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Reviewed: 03/05/03 | Updated: 03/05/03

The mania is back! And in living colour...


Finally - the sequel to the much loved first edition of Legends of Wrestling, and about time too. I don't know about anyone else, but I personally loved the first game, with it's crisp new outlook on how wrestling games should be played, using the excitement bar instead of just doing what I like to call ''one-move-wondering'' to win match after match. Yes, Legends of Wrestling is indead a great game - BUT BEWARE! This game is not for everybody. Most people who like wrestling but who only know the newer wrestlers will most likely not know who any of the characters are, and/or they'll be screeming for Hell-in-a-cell action etc. But for those of us that enjoy re-living those main events from times gone by, this game will bring nostalgia right smack bang in front of your face. SUMMARY, the first game had the right idea, LOW2 took it from there.

GAMEPLAY - (8/10)

OK, the gameplay. Well the only complaits I have I better say first to get them out of the way. Firstly, the running in the game is a bit ''naff''. You press L and a direction to run, but it takes too much time to turn and run away, and by the time you've turned round your opponent has kicked you in the back of the head! BUT NOW ON TO THE FUN STUFF! Weapons are far more realistic than in other wrestling games. For instance, if a chair is smashed over someone's head, and they fall to the floor, and then the chair is just dropped on the floor by the smashee, the chair wont glitch to the side of you, or even glitch through you, it'll act like it would in real life, land on you, then when you get up it'll slip right off you. Graet! The game is really fun though, with the clotheslines that spin your opponent in the air brought back in, and the fact that reversals are more realistic. All-round the game is a lot more realistic, but with the same amount of options as say Smackdown SYM. The create a wrestler is superb, and the 8 man tag with referee does it for me. Very smooth.

STORY - (9/10)

The story mode for legends of wrestling 2 FAR FAR supercedes anything that LOW1 did. It's basically the same as before, (win all 5 region belts, unify them into the US title, then go on to win the World Championship) but this time there are 12 storylines for each region, that are picked at random. Also there will be discussions with region promoters, feuds with other wrestlers and certain storylines even call for you to do well pair up with a tag team partner to advance. So the story mode is very fresh and should be given a chance to shine over the average story mode of the first game. Also, once you earn the Tag, US and World titles through Career, you get to defend them in multi-player!


Well, the graphics can't be shouted about that much, as they just look tweaked from the first game - BUT THE SOUND The music in the game is incredible. In fact, the music should be one of the reasons to play the game. It makes so much of a difference to wrestle to a good tune, and LOW2 has it all. Trust me, it's great.


Well, the story mode is very long, and it's random ever time, plus there are dozens of characters to play through it with, making the story different every time. Then you can put the championships up in a multi-player. So I'd say that the game has a VERY long life in it. In fact I'll go as far as to say that the only way you'd want to stop is when LOW3 comes out. It's that good.


This game is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. So my final recommendation is RENT IT FIRST. If you like it when you rent it, buy it, you'll love it forever. If you hate it when you rent it...avoid it like the plague because it'll end up at the bottom of your pile of games...or someone lost, collecting dust. But if you like classic wrestling and/or loved the first one, this game will be a shining gem in your already amazing collection of games.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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