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Reviewed: 01/24/03 | Updated: 01/24/03

Old School Sonic action on GameCube....Joy!

Back in the time of Golden Age Gaming, war was begining. The Sega Genesis Vs. the Super Nintendo. The SNES had a bigtime game in Super Mario World, but Sega needed one for their Genesis. Genesis was released in 1989 in North America, and 2 years later, on June 23rd, 1991, Sonic The Hedgehog debuted, 8 months after the launch of the SNES and Super Mario World. Sonic got a rise to stardom, even having his own cartoon and comics, and helped Sega compete with Nintendo, thus producing some of the best games ever. more installments of the Sonic franchise were released, and they got better with every game. Now, GameCube owners can relive those memories of rushing through different types of levels, getting Chaos Emeralds, collecting rings, and experiencing Kirby's Avalanche, Sonic Style.

Graphics: 6/10
What did you expect? Resident Evil graphics, nope. The games have all the same graphics their 16 bit counterparts had, but in all actuality, who cares? These games impressed us enough back in the day, but its nice to play these games again the legal way. The games are perfectly emulated, meaning it retains anything the original games on the Genesis carts had.

Control: 9/10
Controlling a game doesn't get any simpler. You can use either the control stick or the D-Pad for the games, and the button layout is similiar to the old Genesis layout. The Z button is actually used, for once. During gameplay, press the Z button to go to a menu with 3 options: Quit, Restart, or Continue. Other that the Control Stick and Z button, Think the Genesis controller when you play these games.

Sound: 6/10
Again, the same quality you had on the originals. Emulated perfectly. Sonic games have always had great music (especially SA2/SA2:B) and it began with the classics from back in the day. Decent sound effects.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is what counts. The real Sonic games (STH1, STH2, STH3, S&K, and the hidden Sonic (insert game) & Knuckles games.) are simple, but very fun. Sonic has always been about speed, and yes, here is where it began. You navigate through levels, collecting rings as you go. there are different routes to take, Chaos emeralds to collect in various ways, and its a nice challenge. Mean Bean Machine is kind of like Kirby's Avalanche for SNES. its a puzzle game, you match up 4 or more beans to clear them, but you can also match up more or do combos. Not too shabby. There's also Sonic 3-D Blast, which everyone hates, but I found it halfway decent. Think Sonic in an overhead perspective. Not as good as the recent Sonic games on DreamCast or GameCube, but not bad, either. Flicky is a nice lil' game, nothing huge, though. Just collecting stuff and putting them somewhere safe while avoiding enemies. The black sheep of this compilation is by far, Sonic Spinball. This game is a load of crap, and shouldn't have been included. Also, Where are other Sonic games? How about Sonic CD? I would've even taken Sonic Shuffle over that POS known as Sonic Spinball, as well. Knuckles Chaotix was demanded by many Sonic fans, but it ain't in here, either. But the rest of the games included will satisfy you.

Replay: 9
These games are not easy, and plus only one has a save system (Sonic 3.) Unless you've mastered these games completely and beaten it with everything done, you'll be kept busy for a while, plus, you can just replay them again whenever you feel like it. Theres also some bonus content, like a comic and the original Instruction Manuals for the games, but it doesn't have as much stuff as Sonic Jam did.

Rent/Buy: Buy
There's a nice group of games on here, and all the normal people will only hate one game (Sonic Spinball.) Even though its 40 bucks, think of what you payed (or would've payed) for these games back in the day. Plus, this is a nice legal way of playing these games, and you have a good controller, too. If you don't have Sonic Jam, then this is a must.

Overall: 8.0, or an ''8''

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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