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Reviewed: 01/01/03 | Updated: 01/01/03

A Great Wrestling Game for Big Fans, but otherwise...

Ok first off, lets start with the graphics,

Graphics 9/10:

I know a lot of people who hate the graphics of this series saying they look too bulky and ''god-like''. I personally think it gives this game is own personal style. I know sometimes they look too muscular, but come on people, these are legends we're talking about, lets make these guys muscular. I'm sure these guys wanna remember how they looked in their prime. And the blood still looks great, it still stains the ring and the wrestler's faces.

Sound 7/10:

The grunts and groins of the wrestlers sound great for once, but the music doesn't really fit this game. I think the music itself is great, but it just doesn't fit into this game. But back to the wrestler sounds, they let out the ''OW!'s'' and ''ARGH's!'' at the right time and even the ref will speak on occasion, for Rope Breaks, Pins, Submission, and when another Wrestler interferes (I think that is a first in wrestling games).

Gameplay 10/10:

I think that the ISP system is a God-send to wrestling games, it allows for over 30 grapple moves (compare that to the measly 5 grapple moves of WMX8). For those who don't know the positions, here they are: (front grapple) Belly-To-Belly, Head Between Legs, Suplex, and Scoop Slam. (back grapple) Full Nelson, Samoan Drop, and Gut wrench. If your wondering why back grapple only has 3 and front grapple has 4, it's because when you are behind the opponent and you grapple and press B, you will do a type of pin/roll-up move. Oh and lets not forget all the match types: Single, Ladder, Cage, 3/4 Way Dances, Tag Team, 3/4 Way Tags, 6/8 Man Tag, and the Career mode (I will get to Career in the next section). Almost all of the matches are great, except the Ladder match. First Fault: Can only set up ladder in the ring (so forget any Hardy Boyz type moves). Second Fault: Only one guy can climb the ladder at a time (so stop dreaming about suplexes and other moves off the top). Third Fault: Can only do certain moves off the top of the ladder. (Your X Button TB move won't work cuz you grab the bag/belt with that move.) So it is an OK ladder match, but nothing close to Smackdown: SYM's ladder match. But the Cage match on the other hand is GREAT. It is pretty so moves off the top will really hurt your opponent (And almost guarentee blood). And for the first time ever, an interactive door (Thank you God!). But if you wanna go recreating the Superfly Leap off the top onto Don Muraco, you'll have to beat the crap outta the guy first.

Career Mode 8/10:

Well when Acclaim said storyline mode, I was hoping for WWE storylines, but forget that, it's just some little storyline that barely affects your randomly picked opponents. Oh and since we're talking about Career mode, lets mention the Big John Studd ''Bodyslam Challenge''. Acclaim hyped this event way too much, it only happens once during Career, and you still have to fight Big John Studd after you body slam him. To body slam him though does present a challenge, you have slam the A button pretty quickly to fill up a meter that says SLAM!. But the funny thing is, after the challenge, you can body slam him easily during the match, because of the fault of Acclaim by leaving out Weight Detection. The progress through Career Mode is still the same though, pick a region (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and Coastal, I think that is what that region is called). And when you beat the US, you join all the titles from all regions getting the US Belt, and then you move on to the World to get that belt. So the Career is still pretty much exactly the same, just with some little story thrown in.

So lets recap the score:

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Career Mode: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

And here is the final vote:

Loved LOW1: Buy Now
Never played LOW1: Rent It
Hated LOW1: Rent or Avoid

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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