Review by TehShowstoppa

Reviewed: 11/14/05

Best arcade racer on the 'Cube but that isn't saying much...

The Burnout series is all about high-speed crashes, And the sequel to one of the greatest arcade racers on the Gamecube is faster, more brutal and is widely agreed to be better. With over 30 tracks to wreck havoc through and 25+ Cars to choose from, This game will be keeping you busy for a while. In my opinion, It's the best racer on Gamecube but that isn't saying much, Read on to find out just how good of a racer this game is...

Graphics: 8/10.
Burnout 2s graphics didn't improve much from the first game but still, It improved on Lighting effects and added new Weather effects and sparks coming out of your car, All the 20 or so Cars are beautifully detailed, Much better than the PS2 version in my opinion. The tracks all look amazing, This time they look like your typical American Highways and such, Unlike the first game which only bothered with European locales. The crash effects have been given a major graphical overhaul that it's a pleasure to watch your car going at 160 MPH and then crashing into a lorry! It's great stuff. Among the crash graphical changes are Wheels flying off, doors get blown off, etc. The graphics are pleasing and I give the visuals an 8.

Controls: 8/10.
Racing games probably have the control scheme that suits everyone, It's easy to get used to the learning curve of the Controls...Especially with the comfortable GC Controller. The (A) button let's you accelerate your Car, (B) let's you drift, The (X) & (Y) buttons serve no purpose, The ~Z~ button let's you look back, The (R) Shoulder button let's you release your boost (if you still have some, that is) for maximum speed! and finally, pressing 'up' on the D-pad let's you switch car positions like if you want 1st person inside the car, etc. The controls are fairly easy that you'll never have to look for the right button ever again.

Gameplay: 7/10.
The gameplay is the most important aspect of any game, and Burnout 2: Point of Impact offers a wide variety of game modes. You have the typical Time-Attack & Race modes as well as 2 all-new modes that are a blast to play! The new modes are Pursuit & Crash, Pursuit is basically a high-speed car chase and you're the cop. The target car has a meter that indicates how much the Car's been damaged, Once it's diminished you win. It's a fun mode and a nice reference to NFS' pursuit games. Now onto Crash mode, The name says it all, It's where they pit your Car into any of the 30 Junctions and try to cause as much havoc as you can, Piling more cars= More $, And if you get a certain number of cash you win a Medal, Ranging from Bronze to Gold. Bronze as worst & Gold as best, Silver ranging as in the middle ofcourse. You can even play Crash mode as a 4P mode! It's awesome when you have to beat each other's High Scores it never get's old. As for the Race modes, You have to ''Drive Dangerously'' to win. That means weaving through traffic earning Near-misses (Getting close to a Car without scratching it), Driving on the wrong side of the track, Drifting and getting HUGE air. That earns you boost which makes you faster than any other Car in the track. But be sure not to crash. ;)

Sound: 6/10.
Decent music in the main menu and tracks, But the roaring engines in the Cars offer for a realistic experience, as well as the dull roar of your car flying over the traffic whilst coming to a loud halt. Overall, The sound get's a 6.

Replay Value: 7/10.
You might want to get all the Gold medals in Crash mode (Which earns you something good!) or beat your time's in Time Attack but that's it.

Difficulty: 10/10.
The game get's very frustrating in the GP mode where you unlock new Vehicles & Tracks, The CPU have that ''rubberband'' AI which means that whenever you get too far away from them they'll still catch up to you...Prepare to get frustrated.

Lifespan: 5/10.
The GP mode doesn't last long and the actual game kinda get's old fast, Oh...And it's a racing game, They're not supposed to have a long lifespan.

Overall: 7/10.
The second installment in the Burnout series is great but not that great, It's worth a rent and if you grow to like it, Buy it. Hope this was helpful to you.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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