Review by N64BOY39

Reviewed: 06/30/04

Underated to the max...

Beyond Good and Evil (BG&E from here on) is quite possibly the most underrated game on the Cube. You take the roll of Jade, a photographer. Jade must then use her photography art to help show the people about the horrible conduct of the Alpha Network. With some crazy sidekicks, Jade goes out to find out the truth about her world. The game tends to be a little short for an Action/RPG game, but if you look past the length you'll find out that this game is a real gem. This game might be one of the most original games that I have played in a while, and it could easily be one of the most underrated games of the year. This is definitely a franchise that Ubi-Soft could go real far with.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics all fit in perfectly with the game, and the games feel. Everything almost has a cartoon feel, and helps give the game a good overall sense of fun. Every character has his or hers own distinct look, and this is quite possibly one of the best games on GCN. Characters have lots of detail and are not bland at all. The physics and effects are all unbelievable too. A very good looking game, indeed.

Sound 9/10

This might be the best original soundtrack on the Gamecube. From the games opening battle, to the final cinema, the game will have you singing along. This really might be one of my favorite soundtracks all time in a game. I would often find myself singing some of the songs while I wasn't even playing the game. The music sets a real good and dark mood in the dungeons while being happy and lively in the town and at your home. My favorite tune is for Mammago Garage or the Propaganda song.

Control 8/10

The game almost plays like a Zelda game. The battle is a free-battle system that works flawlessly. The game could be called a button masher. Players use the A button for most attacks. Using the A button and specific directions, you use a combo system to attack enemies. This all looks real cool when do it, really really cool. Running and jumping is dead on too, after 5 minutes, you'll be hooked with the controls.

Overall 9/10

All though this game isn't perfect, it is a wonderful little surprise from Ubi-Soft. Its major downfall is its length. It took me about 12 hours the first time though, and I took my time. This game could easily be beaten in 10 hours the first time though. The game only features about 4 dungeon levels, but these levels are greatly planed out and take about an hour+ to complete. And like most games of the genre, you really don't want it to end when it's over. The characters have lots of personality and are very funny. In the end, you'll love the game while it lasts, and want more when your done. Good thing the ending leans towards a sequel.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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