1. Dave Calvin Lead Programmer
  2. Graham Fuchs Producer
  3. Jitendra Kumar Programmer
  4. Henry Letteron Programmer
  5. Chris McEvoy Programmer
  6. Greg Medoff Programmer
  7. Brian Osman Programmer
  8. Jez Sherlock Project Manager
  9. Steven Jay Blum Voice: Admiral Fryar Garak, Reborn 1
  10. Scott Lawrence Voice: Darth Vader
  11. Mark Klastorin Voice: Desann
  12. Jess Harnell Voice: Gran 1, Mon Calomari Rogue Leader
  13. Kevin Michael Richardson Voice: Gran 2, Kingpin Reelo Baruk
  14. Guy Siner Voice: Imperial Officer 1, Imperial Worker 2
  15. Roger Jackson Voice: Imperial Worker 1, Rebel Shock Troop 1
  16. Vanessa Marshall Voice: Jan Ors
  17. Dominic Armato Voice: Jedi 1, Prisoner 1, Protocol Droid
  18. Richard Barnes Voice: Jedi 2
  19. Jeff Bennett Voice: Kyle Katarn, Stormtrooper Officer 1
  20. Billy Dee Williams Voice: Lando Calrissian
  21. Bob Bergen Voice: Luke Skywalker
  22. Carolyn Seymour Voice: Mon Mothma
  23. Jacob Witkin Voice: Morgan Katarn
  24. Kath Soucie Voice: Tavion Axmis


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