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Sonic Experiment Ver 2.0

This game is mainly a port, derived from the classic, once highly anticipated, Sonic series. This game is meant for mostly hours of joy from oldschool gamers. Sega and Nintendo, who were obviously enemies in the gaming industry, have rejoiced and Sega allowed Sonic games to be produced for Gamecube. Astonished I was when I found out that they put all my cherished Sonic games into one package, with the exception of a few titles I have never played before. The name of the game is Sonic Mega Collection. The price of it is 40 dollars. It is worth the price. To me, and many Genesis fan, it actually is. But to a novice in the video game world, the percentage is very slim. So, I will pry the game for you, informing what the game has to offer and how I think of most traits in the game.
Value: 9 Really what the game has to offer.
The games found in it are Twelve, but not exactly twelve sonic games. The game offers for the player to choose from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3-d Blast, Sonic Spinball, and Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. The rest of the games in order to unlock will make you go through a hefty journey of turning each game off and on for fifty times. The package is great though, mainly because its Sonic and allot of him than asked for.
FunFactor: 8 I give it an eight because there are some dreaded unlockable titles in the game that aren't truly fun. So, I will list the games offered at hand.
Sonic the Hedgehog: 9 A very good Start for Sonic, a gem by many. You go through over twenty levels, which sometimes have split routes, to go to the one ending of the level. The bosses still are considered as scientifical masterpieces, even from back in the day. The game does get difficult and repetitive, but it will be fun to beat for about 4 times and then that's all.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: 10 A master's thesis in designing fun and fast games. The speed in the game went excessively fast compared to its predecessor, the game was the most themed and varied game in the Sonic series; it opened allot of doors for other Sonics to mimic the stages. The stages had endless secrets and routes, as well as a few quirks that would be labeled as minigames for back in the day. This is the best Sega sidescroller one would ever play. I beat the game 20 times and still play it to this day. And Multiplayer is a blast.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3: 7 The lowest sonic game in the series. The game testing its save function, and that surprised me back in the day. But, the saving features isn't very great, since it never tends to save the number of lives collected when saving on a file. The game would have also been great if there were more levels and variety. The game is split into two characters, obviously sonic and tails, each with their own special skills. Sonic could maintain special effects via powerups, while tails flies around like a helicopter. I'd prefer playing the tails quest, not because the levels are better (they share roughly the same levels), but because tails could find more secrets and is easier to control. I beat the game twice (one for each character)
Sonic and Knuckles: 9 The game that redeemed the blasted Sonic 3 offered no save features, but i forgave the lack of the save system because I knew this game was the Genesis second gem in the Sonic series. It offered two characters to choose from. Sonic, as usual, and Knuckles (the protector of the chaos emeralds in sonic 3). Sonic is still the same Sonic from Sonic 3. He gets his powerups, and so forth, but his controls are better, more fluid and faster. Knuckles is the best character I have ever played in the series. He has the ability to crawl on walls and find more hidden secrets than sonic. He can glide as well. The marvelous levels had great graphics for back in the day. The levels branched off to at least three seperate ways to go, all ending at one point as usual. The levels were massive, original, and enjoyable. They spanned from forests to deserts, to huge mechanically enhanced airships, and to even cloud cities. The old island setting was finally stripped away from the Sonic series. The difficulty of the game was pretty hard, but the gameplay was involving, having to complete minor tasks in order to advance ahead. Mainly in the desert area, where one would have to race against time to escape sand from drowning the purple hedgehog while pushing levers to open doors. No multiplayer. But, like it really matters... The game would probably be played 10 times before exhaustion.
Sonic 3D Blast: 8 I kind of enjoyed this game. It was had a somewhat third-dimensional platforming approach to it. The game had only Sonic available but this is so much fun that one would worry not much of character selection. The levels are fairly strategic as you have to movie sonic (who does run very fast) through the board to collect six animals taken hostage, once found you could go to the second part of the act. The game offers about two ministages per act, and three acts per level. The game gets pretty long. It doesn't have a password function, so it could be exhaustive. Yet, I didn't feel too bored from the game, seeing it played like Marble Madness. The game is all right. I'd say two plays and you're out.
Sonic Spinball: 9 This game is all about the difficulty. If you want a difficult, yet highly repetitive, and very imaginative game, then look no further than Sonic Spinball. Many players argued about the game, claiming it to be boring and that it didn't really follow up to the Sonic games quite well. I enjoyed it. The game, to me, was a test on my patience and a challenge on my roots of being a gamer. I have yet to beat the game, I'm on the 3rd stage. So, I cant really say much about replay value, seeing how I've played this game over a dozen times and now I finally reached level 3. Yes, this game above them all, serves as a great old school game. And the multiplayer serves pretty well in terms of a pinball/action game.
Robotnik's Bean Machine: 6 The game wasn't that great. I don't really understand the object of the game because the mechanics are too odd. You have to match up four beans, they could be in any order in any arrangement. The object is to try and collect the most reactions from the beans before the opponent does. It remind me allot of Bust a Move meets Tetris, but more difficult and less appealing. I tried playing this game over a dozen times, I never really beat it. The game gets hard, and it isn't very fun.
I wont give the ratings on the rest of the games to be unlocked mainly because I don't believe too much in spoilers.

Graphics: 8 The game series honestly doesn't live up to the graphics of games these days. All the games graphics, including Bean Machine, were great for the time they were in. Each game deserves an eight these days, because the level designing, and coloring, were astonishing.

Sound: 10 All games that were included in the package (including unlockables, with the exception of Bean Machine) Hhad average sound effects. Yet, the sound tracks were quite amazing. Each game had retro-techno and funk soundtracks to them, that really blended with the stage. It helped make me admire the stages for what they really were and what they meant. Not one tune failed in the games (except Bean Machine), nor was a single tune copied and brought to another game.

Controls: 10 It is a Sonic Collection with the use of an analog pad. The controller works perfectly with the game and is more comfortable than the Sega Genesis pad. Each buttons work on command, and Sonic games of the past have never ran as fluid as like the games on this collection.

Replay Value: 10 You may never get bored of these games. There is twelve games, some are good others are duds. But the good games, which are plenty, will always having you come back for more. There will always be the one day that comes when you want to stroll down memory lane, and there will be Sonic Collection always waiting there for you to play.

Overall: 9 I would give a full ten. But there was just a few disappointments found in the game. Like the lack of saving in all the games. I would have enjoyed each game to maximum point if it would allow me to save anywhere and continue on. All, allot of the unlockables were not worth unlocking. They are great game additions, but I was so much looking forward for games like Shining Force 2 and Ecco the Dolphin. But, I know my expectations were too high. For any ordinary gamer, this game gets a nine. For a Sonic fan or Genesis enthusiast, this game gets a ten. Like most of the Sonic games ever created, this one is a gem.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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