Additional CodeAlastair Patrick
Additional CodeRhona Robson
AI ProgrammerSam Martin
Art Director (Midway Production Team)Craig Rundels
ArtistSaleh Ahmed
ArtistAnna Chalk
ArtistDarren Farmer
ArtistCaroline Green
ArtistJack Griffin
ArtistRoger Mitchell
ArtistAndres Rovina-Roquero
Artist (Midway Movie Team)Aaron Carlson
Artist (Midway Movie Team)Jack Cheng
Artist (Midway Movie Team)Dave Young
Artist / AnimationMike Green
Artist / AnimationKeiko Lippard
Assistant Producer (Midway Production Team)John Stookey
Associate Producer (Midway Production Team)Zach Wood
Associate Producer UK (Midway Production Team)Greg Hounsom
DesignerDino Emmanuel
DesignerKirk Raybould
Dialogue ScriptSteve Masters
Dialogue ScriptJohn Wagland
Executive ProducerMark Washbrook
GUI DesignChris Williams
GUI ProgrammerPaul Louth
Lead ArtistBryce Cochrane
Lead ArtistDan Frith
Lead Artist (Midway Movie Team)Murphy Michaels
Lead DesignerSteve Masters
Lead Engine ProgrammerRob Withey
Lead ProgrammerIan Crowther
Level BuildingMatt Cloy
Level BuildingIan Crowther
Level BuildingBob Jones
Level BuildingSam Martin
Level BuildingJohn Wagland
Movie Audio Editing (Midway Sound and Music)Aubrey Hodges
Movie Audio Editing (Midway Sound and Music)Shane Kneip
Movie Audio Editing (Midway Sound and Music)David Norris
Movie Audio Editing (Midway Sound and Music)Dale Stump
Music (Midway Sound and Music)Shane Kneip
Producer (Midway Production Team)Michael Gottlieb
Script Writer (Midway Production Team)Flint Dille
SoundMatt Cloy
SoundDave Shillito
Sound Effects (Midway Sound and Music)Aubrey Hodges
Sound Effects (Midway Sound and Music)Dale Stump
Speech (Midway Sound and Music)Tom Cruse
Speech (Midway Sound and Music)Aubrey Hodges
Technical Director (Midway Production Team)Paul Lefevre
ToolsMatt Cloy
Voice TalentLeoni Choy
Voice TalentTom Cruse
Voice TalentFlint Dille
Voice TalentJason Gregory
Voice TalentAubrey Hodges
Voice TalentRegan Kerwin
Voice TalentJim McClure
Voice TalentDavid Norris
Voice TalentLeonard Rankins
Voice TalentDale Stump


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, odino, BGoldTLE, TriTails34, and misschu.

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