1. David Catlin AI/Gameplay Programmer
  2. Rod Higo AI/Gameplay Programmer
  3. Eric Randall AI/Gameplay Programmer
  4. Justin Bullard Animation Artist
  5. Stefaan Sorenson Animation Artist
  6. Jason Carr Animation Lead Artist
  7. Craig Rundels Art Director
  8. Craig Hui Art Support
  9. Kalvin Lyle Art Support
  10. Derek Stenning Art Support
  11. Greg Lutzer Assistant Producer
  12. Devin Shatsky Assistant Producer
  13. Darren Walker Assistant Producer
  14. Matt Vella Associate Producer
  15. Hames Marshell Audio Scripting
  16. Kristin Seller Audio Scripting
  17. Tim Kitzrom Broadcast Voice
  18. Alan Smithee Color Commentator Voice
  19. Boris Skuin Crowd AI/ Commentary Programmer
  20. Dan Sochan Designer
  21. Laurie Kindiak Equipment Models
  22. Elizabeth Metzker Faces/Texture Artist
  23. Jen Hamilton Facial Animation and Lyp Sync
  24. Eric Testroete Fantasy Characters
  25. Ryan Sengar Front End Lead Artist
  26. Eric Turmel Front End Lead Programmer
  27. Chris Peterson Front End Music
  28. Scott Bristow Front End Programmer
  29. Andrew Hume Front End Scipting
  30. Michael Hughes Front End/Tools Programmer
  31. Chris Robertson Gameplay Programmer
  32. Rob Oliveira Lead Modeller
  33. Mike Beaver LubjerAudio Scripting
  34. Darren Barefoot LubkerAudio Scripting
  35. Dan Camp Motion Capture
  36. Josh Hutchins Motion Capture
  37. Marcy Lucas Player Portraits
  38. Jeremy Airey Producer
  39. Daniel Chitan Rendering Programmer
  40. Spencer Craske Rendering Programmer
  41. Stephen Friesen Rendering/Special Effects Programmer
  42. Jason Dorie Rendering/Tools Programmer
  43. Kevin Krebs Sound Designer
  44. Roger Savoie Sound Designer
  45. Steve Royea Sound Editing
  46. Steven Brekelmans Sound Programmer
  47. Brian Green Sound Programmer
  48. Robinson Huff Sound Programming
  49. Leonard Paul Sound Programming
  50. Steve Bocska Sound Support
  51. Jon Adkins Stadium Lead Artist
  52. Grant Corless Stadiums Artist
  53. Casey O'Brien Stadiums Artist
  54. Che-Yuan Wang Technical Director
  55. Emmanuel Soupidis Texture Artist
  56. Aaron Arndy Tools
  57. Phil Ibis Tools
  58. Martin Sikes Tools
  59. Dan Fung World Music


Data and credits for this game contributed by AWing Pilot, Blueberry Buttface, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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