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Reviewed: 08/14/03

Hulk Smash!

For a good ol' game of Zelda your basic game plot starts off with a simple cave in which a simple door is locked. The simple door needs a simple key which is simply hidden somewhere in the simple cave. You find the key after twenty minutes and your ready to continue. With the Hulk it's different. It simply consists of opening a locked door in an estimate of three point two seconds. You wanna know how? By smashing it...

The game begins where the movie left off. Bruce is on the run - desperate for a cure to his disease as he quotes it. To add onto that, Bruce's Father is intent of stealing all of the Hulk's power for himself. All for evil. Just how more crazy can it get. During the introduction, we're greeted with a quick transformation to Hulk from Bruce and so the game begins.

During your epic gameplay of the Hulk there are two characters your hands will get round to playing. Player One is the slippery Bruce Banner. He sneaks, rolls and punches. That is it. Your second player however goes by the looks of the green giant. Only this giant aint so friendly. He's the Incredible Hulk. Unlike his natural self - Hulk can punch, kick, smash, swing, throw, pick, and even fire sound blasts from his hands simply by clapping.

The fact is, Hulk is a great player to play. If swinging tanks isn't your style then treat yourself to a good old game of ''Throw a soldier into a dangerous chemical tank that always blows up''. You get the picture. But playing as Hulk isn't always what it's cracked up to be. After the first few levels of chaos dry off you begin to realize a word blaring out in front of you. That word is repetitive. Yes, eventually the game begins to repeat itself big time. In just about every Hulk level you're attacked by the military firing tiny little guns that only tickle your power gauge. But as the levels progress the tiny guns turn to shot guns, to bazooka's. And the levels become crowded of tiny identical faces all firing missiles rapidly. And if that wasn't to crack up your health bar wait until you meet the mutated dogs and the gamma ray victims (who have mysteriously turned against you) So you get the picture. Bruce Banners levels though are never anything to call ''gripping'' or ''heart pumping'' Instead it's something more of reading a French dictionary or going on a six hour journey to Grandma's. And what's worse is that every punch and bullet you take, you just about fall onto the red bits of your remaining health. And at that point you're just craving to be the Hulk again. And when the Bruce's level finishes, Hulk's back in action. So although Bruce is never anything to jump into joy with. He always has as the ability to cool you down and bring back the excitement factor back into the Hulk.

As for the graphics - we've been treated to a sweet cell shading version of the game. This is a wonderful addition to the Hulk but it not to favor everyone's taste. However in Gameplay you have just about everything at your disposal. You can smash window's, knock down support beams, throw poles, tables, chairs, cars and even tanks as well as swinging the odd frightful soldier. Ahh, those are the moments. What's even better is that any dents and marks you leave stay there. So within seconds you're left off with cracks detailing every part of the building as well as massive holes through the walls. Which is about the only way your gonna make your way through the levels.

The tunes are nothing to remember - in fact you'll have them forgotten in seconds but the voice acting on the other hand is amazing. With great voices acting over Bruce Banner you're really sliced into the part of the game. However apart from that the audio isn't so great. Replay ability? Now this is where the game drops seriously. Seeing as there are no ''hidden area's'' and ''special coins'' you can collect every level ends up in a total of one hundred percent. Even if you just ran straight through the level avoiding every enemy. The only added fun factor is unlocking Movie Trailers and extra challenges. These consist of Wiping out enemies on a time limit and smashing down obstacles for points. But even this wares down quickly.

All in all, the Game is fun if your looking for a quick breeze but it's nothing like a serious sweat. If your after a quick thrill then by all means buy this game. But if your after a major league slot of serious gaming then put that money to a game like Zelda. For Hulk DOES get repetitive and even the worst of gamers will notice it eventually. Choose Wisely and enjoy gaming.

If you're after a quick Breeze: By all means buy it - Play it through and then send it back. Renting it might be to short and although the Hulk's great - it never lasts a month of fun.

If you're after serious Gaming: Turn away - With no hidden secrets, rooms or even collectable's such as coins - the game wares out fast. If you really want to try it - go for a rent.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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