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Reviewed: 10/03/05

My childhood has returned

Sonic Mega collection is a hard to study game. Why? It is actually 12 old ones. This collection is almost perfect in porting the controls of these good old games. Whether or not you played these in the past, this is something all can enjoy, young or old.

Now for this one, I have to rate the collection by rating the old games themselves. This is a collection of games, and not actually a game in and of its self. But I will also have to rate the selection menus and bonus crud.

First, the collections menus. These are bright and colorful, perfect for the title. They are eye caching and easy to use. Not much more can be said really, they can only do so much with menus, just look at Windows.

Unlocking things. What? I Have to UNLOCK the lock-un games for Sonic and Knuckles? BLASPHEMY!!! (There, the realty of the common Sonic fan. That sums up that part of the review).

Next up on the list, bonus materials. The simple concept of giving bonus material was nice, especially since the only two good things from Sonic CD, the intro and ending movies, are part of the movie section. Then they give you all the comic covers, to the release of the game, ever made for your viewing, even though they don’t line up with the games in story. They did need however improvements in image selection, there was a little lack in satisfaction. They only had some of the main cast in the games, and the needed some Badniks photos as well.
Bonus material 8/10

Now to the part that is important, the games (big YAY!).

First up, Sonic the Hedgehog. This game is the not the hardest game in the series as people so claim, (though that one comes up later). This game is really fun, hard, but really fun. The controls are a little difficult, Sonic can’t Spindash at this point in history but he can do all else that he can do. Run and jump are all you need. This game has got some good graphics (relative to time period) too! And the music is good too, but does get on your nerves after it loops 39 times, usually after dying 6 times as well. This is where Dr. Ivo Robotnik AKA Dr. Eggman makes his debut.
Sonic 1 rating, 7/10

Next up on this nostalgia train, Sonic 2. New move for sonic, the Spindash! This made you wish it was in Sonic 1 (I know I do) as it made slopes a breeze when you were at a dead stop! The controls are made a little easer in this title, and a new character is added to the cast. Miles “Tails” Prower the two tailed fox. This game added a chaos emerald and introduced Super Sonic. The graphics are slightly improved and multi-player is added. And now you can select your character in the options screen.
Sonic 2 rating, 8/10

And now … pause for suspense … Sonic 3! Knux (Knuckles) makes his debut in the only game that saves, aside from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. This game has the second best controls in the old series. It also has excellent character detail, beautiful levels. It features perspective in the backgrounds, meaning closer things move faster than things far out. This game also allowed for one player to play in multiplayer alone, thou the multi-player is lacking.
Sonic 3 rating 8.5/10

Then we have the legacy of all sonic, Sonic and Knuckles. This game to was more like a collection of games as well. Like a Game genie, this game is a lock-on cartridge. This game was a great title by itself but also let you play though Sonic 2 as Knux himself! When locked on to Sonic 1, it let you do noting but play the blue spheres mini game. And when you lock-on the Sonic 3, it’s a game that requires its own section. This was the first game that Knux was a playable character with his own story. This also had the best cover art of the old games.
Sonic and Knuckles rating 9/10

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. This is truly the hardest game in the Sonic category. This game is an Ivo’isd puzzle game. The concept is very simple, line up at least four of the same color to clear some beans and the more complex you ways you do your task, the more bad beans your opponent gets. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Your opponents have AI that would make God go, “Holy (expletive)!” The game isn’t all that bad, the controls are really good. And you can just play buy yourself and not worry about the computer. Although, it is very upsetting that it’s the hideous American Robotnik (it makes me feel like I’m in Hell). This is a great game for those who like hard.
Mean bean Machine rating 8/10

Sonic 3D Blast. Not the as bad as it cold have been, ill give it that, but still annoying. This game is fun when these noting ease you want to play. This game was impressive in it time for graphics, but has the controls my CRT monitor. Crap. This game does have the easiest special stage. The rescuing of the animals that come out of the Badniks is a fun add-on.
Sonic 3D Blast rating 6/10

Sonic Spinball. Pinball + Sonic = YAY! This is the perfect blind of sonic and pinball, though difficult to control.
Sonic Spinball rating 8/10

Now for the greatest Sonic game of all time… pause for more suspense… Sonic 3 and Knuckles! This combines the greatness of both Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. This has all the levels from both games, plus you can save just like in Sonic 3! The collection of 14 emeralds adds a lot to the replay value as well. And for the first time ALL of the characters go super! (TAILS ROCKS!!!) get the full stories of all the characters and enjoy this damn near perfect game as if it where the back of your hand.
Sonic 3 and Knuckles rating “GOD” (10/10)

I toughly recommend this title for new and old fans alike. The replay value of these games you ask? I’ve played them sense I was 5 years old. And they only get better as I get older. If that didn’t answer the question, than all I can say is this is Unbelievable in its replay value. This collection is the ONLY reason I keeping my Cube for years to come.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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