Review by Tails 64

Reviewed: 01/31/04

One of the best adventures out there!

A government conspiracy is wreaking havoc upon the planet of Hillys. It is up to the rebellious reporter, Jade, and her pig uncle, Pey'j, to expose the truth to the people. Does this unique concept carry out a unique game experience? Read on, young grasshopper!

Ubi Soft games always have great graphics, and Beyond Good and Evil is no exception. The environments are simply breathtaking. The water effects as you cruise in your hovercraft are quite detailed, and the time of day changes very realistically. Shadows and lighting effects are of the highest quality, and the cities feel alive. The characters are all detailed and animate greatly, which truly helps this game feel real. The cinemas, though in real-time, are quite good. Though there are a few polygonal non-player characters, the graphics are some of the best on Nintendo GameCube.

The audio department of this game shows as much heart as the graphics. The voices show emotion and fit the characters. Plus, they are easy to understand. The background music varies in type decently often, but all of the tunes are beyond good. The sound effects are carefully plotted, too.

Describing the game play of Beyond Good and Evil is no easy task. It is an adventure game, where you travel through the courses, puzzles, and battles unceasingly. The game just blurs from one event to another so well that you will cry every time you are forced to break the flow by turning off the game. A part of the game is battle. You have a staff to slash your foes with, and eventually a projectile attack. You have a partner who can help you out with his special ability, and it’s surprisingly useful. There is exploration. You can explore the sea in your hovercraft, or stroll great distances on land. You will want to find pearls in order to pay for new equipment. There is Pokemon Snap-style picture-taking in this game. See a creature? Take its picture to earn some cash. This goes with bosses too – watch out! There are stealth components in this game that will have you sweating as you infiltrate the Alpha Section bases. There are puzzles that will make you smile and think at the same time. There are mini-games that include racing, disc shooting, and more. Overall, there is quite a lot in this game.

I could go into much more detail and describe the controls, story, etc., but I think this game is more fun when you can find it out for yourself. The game throws you right into the game with no introduction, so it’s fun to discover things on your own. The game is paced wonderfully – no fetch quests, no ridiculous puzzles, just fun. However, like this review, it is short and sweet. This game will only take about 15 hours to complete. However, you won’t mind playing it again.

Ubi Soft has created a brilliant game here. There could be many doubts like, This game is a Zelda clone! or Jade is just in the game to be sexy! but don’t worry. This game has much more variety than a Zelda game, and Jade has a personality. Though this game is short and starts off slightly slow, it’s a total blast. What are you waiting for? The people of Hillys are counting on you!

Rate: 9.5/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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