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Boss FAQ by KeeperBvK

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 12/17/07

# Boss-Guide                                     #
#                                                #
# for Legacy of Kain-Blood Omen 2 (GCN)          #
#                                                #
# written by KeeperBvK	aka Burkhart von Klitzing#


0. Legal Stuff and contact:

This Guide may not be posted on any other website other than 
www.gamefaqs.com and its affiliates 
without my permission and it may not be used commercially in any possible way.
If you want to post it on another site please contact me via E-Mail 
(KeeperBvK@web.de) or via the Message Board.
Do not claim this guide or any part of it to be your creation.
If you find any mistakes (even regarding the language as I'm German) please 
let me know.
Copyright 2007 Burkhart von Klitzing


Version History:

First Version completed on 04.26.2004
-includes a complete guide for Faustus and Marcus (rejected by gamefaqs.com)

Second Version completed on 06.04.2004
-added the general hint, the closing comment and the guides for Sebastian and 

Third Version completed on 02.18.2005
-fixed some minor things, like misspelling (probably this word isn't spelled 
right either ^^)

Fourth Version completed on 06.28.2005
-fixed some misspellings and the layout as the guide was the complete 
opposite to eye-candy and changed some formulations

Fifth Version completed on 07.23.2005
-changed my E-mail-address, allowed gamefaqs' affiliates to host this guide,   
altered the layout a bit and fixed some typos

Sixth Version completed on 08.09.2005
-added neoseeker as a site I permitted to host this guide

Seventh Version completed on 10.28.2005
-added ign.com

Eight Version completed on 01.06.2006
-added the Experimental section

Ninth Version completed on 02.23.2006
- Experimental got its own section.
- Changed the heading a bit.

Tenth Version completed on 05.13.2006
- Added www.gamerhelp.com

Eleventh Version completed on 03.12.2007
- Added www.honestgamers.com

Twelfth Version completed on 03.17.2007
- Added www.supercheats.com

Thirteenth Version completed on 12.17.2007
- Added www.gameslayers.co.uk


When searching for anything specific press Ctrl + F and search for any 
chapter or any bosses name or whatever you are looking for

0. Legal Stuff and contact / Version History
1. General Hint
2. Level 2 -Boss: Faustus
3. Level 4 -Boss: Marcus
4. Level 6 -Boss: Sebastian
5. Level 8 -Boss: Magnus
6. Level 11-Boss: the Sarafan Lord
7. Closing Comments
8. Experimental


1. General Hint
   It's only a small hint but it can definitely come in handy:
   One might think that you can only dodge (making a short jump to the side)
   when standing still. It is true that an attack cannot be ended to allow
   for a dodge but you can dodge when being in defensive position.
   So if you're just blocking attacks of a combo and you realize that the
   enemy does not continue with a normal attack or with a strong attack 
   (he glows yellow) but with an unblockable attack you can still dodge the
   attack. Therefore there's no need to wait for an enemy to prepare his
   attack before beginning to block.


2. Level 2-Boss: Faustus

difficulty: ** (out of four)

Faustus is a vampire who used to be part of Kain's army hundreds of years ago 
but now he works for the Sarafans. Since Kain's defeat he must have opened 
quite a lot of lore chests as his blood meter is quite impressive when 
compared to the one of our favourite vampire. In the beginning he seems to be 
a real pain in the *** but with the right tactics he actually is beatable in 
no time.

First phase: At first Faustus just tries to hit you either with a multiple 
             hit-combo that is easy to block, a white flashing roundkick that 
             can also be blocked or with a red flashing non-blockable 
             kick-jump which you should dodge, though you can definitely 
             afford getting hit a few times in this part of the fight. 
             Simply block some of his attacks to fill your fury-meter and
             hit him three times with a fury-attack. Do not try to hit 
             him with your normal attacks as he will most often either 
             block them or jump behind you.

Second phase: Now Faustus will leave the room continuing the fight in a large
              hall containing four melting furnaces. He starts throwing some 
              sort of Molotov cocktails at you which deal quite a high amount
              of damage to Kain. Right after entering the hall you should aim
              for the first melting furnace rightwards and use the switch. 
              This will activate a flame right where Faustus stands. 
              You need to repeat this two more times to end this part of the 
              You can either run towards Faustus's position changing 
              direction to another melting furnace when being close enough to
              him, hoping that he will jump to the place you're closing in 
              on, or you can use the fog to your advantage by turning on your
              invisibility-skill to flame-grill the traitor more safely.

Third phase: This phase of the fight is quite frustrating when you don't know
             what to do but it actually is just as easy as the rest of the 
             battle. Faustus jumps on top of the beams moving around a bit 
             before jumping down again. Simply have a look where he will 
             come down and activate the targeting button (R on the 
             Gamecube-pad) when he's on your level. He'll try to jump-kick 
             (unblockable) at you, so you want to dodge his attack by moving
             the control stick to either the left or to the right side and
             pressing the jump button (A on the Gamecube pad). If done with 
             the right timing Faustus will end up hitting the wall and lying 
             on the ground for a few seconds leaving him open for some 
             attacks. Just repeat this pattern about four times or so and 
             Faustus will be nothing more but a source for you to obtain 
             the Jump-Magic.


3. Level 4-Boss: Marcus

difficulty: * to **** (out of four)

Marcus hadn't been a real ally of Kain in the past, as Kain only used him for
his purposes, but now Marcus is longing for revenge.
But, oh well, if every ally of the Sarafans was such a sissy as Marcus is,
Vorador wouldn't need Kain.

First phase: The fight starts in the main room of a cathedral with Marcus 
             running around while he's invisible. When he gets near you he'll
             roundkick you. Sounds like a real fight? It isn't. Simply go to 
             either one of the switches located on the left and on the right 
             side of the hall to ring one of the church's bells. When you do
             your enemy will stand still, become visible and mourn about the
             noise. Do one combo on him and go to the other switch, repeating
             the whole process until Marcus is down to about half his blood 

Second phase: Two priests controlled by Marcus rush in, cutting one rope of 
              each bell bringing the fight to a new level.
              Walk up the stairs and hunt down Marcus. The only problem here
              might be caused by the priests attacking you fire arrows 
              when being far-off and with their trademark-staffs when you
              come near them. The first time I fought this battle, infinite 
              enemies spawned when I killed the priests making rendering it
              quite difficult. But the second time around I killed the two 
              priests as I did before, not seeing any more priests for the
              rest of the fight making it absolutely easy.
              Anyway, you need to run to Marcus who stays visible for as long
              as you don't hit him. When you do he turns invisible for a few 
              moments which should not hinder you from attacking him further.
              When you keep pressing the lock-on button and stand close to 
              him you can end this phase of the battle within a minute or 
              so...of course unless you are attacked by the priests. 
              When there are priests around you should try to hit Marcus in a 
              spot that cannot be reached by the flame arrows.

Third phase: Not many changes are made here except for that the boss turns
             invisible and remains it. He only becomes visible for a brief
             moment now and then helping you to orientate a bit.
             Get as close to him as possible and wait for him to become 
             visible. Now it is possible to hit him when you are quick 
             about it (Of course you can also hit him when he is invisible,
             but that naturally is quite hard to do). Attack him without 
             pausing and he'll soon let you take his special power: Charm.


4. Level 6-Boss: Sebastian

difficulty: ** 1/2 (out of four)

Guess what. It's another vampire having committed treason on Kain. 
Although Sebastian is the most difficult boss in Blood Omen II calling him 
difficult to beat would mean an exaggeration. Once again the real task is not 
to really defeat him but to find out how to do so.

First phase: The whole battle takes place in a relatively small round hall.
             During the first phase water steam streams out of one segment 
             of the wall. This steam moves regularly, counter clock-wise 
             across the wall making it easy to predict where the steam 
             will be at any time in the near future.
             Sebastian tries to hit you with a multiple-hit combo similar to
             Faustus's attacks. You just need to build up your rage meter
             unleashing an unblockable attack every now and then until he's 
             got enough for this phase. When you do, make sure to jump high
             in the air after Sebastian gets back onto his feet after you 
             use a rage attack as he will attack you with an unblockable 
             The steam can hurt both of you so you just might want to use
             it to your advantage, but you definitely do not need to do so.

Second phase: Sebastian retreats from the open brawl. Instead he lets his
              human servant activate some sort of leaser beacon in the 
              centre of the hall and he doubles the amount of steam valves
              open at the same time. The traitor runs along the walls high 
              up out of your range stopping his movement after a few 
              seconds. Until then walk counter clock-wise along the wall 
              just behind one of the two steam streams to avoid taking 
              damage by them and monitor the enemy vampire. Once he stands
              still all valves are closed giving you the opportunity to 
              benefit from Sebastian's lack of intelligence.
              He will jump at you to bring in an unblockable attack.
              If you stand at the completely opposite side of the room 
              (opposed to Sebastian), Sebastian leaps into the beam. 
              Either way the traitor returns to running at the wall 
              repeating the second phases' procedure. After his third leap
              into the laser Sebastian opens up the next phase of the 
              Two diagrams showing how to position yourself in the 
              second phase:

                           /    ____  \
                          /         \  \
                         /       __  \<-\----- steam movement
                        /  X    /  \  \  \
                       (*steam*(*b* ) *st*)
                        \   \   \__/  X  /
     steam movement -----\-->\          /
                          \   \___     /

                     X= your position
                     your movement should follow the same path as the steam
                     *b*= beam

An Example for the positioning of Sebastian and Kain to damage 
                        /        X \
                       /            \
                      /      __      \
                     /      /  \      \
                    (      (*b* )      )
                     \      \__/      /
                      \              /
                       \            /

                       S= Sebastian's position

Third phase: The traitor makes his servant close all valves and bring back up
             the centre platform. The vampire himself tries to destroy the
             construction holding the nexus stone which causes the death of
             you if you don't act relatively quickly: Just jump up to
             Sebastian's position and the coward retreats to the lower
             section giving you more than enough time to control the human 
             operating the levers and switches. Make him use the only  
             possible lever to open all valves causing Sebastian to return to 
             the upper platform. Once again it's time to block, attack with 
             Fury and dodge unblockable attacks like against Faustus. In 
             addition when having dodged an unblockable attack you can try to 
             grab the enemy by his neck and throw him into the steam causing 
             a decent amount of damage.
             After defeating Sebastian you get to steal his soul, strength,
             energy or whatever (I guess Crystal Dynamics just wanted to put
             in some nice visual effect and even the guys responsible for it
             don't know what Kain actually steals) to acquire the skill 


5. Level 8-Boss: Magnus

difficulty: * 1/2 (out of four)

Hmm, might it be that you're fighting a traitor again? You'll see after the 
Besides the background of Magnus the battle itself also differs from 
every previous boss fight in this game making the battle really enjoyable 
although it is way too easy.

First phase: First you fight Magnus on a large square with Magnus being in
             its centre. He stands on a small platform surrounded by water
             using his special vampire ability to kill you from a distance.
             If you don't take cover he'll spot you and burn you with one
             single attack. So get behind one of the large statues
             surrounding the well and wait for Magnus to destroy the statue 
             instead of hitting you. When he did so, hit him with a 
             telekinesis attack and take cover again repeating the procedure
             about four times. When you're standing to close to a statue or 
             to far away of one Magnus hits you even right through the
             sculpture. The enemy retreats to an adjacent hall where the 
             battle will end.

Second phase: The most important thing to know when dealing with the second 
              phase is: Unlike any other boss fight in Blood Omen II the
              battle against Magnus never requires you to brawl with (or 
              against? Please mail me what is correct) him. When I fought him
              I hit him for more than half an hour before his life meter 
              finally fell to zero not ending the fight. Hence it is
              impossible to defeat Magnus this way. Furthermore a melee is
              absolutely not necessary.
              Instead move in on the sickle of one of the four statues
              and hit Magnus with telekinesis when standing close to a sickle.
              Magnus will launch himself at you hopefully hitting the sickle
              causing it to break. If this happens a green switch will be 
              revealed. Repeat this procedure for the remaining three 
              sickles and afterwards operate the switches via telekinesis 
              which can be done from the centre platform on which you are 
              safe from the enemy's attacks. Now the time will be turned back 
              rebuilding the large statue on the centre platform.

Third phase: Stand on the lower level right before the large statue and make
             Magnus launch at you like in the second phase. If done correctly
             twice this should cause the sculpture to fall onto Magnus, 
             ending the fight.

Now you get to know that Magnus once was an ally of Kain, but he did not 
commit a treachery on Kain. Instead he got captured by the Sarafans and his 
mind was manipulated so that he has not remembered his old friend until now.
After he dies you acquire his ability called immolate.


6. Level 11-Boss: the Sarafan Lord

difficulty: ** (out of four)

So this is it? The final boss who beat Kain ages ago is such a lame enemy all 
too similar to nearly all the other bosses? Oh well...
First phase: You start the battle on a construction consisting of four small
             platforms connected by four bridges. The final boss stands in 
             the centre of one of those platforms shooting energy balls out 
             of the Soul Reaver at you. The little wimp teleports away from 
             you if you come to close so just stand on a bridge leading to 
             the Sarafan Lord's position and dodge the three bolts he 
             launches at you by simply jumping. Afterwards (when the enemy 
             has to recharge) push him to the edge of the platform via one 
             use of telekinesis and make him fall into the abyss via the 

Second phase: The Sarafan Lord returns and after a short dialog Kain throws 
              away the Nexus Stone infuriating his nemesis. All you have to 
              do now is the standard work of nearly every battle in this game:
              Block the enemy's attacks to fill up your rage meter and dodge
              his unblockable attacks. A difference to other battles is that
              only immolate can be used to hit the boss. Sometimes you might
              be lucky enough to hit him with a single normal attack when
              he's getting up again on his feet but you should not hope to
              much for this to happen.

Third phase: After a few hits a cut-scene is displayed. The third phase takes
             place on a single platform with you having obtained the Soul 
             Reaver and the Sarafan Lord being unarmed. Just continue the 
             fight as in phase two and use fury a few times or grab your
             nemesis after dodging an unblockable attack and throw him off  
             the platform.


7. Closing Comments
Congratulations, you have just beaten a nice, atmospheric game (that was 
definitely worth the 10 Euros I spent for it). So far it is the only Legacy 
of Kain game I've ever played and although so many people mourn about BO2, I 
enjoyed it and I hope you did, too.
I'd appreciate any comments, questions, critics or whatsoever, so please mail 
me at KeeperBvK@web.de if you have anything to tell me.


8. Experimental
In some other guides I've seen the author implement the following and I 
thought "Why not give it a try for your own guides?":

If you really like this guide and you think it helped you or entertained you 
a bit or whatsoever and you feel like rewarding me not only by writing a nice 
e-mail, feel free to send some money to my paypal account at:


Of course I don't want to make somebody send me money who doesn't really want 
to (even if I could, I wouldn't ;) ), but (also of course) I'd appreciate any 

Thank you very much for reading this guide and hopefully some more of my 
stuff on gamefaqs.

Copyright 2007 Burkhart von Klitzing

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