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Reviewed: 08/31/03

Finally play as the Lean Mean Green Fighting Machine

It is important to know first hand that this game has been released many weeks before the movie. However the story and gameplay are in no way connected to the movie. The events in this game take place 1 year after the movie, and in my opinion by doing this it just makes this game more enjoyable.

Gameplay: 10/10

I wish I coudl score this higher. This game has the best gameplay to show for among all the 3rd person action games that have been released. It is a good game to show off to your friends if they haven't seen much video games. The way the hulk moves and fights is amazing. This game is a 3rd person beat em up, and you will face hordes of enemies. Some people say this is repetitive. Thats only because they haven't played this game long enough to unlock its level of compelexity. You can feel the hard work that makers of this game have gone through in making this game. When you hit an object, the debris and damage done to it will vary depending on how hard you hit it, what you hit it with, and where you hit it. The game follows the principles of real physics. What I mean by this is that if you command the amount of force that the hulk does, for example when you pick up a 20,000 ton tank and you throw it at a helicopter at 900 mph, the action would actually carry out like it would in real life. The banner stealth missions are quiet fun to play through as well.
This game is all about gameplay. And the endless amounts of combos, and things you can do, the nonlinearity, and this games realism makes the gameplay the strongest feature in the game. A action game must have, or any hulk fan.

Graphics: 10/10

Another one of the game strong points, even though after beating this game 10 times I feel that this game is nothing but a strong point. This game is half cel shaded and half realistic. This combination makes the game look amazing. The backgrounds are full of color, detail, and originality. This game features great graphics that are like eye candy. For some, you cannot control the camera in this game, even though the camera is flawless so this will never be a problem.

Sound 10/10

The best aspect of the sound is the sound effects when Hulk smashes and beats up things, or when the bad guys are saying things like he is showing off, as a result of the hulk kicking butt. The music fits the game perfectly.

Controls 10/10

I have played all verions of this game on ps2, xbox, gamecube, and PC, and they are control great. There are no problems with the controls and you can't ask for anything more.

Overall 10/10

This game is an impressive display of modern gameplay of the year 2003. I hope other games could be as fun as this. But the truth is, there aren't. Despite the great reviews this game gets from professionals and gamers alike, I still feel that it is underrated because it is the perfect game in my eyes. If you play it through, and you like action games you will agree. This game isn't particularly long, and if you play all weekend long, you can beat it in one weekend. But there are so many codes and things to unlock that it adds to the gameplay experience. This game is a must have even for a full price tag of $50. And like the Hulk, this game has no weaknesses.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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