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Reviewed: 11/30/02 | Updated: 11/30/02

The nostalgia is simply immeasurable.

This. Game. Is. Elite.

I've heard plenty of people dis for such petty reason as ''u have 2 unlock liek 5 of teh gaems!!'' or ''i could just emulate these.'' but this is simply uncalled for.

The main attractions of this piece of beautiful software, of course, are the 7 (yes, 7) COMPLETE video games starring Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis console. People, just having Sonics 1-3 and S&K would be enough to get me to buy this game--but they throw in Sonic Spinball, 3-D Blast, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, all three of which are very fun ways to kill time.

Those games alone should be enough to get anyone who wants a nice, legal, extremely nostalgic good time to suddenly have a craving for this disc, but no, it CERTAINLY does not stop there. There are 5--yes, that's right, FIVE--secret games to unlock. Some of them may be familiar to us Sonic vets as little things that were 'missing' from the collection (I won't spoil it, but those of you who are familiar with the term Lock-On Technology will know what I'm talking about and it should be nothing but a welcome addition), but others are actual and complete different gems that you may have not even known had anything at all to do with Sonic fame!

But you think that a simple 12 video games would be all you get in this disc? OF COURSE not! There are two neat little options you get to mess with from the very beginning of the game--Comic Covers and Game Manuals. The Comic Covers gives you a glimpse at the COMPLETE series of Sonic the Hedgehog comic books by Archie Comics, up until this point (what, you didn't know about there?! For shame :P). Not only that, but you can find a little info in the series as a whole here and there, and many, many good reasons to go waste your money on more Sonic merchandise. The Game Manuals section is possibly a piece of history that's even MORE nostalgic to longtime Sonic fans than the games themselves--it might not seem like much to most people, but a look into the complete replicas of the English manuals for the good ol' Genesis games just sends a CHILL down my spine. It even includes the little 'score tables' at the end of the Sonic 1 instruction book.!

Keep in mind that but a shallow decade ago the few of these games/books that were OUT YET were still VERY new and would cost a good deal of money--flash ahead to about '96 or so when all of these will have been released (except of course the comics which STILL are going strong), and though a couple games may have slipped in price, all of this bundled together would have cost easily a couple hundred bucks. Sure, you could go and emulate all the games, grab some old manuals and buy each and every comic up until this point and cut off the covers, but you'll probably not feel quite as pretty as you would if you'd just bought all of it collectively in one little package and LEGALLY have at your fingertips some of the finest moments of video game history as we know it.

And to think, this baby comes out just a couple months after my ol' Genesis bites the big one. Thanks, Sega--I don't know if I could have survived much longer without my regular dosage of 2D Sonic!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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