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This is one big, tough adventure, even for a Jedi. 11/22/04 Bloomer
Excellent.... 12/08/02 InfinityZERO

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Destined this Game was to come to the Cube 06/05/04 AJM Ruler
I'l day this is the best Star Wars game I have ever played 01/25/03 Big Brent
Luke aint got nothin' on you. 07/03/03 Chatturgah
The Star Wars Game for Star Wars Fans 12/07/02 Dark Jedi Knight
A great game, but not perfect... continued 06/01/03 DarkMage31
The Force Flows Through This Game 12/13/02 Darknite
The adventure begins use the force or just blow em away! 12/01/02 devilsminion
Classic Star Wars 03/01/10 DouglasFett
A game that really reminds us why we all like Star Wars... 01/22/03 DTran
Not the lightsaber! Arrgh! 05/23/03 Geno
Great game, but not without flaws... 12/05/02 GreggyPoo
FPS + Lightsaber + Force Powers = One Sweet Game 05/06/03 jayhawker
The force is with you Kyle Katarn! 12/30/02 JediCartman
Why? Because you can feel the force! 11/23/02 Jeroen Stolp
Use the Force! 08/28/03 Jimster300
The Force comes to the Cube 11/27/02 KingGamer
The Force is with this game! 12/09/02 Lord of The Games9
All The Good Star Wars References Were Taken... 04/18/04 MetalGearREXLiquid
Unleash the Power of the Force! 04/07/03 Meteora71386
A great PC game comes to the Cube! 12/22/02 motuza
A game that is really worth getting 01/09/03 Redclaw
As Yoda says, "Strong in this game, the force is." 04/16/03 robotic dismantler
This game's midichlorian count is off the scale! 03/05/03 Smeegal 22
Once more, this game will RULE the galaxy! 12/11/06 Super Slash
The Force is your ally 12/08/02 Talonfire
Good, maybe too good! 05/04/03 UltimaMasterSword

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