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Reviewed: 04/12/04

If you were thinking of getting zelda, Think again

Some people would compare this with the legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and they have good reason to. This game 'borrows' many ideas from previous Zelda games that could make Zelda fans feel right at home when playing this including combat as the most important.

Quick and right to the point, not only to the point but also right to the action as the game shows you a quick beginning to the story before you need to make a contribution to the action...or you could do nothing and lose from square one but either way the introduction is entertaining, impressive and definitely not boring.

Like I mentioned earlier this games can feel very similar to Zelda in places, you have the same sort of combat but with automatic locking on instead, you have complete freedom of the world map and you gain new abilities along your quest. When you're not on foot you can also travel from your home to town by your little hovercraft over the ocean separating the land, which is a nice and more entertaining way of traveling rather than running everywhere. Also, last but not least, this game also combines the element of adventure/RPG with stealth as you'll see yourself hiding behind boxes and crates trying to avoid guards as you try to infiltrate places.

The story may not develop more as you go but that's because you know exactly what you are going to do and where you're going to do over multiple locations from early on in the game, which is good because it saves you from confusion and then losing the plot of the game entirely, there are a few minor plot twists but I wont reveal those so it doesn't ruin the game for you but basically, the idea of this game is to uncover the lies that the Alphas has been keeping from the public to unravel the mystery behind the appearance behind the DomZ (aliens) and the disappearance of people. Interesting stuff.

The graphics is this game aren't intended on looking like a comparison to the real world, they are trying to show you a complete different world so that you can understand how events can be happening in the game and they way this is done is superb. water effects are used a lot here and you can expect to see pure realism as your hovercraft jets down the ocean creating waves on either sides as you go. The music used really helps the gamer to understand what situation the gamer is in, for example, a guard has gotten suspicious as he thought he heard something (you), as this happens the music plays in a very low key as a sign that you're in danger and need to stay quiet, if he completely notices you then it goes from stealth to combat and then the great fighting music pours through your speakers as you wipe the floor with you enemy.

Play time/Re playability
This game isn't exactly long but it isn't short either, it's sort of hanging in the balance of both, at first your objectives for the game seem like they wont take long to do and finish but once you get into it you'll notice the minutes dwindle away as you struggle to try and finish last last puzzle. Unfortunately there isn't much to make you want to play the game over again unless you really enjoyed the game and want the experience of doing it all over again just for the sake of it.

Final Recommendation
No question about it, buy, no second thoughts necessary because as soon as you start this, you won't want to put it down until it's finished. End.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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