Review by The_Enthusiast

Reviewed: 12/26/05

At least it's fun playing as the Hulk...

This game is based on the movie, The Hulk. It follows the movie pretty well, with some additions to it. This review is for those who are waiting on the upcoming Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and I want to point out a few things in this game...

The gameplay is good in many ways, and also wrong in many ways. Playing as the Hulk is great. It's all about butt kicking, killing people, and destruction. The only bad part about it is the lack of moves. The moves he does have are very cool and damaging, but he only has a limited amount, but along with those moves he can smash stuff, and use them as weapons. He can pick up cars, tanks, and other things to hurt your opponent. Since Hulk is so strong, it takes a lot to kill him. He can be shot numerous times and still won't die. You rarely die when playing as the HULK, because you can kill your enemies easier, and what life that was drained you get from your opponents.

Now for the bad part of the gameplay is when you get to play as Hulks true self, Bruce Banner. Playing as Bruce Banner is frustrating and very annoying. You have to go through stealth missions trying not to turn into the Hulk with very little defense and attack moves. Bruce Banner is very weak, and is killed easily. A certain mission can be incredibly hard because you can't show your identity. Another bad part about the stealth missions is the horrible camera angles. When playing as the Hulk you rarely experience the bad camera angles, but during the stealth missions as Banner, they can make the game so much harder and even more annoying.

The graphics are actually very well done. Hulk, Banner, and all of their enemies look like they should, and better. The cell-shading and watercolors are beautiful, and it gives that comic feel.

The sound isn't anything too spectacular as there really isn't much music in the background. When Hulk goes into rage mode you can feel the change of emotion through the sound, but otherwise it's usually pretty light and not so dramatic.

The GameCube's controller fits the game perfectly so there shouldn't be any problems with that.

The Hulk is a decent game, with a couple big misses which could have possibly made the game great. It's shortness and lack of replay value makes it worth a rent. Look out for the next Hulk game though which should deliver the misses that were made in this game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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