   = 120 damage + Invis3
02. Z-Raton:  Ratton1 + Ratton2 + Ratton3    = 90 damage + Invis3
03. GigaDeth: Spreader + BubSprd + HeatSprd  = 300 damage
04. Arrows:   DoubNdl + TripNdl + QuadNdl    = 100 damage
05. UltraBmb: LilBomb + CrosBomb + BigBomb   = 200 damage
06. LifeSrd1: Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd    = 200 damage
07. LifeSrd2: FireSwrd + AquaSwrd + ElecSwrd = 300 damage
08. LifeSrd3: FireBlde + AquaBlde + ElecBlde = 400 damage
09. Punch:    GutPunch + ColdPnch + DashAtk  = 100 damage
10. Meteors:  SonicBld + GrvtyHld + StrArrow = 80 damage
11. BigHeart: Repair + Recov300 + Roll       = 200 damage + Full recovery
12. GtsShoot: Guard + DashAtk + GutsMan      = 300 damage
13. 2xHero:   CustSwrd + VarSwrd + ProtoMan  = 70 damage
14. ZerCntr:  HiGuard + Z-Saber + Zero       = 300 damage

MiniEnrg: Refills some of your energy
HalfEnrg: Refills half of your energy
FullEnrg: Refills all your energy
MPCharge: Refills your MP meter
Unlocker: Unlocks purple mystery data
FstGauge: Makes your Custom Gauge fill faster
FullCust: Fills your Custom Gauge instantly

HP:     MegaMan's health (Max 1000)
MP:     MegaMan Battle Chip meter (Max 256 MB)
Lifes:  MegaMan's lifes (Max 9)
Zenny:  MegaMan's money
Armor:  MegaMan's armor (Normal, Fire, Aqua, Wood, Elec)
        FireArmr halves Fire-based attacks
        AquaArmr halves Aqua-based attacks
        WoodArmr halves Wood-based attacks
        ElecArmr halves Elec-based attacks
Attack: MegaBuster's power
Rapid:  MegaBuster's speed
Charge: MegaBuster's charge level
        (1: None, 2: 1st level, 3: 2nd level, 4: Fast charge, 5: Faster charge)


As you progress in the game, more jack-in sockets will appear on the map.
Some names are temporary.

Higsby's shop
  Not really a stage, just a shop
Lan's house
  Access to Den area 1 & Global area 3
Mayl's house
  Access to Den area 3
Yai's house
  Access to Garden area
Dex's house
  Access to Global area 2
Metroline Subway
  Access to Shopping, Water Works and Power Plant areas
Bus Stop
  Access to Bank & Arcade areas
  Access to Vacant WWW area


Den Areas (Lan's and Mayl's houses)
  In the area 2, you will see a glass block that can be destroyed with a
  piercing attack, like a Punch chip or CannBall.
  Right after, you will have some spikes you need to slide under, jump when
  you are over a free space.
  The third area will be completely accessible after FireMan.
  You can go to the last segment from FireMan's stage with some double jumps to
  access the secret boss.

Global areas & OuterNet (Dex's house)
  Much like the Den areas...

Net on Fire area (Den area 3 later)
  Some bits of this stage are like the old NES FireMan's stage in MM1. Be
  careful on the falling blocks and do not fall in the lava.
  Boss stategy: Use Bubbler, Aqua Sword and the DreamSword1 PA combo. Slide
  under FireMan's flamethrower.

GutsMan (via Global area 2)
  Boss stategy: Use Invis1 and Recov chips. Jump at any GutsMan's attacks.

NeedleMan (Yai's house - Garden areas)
  Quite simple stage, but be careful with the mechanical needles.
  Boss stategy: Use fire-based chips (FireMan). Slide under NeedleMan's attack.

IceMan (Subway - Water Works areas)
  The second area has the disappearing blocks from the NES IceMan's stage.
  In the third area, you have to fight a giant boss, so prepare wide attack
  Boss stategy: Shoot IceMan and jump over him.

BrightMan (Subway - Shopping areas)
  This stage is pretty easy, just take your time with the lasers.
  Boss stategy: Shoot BrightMan to lower his shield, then immediately use a

QuickMan (Bus Stop - Bank areas)
  Argh! The killing lasers are back from MM2! Check the maps and try to figure
  out the best way out of this place.
  Boss stategy: Slide under QuickMan as he get close. Use Invis1 chips.

ColorMan (Bus Stop - Arcade areas)
  There is a funny pinball-like place in the second area. There is also a
  secret warp that leads to a slot machine with prizes.
  Boss stategy: Attack ColorMan's head.

ElecMan (Subway - Power Plant areas)
  This time, you will travel on high voltage wires, just be sure not to touch
  the wires and the ground at the same time. (Just kidding ;)
  Boss stategy: Shoot ElecMan, slide away, turn and attack for real. Repeat.

SwordMan (Old area via Global area 3)
  Keep the rythym and the swords will not touch you.
  Boss stategy: Slide away at any attack.

GravityMan (Strange Grav area via Global area 3)
  Some blocks are multiplying the gravity there: the dark ones two times and
  the light ones four times. In the second area, the gravity will be reversed,
  try not to jump too high when crossing the bands.
  Boss stategy: Aim at his head. Jump at the ceiling or floor when surrounded.

StarMan (No Grav area via Global area 3)
  Low-gravity area, have fun. :D
  Boss stategy: StarMan teleports often, do not give up.

Zero Account (via Global area 3)
  Only one area there, but that's enough.
  Boss stategy: Shoot, slide under Zero, turn and attack.

PharaohMan (via OuterNet area - Legendary WWW areas)
  Many traps there, just keep on your toes.
  At the end of the first area, there is a little dog that can be defeated
  with 10 hits. After five times, a new dog will appear with 150 hits!
  It will give you the PopUp Battle Chip.
  Boss stategy: Destroy the Anubis statues as soon as you can if they appear.

ShadowMan (School - Vacant WWW areas)
  The first area has some bolts platforms with holes in the middle, be careful.
  The second area will remind you of the NES GutsMan stage with the flipping
  platforms, jump at the last moment.
  Cross the subway gates in the good direction or ghost will attack you.
  Boss stategy: Be stealty as a ninja: use Invis chips.

ProtoMan (Undernet warp via Global area 3)
  Boss strategy: Same as Zero. Using Invis chips helps.

Last Boss (Undernet via Global area 3)
  You need powerful elemental attacks (100+) to defeat the Bits with their
  auras. Do not destroy the Aqua Bits, their ice blocks help you reach items.
  The warp is a point of no return, so if you want to save all the items you
  got there (there are a lot of them), jack-out before the warp and return
  Do not be afraid to use all your chips against the first boss, they will
  return right after that battle.
  Boss stategy: Destroy one of the cannon so the lasers stops, destroy the
                other, then take care of the giant beam. Don't panic.
  Next, you will have to fight most of the previous bosses one right after the
  other, so prepare a good deck. Do not worry if you die, you will continue
  with the last boss you fought. Again, all your chips will be resplendished
  after for the final battle.
  Boss stategy: Use attacks with an attack of 100 or higher to take down the

Here is a short description of every icon you'll find on the maps.

Zenny:         Currency in the MMBN world. They are red, silver and gold ones.
Mystery Data:  Those crystals are found in the cyberspace and contain zennies,
               items or Battle Chips. There are four kinds:
               Green:  Random items that return each time you jack-in.
               Blue:   One-time item.
               Purple: One-time locked item. You need an UnLock to get them.
               Yellow: One-time story-driven item.
Battle Chips:  They give you special attacks.
Energy pellet: Refills your health. There are small and big ones.
BckupChp:      Adds one life to your maximum life count.
Spikes:        Take a big chuck out of your health. Can be lethal if you do not
               have much health.
Security Cube: Obstacle that will prevent you of going any further, you need
               either a Passcode or a certain condition to get rid of them.
               They are represented as big grey blocks marked "LOCK"
Warp:          A teleporter that will transport you to another area.
Dash icon:     Shows a place where you have to use the Dash chip.
DoubJump icon: Shows a place where you have to use an DoubJump chip.
Cyberbars:     You can hang and travel on them by pressing UP.
Number blocks: Shows the order of appearance of the vanishing blocks.
Conveyor belt: Some move slowly, but others speeds up.
Rotating bolt: A small round platform that rotates.


- It is a personal preference, but when installing Buster Up, fill Attack,
  Charge, then Rapid.
- You can stop a slide by jumping.
- If you are sliding toward an edge, you can jump after the slide, this can be
  VERY useful!
- You can also jump on a platform directly above you if you get on the very
  edge and turn back as you jump.
- Many places might look like you need to use a DashAtk or DoubJump, but most
  of the time, it's not the case. Check the maps to be sure.
- The Invis or Dash chip can be useful if you want to get though spikes.
- The Repair chip replaces the fallen blocks.
- In a battle, don't panic, and use the "Standy" button often to switch Battle
- While on a wire, always press "UP", you will not fall if knocked off.
- Try to recognize an enemy by the sounds it makes.
- The faster you delete an ememy, the better the reward.
- Do not give up, the bosses may be difficult at first, but as strange as it
  could seem, the bosses will get easier as you progress. If you are stuck,
  collect and buy as many upgrades as you can, use PA combos, etc.
- Remember the element loop: Water -> Fire -> Wood -> Elec -> Water. This
  applies also to your armor, so be careful.
- Enemies return if you get far enough and turn back, so filling the maximum
  capacity of Battle Chips can be easy.
- Your normal shots go farther than the screen edge, so use that to your
- Try to have a balanced folder with shots, swords, bombs, recovery and Navis.
- You should buy as many Unlocks as you can before entering a new stage.
- If you collected many items in a stage, you might want to jack-out and save
  before fighting the boss. Just to be on the safe side.
- Wait until you have the chips you want and to have a full custom meter before
  entering a boss room. To be sure to have the chips you want, use up all the
  others. :)
- You can slide between bosses legs without getting hit. :)
- If you want a cheap, easy victory, use the Z-Canon PA to beat most of the
  toughest enemies.
- Even if you use up all of one chip, you can still have more by collecting the
  chip again from the enemy. For example: Let's suppose you used up all your
  "Cannon" chips and you collect one other from a Cannon enemy, you will be
  able to use it once more, even if you reached the maximum limit of that chip.
- Strange fact that needs to be confirmed: Some power-ups can be either bought
  or found. For example, if you buy a HPMemory in a shop, a specific one will
  dissappear from an area if you did not get it. I noticed that when I did not
  find a specific crystal in QuickMan the first time I got there.

*** Spoiler ***
- There is a secret boss in Den area 3. You can access its warp if you have all
  the Navi chips. Don't be fooled by its energy meter, it is not accurate.


Usual stuff

V 0.8 Updates:
- First version that contains:
  This guide and maps.
  Some item and obstacle locations.
  Description of the items and obstacles.

V 0.9 Updates:
- Missed some little things here and there...
- Put the good set of sprites in Global area 3
- Added remaining items.
- Converted the Japanese names to English.

V 1.0 Wish-list:
- Add location of each Battle Chips.

For those who are interested to know, I have made those maps with MS-Paint with
10X10 pixels sprites.

Those maps are copyrighted (2003) to MegaBoy.
You can put them on your web site, unmodified and with proper credit
but contacting me would be appreciated to keep track and to send you
updates when new versions are available.

Special thanks to GameFAQs MMNT forum people for all the useful information.

Rockman EXE, MegaMan Battle Network, Rockman, MegaMan and all related
characters and names are trademarks of Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

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