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Reviewed: 06/01/03 | Updated: 06/01/03

A smashing time (ha!)

I was a little pesimistic about buying this game, I will admit. At this point I am very happy that I did go ahead and buy it. In no way shape or form is this game perfect, in fact there is quite a bit of room for improvement.

Gameplay: 8

The game breaks the missions up into two sections, Hulk missions and Bruce Banner missions. As the Hulk you normally charge through levels and dominate enemies and things in your way, these missions can be as deep as you want them to be. You can do all kinds of gnarly combo attacks, or you can stick with punches. All the combos are funner than just hitting the guys. You can also just run past all the enemies, or stay for a while and fight, it is all up to you. Another awesome thing is that the levels are basically completely interactive. If you see something you can almost be sure you can break it or pick it up, quite awesome. There is a targetting system, which comes in handy, but it is not really needed, unless you really want to concentrate on one thing. Usually you will be faced with a big crowd of people attacking though, not just one or two. I am not a big Hulk fanatic so I do not know if these enemies were in the comics or shows but they seem pretty cool. Now to the Bruce missions. Bruce's missions are always stealth/ infiltration things, but they are fun. My opinion may be different from others, but I do find the Banner missions fun, just not as fun as Hulk's. The puzzles in Bruce's missions are usually just aranging letters or pulling a lever and avoiding enemies. I like them. The fighting with Hulk sort of gets repetitive, but still fun.

Sound: 9

I like the sound in here. The voices and everything from all the characters are cool, and sound realistic. Sometimes they can be pretty funny. I am not sure if there is background music or not, I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Trouble here is that the sayings from enemies also get repetitive.

Graphics: 9

I love the graphics for some reason. They are cel shaded, but I still think are are awesome. They fit the game perfect it seems to me, I do not think the graphics are perfect though, the textures are not always smooth, but they look awesome.

Presentation: 8

The menus are sort of boring, but still rather cool. They all look the same and they are not too interactive. There are a few options here, story mode or challenge mode that has things like time attacks or endurance modes. There are also many codes to put in, which adds in the fun.

Overall: 8

There is replay in this game, there are tons of codes which make the game fun and different each time. Also different levels of difficulty add to the experience, even though the game can get very hard. Also the challenge modes add fun, and trying to top your high scores with your friends can get interesting. My friends actually love this game and will not put it down, even though it is only single player. There is talk of a super secret code being released inside of the movie coming out soon that is supposed to be an awesome new mode of play, so that sounds cool.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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