• Cheat Codes

    At the character choice screen, press and hold the following codes to get the desired cheat:

    190,000 experience, 500 skill points, and all or most spells/feats.Simultaneously press and hold L, R, X and Right on the D-Pad
    Cheat MenuHold X + L + R (half-way) + Left, then press Z
    Invulnerability and Level WarpSimultaneously hold L, R, Y, Left on the D-Pad and press start.
    Play as DrizztAt the character choice screen, press and hold L and R, then tap A. Keep pressing L and R until Drizzt comes onto the screen.

    Contributed By: MajorAltitude, eagle1296, Anonymous, and Bloodaxe.

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  • Easy item duplication

    In order for this to work, you must have atleast two save files on your game. With this secret, you can easily duplicate items between saved games. First, load the game that you wish to put the items into (or start a new game.) It must be a one player game. Pause the game and go to the change character option. Highlight the second player window and hit ''Y'' to import the character with the items you wish to duplicate. Select the saved file you wish to import from and then choose the character from that saved game. Hit ''A'' to confirm, the game will reload and both characters will be in the game. Have the character with the good items drop all of his items. Then go back to the change character menu and delete that character from the game. You are left with your first character and all the items the second character dropped. You can sell these or use them. You can actually do this unlimited times, sell all the items, and make tons of money.

    Contributed By: Miraxis426.

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  • Unlockables

    Beat the game to earn the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extreme ModeBeat the Gauntlet Level to unlock Extreme Difficulty
    Gauntlet LevelBeat the game under any difficulty.
    Play as DrizztBeat the game under extreme difficulty to be able to play as Drizzt.

    Contributed By: ItsJiv.

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  • Have your caracter as level 26 in 5 minutes.

    Once you start a new game , chose any caracter , use the level warp and go to the 3 last Onix Tower floor. (The one with the huge monster) GO to the room with the Large Iron golem , and kill it. (does not matter how) You should then level up to Level 26 in one go.

    Contributed By: Dragon lord27.

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  • Keep playing your character after you beat the game

    This is similar to the item duplication secret. If you have beaten the game and still wish to play one player games with that character, here is how you can. Start a new game with anyone. Import the character you beat the game with into this game. Then delete the beginning player from the game. Your character, who should be around Lvl. 17 or 18, will be back on the first level of the cellar and you can go through the entire game again.

    Contributed By: Miraxis426.

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