Bots don't attack each other?

  1. Hey folks. I've had this game for years and years and years [since 2003], played the MP with the AI bots a gajillion times, and something weird happened yesterday.

    Started a team FFA, with everything activated. Guns, sabers, powers. Set the bots to Jedi Master. Weird s*** happened. While the enemy team had no problem attacking me, it was soon apparent that my team wasn't scoring any kills. At all. Likewise, the only kills the enemy team were making were on me. My AI team was NOT attacking the enemy AI team, and vice versa. I even switched levels, removed force powers and weapons, same thing. I know there's no way of fixing this, but has this occurred to anyone else?

    User Info: DouglasFett

    DouglasFett - 8 years ago

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