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Reviewed: 06/12/04

Old Skool gaming back when Dr. Robotnick wasn't called the Eggman

While Mario is saving the princess, eating shrooms, and traveling at steady pace through pipes, Sonic flies by like a flying rocket. The as Mario pops out of his pipe, Sonic and the Italian plumber collide, and the result is Sonic Mega Collection, a collection of Sonics best (and worse) games. The Sonic series were very unique. Speeding through stages in less than 2 minutes, beating up robots, and saving the little forest creatures. This disc contains Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine, and load of secrets and extras. I shall review each individually in that order.


Sonic the Hedgehog
Original Release Date: June 23, 1991

Sonics debut game. This game started the whole phenomenon. The basic story is that Dr. Ivo Robotnick has kidnapped all the innocent animals and is turning them into robots. It is up to our hero, Sonic, to save them all and kick Robotnick's butt. Well controls on this game are great. Left and Right on the D-Pad or Control stick to move. B, A, and Y to jump. The control stick works surprisingly well on all the Sonic Series (1-S&K). Graphics stay true to their Sega Genesis roots, and the music stays in a rather primitive midi form. In each zone, there are 2 stages, and the 3rd stage ends with a battle with Dr. Robotnick. My only complaints here are that you can’t do a spin charge (down + jump) and there is no save option.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Original Release Date: November 24, 1992

The best game in the series, and the biggest standout too, Sonic 2 was a big improvement upon the first. This is also the game where we meet Tails (a.k.a. Miles ‘Tails’ Prower). The two join forces to prevent Dr. Robotnick from achieving world domination. The graphics have greatly improved. Sonic looks much better then he did in the first game, and the stage number was brought down to 2 stages, with the second stage being the boss stage. This game had even more speed than the first, with sonic traveling so fast, at times he would leave the screen for a split second. Easily the best Sonic game. EVER! But yet again, there is no save option.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Original Release Date: January 24, 1994

The second hardest game in the whole series. It starts with Dr. Robotnicks Death Egg (from Sonic 2) looses its ability to fly and crash lands on a floating Island. Sonic and Tails reaches the Island when sonic crashes into Knuckles the Echidna. Dr. Robotnick convinces Knuckles that sonic and Tails are evil, and Knuckles tries to stop them from reaching the Death Egg. This game introduces us to Knuckles, the bad ass mofo of the series. Knuckles is able to glide through the air, gradually gaining speed if he glides for a long distance. He can also grab onto walls and climb them, a skill previously unseen in the past Sonic games, and make him unique to the series. Also, when you play as Tails alone, repeatedly press jump to make him fly. Finally, they put the little foxes double tails to good use.

This game has the best graphical improvements of the whole series. The backgrounds are more detailed, the characters are more detailed, the music is of a greater quality, the bosses are larger, and just about everything is jacked up, including the difficulty. In this game, you play 2 stages, and these stages are much longer than their predecessors. At the end of each stage, you will be pitted in a battle against a boss. At the end of the first stage, you will fight one of Dr. Robotnick’s evil Robots, and at the end of the second stage, you fight Dr. Robotnick himself. The sizes of the bosses are increase also.

One of the best things about this game is the Chaos Emerald bonus game. You are placed on a globe full of blue and red spheres. The goal is to touch all the blue spheres and turn them red. However, if you touch a red sphere, its game over for you. Another improvement made in this game are the shields. Remember the blue aura that would surround you in the past 2 games, well, it is back along with some other variations such as a fire shield, lightning shield, and a water shield. They add extra affects to your game such as attract coins, unlimited oxygen under water, or burst into a ball of flames and fly across the screen.

This is also the only Sonic game to have a save feature.

This game has had the biggest makeover and improvements in all departments out of all the games in the series.

Sonic & Knuckles
Original Release Date: October 18, 1994

This game is basically just a continuation of Sonic 3. It takes place right after Sonic 3. Sonic and Knuckles are ‘friends’ and are searching the Island for the Chaos emeralds that went flying after the Death Egg exploded. Meanwhile, Robotnick is making trouble in the Floating Island.

Almost everything about this game is the same as Sonic 3 except for a few things. This is the hardest game in the series. When I say hard, I don’t mean ‘ARG, I THREW MY CONTROLELR AGAINST THE WALL AND IT BROKE’ hard, I mean ‘AHHHH, THIS GAME IS SO FRIKIN HARD THAT I SLASHED MY WRISTS!!!!!!!!!’. You’re also are able to choose between Sonic or Knuckles to be as your character. Again, it’s pretty much just a continuation of Sonic 3.


Sonic 3D Blast
Original Release Date: November 7, 1996

Dr. Robotnick goes to the Flickies (the birds that you saved in 1, 2, 3, and S&K) Island and kidnaps the birds and puts them in robots which now roam the island. Sonic has to save all the Flickies and their Island.

‘WHAT THE HELL?!?!?’ that’s what I said when I first played this game. This has to be the WORST game in the whole sonic chain. An isometric is defiantly NOT something that Sonic should be dwelling in. While it is rather impressive to see 3D graphics on the Sega Genesis, it is very messed up. Sonic looks decent, but Tails and Knuckles look as if they were rushed in the process. The controls are some of the worse I’ve seen, and Sonic doesn’t even get to travel at Super Sonic speed like he did his other games. Sonic looks like he is Ice Skating, not running. Your interest in this game is lost about halfway through the second stage of the first zone. Yes, it is that bad, AND LONG. The length is ridiculous. Most of the time is taken looking for 5 robots, yes, that is right FIVE. Five robots, and they are all scattered across a massive map, which takes about a half an hour to find them all, but then after you save all the flickies, you don’t finish the stage, but you go onto another floor of the same stage to find 5 more flickies. And it’s even worse the second time, because you are wandering around lost so much, that you realize that somehow, you stumbled back onto the first floor you were on.

The only decent part of this game is the bonus game for the Chaos Emerald. Besides that, it isn’t anything special.

Sonic Spinball
Original Release Date: November 15, 1993

As Monty Python once said, “…and now, something completely different.” That is exactly what this is. It is different, and on the good side. Although the controls for Sonic walking and performing a spin dash (down + jump) literally SUCKED, the pinball controls are extremely tight. B for the left paddle, A for the right paddle, and X for both paddles. You can easily spend hours on this game. Even though trying to aim Sonic to enter a certain pipe or area is rather difficult, this is a very enjoyable game that is very easy. There are 4 levels total, but you won’t be getting through them in a flash like in Sonic 2. Getting a high score takes time and dedication like any pinball game. I really enjoyed this game, and I am not a big fan of pinball.

Dr. Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine
Original Release Date: November 29, 1993


Dr. Robotnick has invaded the town of beanville and turned the citizens into robots that will rid the world of fun and music forever. Your job is to group beans together to free them all.

Sucky story, isn’t it? Well, puzzle games aren’t really meant to have stories. This game is a lot like Puyo Pop from what I hear, and although I never played Puyo Pop, I’m sure this is a very close copy. The basics of this puzzle game is to group the beans of the game color into groups of 4. The difficulty jumps up WAY to fast too early in the game, but practice enough and you should have it down pat.

For a guy that has only played Tetris and Tetris attack, this is a great change in the puzzle genre.


Yes, this game is PACKED full of extras. From manuals to movies, the extras are not a let down.

Pretty self explanatory, it has the manuals for all the games you are able to play.

This disc contains the following bonus games: Knuckles in Sonic 2, knuckles in Sonic 3, Blue Sphere, Flicky, and Ristar.

Remember when Archie comics made the Sonic comic series? Well, I have a big collection, and when I saw this I got really excited. Well, I was kind of let down. You can read the first comic of Sonic, but the rest, you can only see the covers. They really should have let us read all of them, since they are discontinued. There are all 110 issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, the 32 issue Knuckles the Echidna series, 15 Super Sonic Specials, and 15 other titles. The other titles range from Tails and Sally’s own mini series, to Sonic Triple Trouble, and more. A great addition to the disc.

Pictures of Sonic and friends. Most are taken from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

The following are movies included in the disc:
Sonic CD Intro
Sonic CD Ending
Sonic Adventure 2 trailer
Sonic Advance Trailer
A History of Sonic

All in all, this is a great addition to those who were able to experience the great sonic games or for those who were born after Sonic’s prime. Of course, there will always be those who wont buy it because the graphics are quite dated. Well, you can play your Halo, but I’ll stick with Sonic. I just have one question, where is Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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