Review by Death Incarnate187

Reviewed: 01/30/04

Surprising Adventure!

This is a rare adventure all gamers should try. I definitely had my eye on this one, and for $20 I thought I could do no wrong, and my statement proved true. So if you are a fan of the Zelda style games with a few RPG elements in them then this is the game for you!

gameplay- 10/10
I was really shocked here. I actually expected semi-clunky gameplay but this game delivers the exact opposite! With multiple enemy combat I expected it to be a bit of a task to ward them all off. But you can change direction in the middle of a combo to hit enemies to the side or back of you. This proves to be VERY useful later on in the game. There are a few minor problems with the camera. Don't worry, they are VERY minor and can usually be easily fixed by the c-stick. But I have found in some tight places the camera can be a bit cumbersome but hasn't hindered my gameplay experience so far.

Story- 10/10
I thought the story would be simple at first. But as you progress through the game there will be many twists and turns in the storyline. This is possibly the strongest point in the game.

Graphics- 8/10
The graphics definitely aren't bad, but in some areas I think they could've been better. The character models are exceptional, while some of the other textures seem a bit dated. This game still delivers some amazing eye candy despite some of its minute flaws.

Sound- 10/10
The music is spectacular! I thought all of the music play was the appropriate type for the situation. The voice acting is also top notch. Surround sound would've been nice, but it doesn't hurt this in the least bit!

Lifetime/replay- 9/10
Unfortunately the overall game is not too long. But there are multiple approaches to different goals, so it should keep you coming back for more. Then again as good as the story is, that alone should be reason enough to play through it again at least one more time.

Buy or rent?
This is an easy one, buy! It's becoming hard to find, I doubt it will be rare, but it's still a great game to add to your collection. I would pay full price for this game, but for $20 no one should complain. But like any game, if you have ANY doubts be sure to rent it first. Either way you are in for a great ride!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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