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Reviewed: 07/21/03 | Updated: 07/21/03

It don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry

When I first heard of this game, I thought that they were going to ruin it. When I played the first level I shouted, ''Jumping Jehosephat Yehaa!'' The first level was just smashing things into tiny bits, and beating soldiers with cars and throwing them at each other.

Graphics: 9

The graphics are great in this game, they are really the best graphics that I have seen in a marvel game before. The video sequences are kind of cel shaded looking. The hulk looks very cool as he procedes to beat the crap out of all of his victims.

Sound: 10

The roar of the Hulk and the sound of Banner's heart beating are really great. The sound of the big green fists hitting the metal walls and the sound of the guards being thrown into each other are great. In the first level, the sound of the guards being thrown off of the cliff are the best sound in the entire game.

Gameplay: 9

The Bruce Banner levels aren't so good because you can't really do anything if the guards catch you, because you never are really allowed to turn into the Hulk. But, when you are the Hulk you can't be beat easily, unless you aren't good at the game. It is so fun playing as the Hulk, because you are so powerful as him, and it is the greatest guilty pleasure there is, beating soldiers into walls and throwing them off cliffs.

Difficulty: 4

It is easy to beat this game because it is a short game, and the Hulk levels are really easy. The Banner levels are kind of hard because you are really helpless from all of the bad guys.

Plot: 9

Dr. Bruce Banner was hit by gamma rays and turns into the Hulk when he gets angry. Now the US army is after him because the Hulk is the most powerful being on the Earth. Another doctor has harnessed the power of the Hulk and is making gamma ray fueled guards. Now the Hulk is out to save the day and nobody believes him, because he is a huge green monster.


+The ability to smash anything
+You can throw people off cliffs
+You can use anything as a weapon
+Good classic plot
+Jolly Green Giant


-Banner is helpless when not the Hulk

Overall this game is really great because you can smash whatever you want, and you can hit anyone with almost anything.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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