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Reviewed: 06/10/03 | Updated: 06/10/03

Bruce Banner Would Probably Turn Into The Hulk After Playing This.

Just in time for the movie. The Hulk lets you play as the Hulk (duh) and smash your way through levels and cracking skulls of your enemies. Sadly this is the only thing this game has to offer.

Graphics: 8
Good but I've seen better. The soldiers, the gamma dogs, and the Hulk all look ok. The problem is why does the Hulk have BROWN hair? The particle effects are cool too. When you smash down the walls dust shows very nicely, unlike X2: Wolverine Revenge.

Audio: 6
The music is drowned out by the sound effects. The military says the same thing over and over. And the voice acting is horrible. IMO the only thing was good in the audio department was the sound effects.

Control: 7
Playing as Bruce Banner(we'll get to that later) can be very sluggish. You can punch but it takes a while to work the auto target properly. The sad thing is, playing as Bruce/Hulk you can only punch in one direction. If you are surrounded you can punch the guy on the left then punch the guy on the right. This becomes annoying when you fight the stronger enemies.

Game Play: 5
Horrible. All you do is bash things as the Hulk. When you play as Bruce during the stealth missions all you do is run around solving box puzzles to jump gates. And play frustrating number puzzles. The guy can even pick up a gun and use it to protect himself. You just have to be entirely out of sight. You can sneak up on a guy and gag him to death. But it takes so long so when the guy passes out the next guard would walk in by and spot you. As the Hulk, like I said earlier, you bash things. There is a infinite swarm of bad guys. So fighting is pointless. You can easily run to the next level. The is some barriers you have to destroy to get through in the later levels but they are so easy to find and they are not very well guarded. Sometimes the game will lock you in a room and make you fight VERY weak enemies until they say it is time to go. This gets boring and it gets boring fast. One thing that is good about this game that it has unlockables and cheat codes. Not to mention some clips from the movie. But that doesn't save it from having a horrible game play.

Rent Or Buy: Rent. I doubt you will like it enough to buy it.

Overall Score:6

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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