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Guide and Walkthrough by SilverPhoenix

Version: 1.14 | Updated: 11/10/2004

Spyro the Dragon 4: Enter the Dragonfly -- NTSC version
Platform(s): PlayStation2, GameCube
Author: SilverPhoenix (K. Martin)
Email: phoenix4777-at-msn-dot-com
Version 1.14, 5-02-04

If you don't know from other guides, the 'gibberish' letters following the
chapter names are Ctrl-F keywords; press Ctrl-F, type one in, and press Enter
twice. There you are, at the beginning of the section you wanted. Easy, huh?

|                                   Contents                                  |
   1. Disclaimer [DSCL]
   2. Legalese [LGLS]
   3. Getting Started 
      3.0 Story [STRY]
      3.1 Health [HLTH]
      3.2 PS2 Controls [PS2C]
      3.3 GCN Controls [GCNC]
      3.4 Characters [CHCT]
      3.5 Enemies [ENMS]
   4. Dragonflies (Atlas) [DRFL]
   5. Walkthrough [WLKT]
      5.0 Dragon Realms [DRRE]
      5.1 Dragonfly Dojo [DRDO]
      5.2 Crop Circle Country [CCCP]
      5.3 Luau Island [LUIS]
      5.4 Cloud 9 [CLO9]
      5.5 Monkey Monastery [MOMO]
      5.6 Honey Marsh [HOMA]
      5.7 Thieves' Den [THDE]
      5.8 Jurassic Jungle [JUJU]
      5.9 Final Battle [FIBA]
   6. FAQs [FRAQ]
   7. Known Glitches [GLCH]
   8. Pop Culture References [POPC]
   9. Credits/Contact [CRED]

|                               Disclaimer [DSCL]                             |

Spyro, Enter the Dragonfly, and *all* related names, objects, etc., are TM and
copyright 2002 Universal Games. No copyright infringement is intended, implied,
or claimed. 
This guide is designed for both the GameCube and Playstation2 versions of ETD;
I have both versions, and have finished the game (100%) on both.
The GameCube control listing was originally provided by 'kungpowchicken64' and
is reprinted from the game manual. GameCube gameplay may vary from Playstation2
gameplay in minor details, though in actual practice there should be no
difference. Also: by the very nature of the document, it is riddled with
**SPOILERS**. Please consider yourself warned. :)

|                                Legalese [LGLS]                              |

This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, phoenix4777-at-
msn-dot-com, as of 2-02-03; updates are also copyrighted, 2003-04. It may only
be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com, wonderdogsoftware.com, and pyrephoenix.com.
Please do not request to be allowed to host it on your site, as I may update
without warning and I don't want outdated versions floating around the Net.
You may download and save a copy for your own personal use, and may print out
a single copy, also for your own personal use. It may not be distributed in any
media, written or electronic; it also may not be published, whether or not for
profit, without my prior -written- permission.

I'm sorry to be so harsh; unfortunately that's the nature of the beast these

|                                Getting Started                              |

                                The Story [STRY]

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, unlike the other games in the series, doesn't
really offer much in the way of a back-story. Instead, it continues where Year
of the Dragon left off, almost to the moment. In the words of the manual:

"At the conclusion of the Year of the Dragon festival, young dragons from all
over the Dragon Realms receive their very own 'dragonfly,' a momentous event in
the life of every dragon.

Dragonflies, each with a unique personality and a kazoo-like voice, fly in from
all over the Dragon Realms to be with their own dragon. Citizens from near and
far come to witness this important event.

With peace finally restored to the realms, the festival gets underway. Grand
parade floats hover in the air, and the dragons celebrate as they await the
arrival of the dragonflies. However, unbeknownst to the dragons, a sinister
plot is about to unfold..."

You begin the game with Hunter, Spyro, Sparx, and Bianca standing around
chatting. Hunter is scared by a balloon image of the Sorceress from Spyro 3,
and Spyro laughs at him. Suddenly, lightning flashes, and Ripto pops up from a
portal in the ground (Where'd he come from, Purgatory? He's already been
defeated once...), followed by Crush and Gulp.

Ripto mocks the dragons for needing dragonflies, and Spyro teases him about
still being short. Basically, all is, as it was... until Ripto waves his wand.
All the dragonflies vanish, even Sparx! Ripto gloats a little, then jumps back
into his portal.

Spyro is feeling a bit woozy, at least until Bianca comes up with an idea. She
tells Spyro and Hunter to follow her... into the Dragon Dome in the center of
the Dragon Realms. There's Sparx! Happy reunion ensues, and Bianca tells our
favorite purple dragon that she has a way for him to get back the rest of the
dragonflies--Bubble Breath!

                                  Health [HLTH]

To regain health!: Use a weapon breath on (not Bubble, but any of the other
three), or charge at, any of the little creatures that inhabit the Dragon
Worlds--sheep, crickets, roosters, pelicans, stars (huh?), rabbits, pigs, bats,
or geckos. They'll turn into butterflies, which Sparx will eat, regaining 1/4
of Spyro's health. Every eight of them will gain you an extra life, as will
any of the butterfly-in-a-bottles that are scattered around the worlds.


Spyro has new weapons in Enter the Dragonfly! Joining Flame Breath are Ice and
Electric Breaths. Bubble Breath is new too, but it's mostly used for capturing
dragonflies. He can also drive tanks, UFO's, planes, and manta rays. Oh--and
the Speedways are back!

                    Playing the PlayStation 2 version [PS2C]

    | X=X button | T=Triangle button | []=Square button | O=Circle button |
    |L1, L2, R1, R2=shoulder buttons | L3, R3=left & right analog sticks  |

When you're on the ground, the directional buttons and the left analog stick
move you in the obvious ways: left=left, up=up, down=down, and right=right.

If you're in the air or underwater, up and down are *REVERSED*, that is,
pressing up will move your craft down (-toward- the ground), and vice-versa.
Left and right stay the same.

-----**Other Buttons:**-----

Normal Spyro (no vehicles):
L1: Change breath weapon.
R1: Inventory.
X, tap X: Jump and glide--the longer you hold the first X, the more height you
will have.
X, tap X, press T: Jump, glide, and hover a bit at the end, to land on a
slightly-more-distant platform.
X, tap T: Headbash.
L2 + R2: Wing Shield (acquired ability).
[]: Charge & ram. Dive & charge when in/underwater.
X: Jump. Paddle when on/underwater, jump on ladder.
T + L3: First person view, hold T and swivel left analog stick to look/aim.
R3: Rotate camera; hold R3 down (toward you) to center the camera behind Spyro.
O: Breath weapon (Flame (basic), Electric, Bubble, and Ice (acquired)).
Select: Open Atlas.
L3 + R3: Sparx points to the nearest gem (after you beat Ripto once).

Tank                    Plane              UFO                Manta Ray
----                    -----              ---                ---------
X: Lower gun            X: Missiles        X: Tractor Beam    X: N/A
[]: Raise gun           []: N/A            []: Speed Up       []: Speed Up
O: Fire                 O: Guns            O: Fire            O: Net
T: Look around/Aim      T: N/A             T: N/A             T: N/A
L2/R2: Rotate Turret    L2/R2: Bank L&R    L2/R2: N/A         L2/R2: N/A
--------------------    ---------------    ----------         ----------

In the Atlas: Pressing X while Sparx is pointing at a level will take you to
that level's page. T will go back a section, or back to gameplay. The left and
right buttons will go forward and back pages, and Select will open the Atlas
directly without having to go through menus, or back you all the way out of the
Atlas without having to go through other pages.

                       Playing the GameCube version [GCNC]

              | A=A button | Y=Y button | B=B button | X=X button |
              |  L, R=shoulder buttons  | C-stick: 'camera' stick |
              | Z=Z trigger |   D-pad=the plus(+)-shaped button   |
              (Thanks to 'kungpowchicken64' of the GameFAQs boards.)

When you're on the ground, the analog stick moves you in the obvious
ways: left=left, up=up, down=down, and right=right.

If you're in the air or underwater, up and down are *REVERSED*, that is,
pressing up will move your craft down (-toward- the ground), and vice-versa.
Left and right stay the same.

-----**Other Buttons:**-----

Normal Spyro (no vehicles):
Control Stick: Move Around.
L: Change breath weapon.
R: Bring up inventory.
Y + Control stick: First person view, hold Y and swivel stick to look/aim.
X: Use Flame/Ice/Bubble/Electric Abilities.
A: Jump, paddle when on/underwater, jump on ladder.
B: Charge & ram. Dive & charge when in/underwater.
A, tap A: Glide.
A, tap A, press Y: Glide and Hover.
A, tap Y: Head Bash.
L + R: Wing Shield (acquired ability).
C-stick: Rotate camera; hold toward you to center the camera behind Spyro.
Z: Show Atlas.
L + R + D-pad-Up: Sparx points to the nearest gem (after you beat Ripto once).

Tank                    Plane              UFO                Manta Ray
----                    -----              ---                ---------
A: Lower gun            A: Missiles        A: Tractor Beam    A: N/A
B: Raise gun            B: Guns            B: Speed Up        B: Speed Up
X: Fire                 X: N/A             X: Fire            X: Net
Y: Look around/Aim      Y: N/A             Y: N/A             Y: N/A
L/R: Rotate Turret      L/R: Bank L&R      L/R: N/A           L/R: N/A
------------------      -------------      --------           --------

                              The Good Guys [CHCT]

Spyro & Sparx
If you don't know who these two are, how do you manage to play the game?
Spyro's the little purple dragon that you control through the whole game. Sparx
is his dragonfly helper, who controls how much life Spyro has left.
(yellow=full health, blue=3/4 health, green=1/2 health, no Sparx=one hit left!)

The cheetah who helps Spyro out, teaching him how to use the various jump-and-
glide abilities in the Spyro games.

(from the manual) "A powerful Sorceress[-in-training] with a heart of gold. Her
knowledge of magic will help Spyro regain his fire breath so he can take on
Ripto and his minions." She also teaches him Bubble breath.

Only shows up once in Spyro:ETD. Always wants money for services rendered. Only
a small fee... of course.

A friendly fairy; saves your game so you have a continue point if you die in
the middle of a level.

                                  Enemies [ENMS]

The Spyro games haven't really ever given a large variety of enemies, at least
not as far as defeating them is concerned. The main enemies in ETD are Riptocs.
Most of them can be flamed to defeat, but a few will have to be charged at. The
only ones you'll have to charge are the few that are carrying shields or that
can shoot back. And, of course, there's Ripto himself.

Riptocs: Small, shield- and gun-less: Breath weapon, or charge if you aren't
too close to an edge.

Riptocs: Small with laser gun: Jump then charge them.

Riptocs: Small with projectile weapon: Wing Shield their projectiles back at
them, or jump then charge them.

Riptocs: Small with shield: Just charge them.

Large anything (Riptoc, space cow, etc.): Flame them.

Large metal anything: Electric Breath them.

Flying anything (UFO, Riptoc): Breath weapon, or vehicle weapon if in a
minigame where you're in a plane or UFO

Running anything (Rickshaw runner, Thief, etc.): Charge or flame; charge will
probably be easier, as you're usually supercharging when you run into these
guys. Not technically enemies--they can't hurt you--but they do stand in the
way of gaining a dragonfly.

Ripto: The big (well, little) boss of the game, returning from Spyro 2. Doesn't
like dragons. See "Final Battle" section for the details on how to fight him.

|                               Dragonflies [DRFL]                            |

If you're stuck on a certain dragonfly, this section can help. They're listed
in the same order as the in-game Atlas, so you can find them easily in the
game, the list and the walkthrough section. To find a specific dragonfly in the
walkthrough, press Ctrl-F and type in the world number and dragonfly letter;
for instance, if you wanted to find the one from the Balloon's Shadow in Dragon
Realms, you would type in 1I, and press Enter. Presto! Where to find each one
in their world, and tips on getting him/her.

                                  Dragon Realms
                 A. Hunter's Lesson         F. Ice Challenge
                 B. Front of the Castle     G. Lightning Challenge
                 C. Buzzing Heat            H. Down by the Bay
                 D. Buzzing Cold            I. Balloon's Shadow
                 E. Flame Challenge         J. Beyond the Gate

                                  Dragonfly Dojo
                 A. Elder Dragons           F. Lonely Island
                 B. On the Loose            G. Climbing Steps
                 C. In the Mists            H. Dojo Time Trial
                 D. In the Corridor         I. Dojo Race
                 E. Baby Dragons            J. Tank Mini-game

                                Crop Circle Country
                 A. In the Pastures         F. Free the Cows
                 B. On the Loose            G. Superflame Challenge
                 C. Up the Broken Bridge    H. Cow Abduction I
                 D. Cow Herding!            I. Cow Abduction II
                 E. UFO Attack!             J. Platform Panic

                                   Luau Island
                 A. Behind the Statue       F. Tiki Fire Breath
                 B. Mountaintop             G. On the Loose
                 C. Chili the Pig           H. Mantaray
                 D. In the Hoosegow         I. Drum Song I
                 E. Landslide               J. Drum Song II

                                     Cloud 9
                 A. To Clock Tower          F. On the Loose
                 B. Around the Way          G. Pillar to Pillar
                 C. Thunder Cloud Attack    H. Rainbow Time Trial
                 D. Hourglass Challenge     I. Rainbow Race
                 E. Lip of the Clock        J. Spitfire - Sky Base

                                Monkey Monastery
                 A. On the Loose            F. On Thin Ice
                 B. Save the Yetis          G. Behind the Doors
                 C. On the Ledge            H. Ice Slide I
                 D. Locked in a Chest       I. Ice Slide II
                 E. Hunting Wiptocs         J. Spitfire - Factories

                                   Honey Marsh
                 A. Treetop                 F. Around the Bend
                 B. Locked in a Chest       G. On the Loose
                 C. Beehives                H. Walking the Planks
                 D. Honey Stills            I. Honey Slide
                 E. Thief Chase             J. Honey Tank

                                  Thieves' Den
                 A. Wizard Riptocs          F. Chopping Block
                 B. Locked in a Chest       G. The Lantern Perch
                 C. Ice Challenge           H. Oasis Time Trial
                 D. On the Loose            I. Oasis Race
                 E. Over the Edge           J. Platform Pandemonium

                                  Jurassic Jungle
                 A. Recover Lab Pieces      F. Attack of the Cavemen
                 B. Gem Statue              G. Inside the Temple
                 C. Lightning Challenge     H. On the Lava
                 D. Locked in a Chest       I. Lava Slide
                 E. Thief Chase             J. Tower

|                              Walkthrough [WLKT]                             |

**Total Gems available: 7000. You'll eventually have 6800, thanks to Moneybags.
**Total Dragonflies available: 90. Ten in each world; 7 or 8 from normal play,
and 2 or 3 from Minigame Portals. Speaking of mini-games: when I describe each,
I'll put how hard I consider it to be, out of a possible 5 stars.

A few notes before we get started:

First: I *will not* be mentioning gems, except for a few special cases that are
easy to miss. Gather any you see as you go, and duck into any niches along the
way--they're hidden everywhere. I also won't usually mention enemies within the
level, unless some present a special challenge. Just flame/charge them as you
encounter them. I will describe what enemies you'll run into in each level at
the beginning of that level. I find Electric Breath is the most potent of the
three weapon breath abilities; your mileage may vary.

Second: If you're playing the PS2 version: Before playing, set the Disc Speed
in the PS2's Options screens to Fast; this seems to help with most of the 
random glitching.

Third: Use the left analog stick (L3) on PS2, or Control stick on GCN to move
around!! It gives far more control over Spyro. (tighter turns on the ground,
and better pitch/yaw control in the air/water.)

Fourth: Save. Your. Game. Often. I know you hear this all the time in guides,
and usually you can ignore it; with ETD, you just don't know when the game
might freeze, losing that last hour of play. So, at the risk of repeating
myself, save!

Last (phew!): I don't mind admitting, I'm *horrible* at minigames, especially
racing. If you want to submit better strategies for any of them, you'll get
full credit.

I like to do as much as possible of each world before moving on--the
walkthrough will necessarily reflect this. Don't by any means feel you have to
follow my order--half the fun of the Spyro games is the ability to choose the
order in which you do the worlds--I merely followed the Atlas and described
what I felt would be the most efficient course. I'll describe how to do as much
of Dragon Realms as currently possible, then go through the sub-worlds in order
by the Atlas. In each sub-world, I'll take you through the main goals, then go
back and list the mini-game portals for that world. Since each world is a loop,
it shouldn't be too terribly confusing. Ready? Here we go!

Dragon Realms---800 Gems---[DRRE]
Access: Start here!
Enemies: None.

Be warned: for just about every action you take in Dragon Realms, somebody,
usually Sparx, will explain it. If you've played any other Spyro game, it's all
old hat and gets annoying fast. Just put up with it, the pain will be over

Go straight ahead, toward the big green Dragon Spirit Statue. On the way you'll
pick up the Bubble Rune, which Bianca will suddenly teleport in to explain.
When she's done, walk a little further, and you'll get a cut-scene of the Rune
inserting itself into the Statue. Yay you! You've learned Bubble Breath! Press
L1 to switch to Bubble, then turn toward your right to go find a dragonfly [1B]
you can test it out on. It may take a little work, but just keep running/firing
(bubbling?) at him. You'll get him. "Hey, it's Toons!" (Spyro does this with
*every dragonfly*. You get used to it.)

Turn around, and head past the castle doors. You should see Hunter off to your
left; go talk to him. He'll take you through the same 'jump and glide' tutorial
from the last two games, only in ETD you get a dragonfly for it, named Bubbles.
[1A] When you finally make it across, stay on top of the hill, and walk a
little further to the right to have the Flame Challenge Portal explained. [1E]
Go through the Portal to get a timer on the side of the screen, and 8
scarecrows to flame. The first one is right below you; just drop off the edge
right next to the Portal and flame. You should see the counter at the bottom
right drop by one.
  *All these directions are given from your current point of view.*
To make sure you get all 8 scarecrows, you -must- charge from one to the next.
2 -> Straight ahead, next to the round Special Portal on the ground.
3 -> To the right, just the other side of the Special Portal.
4 -> Straight again, across the river.
5 -> Turn right again, and go up to where Hunter was waiting originally.
6 -> Turn around, and go slightly right past the Dragon Spirit Statue.
7 -> Right-then-left, in a little alcove.
8 -> On the other side of the hill that the bear is standing on, next to the
You'll know you hit all eight when Sparx says you did great and a dragonfly,
Jeet, is freed.

Run around and explore all you want, but there's really only one place left to
go right now: Dragonfly Dojo. Go talk to Miyagi, the big dragon who's waiting
on the cliffside above where you hit scarecrow #7 for the Flame Challenge.
(There's a yellow gem just inside the gateway that's easy to miss, turn around
after you talk to Miyagi to see it.) He'll tell you to hop on the flat rock
next to him. Save and do so.

Dragonfly Dojo--700 Gems---[DRDO]
Access: 1 Dragonfly
Enemies: Ninja Riptocs (normal size), Samurai Lizard (large)

You start out in a pagoda-like pavilion. Zoe the fairy appears and tells you
that the Ninja Riptocs have frozen the Dragon Masters. Flame them to free them
from their icy prisons!

Just looking around quick, you should be able to see one of the frozen Dragons
straight ahead in another pavilion area. Explore around a bit before going
right there--there are several Ninja Riptocs to take out, as well as a
dragonfly [2B] to catch. Make a couple of laps of the area; there are several
gems here that may not show up on your first reconnaissance. You'll see two
doors, one in the cliffside, and one across a bridge. Once you free the Dragon,
the door on the bridge will open. Go through, and down the short corridor to a
relatively open area with a lot of mist, a lot of Ninja Riptocs, and another
frozen Dragon. I'd suggest again clearing the area before freeing the Dragon;
it tends to make things less confusing.

While you're exploring the right side of the area, you'll likely meet another
dragonfly, Shellac. [2C] This one takes a lot of chasing to finally catch; just
keep running and bubbling at him. Don't charge unless you get really left
behind; you have less control and he'll turn fast and give you the slip, and
you'll have to work to catch back up to him. On the other side of the central
pavilion, you'll meet Rusty, the first of three baby dragons who've lost their
kites. You can either come back when you have Ice Breath, or try engaging in
fancy flying. If you decide to fly, get a running start from the corner of the
pavilion in the center of the area and hover at the very last second. It is
possible, just keep trying.  Over on this side of the area, you'll also find
the Electric Rune. When you're done here, you have two choices: First, you
probably noticed the Minigame Portal above where Shellac was waiting; this
leads to the Dojo Speedway. More on that before we go back to Dragon Realms.
Or, my preferred course, defrost the Dragon Master and move on.

Go through this passageway, and across the chasm. Knock off the various Riptocs
hanging out here, then go talk to Moneybags. You can say no if you want, but
eventually you'll have to say yes in order to move on. Once you pay him, hop up
the platforms and look around a bit. You can defrost the Dragon Master or not
as you like. Glide across the chasm toward the bonsai tree to meet the second
of the baby dragons, RJ. With this one, you can land on the rock to get the
kite down right now. Get the dragonfly, Dawn [2F], and the bottled butterfly,
then use the whirlwind.

If you didn't already, free the Dragon Master, then go through the corridor,
catching Cinder the dragonfly on your way [2D]. You'll see the Minigame Portal
for the first Tank game on your way up; go in if you want. Again, more info
before we go back to Dragon Realms. At the end of the corridor, glide across
the chasm and catch Cloudy [2G], then go behind the pillars and climb around
and around till you get to the top. Freeing the Dragon here gets you Roxie the
dragonfly [2A] and opens the door in the very first area that wouldn't open.
Look before you leap, and glide to the ledge with the bonsai tree on it; if
you're not waiting until you get Ice Breath, try to land on the rock. Rusty's
down here, waiting for his kite. Talk to him once you get it, and he'll give
you Moony the dragonfly [2E]. Go back to where the last Dragon Master was, and
glide down to the ledge with the Exit Portal on it. Ignore the Portal for now,
and head down the passage to its left, just to collect the last few gems. If
your Atlas doesn't say 700 gems, run around the level till it does--none of the
gems here are all that hidden. Personally, when I'm cleaning up gems, I go
through the level backwards--that way I know I haven't missed any around a
weird corner. If you haven't yet, play the minigames on your way out. Once you
get all the gems... 'Level Complete'. Yay you! When you're done, save your game
(I can't stress this enough!) and either hit the Exit Portal or choose 'Exit
Level' from the Options menu.

Dragonfly Dojo Mini-games:
Bonsai Speedway:  Dojo Time Trial [2H - Rashomon]: (difficulty: **/*****) I
find it easier to ignore Sparx. My recommended order: Rings, Flying Riptocs,
Lanterns, Rickshaws. (The game suggests Rings, Lanterns, Rickshaws, Riptocs. I
got 3 seconds left following the game's plan, versus 38 seconds left my way.)
Go through the rings first, then banking right will put you exactly in line for
the first Riptoc. Just flame them down. As you get to the pagoda-pavilion, bank
left hard to nab the last two or three, then keep going toward the lantern in
front of you. Once you get all the lanterns, drop to the pathway. Make SURE
you're facing the guys pulling rickshaws, then just charge them down.
  Dojo Race [2I - Yojimbo]: (difficulty: ***/*****) Follow the red dots and
spinning rings, cut all the corners you can, and hit *every*, and I mean
**EVERY**, blue star. If you see a blue star off-course, go for it anyway, it's
probably a shortcut; make sure you know where the next circle is when you do
this. Don't bother flaming the Riptocs, though you might want to pick up a
missile (red star) for if-and-when you catch up to the one in first place.

Tank Minigame [2J - Cub]: (difficulty: */*****) Take your time, it's not as
hard as it seems. Just move slowly, and shoot at everything you can think to.
Hold the T button to aim easily; if you don't hit something at first move
forward a little bit and fire again. Tanks will fire back, so take them out as
soon as you see them. You're trying to take out 21 tanks, with a running total
at the bottom of the screen. If you get hit and need life, run over (!) a

----Dragon Realms--Revisited-----

First and foremost: go to the Dragon Spirit Statue and place the Electric Rune.
Yay you! You've got Electric Breath! (also called Lightning Breath.) If you
explored around earlier, you found the Lightning and Ice gates. If not, go
across the river, past the Special Portal, and on down the passage. When you
get to the locked gate, Sparx will mention Electric Breath. For once, don't
ignore him, and use your Electric Breath on the lock. Surprise... well, not
really, but the lock is off. The gate will swing open; go on through. The
pathway you're in will open out into three areas--central, and what you'll see
first, is a farm-type area with yellow ground, and Kenichi the dragonfly next
to the fence [1C]. To the left of where you enter, there's a grassy knoll with
a bear standing next to a honeycomb; this is the Honey Marsh portal. A pathway
leads down to the right of where you first arrive; this opens out to a beach
(there -are- gems underwater; don't miss them!) with a tourist pig and a boat
made from a shell. This one is the Portal for Luau Island. While down here,
catch Amie the dragonfly on the beach. [1H]

Go back to the farm-like area, and climb up into the barn to talk to the
farmer. If you decide to hop on the UFO for the next world now, skip down to
Crop Circle Country. Otherwise, get the yellow gem that's up here and hop back
down. Behind the fence is the second Breath Challenge Portal; this one is for
Lightning. You must zap eight Lightning rods, with the same timer and counter
as in the Flame Breath Challenge [1G]. You barely have enough time to hit all
eight. To prepare for this challenge, stand on the side of the Portal closest
to the barn, facing toward the grassy area with the Honey Marsh portal, make
sure you're using Electric Breath, and charge in.

1 -> On the right-hand side of the grassy area.
2 -> Turn all the way around--it's just to the left of the passage by where you
came in originally.
3 -> Turn hard left; it's on top of the lower haystack by the barn.
4 -> Don't go anywhere. Make a long jump, and fire just as you get to the other
haystack. If the counter goes down, great. If not, try again. If you don't get
it on your second try, go wait by the Challenge Portal until time runs out, and
try again.
5 -> On the lower half of the pathway to the beach.
6 -> Turn around, and run to the top half of the path to the beach. It's about
2/3 of the way through.
7 -> Jump off the end of the path, and turn right hard. It's at the far end of
the beach.
8 -> Turn all the way around, run down the beach, and jump-and-glide across the
water. The last one is on the left side of the little island.
Once again, you'll only know you hit all eight when Sparx says you did great
and a dragonfly, Alex, is freed. Note: Some people have found it easier to go
in a slightly different order: 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 5, 3, 4 making a large loop
rather than the modified figure-8 that I use.

If you've followed along up until now, and have completed the Lightning Breath
Challenge, you should have 16 dragonflies. So, this is where we take a slight
detour, into Luau Island. Save your game, go on down to the beach, and hop on
the boat. Wait through the annoying load time, and when you get to the level,
go straight don the steps, across the water, and to the right just a little
bit. Get the big green Wing Rune, then go to the Options menu, save your game,
and go to 'Exit Level'. Run on up to the Dragon Spirit Statue, place the Rune,
and yay you! You've got the Wing Shield! Press and hold R2+L2 or R+L to use it,
and use the directional buttons or L3, or the Control Stick, to turn in place,
in order to aim projectiles back at enemies.

Head back on down to the barn with the UFO parked inside, and warp to Crop
Circle Country.

Crop Circle Country---800 Gems---[CCCP]
Access: 6 Dragonflies
Enemies: Space Riptocs (normal size), Space Cows (large)

Farmer Dill is panicking--Space Riptocs are abducting his cows! Go around to
the back side of the farm, which is at the other end of the level, to free
them. Quick note on the enemies--every single one in this level uses a weapon
of some sort. The Riptocs will either shoot a pellet gun or laser at you, and
the Space Cows will use a laser. When attacking, your best bet is to jump
toward them and fire while in the air--otherwise, they will almost certainly
hit you. If the Space Cows hit you, chances are real good they'll kill you--
they keep firing continuously until you get out of sight. Most of this level
will emphasize Electric Breath, as well.

Head forward, toward the barn, and walk on down below it to find [3A] Akira, as
well as a bottled butterfly, and the first appearance of good ol' metallic
vases in ETD. Go back up, then across the bridge. This next area is why I
dislike this level. Save as soon as you cross the bridge just in case the game
freezes. Talk to the farmer out in the middle to get a hint on how to move on.
Walk on down to the far right corner to find Mitnick [3B], then come back to
the series of platforms. Jump on up; use Electric Breath on the lightning rod
on the top to bring down a UFO you can use as a platform to get into the barn.

From the barn, jump across to the ledge with Zoe, then cut back to the left a
bit to find two ledges with a bunch of gems. Jump on back to Zoe, let her zap
you, then continue on. There will be another barn with a split in the middle;
off to the right is the Minigame Portal that leads to Platform Panic. If you
aren't going to play the minigame now, you should still drop off the ledge. On
the side of one of the barns is a ladder. Equip Bubble Breath, climb up, and
get Laurent [3C]. Continue on to a relatively wide area, with another barn,
another series of platforms with a lightning rod on top, and another set of
ledges with gems stuck up there. Go up the platforms and use the lightning rod
to call down another UFO-platform. This one moves, so be ready for it. Go
through the barn and hop across to the ledge with more gems. When you're done
here, head further on, and you'll find a very similar area. This one has a
tractor behind the barn, a series of relatively useless ledges, and a Minigame
Portal which leads to Crop Circle Skies. Oh yeah, and a Superflame Breath
Challenge [3G]. Get rid of all the various enemies, walk through the Challenge
Portal, and just stand in one place-Superflame in this game is Aim'n'flame. 8
more scarecrows, arranged in a fairly small ring around the Portal.

Save once you get Tetsu from the Challenge, then go on to find the backside of
the barn that the cows are in. Talk to the farmer, flame the explosives, save
again, talk to the farmer again, and receive Fiona [3F]. Go back to Farmer Dill
and he'll tell you about the UFO cannons set up around the level. Repeat your
path through the level, activating the cannons as you go using Electric Breath.
When you hit the last one, if you move fast enough you'll see the UFO crash and
a dragonfly pop out. It's Flavie [3E]. Go back to the farmer who told you about
how to use the lightning rods, and he'll mention that he needs to have his cows
rounded up. Save and wander around this area; you should find five cows. Use
your breath weapon on them twice and they'll go running back to form a tight
ring around the farmer. Save after you get all five, and go talk to him without
touching any of the cows. He should give you [3D] Cedric. Save one more time,
and check your atlas. If you don't have 800 gems, explore around until you find
the last few. Do the minigames if you haven't already. Once you get all the
gems... 'Level Complete'. Yay you! Save and head back to Dragon Realms.

Crop Circle Country Mini-games:
Crop Circle Skies:
  Cow Abduction I [3H - Jingle]: (difficulty: ***/*****) Not terribly tough
overall, but annoying. Fire at the enemy UFO when it tries to pick up a cow,
get over the cow it was trying to get, and pick it up yourself. Repeat five
more times, and you're done.
  Cow Abduction II [3I - Jdubs]: (difficulty: *****/*****) Awful. Same thing as
the last one... only this time you have three smaller UFO's trying to keep you
from getting the cows into the corral. Shoot them down, hit the mothership,
dive down and grab the cow, and head for the corral. If you get hit, you drop
the cow. Only good part is that you can't die.
  Update: Hazel contributes the following strategy. (It's based on a gltch, 
though, so it may not work for you the first time, or even at all.) She writes: 
"When you first enter, you need to target the mother ship. You need to shoot 
the mother ship constantly towards the walls. Once you have got it there keep 
shooting (probably about 50 times). The mother ship becomes stuck in the walls 
and leaves you free to collect the cows only having to avoid the smaller 

Platform Panic [3J - Rickshaw]: (difficulty: */*****) Again, take your time.
The -only- tough part is not falling off an edge. Jump on either of the outside
platforms, and jump off again to the button ledge on that side. Headbash it,
and go over to the other one. Switch to Electric Breath if you haven't already.
Get back on the platform, face the center of the big machine, and fire every
time a lightning rod comes past. When you see the ring come down, get on the
next ring of platforms; you shouldn't need to jump. Repeat until the center
comes down, and jump across to the middle as soon as there's a good opening;
fire on the Riptoc as soon as you're in range. That's it! Easy as pie, huh?

----Dragon Realms--Revisited-----

If you've been keeping up and completing minigames as you go, you should have 
26 dragonflies. One more quick detour--go to the starting point of Dragon
Realms if you aren't already there, then climb up to where the bear is napping
next to the little white pavilion. Hop into the swirly portal that leads to
Cloud 9, and wait through the loading sequence. Once there, just run straight
ahead, grab the Ice Rune, save your game, and choose 'Exit Level' from the
menu. Back in Dragon Realms, go talk to the Dragon Spirit Statue one last time.
Yay you! You've got Ice Breath!

Go back up the hill you glided to the Cloud 9 portal from, except keep going on
up. You'll come to the Ice Gate; beyond is a large grassy area. To your left is
a weird temple-like thing and a professor, as well as a dragonfly just hanging
out, Fluffy [1D]; to the right is a passageway leading further up. You can't
really do anything for the professor yet; he's standing in front of the portal
for Jurassic Jungle. Go right, just to explore. The passageway leads up to a
bluish area, lit with bright red lanterns. Through a red-light arch is the
portal to Thieves' Den, and up a series of ledges is the portal for Monkey
Monastery. Underneath the balloon that leads to the Monastery is Sandra [1I];
she's not too tough to catch. Back down near the red arch is Masa [1J]. Also
right here is the Ice Breath Challenge [1F]. Equip Ice Breath, stand on either
side of it, and charge through. Your goal here is to extinguish 8 campfires.

1 -> In the middle of the red arch.
2 -> Turn around; forward and to the right in the first niche.
3 -> Keep going, immediately visible in the second niche.
4 -> Down the pathway leading back to the grassy area.
5 -> In the grassy area near the start of this section of Dragon Realms.
6 -> On the other side of the grassy area.
7 -> One side of the temple leading to Jurassic Jungle. Be sure to give the
professor a wide berth to get to...
8 -> The other side of the temple.
Once more, you'll only know you hit all eight when Sparx says you did great and
a dragonfly, Howie, is freed.
At this point, you really should have 800 gems in Dragon Realms. If you don't,
look around--there's a very limited area they could be in. Once you get all the
gems... 'Level Complete'. Yay you! This gives you 30 dragonflies; you can go
play in either Luau Island or Cloud 9. You already know which one I'm going to
next; let's go! :)

Luau Island---900 Gems---[LUIS]
Access: 15 Dragonflies
Enemies: Riptoc Divers (underwater only, normal size), Tikis (land only,
normal), Tourist Lizards (land only, large)

Welcome to Luau Island! First things first--climb off the pier and onto the
little island, and get the gems on either side; flame the tiki idols for more
gems. Dive into the water, and charge both the Riptoc Divers before they
harpoon you. Get all the gems; don't forget the ones in the tunnel. It's a pain
to have to come back if you miss one. ;) Get out of the water on the large
beach; catch Gary [4G] right out there on the beach. While you're running
around out here, you should notice the big green button on the wall behind the
first Tourist Lizard. Take out the Lizard, then charge into the button. You'll
get a cutscene of the bamboo grating nearby opening, freeing a Tourist pig. Go
through the tunnel behind him.

Upon exiting, you'll immediately see a largish pool, two more grates--one with
a pig and one with a dragonfly, and two platforms floating out in the middle of
the pool. More on them in a minute. Do pretty much whatever you like on the
surface/ground here; when you're ready to move on, dive into the pool, take out
the three Riptoc Divers, and head down the tunnel. You'll surface at the bottom
of a very small area, with a ladder that leads up to yet another grating-and-
pig. Glide across to the two Tourist Lizards, KO them, and headbash the button
nearby. The grating opens--go through it. Down the tunnel, you'll find Zoe, and
the air-based half of the area with the platforms in the pool. Hit the button
on the ground here, then hop across the platforms to the right, getting the
bottled butterfly on the way. Take out the Tikis on the far side, hit the
button, and don't hop down yet!

Climb the ladder to the left of the button to find the Tiki Fire Breath
Challenge Portal. Walk through the Portal, and a timer for Superflame Breath
pops up. Using the T button to aim if necessary, hit the two Tiki Head Statues
in front of you and slightly left, then turn to your left and fire at the one
all the way across the area. Finally, turn left a little further and fire at
the Statue above the platforms you crossed to get here. If you hit all four,
the timer will drop off-screen and the platforms that were in the water will
rise to your level. Before going across them, fall off the far side of this
ledge from where you came up (walk slowly up to the edge and look down to see
exactly where to land). Climb back up and hop across the platforms to find
Homer. [4F] The platforms are something of a long jump between the first and
second, so jump hard.

Get back down to the water, and head over to where the grating was keeping a
dragonfly in check. It's Socrates [4D]!

Go to the next corner, where the pig was in jail, and head on down this tunnel.
Halfway there. *Phew.* In here, there's a large pool, a series of ladders, and
a Minigame Portal, leading to the Mantaray game. Dive underwater and swim
through the four arches in order; this should cause a yellow gem to appear in
the middle of the fourth one. Ignore the tunnel just past the fourth arch for
now. Take out the four Riptoc Divers, then surface and go up the set of
ladders. Hop across, and climb again, then turn around and glide down to the
island in the middle of the area. Zap the Tourist Lizard, then catch Daisy [4A]
and the bottled butterfly.

Hop down and dive underwater. Swim to where the tunnel, and on through it; be
careful at the top of the netting--your game may freeze up if you swim too
close. Stay underwater when you get through, and swim through this set of
arches as well. Another yellow gem should appear. Collect all the gems down
here, taking care of the Riptoc Divers as you go, then surface and look around.

There's a boat with a cannon, a pile of rocks, some more ladders, and some more
platforms. Get out of the water at the rocks, walk across and climb the
ladders, then jump your way up to the top of the cliffside. Save your game,
then talk to the pig, headbash the switch, and talk to the pig again to receive
Dill [4C]. Instead of going down this tunnel, go right and across the
platforms; if you aim right, you can switch to Bubble Breath and catch the
dragonfly [4B] as you land, then switch back to Fire or Electric Breath to zap
the Tourist Lizard before you even get hit. Continue across the platforms and
jump over to the cannon. Use Fire Breath to light it; it'll blow up the rocks
across the way. Swim over and catch Plato [4E].

Climb back to where the pig was, and head down that tunnel now. Go past the
Exit Portal and out the other end of the tunnel. Climb across the ledges; if
you fall off, use the whirlwind to get back up. The Minigame Portal here leads
to the Luau Island Drum Pit.

If you don't have 900 gems, explore around until you find the last few. Do the
minigames if you haven't already. Once you get all the gems... 'Level
Complete'. Yay you! Save, and either go back to Dragon Realms or, if you've
been following the walkthrough step-by-step, use the Atlas to warp to Cloud 9.
With 40 dragonflies, Monkey Monastery is also opened up if you'd like to go
there now.

Luau Island Minigames:
Mantaray [4H - Krishnamurti]: (difficulty: */*****) Hunter is raising pet
mantarays. What is his obsession with mantas anyway? The Riptocs have scared
them all into scattering. Another easy minigame--all you have to do is pilot
the manta ray around, firing your net to catch them. It's a race against Hunter
to see who can capture the most. The game ends when either you or Hunter
reaches eleven, not when time runs out, as Hunter says.

Luau Island Drum Pit:
   Drum Song I [4I - Terral]: (difficulty: **/*****): Spyro meets Simon. The
tiki drummers play a note, you play it back. They play two, you play two. Etc.
The drums onscreen correspond to the buttons on your right; {X=Down, []=Left,
T=Up, O=Right for PS2}, or {A=Down, B=Left, Y=Up, X=Right for GCN}. When you
manage to copy them six times, you get Terral.
   Drum Song II [4J - Maverick]: (difficulty: ***/*****): Round two. Not really
any tougher, just much longer. This time you need nine successful copies.

Cloud 9---800 Gems---[CLO9]
Access: 25 Dragonflies
Enemies: Riptoc Archers (normal size), Thunderheads (normal), Pillow Lizards

This is Cloud 9, easily the most annoying of all the worlds in ETD. Why? In a
word, platforms. Platforms that you can fall from, into the great unknown.
Powder the bear welcomes you, asking for your help with getting the machines
that run their clock restarted.

Head down the ramp, and glide across to the platform straight ahead. Go up the
whirlwind, and launch from the ledge up here over to the platform that was to
the left of the starting point. Go up the whirlwind over here, and hop on the
moving cloud platform; get off on the ledge above where Powder the bear is
standing. Walk around the back side of this cupola, and you'll see a Minigame
Portal, which leads to the Rainbow Speedway. Keep going around the ledge till
you get back to the moving cloud, and take it back to the platform you came
here from.

Glide across to the lower platform with the cannon above it, and take this
whirlwind. Up here, save your game, then use Electric breath on all three of
the little dome-things that surround the cannon-machine. Glide over to the
platform with four pillars and no roof, then go back to the very start. From
the bottom of Powder's ramp, head right and through the passageways until you
get to a pool. Dive in and get the gems down here, then climb up and around 
towhere Zoe's waiting for you.

In this next area, walk in a little way, then turn around. You'll see two gem-
baskets to the sides of the door; they're very hard to find if you don't know
that they exist. Talk to Thimble the bear, then run around the outer edge
toward the left; there will be a thief wearing reddish robes waiting for you.
Flame him as soon as you hear him start to taunt you, and you should connect
before he has a chance to move. He'll drop a wand. Take the wand to Thimble.
He'll use it to start a whirlwind you can use to get onto the series of
platforms above you. There's an annoying dragonfly named Savino up here [5B].
Hop platform to platform to get to the rainbow bridge, then follow it to the
cannon-machine platform. Save again, and use Electric Breath again. Go back to
the other end of the rainbow bridge and hop down. The Thunderhead here won't
let you past--he'll just keep zapping you. Boy, he can dish it out, but he sure
can't take it.

Go down this passageway to another area with a series of platforms. Just glide
from one to the next until you get to the whirlwind. Go up the whirlwind and
take the cloud platform to the cannon-machine. Save, activate, etc. Turn around
and look at the top of the pillars you passed on the way here--you should be
able to see a dragonfly on top of one of them, although from this distance it
probably looks like a yellow gem. Glide over to a reasonably close pillar, and
jump from there to get Sylvia [5G]. Go back to the platform with the whirlwind.
Look around in the opposite direction from the cannon-machine, and you should
see yet another moving cloud-platform. To keep from risking falling off it,
just go up the whirlwind again and glide over to the platform the cloud would
take you to.

As you enter this hallway, you'll find Iceboy [5F]. At the far end, Zoe will
zap you again. Climb the stairs to a Superflame Challenge Portal. Nimble the
bear is worried that the Thunderheads are making the pool unsafe for swimming.
Walk through the Challenge portal, aim with T or Y, and flame the Thunderheads.
Simple, ne? Talk to Nimble for a dragonfly, Takehiro [5C]. Swim through the
pool and up the tunnel.

Out the other side is one of the most annoying jumps in the game. Position
yourself as close as you can to the next platform, jump as hard as you can from
as close to the edge as you can, and glide at the very top of your jump. It
still won't be enough. Press T or Y to hover just as you -hit- the far
platform; if you hover too early you won't make it. Don't get frustrated if it
takes you several tries--I went through 30-odd lives trying to get there on my
first run.

This last platform has the final cannon-machine on it; save and activate, and
get the bottled butterfly. Go talk to Danny the bear for Rick [5D]. Ignore the
Exit Portal, and go down the hallway just past it. At the other end, climb the
ladder on the wall next to you, and get the dragonfly, Goose, in the room with
the gears [5A]. Climbing to the top of this room will lead you to the Minigame
Portal for the Sky Base Challenge. Go back outside, turning left, and go around
the corner to find Margaret [5E]. Walk back to the doorway, and look out and
down. You should see a platform with four pillars and a moving cloud-platform
right below you, and a pair of cupola-buildings in the far distance.

Jump and glide to the pillar platform first, then climb back up to the doorway.
Go in, and come back out onto the opposite ledge from where Margaret was. Turn
around, and jump and glide out, aimed toward the left-hand side of the right-
hand cupola. Glide around it to the right, and you'll see a rectangular ledge
with several gems waiting. You want to land there, and depending on how tightly
you turned, it may take you several tries. Don't get discouraged; it *is*

To engage in a bit of ASCII-mapping, you want to go where the '.' is:

                               |               |
                               |         .     |
                               | (^)       (^) |
                               | |_|       |_| |

and start -gently- turning right when you get almost to that point. If you hit
the cupola roof, you will fall. Hopefully you've gotten all the gems up to this
point so that these are the last ones you need. If you don't have 800 gems,
explore around until you find the last few. Do the minigames if you haven't
already. Once you get all the gems... 'Level Complete'. Yay you! Save, and go
back to Dragon Realms. With 50 dragonflies, both Monkey Monastery and Honey
Marsh are now open; take your pick. As you leave, instead of the usual loading
screen, you'll get a cut-scene of Ripto wondering why his spell went wrong...

Cloud 9 Minigames:
Rainbow Speedway:
   Rainbow Time Trial [5H - Tashistation]: (difficulty: **/*****) Again, ignore
Sparx. He suggests Rings, Stars, Racers, Flying Riptocs. I found it to be
easier to follow: Rings, Stars, Riptocs, Racers. Be careful either way; the
Riptocs don't fly in a straight loop, which can throw you off if you aren't
watching for it. Make sure you take out both the Riptocs and the Racers by
heading toward them, otherwise you'll certainly run out of time.
   Rainbow Race [5I - Grayson]: (difficulty: ***/*****) Same thing as the last
speedway--get all the blue stars, and cut as many corners as you can. You'll
probably get into second place sometime early in the third lap, and pass the
Riptoc leader just before getting to the finish line.

Spitfire - Sky Base [5J - Tweedle]: (difficulty: */*****) Riptocs: "All your
base are belong to us." Spyro: "Yeah, right." Just fly circles around the
palace, firing your missiles non-stop. You only have to take out the four
battleships; it should take two, maybe three passes. The missiles are semi-
homing; once you get close enough to the target, they'll hit it. Don't worry
about the Riptocs in biplanes; you're faster than they are, and any that are
really a threat will be taken down by missiles anyway. Easy minigame, possibly
the easiest.

Monkey Monastery---900 Gems---[MOMO]
Access: 35 Dragonflies
Enemies: Riptoc (w/club, normal size), Riptoc (w/snowball, normal), Flying
Riptocs (airborne only), Mammoth (large)

The snowball-throwing Riptocs must be either charged or Wing Shielded--at the
right angle, you'll bounce the snowball back and take them out. Mammoths can
only be Flamed; Electric Breath doesn't work. Flying Riptocs are part of
the level itself--you use cannon turrets to knock them down.

To start, talk to Brother Krankel to find out what's going on. Unbalanced
Riptocs are trying to gain access to the monastery; please stop them.
(Personally, it looks like they've already gotten access...) Glide down to the
opening area to find Foamy [6A] right out there. Go on up the steps, and turn
right just inside the door. Jump ledge to ledge, noting the place of the chest
for later. Two more ledges, and you're on more ice. Skid up the hill to find
Bartholemew Yeti making a return appearance. His brothers are stuck in ice,
please use Flame Breath to free them.

Jump across the next gap and climb a few steps, then turn right and jump across
to the bottom of the ramp. Climb the spiral, talk to Brother Ricci to learn
about the turrets, then go back down the spiral ramp to make sure you didn't
leave any gems behind. Walk back on up to Brother Ricci and jump across to the
platform nearby. Get the bottled butterfly, then hop on the turret. Fire at
anything that looks remotely frozen. When things stop breaking apart, you're

Get off the turret, and get in the whirlwind to find your first yeti brother,
Nigel. Free him, then drop off his ledge and back up the other stairs you freed
from ice. Glide across to the bottom end of the ledge that leads to above
Bartholemew, and climb on up to find Holly [6C]. Drop down, glide across to
below Nigel, and continue on to where Zoe's waiting. Glide across two ledges,
and talk to Brother Marcus to learn about more turrets, and why there are
Riptocs flying around. Go up the whirlwind and over to Zoe. Look out and down
to see where the next turret is, and go down there.

Fire at anything moving, and once again, anything frozen. When you've KO'ed all
the Flying Riptocs and hop off the turret, Sparx will give you Gaku [6E]. Fly
back to Brother Marcus, take the whirlwind up to Zoe, and fly down to the Exit
Portal. Ignore it for now; light the rocket on the ledge. The pathway down here
splits left and right. Go left, we'll save the right path for later. Climb up,
jumping platform to platform; you shouldn't need to glide except for the last
jump. Free the Yeti up here, and get the bottled butterfly. Try gliding down to
the Yeti stuck in the cliffside below Zoe. If you don't make it, stand next to
Zoe and jump and glide straight out, then turn hard-left. Free this Yeti, then
make your way back up to Zoe one more time. Look off the edge toward the Exit
Portal. See those platforms? Jump and glide toward them, then turn right and
land on the ledge around the corner to get a key.

The platforms are just a little farther apart than your normal gap; most are
just barely doable with a long jump-and-glide. if you hit the edge of the
platform, hit T fast to hop up. Once you're across, climb up the ledges to the
Minigame Portal. It leads to the Spitfire - Factories minigame. If you had as
much trouble with those floating platforms as I did, you'll want to do the
minigame now.

Done with this area. Phew. Go back down to the Exit Portal, and head up the
path we ignored. At the top, you'll see the beginning of the level spread out
below you... and a frozen Yeti across the way. Glide over to him and free him
to be called a "good dragon." Drop down and climb the stairs again. This time,
the door's open. Ignore it for now, and go back to where the chest was to
release Young [6D]. Go a little further on, and let Bartholemew know his
brothers are all free to receive Jewelwing [6B].

Back at the door, Damsel [6G] is patiently waiting just inside. Climb these
stairs, go left at the fork, and get Shadow [6F]. Go back down the ramp and go
past the stairs down in order to climb up to the Minigame Portal leading to the
Ice Slide area. If you don't have 900 gems, explore around until you find the
last few. Do the minigames if you haven't already. Once you get all the gems...
'Level Complete'. Yay you! Save, and go back to Dragon Realms. With 60
dragonflies, both Honey Marsh and Thieves' Den are now open; take your pick.

Monkey Monastery Minigames:
Monkey Monastery Slide:
   Ice Slide I [6H - Cuebert]: (difficulty: **/*****): Slide down a icy
obstacle course. Avoid snowballs, pass between as many pairs of flags as you
can. Each pair gives you a few more seconds. Stay to the left as much as you
can, especially in the very wide area about one-quarter of the way down, where
the course splits.
   Ice Slide II [6I - Dancer]: (difficulty: **/*****): Do it again. You have
slightly less time this round; that's really the only difference.

Spitfire - Factories [6J - John]: (difficulty: */*****) Easier than the last
Spitfire level, if possible. Just keep firing missiles, and navigate as
necessary. Once you take out 20 factories, you're all done.

Honey Marsh---800 Gems---[HOMA]
Access: 45 Dragonflies
Enemies: Banjo-wielding Riptocs (normal), Bees (normal), Teenage Lizards
(large, with laser guns)

Jimmy-Bob asks Spyro for help clearing out the six Honey Stills that Riptocs
have installed. Spyro insults him and asks where dragonflies are at. They make
a deal--help out and Spyro can have all the dragonflies he can carry.

Start out climbing the stairs around a corner to the first Honey Still. Turn it
off by flaming the handle. Hop across the tree stumps to get up to the next
level. There's another Honey Still here; keep climbing and hopping platforms.
One more level and the third Honey Still; get the thief here as soon as
possible for Duckweed [7E]. Be careful of the various enemies as you're chasing
him. There's also the Minigame Portal leading to the Honey Tank game, and a
dragonfly, Suzuki [7F], on the outside edge of the level, behind a tree trunk.

When you're done here, go down to the wooden structure and climb as high as you
can. At the top, jump platform to platform in the direction of that last Honey
Still. There's a dragonfly waiting for you up here, Russell [7A]. Keep going,
and eventually you'll see a key on top of a flower off in the distance. Get the
key, then drop down and climb back to where you were. Honey Still #4 is just a
little further up here. Go through the tunnel to a series of flower platforms
with a bee in nearly each one. On the lower level, turn around to find Zwan
[7G] waiting. Get him, then continue on to the next tunnel. This one leads to a
large open area with a lot of honey that you can't step on, and a few honeycomb
platforms that you can. Follow the platforms over to Honey Still #5, and be
careful of enemies while hopping up the tree stumps--jump and fire a lot.

Talk to Alex-Bob, and he'll mention that there are a lot of bees and honeycombs
that need getting rid of. Go down the steps, pick up a rock, and hold T to aim.
Press O to fire; aim a little higher than you think you need to; the rocks will
drop as they fly. Don't worry about the bees; once you take out all the
honeycombs, the bees will vanish too. Talk to Alex-Bob again once you're done,
he'll have Lily [7C] waiting for you.

Climb up the platforms behind you, and set out across the treetops you just
cleared. Gory [7H] is waiting out in the open, and all the way at the end, Tim
[7B] is in the chest you got the key for a while back. Go all the way back
across the treetops, and hop across to the final section. The last Honey Still
is up here, and once you clear it, Warren-Bob will give you Taka [7D]. The Exit
Portal is right past him... but once again, ignore it, and look off along the
left wall for a platform.

Walk along it to find a tunnel leading to an area with the other Minigame
Portal, which leads to the Honey Slide. There's a series of floating honeycomb
platforms and two ledges. The second ledge leads to a tunnel which will lead
you out above the very beginning of the level, on a ledge with the last few

If you don't have 800 gems, explore around until you find the last few. Do the
minigames if you haven't already. Once you get all the gems... 'Level
Complete'. Yay you! Save, and go back to Dragon Realms. With 70 dragonflies,
the last two levels, Thieves' Den and Jurassic Jungle, are both available; take
your pick. You should also have well over 70% by now--you can fight Ripto for
the first time if you'd like. Skip down to the Final Battle section to see some
strategy. If you choose to fight him now, then once you've beat him, Sparx will
be able to point to missing gems by holding in the L3 and R3 buttons (PS2) or
holding the L&R buttons for Wing Shield, then holding the Up button on the D-
pad (directional cross)(GCN).

Honey Marsh Minigames:
Honey Slide [7I - Clubtail]: (difficulty: **/*****): Slide down a honey flow.
No flags here, just pits and logs in the path. Stay right if possible, and
watch for the little path across a pit too large to jump about two-thirds of
the way down.

Honey Tank [7J - Pliskin]: (difficulty: *****/*****): Nasty. Just keep firing;
you have 2:30 to get to the end with 20 bees shot down. Ignore the grenade-
tossing Riptocs as much as you can; don't bother shooting them unless they're
standing in your way, because once you're past them they aren't a factor. When
you finally make it to the end, fire once at the tank, then concentrate on the
last three bees. If you don't hit it don't worry about it; if you're lucky
you'll hit bee #20 just as the tank kills you, and you'll get the dragonfly

Thieves' Den---700 Gems---[THDE]
Access: 55 Dragonflies
Enemies: Green Coins, Coin baskets (normal size), Wizard Riptocs (large)

Head down the ramp at the beginning, and glide across to the dragon's mouth.
Inside, you'll meet Footpad, who explains that the Wizard Riptocs have changed
the thieves' treasure into enemies. The Green Coins and Coin Baskets aren't
normal enemies--they can't hurt you--but they will run away unless you Weapon
Breath or charge them. Sparx stops you and explains that some enemies around
here are rumored to be immune to dragon breath, so you have to use Wing Shield.

Walk down the steps until you get to a little pool where Wizard #1 is waiting.
As soon as he sees you, use Wing Shield, and if his magic doesn't hit him when
it bounces, turn just a little bit and wait until he fires again. Once you've
reflected the Wizard's spell back onto him, he goes down. Head on up some more
stairs to Wizard #2. Same tactics. Continue on and up the whirlwind, and
through the arches. #3 is waiting between two arches, and #4 is guarding the
next whirlwind, which is in the center of a green-painted room inside a pillar.
At the top, look around. Charge into the cracked wall to find Wizard #5.

You'll also find the Minigame Portal that leads to Platform Pandemonium, and if
you climb the ledges on the other side of the whirlwind and look out into the
room, you'll see three hanging cages. The middle one holds Charlotte, the
famous mislabeled dragonfly. She should be [8G], 'Lantern Perch,' but the Atlas
records her as 'Over the Edge.'

Head on out through the archway and down the corridor to find Wizard #6, and
just past him is a series of little platforms between more swinging axe-blades.
The middle platform is home to Jordan [8F], and you can turn left and jump from
here to the Minigame Portal that leads to Oasis Speedway. Continue on through
the next arch and down more steps to another pool, home to Wizard #7.

Dive into the pool in the next room, and swim-charge into the four giant
buttons holding the door up above shut. Get out of the water and climb the ramp
to the ladder, then jump across to where the door was. Wizard #8 is up here;
take him down and continue on down the stairs to find Wizard #9. This is where
things get confusing. Go up the whirlwind, get whatever gems you care to while
crossing platforms, and stop when you've got the key and Martin [8D]. Go back
across the platforms, and drop back down to where you started.

Go across one more pit, and KO Wizard #10, the last one, then follow the steps
on down. Time to get the true 'Over the Edge' dragonfly [8E], which the Atlas
says is 'Lantern Perch.' Go down the next tunnel, and when it ends in a drop-
off, don't glide across. Go back up to the opening, and look out around to the
right. You should see a little ledge with gems on it; fly over there. You found
Atsumi! If you stand as far to the right as you can, you'll see the edge of a
platform around the far corner straight ahead. Glide over there, and try to
avoid the whirlwind. Glide platform to platform until you arrive at the Exit
Portal, with Thiefy Wu waiting next to it. Talk to him for Micky [8A] (which
should unlock the whirlwinds at the end of the level), then go past the Portal
and hop some more platforms until you get to a room with two sets of stairs.
Climb the set on your side, then glide across the middle to get to the bottom
of the other set. Climb these to get outside onto a ledge that curves around
toward the start of the level; you should also see the two whirlwinds I just
mentioned out here. If you don't, just fly to the other ledge around the left

If the whirlwinds are there, fly down to the circular platform you started this
level on, then fly out to the closer of the two whirlwinds. You'll be deposited
on the lower ledge; walk on down and open the chest for Racket [8B]. Jump into
the other whirlwind to go back to the room with the stairs, and head back on
down. Go up the first whirlwind you come across, and you'll find an Ice Breath
Challenge Portal. Go past it for now, and into the next room, in order to see
what you need to do. When you're sure of yourself, go back to the Challenge
Portal, and walk through it toward the room with the holes in the floor. The
first campfire is right in front of you; run forward into the room and around
the outer ring to get the next four fires. Get out to the center one carefully,
then head back to the Portal (don't walk through it again), and cross the
ledges to get the last two fires. These two jumps *require* jumping as high and
far as you can, and will probably require a quick hover at the end as well. You
get Marta for this Challenge [8C].

You're probably missing a lot of gems. They're on ledges above this last
stretch. Use the whirlwinds to get them. If you're sure of all the ledges, but
you still don't have 700 gems, explore around until you find the last few. Use
Sparx' gem-finding ability if necessary. Do the minigames if you haven't
already. Once you get all the gems... 'Level Complete'. Yay you! Save, and go
back to Dragon Realms. Only one level left--Jurassic Jungle. You're as ready as
you'll ever be. Go for it! You can also go beat Ripto's second form now, if you

Thieves' Den Minigames:
Oasis Speedway:
   Oasis Time Trial [8H - Coppertop]: (difficulty: **/*****) This time, follow
Sparx' advice. Rings, Flying Thieves, Cobras, Camels. You need a perfect run on
the Thieves if you want a chance of making it. They fly on two levels, and in a
crossover pattern between the two. The pattern is slow enough so that you can
flame the top or bottom four and the rest should still be on their level or
midway in-between.
   Oasis Race [8I - Neo]: (difficulty: *****/*****) Same thing as the other
races--get all the blue stars, and cut as many corners as you can. There's a
blue star behind the lighthouse at the end of the course; make sure you get
this one, because the leader will, and it'll guarantee your loss if you don't.

Platform Pandemonium [8J - Morpheus]: (difficulty: ***/*****) Tougher than the
last platform puzzle, but still no real problem. Fire Electric Breath at all
the lightning rods to gain access to the Wizard in the center. Fire at the
first five platforms before getting on them, then hop onto the sixth and
electrify it. You should start moving toward the real puzzle out in the middle.
Get out there and zap lightning rods till the Wizard's platform drops. Just zap
him for the dragonfly.

Jurassic Jungle---600 Gems---[JUJU]
Access: 65 Dragonflies
Enemies: Dino Riptocs ("T-Rex-1000's", normal size), Metal Lizards (large,
metal), Liquid Riptocs ("R-1000's", metal)

Dr. Whiskers greets you by telling you the plot of Jurassic Park--the R-1000's
and T-Rex-1000's have escaped. Use Electric breath on anything and everything
in this level, except the puzzle one-third of the way through and the Liquid
Riptocs near the end. You'll know when you hit one of the 1000-series Riptocs
when you see a counter pop up in the bottom right corner.

Head up the course toward the temple; be careful of the central platform when
crossing the lava, as it's unstable and could drop you. Explore to the left and
right of the main temple stairs. Remember the chest location in about ten
minutes from now. Go up the stairs and enter the temple. Down the corridor
you'll meet Professor Copeland, who explains that there's a puzzle in the
statues around the inner walls. You must flame the gems set into the statues in
the correct order, which is shown in the murals on the walls. If you can't
figure out the solution, it's based on gem values (red, green, blue, purple,
yellow). You got Scarlett [9B]! Climb the ladder, and hop around the platforms
on top of the statues you just got done flaming; on top of the Blue statue
you'll find a key, and on the ledge you'll find Doompa [9G]. Head on back to
the chest (remember? :) to get Jean-Marc [9D].

Go back in the temple, and climb back up to the ledge above the statues. Jump
up the steps at the far end, and hop across the hands and head of the big
statue, collecting the gems as you go. Get to the ledge on the other side to
continue on into a hallway which leads outside. You'll cross two bridges, and
exit in a large area with grass below you. Looking around, you'll see a
Minigame Portal, which leads to the Lava Slide. There's also an Electric Breath
Challenge Portal; five of the lightning rods are right near you on the ground;
the rest are on the next ledge up. If you run from one to the next, you should
finish with just under half the available time left; you should also have Karen

Climb back up and go across two more bridges to the two rock platforms. These
move up and down; if you miss, you'll fall into lava, so be careful jumping!
Once on the other side, go through the tunnel to a large cavern filled with
rock platforms connected by bridges. Cross the bridges until you get to a
platform with two bridges leading away. Go towards the mouse scientist rather
than the tunnel.

This is Dr. Kogan, who will tell you that the R-1000's have stolen his lab
equipment, and are hiding out on the lava bed. Go through the Invincibility
Portal, and use Ice Breath on the R-1000's to freeze them. Once they're frozen,
charge them, and you'll get the equipment each has taken. Be sure to get the
one down the little "laser-filled" (it isn't really, but it looks like it)
corridor straight ahead of where the Invincibility Portal is. This corridor
also leads to the Minigame Portal that holds the Tower. With all the lab
equipment, go talk to Dr. Kogan again for Jason [9A]. Go back out on the lava
for Mitch [9H].

Go on past Kogan, and across the bridge you didn't take earlier, and you'll
come out on a grassy ledge, with Dr. Snivels waiting at the edge of more lava
and another Invincibility Portal. Get the thief out on the lava for him, and
he'll reward you with Bonky [9E]. Once you've done that, cross the lava again
to where the Invincibility Portal is in a cave opening on the other side to
meet up with Dr. Egghead, who will congratulate you on recapturing all the
Riptocs by giving you Wonky [9F].

If you don't have 600 gems, explore around until you find the last few. Do the
minigames if you haven't already. Once you get all the gems... 'Level
Complete'. Yay you! Save, and go back to Dragon Realms. With all 90
dragonflies, you should be at 100%, unless you missed some gems. Go finish
Ripto once and for all!

Jurassic Jungle Minigames:
Lava Slide [9I - Saji]: (difficulty: ****/*****): Slide down the mountain
before it erupts. More pits. Stay left if possible, and when you see the first
giant boulder, slow yourself down by running into it--it's just before a giant
lava pit that's nearly impossible to pass if you're at full speed. This pit is
only about one-quarter of the way along! The rest of the course is pits and
jumps; no real problem if you don't panic.

Tower [9J - Warren]: (difficulty: ***/*****): Spyro meets Indiana Jones meets
Fear Factor. Find a way to the top of the Tower ("of Scary and Ridiculous
Heights"). Not that tough, but annoying. And creepy, particularly if you're
arachnophobic. Luckily, the spiders can be flamed, if you can find someplace to
stand to do so (ledges abound). There are three major obstacles: dart guns,
boulders, and giant spiders. If you move normally, rather than inching around,
you should be able to move past all three with little to no trouble.

Final Battle---Ripto (3 Rds)---[FIBA]
Access: 70%, 85%, and 100% game completion
Enemies: Ripto (I know, no kidding.)

There is fodder available (crickets), scattered around the edge of the arena.
If you keep moving, you shouldn't need much of it, if any. Try to save it for
round three; if you die in round two or three, you'll resume in the same round.

First round (70% game completion for first access. Difficulty: **/*****): Ice
shield and projectiles. Use flame breath *constantly*. Flame him, he runs to
the other side of the arena. Charge after him, flame him again, lather, rinse,
repeat. Wing Shield won't work on any of his projectiles. When the ice barrier
is gone, two or three flames will do him in. If you're at 70%, he'll chatter at
you, and you'll see the credits, then end up back in Dragon Realms, and the
Portal will be closed until you get 85%. If you're at 85% Ripto will grow to
about twice his original size, and you'll go on to...

Second round (85% game completion, as well as first round defeated, for first
access. Difficulty: **/*****): Flame shield and projectiles. Use Ice breath
*constantly*. Ice him, he runs to the other side of the arena. Charge after
him, ice him again, lather, rinse, repeat. He's bigger this time, so he can't
run as far. When the flame barrier is gone, two or three ice hits will do him
in. If you're at 85%, he'll chatter at you, and you'll see the credits, then
end up back in Dragon Realms, and the Portal will be closed until you get 100%.
If you're at 100% complete, Ripto will grow again, doing his best impression of
the Hulk (only purple), and you'll go on to...

Final round (100% game completion, as well as first and second round defeated.
Difficulty: ***/*****): Lightning round. Finally, a decent end boss for ETD.
Once you get used to his pattern, though, he's not too tough. Face him, and
jump over the rings of ice he shoots out when he smashes his club onto the
ground. Start running around the outer edge of the ring if he starts waving the
club in the air--he's about to shoot ice projectiles again. If you hear
electrical crackle, turn and hit his club with Electric breath.  It'll take
five or six hits to finish him off once and for all. When you beat his final
form, you'll get a short cut-scene, then the credits. You end up back with
Ripto if you reload after the credits; use the Atlas to return to Dragon

|                                  FAQs [FRAQ]                                |

1. Why did the game freeze/glitch when I [action]?
   Because Spyro:ETD is a glitchy game. Period. Running theory is that it may
   have been rushed for a holiday release. (Nov-6-02 North American release).
   [*Note*: I don't know how true this is, but it seems likely. General
   consensus on the Net seems to be that if you got your copy as soon as you
   could, you've got a glitchy version.] There are a number of glitches that
   affect gameplay in minor, annoying ways, and some fewer that affect it in
   major, game-ruining ways.
   **Update!** Some people have reported little-to-no glitching; this seems to
   be more likely with the GameCube version than with the PS2 version. It also
   seems more likely, no matter which version you have, if you waited a few
   months after ETD was released (so you got the second or third pressing of
   the game). My GameCube disc only freezes, and only for a few seconds, when
   saving between levels, and my game always continues; it's never a game-
   ending freeze; versus many non-recoverable freezes on the PS2.

2. Where do I get the breath weapons, and what's that fourth hole on the Rune
   Statue for?
   You start with Flame breath. Bubble breath is gained almost as soon as you
   gain control of Spyro after the opening cinema; you'll get Electric breath
   about halfway through Dragonfly Dojo, and the Ice breath is straight ahead
   as you start Cloud Nine. The Wing Shield, which fills in the final spot on
   the statue, is in Luau Island, right out on the beach straight ahead as you

3. How do I get past the Temple puzzle in Jurassic Jungle?
   Flame the statues in 'monetary value' order: red(1), green(2), blue(5),
   purple(10), yellow(25).

4. How do you get the kites down in Dragonfly Dojo?
   First, save your game!! (one of the glitches we mentioned can occur here.)
   Then, one of two ways: You can be a fancy flier, and just coast over to the
   bonsai trees that the kites are stuck to. Or, the way that the programmers
   intended: Use Ice breath on the little dragons that are asking for your
   help, then hop on top of them and *immediately* hop off, onto the rock. Once
   you're up there, either way, press X or [], and if the kite doesn't come
   loose, hop down and it should come with you. If you get on top of the little
   dragons and the screen just shakes, jump down and try again. Sooner or later
   you'll make it. Once you get each kite, talk to the baby dragon a second

5. Is there a way to get into that door that I start the game in front of?
   Not that anyone's found yet. Sorry!

6. This game is way too glitchy for me! How do I get my money back?
   Well, you can try returning it to the store where you got it, although most
   stores won't allow you to just return it for a cash refund--normal policy is
   "exchange only", and they prefer that you get the same title in exchange.
      **Update!** However! Thanks to 'Ryu Killer Dragon' of the GameFAQs
   message boards, I've learned that your other option is to return it to
   Vivendi/Universal directly, along with a note explaining why you didn't like
   it. It took Ryu about six weeks to receive his refund. Send the game and
   every piece of paper that came with it, including a copy of the receipt, as
   well as the note, to:

      Vivendi Universal Interactive
      4247 S. Minnewawa Avenue
      Fresno, CA 93725

   For your own protection, invest in postal insurance and delivery
   confirmation. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to send it back for
   a refund.

|                             Known Glitches [GLCH]                           |

Yes, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is a buggy game. To the point where one has to
wonder if it was rush-released. The worst glitch culprits are listed, along
with any known solutions in order from least drastic on up.

1. My game froze!!
   Symptoms: You can be doing just about anything: running around, talking with
      another character, breaking a pot, catching a dragonfly; you name it.
   Occurs: Anywhere, anytime. I've had it freeze whilst running through Dragon
      Realms, in the first fifteen minutes of gameplay, and many, many other
      occasions. The worst level, however, is Crop Circle Country.
   Known solution(s): None, really. The only thing you can do is to reset the
      game, and hope your last save wasn't -too- long ago.

2. Where's the land?
   Symptoms: In some levels/areas, the computer 'forgets' to draw in the land
      you're supposed to stand on; you wander around aimlessly until you fall
      off a cliff or leave.
      Luau Island, in the second pool area.
      Jurassic Jungle: Lava Slide.
   Known solution(s): Exit the area/level and return later.

3. Swimming on air?
   Symptoms: Sometimes if you leave the water with a 'charge' move rather than
      just surfacing and hopping out, Spyro will continue to swim in the air.
   Occurs: Anywhere with water, though most common in Luau Island.
   Known solution(s): 
      1. Dive back into the water, and get out in a calmer fashion.
      2. Exit the area/level and return later.

4. Overactive soundclips!
   Symptoms: Whirlwinds, waterfalls, dragonflies, and other repetitive
      soundbites never shut off. They continue on throughout the level.
   Occurs: Anywhere. I haven't seen it in Dragon Realms, but it wouldn't
      surprise me to learn it happens there as well.
   Known solution(s): Exit the level and return later.

5. Easy-open gates.
   Symptoms: At either of the Breath Gates in Dragon Realms, *before* you get
      the necessary breath weapon to open it, Jessica says "stand Spyro in
      front of the lock on the gate and flame it while charging the gate will
      seem to stretch. If you do this enough times Spyro pops through. It
      doesn't do you a whole lot of good since you don't have the proper power
      to complete the levels but I thought it was cool."
   Occurs: Dragon Realms (see above).
   Known solution(s): Why bother "solving" it? It's kind of cool, and you can
      catch a couple of dragonflies earlier than normal. I don't know if the
      gates will stay open if you save your game and reset; anyone?

6. Sparx turned purple!
   Symptoms: I'll let BlueRose, who sent me this one explain. "Well, I was at
      the Crop Circle Country and Sparx got hit with one of those ray gun
      things. I guess he got hit 3 times or something...either way, after
      that instead of disappearing he just turned this purple/violet shade.
      Now, whenever he gets hit, the color doesn't change from yellow--blue--
      etc. Its really weird and i haven't heard it happen before. It doesn't
      seem to affect gameplay."
   Occurs: Crop Circle Country (and others?).
   Known solution(s): None, apparently. BlueRose said that saving and
      restarting didn't fix it, and I haven't seen it myself, so I have no idea
      if it's possible -to- fix it.

7. Perma-thievery?
   Symptoms: Sheila found this one, so I'll let her explain it. "It was in the
      area of Jurassic Jungle where you go through the invincibility portal and
      go out onto the lava to get back the stolen equipment pieces.  The
      problem that I had was that it didn't count all the pieces after you got
      them.  I didn't pay attention to the counter at first, but I know that it
      wouldn't go below 3.  I had killed all the R-1000's and thought I had all
      the pieces, but the counter was still at 3, so I just ran around looking
      for pieces that I somehow managed to miss.  Eventually I found one more
      piece and, when I got it, I saw the counter change to 2 and then back to
      3.  Actually, it looked kinda like the 2 and 3 were superimposed for a
      second and then it just looked like a 3 again.  When I was sure that
      there were no more pieces laying around, I went back to Dr. Kogan and he
      said there were still pieces missing.  So I just went to the other side
      and went into the minigame and when I came back out and started over it
      worked fine."
   Occurs: Jurassic Jungle (see above).
   Known solution(s): Leave the level, either back to Dragon Realms or into a
      minigame portal, and return.

8. Missing Rings.
   Symptoms: Sheila found this one too. "In Oasis Speedway in Thieves' Den, one
      of the many, many times that I had to click on that lovely little "yes"
      when asked if I want to try AGAIN (in the race), the race started and the
      red dots were there, but there were no rings!  I flew around for the
      longest time before it finally stopped and told me I was off course.
      Then, when it started the next time, it was fine."
   Occurs: Thieves' Den (and others? unknown) Speedway Race (see above).
   Known solution(s): Either exit the level and come back, or just wait for the
      minigame to restart.

9. Ice Slide Issues.
   Symptoms: Another Sheila discovery :) "In the ice slide in Monkey Monastery,
      there were a few times where I just ran right through a wall (and died of
      course!) as though it wasn't even there.  These were places where there
      were no breaks, splits or jumps, just when I was practically hugging the
      wall trying to stay to one side or the other.  Of course, it was when I
      was going the WRONG way!! [edit: taking the right-hand path when it
      splits.]  It took me forever to catch on to the fact that staying to the
      left meant that there was actually a different path! LOL But once I did
      (after about a million tries), it only took a couple tries to beat it,
      and then a few more to beat it the second time."
   Occurs: Monkey Monastery (see above).
   Known Solution(s): Not sure. For one thing, take the left path when you have
      the opportunity. Try to stay away from the walls.

10. Ripto's a Cheater!
   Symptoms: Sheila says "In Ripto's pit, several times that I went in, there
      were no crickets at all!"
   Occurs: Ripto's pit (where else?).
   Known solution(s): Leave and re-enter, die and try again, or win.

11. Extra Gems!
   Symptoms: Last one from Sheila. It seems that in the Spitfire - Factories
      minigame, the Riptocs on the ground (the ones with ice clubs) drop gems,
      just like the ones in the regular part of the game. It's possible to pick
      some of these up (Sheila had 917/900 for the level), but you can't get
      close enough to the ground to do so normally. Sheila's best guess is that
      some of them bounced high enough for her to catch when the Riptocs were
      first shot.
   Occurs: Monkey Monastery Spitfire minigame (see above).
   Known solution(s): Why bother? It's a quick-and-dirty way to get 100%, if
      you're just missing a few gems (she ended up with 7003/7000).

|                        Pop Culture References [POPC]                        |

Well, the observant gamer will surely have noticed that Spyro has apparently
hopped through a Portal to twenty-first century culture at some point. The
games are full of references to "our world". Dragonflies, characters, and realm
themes are the major ones, though I've probably not spotted them all myself. If
you catch one, send it my way. You'll be duly credited.

1. Dragonflies:
   A. Universal/Equinoxe/Check Six--Most of the dragonflies are named for 
      someone on the development crew. Pay attention to the credits; you'll
      notice it.
   B. Movies/TV
      1. Goose, Iceboy and Maverick ('Top Gun'; yes, I know it was Iceman in
         the film).
      2. Neo and Morpheus ('The Matrix')
      3. Russell and Pliskin ('Escape from L.A.'/'Escape from New York')
      4. Coppertop (Duracell, or possibly more 'Matrix')
      5. Cuebert (Atari--the ol' classic 'Q-bert')
      6. Tashistation ('Star Wars: Episode IV' Early on, Luke complains about
         not being allowed to go to Tashi Station for power converters.)

2. Characters
   A. Dragonfly Dojo - The Dragon Masters are all named for kung fu movie
      legends; Bruce, Miyagi, Jackie, etc.
   B. Crop Circle Country/Honey Marsh - These two levels' characters spoof
      pretty much every 'backcountry' stereotype in existence--names like
      Farmer Dill and Jimmy-Bob practically scream 'UFO abductee' or
      'Hicksville, USA' (as seen by Hollywood, anyway), especially when coupled 
      with their accents and attitudes.

3. Realms
   A. Dragonfly Dojo - Eastern-culture elements are strewn throughout this
      level, with the glaring exception of Patton, the Tank game operator.
   B. Crop Circle Country - 'Communion', 'X-Files', 'Signs'--you name it; just
      about any stereotypical UFO-encounter movie is referenced here. 
   C. Luau Island - can we say 'Hawaii'?
   D. Thieves' Den - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, aka Arabian Nights.
   E. Jurassic Jungle - Do I even have to say it? Jurassic Park.

|                Acknowledgments/Credits/Contact/Version [CRED]               |

Thanks are due to Vivendi/Universal, for having the courage to release a game
with so many bugs in it. Also worthy of note are Equinoxe Digital Entertainment
and Check Six Studios, for giving it their best shot.

Seriously: Spyro, Enter the Dragonfly, and *all* related names, objects, etc.,
are TM and copyright 2002 Universal Games. No copyright infringement is
intended, implied, or claimed.

Thanks also to Insomniac Games, for creating the Spyro series!

And CJayC of GameFAQs, and David G. of wonderdogsoftware.com, for hosting this
guide :)

Special thanks go to my wife, 'bmartin426' on the GameFAQs boards, for helping
me out with some of the minigames, and for being as wonderful as she is :)
Thanks also to:
- 'kungpowchicken64' of the GameFAQs boards for sending me a transcription of
  the GameCube control layout, before I got a GameCube of my own.
- 'Ryu Killer Dragon' of the GameFAQs boards, for explaining how to get your
  money back.
- Jessica Rhiannon, for the Dragon Realms 'Easy-open Gates' glitch.
- Penguinfan, for the Star Wars reference.
- BlueRose, for the Sparx glitch.
- Hazel Ann Henderson, for the 'Cow Abduction II' minigame strategy.
- Sheila, for the many glitch descriptions.
- If I've forgotten anyone, blame the memory and not the heart.

I, K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix of the GameFAQs message board community,
wrote it. Email me with any questions, corrections, and comments at:
terra_nouveau-at-yahoo-dot-com (preferred), phoenix4777-at-msn-dot-com and/or
phoenix4777-at-hotmail-dot-com. I can also be reached on either of the 'Spyro:
Enter the Dragonfly' message boards at www.gamefaqs.com.

When emailing: Please remember to include a Spyro-related subject line!  Also
make a basic attempt at decent spelling when emailing for help; most mail
programs, including AOL, have a spellchecker. As you may notice by the update
schedule, I haven't been playing ETD much lately. This means, please be
patient if I don't reply to an email right off!

Emails I *will* answer:
   1. Requests for help.
   2. Contributions, corrections, and *constructive* criticism.
Emails I *won't* answer:
   1. Requests to host the guide anywhere other than GameFAQs or Wonderdog
      Software. The answer is 'No'. Don't bother wasting time writing.
   2. Outright flames ("Your guide is awful! it plain bites!").
   3. Spam.
   4. Demands ("Help me. Now!"). This includes emails referring to anything I
      haven't had a chance to respond to yet.
   5. Requests that I can't read (see above).
   6. Requests for Gameshark/ActionReplay/etc. codes. I didn't include them for
      a reason--I don't know any. (Even if I did I wouldn't include them,
      because, well, do you really need them for ETD?)

This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, phoenix4777-at-
msn-dot-com, as of 2-02-03; updates are also copyrighted, 2003-04. It may only
be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com, wonderdogsoftware.com, and pyrephoenix.com.
Please do not request to be allowed to host it on your site, as I may update
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You may download and save a copy for your own personal use, and may print out
a single copy, also for your own personal use. It may not be distributed in any
media, written or electronic; it also may not be published, whether or not for
profit, without my prior -written- permission.

I'm sorry to be so harsh; unfortunately that's the nature of the beast these

Version 0.10: 1-29-03: Everything done except walkthrough.
Version 1.00: 2-07-03: Done walkthrough!!
Version 1.02: 2-11-03: Added GCN control scheme, Glitches section.
Version 1.10: 4-22-03: Added Pop culture section, fixed a few minor errors.
                       About as final as it'll get, but I'm not about to go
                       as far as labeling it 'Final'.
Version 1.12: 8-10-03: Fixed a few [more] minor errors, and added how to use
                       Sparx' Gem-finder ability.
Version 1.13: 9-04-03: Fixed more minor errors (*sigh*), edited vsn. history.
Version 1.14: 5-02-04: Ctrl-F keywords added, neatened up the layout.
Version 1.14.1: 11-09-04: Added several contributions. Thanks, everyone!

-- EOF --

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