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Hello, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. You may remember me from such games as Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic CD. Here are some others. 03/13/03 Ace Conroy 2
Not a perfect compilation, but well worth the time of any Sonic fan, new or old 01/13/03 alpha5099
Probably one of my favorite Sonic compilations in the series, but I digress... almost. 08/22/14 CaliGamer25850
Old Skool gaming back when Dr. Robotnick wasn't called the Eggman 06/12/04 Chicken Inspector
Valuable history lesson for Jump and Run fans 12/11/06 darthjulian
Decent nostalgia backed by lackluster filler 01/05/03 Greliz
A solid compilation with much room for improvement 05/31/03 Internet Nomad
The Old School beckons... 05/25/04 JD Fedule
Sonic boom, Sonic boom, Sonic boom... 04/25/03 JPeeples
I missed out... 01/28/06 KTRSFan
Outdated now that there's SMC+, but still worth a place in any Sonic fan's GameCube library. 09/26/16 Ryan Harrison
Let's be honest, everyone in the world knows the level select cheat for Sonic 1, dont they! 10/07/04 samonkeyuk
A blue hedgehog running around really fast? Count me in! 10/31/05 ShadowGuardian9
If you're strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side... 05/10/07 T Prime
Se-ga! 07/19/04 Tetzcatlipoca
A true testament to the power of Blast, really....what?....stop laughing at me!! 12/28/02 The Crow
9 games? Boy, that is a lot. And Mini-games, and videos, and comics, and more! 01/20/03 The President
Sonic Experiment Ver 2.0 03/05/03 WanderingSpirit

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