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Reviewed: 01/20/03 | Updated: 01/20/03

9 games? Boy, that is a lot. And Mini-games, and videos, and comics, and more!

As a young pup back in the day, I watch the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show. Not the 3-D one, but the cool one, with Jamel White. I never knew that Sonic loved Chili Dogs so much. However, I still loved the show, even if it twas a total POS that it really was. You know why? Sonic. The worlds only blue hedgehog. And he is also the fastest somehow. I don't know how the people at Sega even got the idea, but hey, it was popular enough to get a whole game division named after him. Now, 11 years later, they decided to put all of his great classics onto one small, 1.5 GB disk. That disk is known as Sonic Mega Collection. They have crammed about 9 full-length games into the disk, along with a few extra mini-games and purdy pictures. Since I only owned 2 out of the 9 games, I felt obligated to get this.

Ok, since I have about 11 games to rate, I think I will just write a brief paragraph about each of them, and give them one single rating. Simple. No? And then average them out for the final score. Get it. Got it? Good. Let's rodeo us up some games. All the controls are set up very easy: Since the buttons are all lined up in a row like a Genesis controller anyway. B for A, A for B, Y for C. And Z to get back to the main menu.

Sonic The Hedgehog 1: Ah, the first one, the trendsetter, the hip blue spikey thing with red high-tops. It was a new day and age, with the SNES just around the corner, and Sega needed something to bat off the evil plumber from Nintendo’s pipes. So, they came up with one game that they knew the Super Nintendo could never do. And that was SPEED The Genesis has a much faster computer built into it, making it better suited for fast paced action. So, they invented a character, named, Sonic, who was and a super fast speed freak from the world of Mobius. The world of Mobius was a happy place, until the evil Doctor Robotnik, being all fat and ugly, decided that he hated Mobius, and he will turn all the cute and cuddly animals into robots which will do his evil bidding. Sonic must run through different zones of Mobius, searching for Robotnik, while collecting rings (which act as Sonic's lifeline, the more rings you have, and the safer you are. When you get hit, all the rings fall of you, and Sonic needs to have at least 1 to be safe again. Without the rings, anything can kill him.) All the zones have one theme, like a water zone, or a grassy one. Each zone has 3 levels, and at the end of the 3rd, you have a boss battle with Robotnik himself. Also, you had small mini-games about the Chaos Emeralds. If you collect them all, you turn into Super Sonic, a BLONDE spikey hedgehog. Very good game, with great graphics for the Genesis at the time. Easily an all time classic, but it has become flaws because of the vast improvements of Sonic 2 and 3. Final Score: 8/10

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The game, in my mind, is the best Sonic. Maybe because this was my first Sonic, and Tails is my favorite character. Also, this game came with a versus mode, along with the fact that 2 people could play at the same time for the main game! Very snazzy. Well, really, the story is exactly the same, as with the main gameplay aspects. You, as character of Sonic, was kicking ass and taking names, when Dr. Robotnik came out of nowhere and restarted all of his old schemes. It was up to Sonic again to save all the wittle animals! However, this time, he has a friend. Miles “Tails” Prower, or just Tails for short, is one two tailed fox that becomes Sonic’s hard rocking amigo. Now, the game is faster, more colorful, and has a brand new mini-game suited for two people. After you acquire 50 rings, and get to a checkpoint, you get sent to a psuedo-3-D realm, which tells you to get a set amount of rings. If you get the rings, then you move onto the new challenge. If you do not, then you get sent back ring less. Of you beat it, and then you get a Chaos Emerald, which, if you got them all, transforms you into Super Sonic. Overall, a very good sequel to Sonic 1, and easily, one of the best games ever made by Sega. Final Score: 10/10

Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Now we have Sonic back in what many call his greatest Genesis adventure ever! This one also has the best story out of all of them, adding the amazing Echidna, Knuckles. Who, at first, was an evil thug of Dr. Robotnik, but turns to the good side in the end. Has the best 2-D graphics I have ever seen on the Genesis, and has a very fun mini and vs. games, but not as good as Sonic 2. However, since this game was released at the end of the glory days of Genesis, as the Saturn and PSX where just around the corner, and the SNES finally was able to beat the Genesis in the US, so it did not get as much attention as the other Sonics. Added all new animations to the Sonics, so it seems very crisp and fresh. Added new items, stranger, more confusing enemies and bosses, and the first for a Sonic game, a battery packed save, which made the game much harder then the first 2, since those you needed to play straight threw. Overall, a very good game. Final Score: 9/10

Sonic and Knuckles: Ah, this time, Sonic and Knuckles have teemed up, to fight off Robotnik’s evil forces.....ok. Basically, these are just Sonic 3 type levels, but now you have a choice, pick Sonic (everyone’s favorite blue Hedgehog, but minus Tails) or Knuckles (Who is the badass of Sonicdom.) Most of the levels are pretty much the same, but a few have been reformatted because Knuckles can float and climb stuff, while Sonic cannot. So you have the speedier levels with Sonic, or the slower, but on average, better, levels with Knuckles. Take your pick. An average Sonic game. Final Score: 7/10

Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: These are really the Black Sheep of the Sonic games for Genesis. They were not the fast paced hip games, but they were really just cashing in on the Sonic name. Sonic 3D Blast came out in 96, at the time when the Genesis was wearing Depends and needed a walker. Also, was not even made by Sonic Team, but by Traveler’s Tales. Ugh. But it was ok. Had some of the best music on the Genesis By gummy! Also was in an isometric point of view (think The Sims and Mario RPG) getting it its 3D name. You, as Sonic, were at Flicky Island, home of the Flickies, also known as little birds. Robo..... Ah screw it, he will be known as Eggman now (it is easier to type.) found a way to use the Flickies to get Chaos Emeralds. Out of the 3, this is the only one that is actually an original game. Sonic Spinball is just Sonic as a pinball game with levels and Sonic as the ball (the easiest rip-off ever!) And Mean Bean Machine is a Puyo-Puyo rip-off, with Robo....Eggman as the main character. 3 games that barely have anything to do with Sonic unless you count the name. But good in there own rights. Final Scores: 8/10

Flicky: First of all, why is this in here. I know the answer. Because this is one of the quirkiest titles to come out of Sega (and that is saying a lot) and it all revolves around Flicky. Flicky? You mean the little birds from 3D Blast? Yes, yes I do. You must catch all the little yellow chickens around the level (which is very small, but moves around kinda like the Mario Bros.) Every few levels you get a mini-game. Simple? You bet it is. Fun? You bet it is. Only thing that is holding it back is the simple Master System graphics. But I don’t really care about that, you will be too enriched by the game, avoiding cats, lizards, and the simple and fitting music. Final Score: 10/10

Ristar: An unsung hero. This and Comix Zone are really the underrated platformers on the Genesis. I don’t have really much to say about this game, along then it is worth all the time that it takes to unlock it. Final Score: 9/10

Now, put all these scores together, and you get an 8. However, I need to add my scores in. Which is basically added 12 points, making it a 10/10. And these games do deserve it. It costs around 5 dollars to each of these games. That means 45 dollars, while just this costs 40! A pretty good bargin. And When you add the few mini-games (Blue Sphere, and playing Sonic 2 and 3 as Knuckles) All the Sonic Comic covers and a few full comics, GC pictures of the Sonic family, and 5 movies (Sonic CD Intro and Ending, sneaks of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance 2, and the History of Sonic) This game is well worth the purchase. Now, if they could only of put in the game Sonic CD....

Reviewer’s Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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